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    来源: 贵州省遵义市南白中学2017届高三第四次联考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Tayka Hotel de Sal

    Place: Tahua, Bolivia

    Price: About $95 a night

    Features: You’ve stayed at hotels made of brick or wood, but salt?That’s something few can claim. Tayka Hotel de Sal is made totally of salt — including the beds, though you’ll sleep on regular blankets. The hotel sits on the Salar de Uyuni, a prehistoric dried-up lake which is the world’s biggest salt flat(盐滩). Builders use the salt from a 4, 633-square-mile flat to make the bricks, and glue them together with a paste of wet salt that hardens when it dries. When the rain starts to dissolve the hotel, the owner just mixes up more salt paste to strengthen the bricks.

    Green Magic Nature Resort

    Place: Vythiri, India

    Price: About $240 a night

    Features: Taking a pulley(滑轮)operated lift 86 feet to your treetop room is just the start of your adventure. As you look out of your open window — there is no glass!— you watch monkeys and birds in the rain forest canopy. Later you might test your fear of heights by crossing the handmade rope bridge to the main part of the hotel, or just sit on your bamboo bed and read. You don’t even have to come down for breakfast — the hotel will send it up on the pulley-drawn "elevator".

    Dog Bark Park Inn B&B

    Place: Cottonwood, Idaho

    Price: $92 a night

    Features: This doghouse isn’t just for the family pet. Sweet Willy is a 30-foot-tall dog with guest rooms in his belly. Climb the wooden stairs beside his hind leg to enter the door in his side. You can relax in the main bedroom, go up a few steps of the loft in Willy’s head, or hang out inside his nose. Although you have a full private bathroom in your room, there is also a toilet in the 12-foot-tall fire hydrant(消防栓) outside.

    Gamirasu Cave Hotel

    Place: Ayvali, Turkey

    Price: Between $130 and $475 a night

    Features: Experience what it was like 5, 000 years ago, when people lived in these mountain caves formed by volcanic ash. But your stay will be much more modern. Bathrooms and electricity provide what you expect from a modern hotel, and the white volcanic ash called tufa, keeps the rooms cool, about 65in summer. (Don’t worry — there is heat in winter.)

    32. What do we know about Tayka Hotel de Sal?

    A. It is the cheapest among the four mentioned.    B. Everything in the hotel is made of salt.

    C. It is located on a prehistoric lake.             D. You have to cross a rope bridge to the hotel.

    33. Which of the hotels makes you have a feeling of living in the far past?

    A. Tayka Hotel de Sal.                      B. Gamirasu Cave Hotel.

    C. Dog Bark Park Inn B&B.                   D. Green Magic Nature Resort.

    34. What is the similarity of the four hotels?

    A. Being expensive.    B. Being comfortable.   C. Being unique.     D. Being natural.

    35. In which part of a newspaper can we most probably read the passage?

    A. History.         B. Fashion.          C. Science.            D. Tourism.


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    来源: 广西钦州市钦州港区2017届高三12月月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    A wonderful Cornish self catering holiday cottage

    Cider Cottage is the perfect place to escape and unwind.

    It is ideally located to explore and enjoy all that Cornwall has to offer.

    Cider Cottage sleeps five in a lovely countryside setting, with all home

    comforts. Recently fully renovated to a high standard, the Cottage was

    awarded a 4 Star rating by Visit England.

    It is a detached property full of character, with exposed feature stone walls and ceiling beams.

    In the past the building was used to store and crush apples to produce local Cornish cider.

    One step inside the door and you will know you have found somewhere special to spend

      your holiday.

    Cider Cottage has three comfortable bedrooms, of which the Master

    bedroom has a king size bed and an en-suite bathroom.

    A spacious fully equipped Kitchen and Dining room fitted with a

    ceramic hob and oven, microwave, washing machine, dishwasher and

    tumble dryer. We also supply all those kitchen essentials that you won’t

    want to pack.

    Down a flight of steps is the large cosy Lounge, with exposed

      feature stone walling and beams that date back hundreds of years.

    Set between the south Cornwall coast and enigmatic Bodmin Moor, in

    lovely countryside, Cider Cottage is just 1 mile from the historic town of

    Liskeard and a short drive from the lovely fishing village of Looe with its

    wonderful sandy beach.

    The cottage is ideal for families and couples alike, whether you just want to relax or enjoy the wide variety of activities and attractions or nearby outdoor pursuits such as cycling and horse-riding.

    The ancient market town of Liskeard has a choice of cafes, restaurants, takeaways, pubs & supermarkets. A main line Railway Station also serves the town, giving the opportunity for car free days out.

    56. How can Cider Cottage be described as?

    A. Unique, attractive and well-designed.   B. Suitable, mysterious and well-located.

    C. Relaxing, convenient and well-furnished.  D. Practical, comfortable and well-managed.

    57. According to the information given, Cider Cottage is ______.

    A. in the center of town                     B. far away from the seaside

    C. for sale at the moment                        D. suitable for a family of five

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    来源: 广西钦州市钦州港区2016-2017学年高二12月月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

     Family Camp

    Bring your family and join us at Camp Ramah in New England—May 29-31, 2016

    Join us at Camp Ramah in New England for Family Camp 2016! Our program will include:

    Arts, sports, and nature projects led by top quality instructors.

    Many kinds of camp activities (sports, singing, dancing)

    Special family activities and programs, as well as separate programs for adults and children of various ages.

    Excellent childcare:

    Day time childcare for younger children.

    Day camp activities for older children.

    Night time care for all children.

    Rates for the weekend include private cabin accommodations (住宿), childcare, and all activities. Families have a choice of housing options ranging from basic cabins (at no additional costs) to private accommodations such as the Guest House.

    If you have any questions about Ramah Family Camp, please email to atdavido@campramahne.org or call 212-678-8953.

    Family Camp 2016 Rates

    Rates for Family Camp 2016 are:

    $200 per adult     $100 per child       Children 2 and under are free

    Special 10% discount off the costs for:

    Early Bird Registration (登记): Families that register by February 24th.

    First Time Campers: Families that are sending a new camper to Camp Ramah in New England during summer 2016.

    NOTE: Families can have one 10% discount.

    Scholarship is also available.

    Optional Housing Upgrades*(升级)

    During Family Camp we offer many kinds of better accommodations, which are reserved on a first-come first-served basis.

    28 At Camp Ramah in New England, children can ________.

    A. develop a language skill             B. build up their bodies

    C. bring arts created to life             D. team up with other classmates

    29Why are parents probably satisfied if their children join the camp?

    A. Their kids are under good care the whole day.

    B. They can save more money during the camp.

    C. Their kids will learn how to enjoy themselves.

    D. Their kids will master many life skills.

    30How much will a couple with a son aged 1 pay if they join the camp?

    A. $300.    B. $400.    C. $500.    D. $600.

    31What is the author’s purpose of writing this passage?

    A. To introduce how to contribute to kids’ summer holidays.

    B. To share some efficient ways of joining camps.

     C. To call on more families to join the camp.

     D. To promote(推销) a big deal.

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    来源: 广西钦州市高新区2016-2017学年高一12月月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    If you think about World Heritage Sites, you probably think of places connected with ancient art and culture, historical buildings and monuments. And of course, many of these are on the World Heritage List (WHL)
    (世界遗产名录). But the WHL contains a lot of sites that are not so obvious. Let’s look at a few of them.
    Citadel of Haiti
    These monuments were built at the end of the nineteenth century when Haiti
    (海地)became independent and the many thousands of black slaves in Haiti were free for the first time. These ex-slaves built the monuments, which the WHL describes as “a universal symbol of liberty”.
    Robben Island in South Africa
    This island was used through the centuries as a prison, a hospital and a military base. But it’s probably most famous as a maximum-security prison for political prisoners in the twentieth century. Nelson Mandela was one of its most famous residents. The WHL says it represents “the triumph of democracy and freedom over oppression and racism”.
    The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway in India
    This railway was opened in 1881 and is still operating today. It crosses a difficult area of mountain landscape and it is a great example of railway engineering. The WHL says that it is “the first, and still the most outstanding example of a hill passenger railway”.
    Borders of France and Spain
    This is an area of great natural beauty and the mountains have many interesting geological formations. But it is also an area of small farms. People there still use a type of agriculture that used to be common in mountainous areas of Europe but has almost completely disappeared in modern times.
    The city of Brasilia, Brazil
    Brasilia is a capital city that was created from nothing in 1956. The WHL calls it “a landmark in the history of town planning”. The different areas of the city and the buildings themselves were all designed at the same time carefully. Every part of the city shows the ideas of the planer and architect.
    Alto Douro, Portugal
    This is an area in the North of Portugal where wine has been produced for thousands of years. The WHL says that this long tradition of winemaking “has produced a cultural landscape of outstanding beauty that reflects its technological, social and economic evolution”.
    Rio Platano Reserve, Honduras
    The WHL says that this site is “one of the few remains of a humid tropical forest in Central America”. It’s a mountainous area on the Caribbean coast with many different species of plants and animals. The people who have always lived there still have the same traditional lifestyle.
    Simien National Park, Ethiopia
    Simien National Park was one of the first sites to be listed in 1978. It is one of the highest mountain areas in Africa, and the WHL calls it “one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world”. It is also important for its wildlife. The population of some rare animals is getting smaller and smaller.
    32. The passage mainly talks about       .
      A. the remains of ancient cultures on the WHL
      B. the household heritage sites on the WHL
      C. some of the more unusual sites on the WHL
      D. places of artistic or cultural importance
    33. Which of the following sites were listed in WHL for political symbol?
      A. Simien National Park and Rio Platano Reserve.
      B. Alto Douro and the city of Brasilia.
      C. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and Borders of France and Spain.
      D. Citadel of Haiti and Robben Island.
    34. Which of the following sites was listed in WHL for the wonderful plan of buildings?
      A. Robben Island in South Africa
      B. The city of Brasilia, Brazil.
      C. Rio Platano Reserve, Honduras.
      D. Simien National Park, Ethiopia
    35. From the passage we can infer that the WHL lists places       .
      A. only concerned with ancient monuments and buildings
      B. only concerned with technology, natural beauty, wildlife and traditional ways of life
      C. not only concerned with ancient monuments and buildings, but with technology, natural beauty, wildlife and traditional ways of life
      D. neither concerned with ancient monuments and buildings nor with technology, natural beauty, wildlife and traditional ways of life.

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    来源: 广西钦州市高新区2016-2017学年高一12月月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Basketball Statistician Help Wanted
    The Athletic Department is looking for students to help assist staff during the Fall 2016, Winter 2016-17 and Spring 2017 semesters. Students in this position will be keeping live statistics during basketball games. Students must meet all of the following requirements:
     Good computer skills
     Available evenings and weekends
     Knowing basketball rules and statistics
    Students interested in working for the Athletic Department should contact the Athletic Coordinator at their respective(
    各自的) campuses. 
    TP/SS Athletic Coordinator, Michael Simone,240-567-1308
     Rockville Athletic Coordinator, Jorge Zuniga,240-567-7589
     Springfield Athletic coordinator, Gary Miller,240-567-2273
     Germantown Athletic Coordinator, Gavri Chavan, 240-567-6915
    21.When will the job start?
    A .In May 2016B. In May 2017
    C. In September 2016D. In September2017

    22.Who is more likely to get the job?
    A. Sam, English major, member of the college basketball team
    B. Judy, IT staff with night classes, children’s basketball team coach
    C. Ted, computer major, basketball fan, free on evenings and weekends
    D. Molly, part-time programmer, high school basketball player, new mother
    23. Whom should you contact if you want to apply for the job in Rockville?
    A. Michael   B. Jorge   C. Gauri   D. Gary


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    来源: 广东省肇庆市2016-2017学年高一上学期期末考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Babysitter Wanted

       I am seeking(寻找) a babysitter for my 6-month-old son. A few hours on Saturdays and Sundays to help me and then other times as needed. He or she should be over 18, responsible, loving, warm-hearted, and have some experience in caring for babies. This position also suits a college student with experience looking for a part-time job. The pay is $10 an hour.

       If this sounds like a good job to you, please reply to rebecharv@aol.com or call 800-4964.

       Office Manager Wanted

       Our company is looking for a full-time experienced manager to run the business. Strong skills in organization and business management are required for this position. The office manager will be responsible for keeping financial records, so he or she should be familiar with computers.

       Please reply to jim@californiaaquatics.com or call 800-6978 to apply.

    Waiter/ Waitress Wanted

       A restaurant is looking for an experienced waiter / waitress. Knowledge of wines and experience in dining are necessary. Must work well under pressure and understand the basics of fine dining and customer service.

       If you’re interested, please contact us at job-tkupe-1329358152@ craigslist.org to apply. This is a part-time job.

    Office Cleaner Wanted

       Looking for a Part-time job? A position in the Mississauga area needs an office cleaner! Part-time 4 hours a day from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.

       Duties include:

       ●Cleaning the washrooms

       ●Cleaning the furniture

       ●Sweeping the floors

       ●Other general cleaning experience is necessary.

    Pay: $15 per hour

       Reply to: job-p3b7u-1365632206@craigslist.org or call 800-8197.

    1. If a college girl with some experience caring for children wants to apply for a job, where should she send an email?

       A. job-p3b7u-1365632206@craigslist.org

       B. job-tkupe-1329358152@craigslist.org

       C. jim@californiaaquatics.com

       D. rebecharv@aol.com

    2. What can we learn from the passage?    

       A. The office cleaner has to work three hours each day.

       B. One can apply for a waiter or waitress by telephone.

       C. A babysitter earns $5 more than an office cleaner per hour.    

       D. Experience is necessary for all these four jobs.

    3. In which column (专栏)can we read these messages in the newspaper?

       A. News column.                  B. Advertising column.

       C. Entertainment column.                 D. Sports column.

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    来源: 广东省揭阳市第一中学2016-2017学年高二上学期第二次阶段性考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc


    We welcome volunteers in our villages and have great opportunities for you to make a difference in the lives of our senior residents. You will find that being part of our organization offers many rewards. You will have a chance to meet new and inspiring people, develop fresh ideas, use your skills or learn new ones, but most of all you’ll be an important part of our community. There are lots of ways you can help:

    1. Spend one-on-one time with a senior to provide companionship for someone who doesn’t get many visitors.

    2. Bring your musical talents to the Village and perform for small or large groups.

    3. Start a club or help out in one that’s already going on: gardening, photography,

    card-making……the list is endless.

    What is required?

    1. All volunteers must be 14 years of age or older.

    2. All applicants are asked to participate in an interview. The interview will determine whether

    the applicant is suitable for a volunteer position that is presently available.

    3. The successful volunteers will receive training for their new position.

    4. You will be asked to provide the names of two references (介绍人)

    How to get started?

    Click on the Application Form on the side navigation bar to fill out the form. You may also call us at the Village nearest for you to find out how you can become involved.

    16. What’s the most important benefit of getting involved as a volunteer?  *

    A. Develop your talents to the full

    B. Be a necessary community member

    C. Make friends with encouraging people

    D. Form creative ideas and improve your skills

    17. In order to be a volunteer, you must       

    A. have two people to recommend you

    B. have celebrated your 15th birthday

    C. have been trained for the position  

    D. start a club or help in a club

    18. Where can we find this passage?*

    A. In a newspaper 

    B. In a magazine

    C. On the internet

    D. On a notice board

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    来源: 甘肃省西北师范大学附属中学2016-2017学年高二上学期第十六周周练英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

                                        What’s On?

    Trouble in Mind

        Alice Childress won an Off-Broadway award in 1956 for this story of a black actress rehearsing(排练)a play with a white director who increasingly finds it impossible for the show to go on. Tanya Moodie and Joseph Marcell star in the play directed by Laurence Boswell.

        8.30p.m.—10.30p.m., Theatre Royal. Box office: 01225 448844.



        Inspired by the sci-fi (science fiction) novel and movie, The Man Who Fell to Earth, this musical deals with a hero, Thomas Newton. Likely to be the autumn’s hottest ticket, the score includes new songs composed by Bowie.

        7.00p.m.—9.00p.m., King’s Cross theatre. Box office: 0844 871 7604.


    The Gaul

        On the night of 8 February 1974, a fisherman FV Gaul disappeared off the coast of Norway. For people on board, waiting for news was great suffering. Theories began to come up, including the possibility that the boat had fallen victim to cold war. Even when he was discovered, many still felt there were questions that remained unanswered. Mark Baby chdirects Janet Plater’s play.

        8.00p.m.—11.00 p.m., Royal Shakespeare theatre. Box office: 01482 323638.


    The Suppliant Women

    It is a new version of Aeschylus’s 2,500-year-old play about a group of women seeking shelter who make the long journey to escape forced marriage. It was written by David Greigand directed by Ramin Gray. An ancient piece asks a contemporary question: when we are introuble, who will open their doors and give us a harbor?

    8.30p.m.—10.00p.m., Hampstead theatre. Box office: 0131 248 4848.



    21. In which theatre can the audience enjoy Joseph Marcell’ performance?

       A. Hampstead theatre.                 B. Royal Shakespeare theatre.

       C. King’s Cross theatre.                D. Theatre Royal.

    22. Which one will probably sell best?

       A. Trouble in Mind.                     B. Lazarus.

       C. The Gaul.                           D. The Suppliant Women.

    23. Who directed the play about the story in Norway?

       A. Bowie.    B. Ramin Gray.    C. Mark Babych.    D. Laurence Boswell.

    24. Which number should you call if you want to watch a play between 8.00p.m. and10.00p.m.?  A. 0131 248 4848.      B. 01482 323638.     C. 01225 448844.     D. 0844 871 7604.

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    来源: 甘肃省临洮县第二中学2016-2017学年高一上学期第三次月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc



    Address: 8090 White Road

    Open: Mon. to Fri. 7:30 am —2:30 pm and 5:00 pm—9:00 pm

    Sat. 7:30 am—11:30 am and 5:00 pm—9:30 pm

    Sun. 11:00 am—2:00 pm and 5:00 pm—9:30 pm


    America’s largest museum in American history.

    Telephone: 2751352

    Address: Vanier Park, 1200 Chestnut St. New York

    Open: Mon. to Fri. 9:00 am—5:00 pm (Monday free)

    Sat, 9:00 am—1:00 pm


    Telephone: 5674398

    Address: Furong Road

    Open: Mon. Wed. and Fri. 9:30am—5:30 pm

    Tues. Thurs. and Sat. 9:30am—9:00 pm

    Sun. 11:00 am—9:00 pm


    Telephone: 7868432

    Address: 5200 No. 7 Road (at Sea Island Way)

    The Dining Hall: Wed. to Sun. Lunch from 10:30 am

    Coffee Shop: Mon. to Fri. 6:00 am

    Sat. 6:30 am and Sun. 7:00 am

    Mon. to Wed. to 10:00 pm

    Thurs. to Sun. to 11:00 pm

    6. You do not have to pay money on Mondays if you go to ______.

    A.Blue Sky Restaurant                   B. New York Museum

    C.Tongcheng Shopping Center                 D.Huatian Hotel

    7. What can’t you do after 2 o’clock on Saturday afternoon?

    A. Go to Blue Sky Restaurant.                   B. Have coffee in Huatian Hotel.

    C. Pay a visit to New York Museum.              D. Do shopping in Tongcheng Shopping Center.

    8. If you are free on early Sunday mornings, you can go to ______.

    A. Furong Road                              B. 8090 White Road

    C. Coffee Shop on 5200 No. 7 Road           D. Vanier Park, 1200 Chestnut St. New York

    9. If you want to go out for lunch on Sunday, you can dial the number ______.

    A. 4444872 or 7868432                   B. 7868432 or 2751352

    C. 7868432 or 5674398                   D. 2751352 or 4444872

    10. Which place is still open after 10:00 pm on Thursday?

    A. Blue Sky Restaurant                      B. New York Museum

    C. Tongcheng Shopping Center                D. Huatian Hotel

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    来源: 甘肃定西临洮二中2016-2017学年高一上学期第三次月考英语试卷 Word版含答案.doc



    Address: 8090 White Road

    Open: Mon. to Fri. 7:30 am —2:30 pm and 5:00 pm—9:00 pm

    Sat. 7:30 am—11:30 am and 5:00 pm—9:30 pm

    Sun. 11:00 am—2:00 pm and 5:00 pm—9:30 pm


    America’s largest museum in American history.

    Telephone: 2751352

    Address: Vanier Park, 1200 Chestnut St. New York

    Open: Mon. to Fri. 9:00 am—5:00 pm (Monday free)

    Sat, 9:00 am—1:00 pm


    Telephone: 5674398

    Address: Furong Road

    Open: Mon. Wed. and Fri. 9:30am—5:30 pm

    Tues. Thurs. and Sat. 9:30am—9:00 pm

    Sun. 11:00 am—9:00 pm


    Telephone: 7868432

    Address: 5200 No. 7 Road (at Sea Island Way)

    The Dining Hall: Wed. to Sun. Lunch from 10:30 am

    Coffee Shop: Mon. to Fri. 6:00 am

    Sat. 6:30 am and Sun. 7:00 am

    Mon. to Wed. to 10:00 pm

    Thurs. to Sun. to 11:00 pm

    6. You do not have to pay money on Mondays if you go to ______.

    A.Blue Sky Restaurant                                   B. New York Museum

    C.Tongcheng Shopping Center                          D.Huatian Hotel

    7. What can’t you do after 2 o’clock on Saturday afternoon?

    A. Go to Blue Sky Restaurant.                         B. Have coffee in Huatian Hotel.

    C. Pay a visit to New York Museum.                 D. Do shopping in Tongcheng Shopping Center.

    8. If you are free on early Sunday mornings, you can go to ______.

    A. Furong Road                               B. 8090 White Road

    C. Coffee Shop on 5200 No. 7 Road              D. Vanier Park, 1200 Chestnut St. New York

    9. If you want to go out for lunch on Sunday, you can dial the number ______.

    A. 4444872 or 7868432                                 B. 7868432 or 2751352

    C. 7868432 or 5674398                                 D. 2751352 or 4444872

    10. Which place is still open after 10:00 pm on Thursday?

    A. Blue Sky Restaurant                                    B. New York Museum

    C. Tongcheng Shopping Center                         D. Huatian Hotel

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    来源: 福建省厦门第一中学2017届高三12月月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Lake Forest High School Clubs

    Environmental Club

         Club members are provided with opportunities to realize their goals of environmental service. The majority of projects are student-initiated. Last year’s activities included: the LFHS Courtyard Garden upkeep, Bike to School Day with free cocoa and snacks, an “eat local” 100-mile dinner, recycling solutions for LFHS, beach clean-up though the Great Lakes Alliance, and Earth Week celebrations.

    Meetings:  First Friday of the month in Room 5 at 7:00 a. m.

    Advisors:  Ms. Mary Beth Nawor, mnawor@lfschools.net

    Peer Tutoring 

    Students volunteer to help fellow students in improving their academic and organizational skills.  Students tutor LFHS and middle school students on an individually scheduled basis. LFHS tutors must have proficiency(精通)in the academic area in which they wish to tutor, but middle school tutors only need general academic proficiency.   

    Meetings:  All tutoring is done on an individually scheduled basis.  

    Advisor:  Ms. Kathy O’Hara, kohara@lfschools.net

    Young Idea  

    Young Idea is LFHS’s art and literary magazine.  Students of all ages who love writing and art are encouraged to become part of the staff of this award-winning magazine. Young Idea encourages all students to submit art and literature to the magazine, whether they are a part of the staff or not.  From September to February, Young Idea meets on Thursdays after school in the Public Room to discuss the pieces that have been submitted to the magazine and provide feedback for the authors.

    Meetings:  See above explanation.

    Advisors:  Ms. Debbie Zare, dzare@lfschools.net

    Scout Buddies 

    Scout Buddies is a friendship club which helps build friendships among individuals with and without disabilities. Club members participate in a variety of social activities both within the school and in the community.  Activities include organizing holiday parties in the school, bowling, going to movies, and eating out in local restaurants.

    Meetings: Monthly meeting dates vary, but in Room 134.

    Advisor:  Ms. Donna Lovitsch, dlovitsch@lfschools.net

    21. Which club provides help for students poor in study?

       A. Environmental Club         B. Peer Tutoring

       C. Young Idea                 D. Scout Buddies

    22. When is the staff of Young Idea most likely to meet?

        A. 6: 30 p. m., August 11, Thursday         B. 7:00 p. m., September 23, Friday

        C. 7:30 a. m.. November 17, Thursday       D. 6:00 p. m., January 5, Thursday

    23. What is the requirement for students to join a certain club?

       A. They are required to have a bike to join Environmental Club

       B. They need to be academically proficient to join Peer Tutoring

       C. They need to win a literary award to join Yong Idea

       D. They need to be athletic to join Scout Buddies.

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:广告布告类阅读
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    来源: 福建省厦门第一中学2016-2017学年高一12月月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    root 1 /ru:t/ n 

    1 ►PLANT◄ the part of a plant or tree that grows under the ground and gets water form the soil: Be careful not to damage the roots when repotting. | tree roots —see picture at germinate

    2 ►CAUSE OF A PROBLEM◄ the main cause of a problem: Money is the root of all evil. | be/lie at the root of (=be the cause of a problem) Often allergies are at the root of a lot of the problems. | get to the root of (=find out the cause of a problem) | root cause (=the main reason for a problem)

    3 ►OF A CUSTOM/TRADITION◄ the origins of a custom or tradition that has continued for a long time: has its roots in Jazz has its roots in the folk songs of the southern states of the US.

    4 ►OF AN IDEA/BELIEF◄ the main part of an idea or belief which all the other parts come from: be/lie at the root of Foucault is challenging | the very root of 20th century liberalism.

    5 ►FAMILY CONNECTION◄ sb’s roots: your connection with a place because you were born there, or your family used to live there: Naita has come to Ghana in search of her roots.

    6 ►put down roots: if you put down roots somewhere, you start to feel that this place is your home and to have relationships with the people there

    7 ►TOOTH/HAIR ETC◄ the part of a tooth, hair etc that fixes it to the rest of your body

    8 ► take root a) if an idea takes root, people begin to accept or believe it: The concepts of democracy and free trade are finally beginning to take root. b) if a plant takes root, it starts to grow where you have planted it

    9 ►have a (good) root round( informal, especially BrE )to search for something by moving other things around

    10 ►root and branch: if you destroy something root and branch, you get rid of it completely and permanently because it is bad

    11 ►LANGUAGE◄ technical the basic part of a word which shows its main meaning, to which other parts can be added: The suffix ‘ness’ can be added to the root ‘cold’ to form the word ‘coldness’. —compare stem1 (4)

    12 ►MATHEMATICS◄ technical a number that when multiplied by itself a certain number of times, equals the number that you have: 2 is the fourth root of 16.

    —see also cube root, square root, grass roots

    root2 v

    1 ►SEARCH◄  to search for something by moving things around:  “Hang on a second,” said Leila, rooting through her handbag for a pen. |  pigs rooting for food

    2 ►PLANT◄ a)  to grow roots: New shrubs will root easily in summer. b)  to fix a plant firmly by its roots: The bush was too firmly rooted in the hard earth to dig up easily. | root itself Clumps of thyme had rooted themselves between the rocks. —see also deeply rooted (deeply (5))

    3 ►be rooted in: to have developed from something and be strongly influenced by it: policies that are rooted in Marxist economic theory

    4 ►be rooted to the spot: to be so shocked, surprised, or frightened that you cannot move

    5 ►root for sb phr v  informal a) to give support and encouragement to someone in a competition, test or difficult situation, because you want them to succeed: Good luck – we’ll all be rooting for you! b) especially AmE to support a sports team or player by shouting and cheering: We’ll all be rooting for the Dallas Cowboys in the Superbowl.

    6 ►root sth ↔ out phr v  a) to find out where a particular kind of problem exists and get rid of it: Racism cannot be rooted out without strong government action. b) informal to find something by searching for it: I’ll try and root out something suitable for you to wear.

    7 ►root sth ↔ up phr v  to dig or pull a plant up with its roots

    31. In which entry(词条)does the “toot” in the sentence “His sense of guilt had its roots in his childhood loss of his younger sister.” Belong?

      A. 6 in root 1.        B. 2 in root 1.     C. 3 in root 2     D. 2 in root 2

    32. What’s the fourth root of 81?

    A. 27.    B. 3.   C. 9.    D. 6.

    33. Which phrase can complete the sentence “Do you think it is possible to ____ crime?”

    A. root out  B. root up   C. root for    D. root in

    34. In which of the following situations can we use the phrase “be rooted to the spot”?

    A. A girl became too scared to walk when she caught sight of a long snake.

    B. A football fan got excited when his favorite football team scored a goal.

    C. A man is unable to walk because he was caught in a car accident years ago.

    D. A bush is so firmly rooted in the ground that it is difficult to pull it up.

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:广告布告类阅读
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    来源: 福建省厦门第一中学2016-2017学年高一12月月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Exerpeutic 15-0125 InStride Folding Cycle

    by Exerpeutic 

    3.8 out of 5 stars 625 customer reviews

    List Price: $70.00

    Price: $29.22 & FREE DELIVERY on orders over $35.

    ● Portable folding exercise bike that sits on a tabletop or on the floor

    ● Battery-operated electronic monitor times your workout

    ● Convenient tension control offers several resistance levels

    ● Sturdy nonslip rubber feet; sturdy foot straps for stability

    DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser(White)

    by Desk Cyclee

    4.7 out of 5 stars 789 customer reviews

    List Price: $ 199.00

    Price: $159.00 & FREE DELIVERY

    ● Lowest pedal height available; Only 10 Inches; Can work with desks as low as 27 Inches

    ● More than twice the resistance range of the other pedal exercisers; 8 calibrated resistance settings; from very easy to more than you need

    ● Magnetic resistance provides smooth, quiet pedal motion; let you focus on your work and your co-workers focus on theirs

    ● 5 function display shows speed, time, distance calories and scan

    Stamina 15-0120 InStride Cycle XL 

    by Stamina 

    3.6 out of 5 stars 747 customer reviews 

    List Price: $60.00

    Price: $31.63 & FREE DELIVERY on orders over $35. 

    ● Seatless-exercise cycle with electric progress monitor

    ● Sturdy rubber straps hold feet or hands for full-body workout

    ● Adjustable tension knob lets you vary workout intensity

    ● Improves cardiovascular health and muscle strength

    MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike Arm and Leg Exerciser

    by MagneTrainer 

    4.5 out of 5 stars 477 customer reviews

    List Price: $189.00

    Price: $159.00 & FREE DELIVERY. 

    ● Compact, lightweight commercial grade arm and leg exerciser

    ● Patented magnetic resistance; More than twice the resistance range of the other magnetic pedal exercisers

    ● Adjustable Velcro straps on pedals to accommodate all foot sizes; pedals work with both feet and hands

    ● Electronic monitor displays Speed, Distance, Time and Calories. Runs on single AA Battery (included)

    21. Which product offers you the biggest discount?

    A. Stamina 15-0120 InStride Cycle XL  

    B. Exerpeutic 15-0125 InStride Folding Cycle 

    C. DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser

    D. MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike Arm and Leg Exerciser 

    22. If you want to exercise without disturbing others at work, you can choose the item from ______. 

    A. Stamina   B. Exerpeutic            C. MagneTrainer        D. DeskCycle

    23. According to the passage, we can infer that ______. 

    A. you don’t have to pay for the delivery of the items advertised

    B. the producers may be trying to reduce the range of resistance 

    C. the limit of choice in color may affect the popularity of the product

    D. the monitoring system is something these products have in common

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:广告布告类阅读
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    来源: 福建省建瓯市第二中学2016-2017学年高一上学期第一次月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    These are common foods in your kitchen that possess sun-protection compounds to help your current sun-protection routine. Check them out to deal with-or prevent-summer sunburn.

    Oatmeal (燕麦片)

    Burn-fighting effect: When your whole body is sunburned, oatmeal provides the best type of relief(减轻).

    Sunburn treatment: Break oatmeal into very small pieces, add it to cool water and apply() it every two to four hours.

    Fat-free milk

    Burn-fighting effect: The milk creates a protein film on your skin that will help ease (减轻) the discomfort of fresh sunburn.

    Sunburn treatment: Apply cool, not cold, milk to your skin using a clean cloth. Apply compresses(敷布)for 15 or 20 minutes, and repeat every two to four hours.


    Burn-fighting effect: Strawberry juice helps reduce the pain from sunburn.

    Sunburn treatment: Crush(压碎) a few ripened strawberries and spread your skin for natural relief. Wash them after a few minutes. If you’d rather not go the fruit route to avoid (避免)stickiness, make a paste(软膏)out of cornstarch(玉米淀粉) and water and spread it on sunburned skin for relief (减轻), too.


    Burn-fighting effect: Tomatoes can help protect your skin from sun damage. In one study, volunteers who ate five spoons of tomato paste daily for three months enjoyed 25 per cent more natural protection against sunburn.

    Sunburn treatment: Eat fresh tomatoes and add organic ketchup(番茄酱)to meals.

    21.Which part of the newspaper does the text probably belong to?

           A. Culture                  B. Education                    C. Health                   D. Travel

    22.  If you want to reduce the pain of fresh sunburn, ________ will be helpful.

    A. Oatmeal                  B. Fat-free milk         C. Strawberries        D. Tomatoes

    23.What should you do if you want tomatoes to protect you from sunburn

    A. Add it to cool milk and cool water.   B. Apply it to your skin for 2 to 4 hours.

    C. Spread it on the sunburned skin if needed.    D. Eat fresh ones and add some to meals.

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:广告布告类阅读
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    来源: 福建省福州格致中学鼓山校区2016-2017学年高一上学期期末模拟英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Canyoning (蹦谷运动)

    The sports of canyoning explore the high-energy environment where water meets rock on the coast, or in river canyons. Protected by wetsuits and helmets (头盔), people jump from cliffs ( ) and waterfalls and explore caves and river canyons that would not normally be arrived at.

    It was pioneered in the U.K. by TYF Adventure (01437 721611, www.tyf.com) and several thousand people leap from the cliffs near St David’s each year. A half day canyoning trip costs

    50 (30 for children under 16).

    Scuba diving

    Diving is not popular with British people. The challenges of wild waters are greater because the water is colder and not clear enough, but the coasts of Cornwall, Wales and Scotland have some of the best wreck diving in the world.

    The British Sub Aqua Club (0870 112 9133 www.bsac.com) and the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (01580 819688 www.padi.com) run courses teaching the important skills right up and to instructor level.


    The best surfing places in the UK are on the southwest coast where it is warmer and the surf is relatively steady, particularly in Cornwall. The best time of year to surf in the UK is late summer and autumn when water temperatures are at their mildest.

    The British Surfing Association (01479 861256 www.britsurf.co.uk) has a list of famous surf schools around the country.

    Rock climbing

    The most popular natural rocks in Britain include the Peak District, the Lake District, coastal regions, while vast areas of Scotland are a climber’s paradise ( ). Climbing courses and climbing walls can be located on the website of the British Mountaineering Council (0870 010 4878, www.thebmc.co.uk) which offers a series of short films that take the new climber through a step-by-step guide to visiting a climbing wall for the first time.

    46.   If a couple with their child of 15 join in Canyoning for a day, they will pay    . A. 130    B. 260     C. 160                   D. 320

    47.   To go surfing, you may phone        .

    A. 01479 861256                 B. 0870 010 4878

    C. 01437 721611                 D. 0870 112 9133

    48.   Which of the following is NOT well accepted by British people?

    A.   Canyoning.                    B. Surfing.

    C. Scuba diving.                   D. Rock climbing.

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:广告布告类阅读
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    来源: 福建省福安一中2016-2017学年高一上学期第4次月考英语试卷 Word版含答案.doc

    Hello, everybody! Welcome to our school. You can do a lot of things here. Come and join us.




    Personal Inventions

    You can see many inventions by the students;

    you may also bring your own inventions.



    Space and Man

    Dr. Thomas West

    If you want to know more about the universe.



    Modern Medicine

    Mrs. Lucy Green

    Would you like to know medical science?



    Computer Science

    Mr. Harry Morison from Harvard University

    Learn to use Windows XP.

    53. The person who teaches Computer Science may be from_________.

       A. America             B. Australia               C. New Zealand          D. Canada

    54. If you want to learn something about satellites, you can go to the class from_________.

       A. 8:30 to 11:30 on Sunday                              B. 19:30 to 21:00 on Wednesday

       C. 19:00 to 21:00 on Monday                          D. 18:30 to 21:00 on Friday

    55. You may learn something about a disease called TB from _________.

       A. Dr. West             B. Mr. Morison      C. Mr. Thomas                 D. Mrs. Green

    56. You may have a chance to introduce your inventions on _________.

         A. Monday                      B. Sunday                   C. Wednesday                    D. Friday

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:广告布告类阅读
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    来源: 佛山一中2016-2017学年度第二次段考高三级英语试题

    Creating a truly unique experience, the world’s original Ice Music Festival returns for its 11th year form the 21-24Januaray 2016.

           Constructed and formed from naturally harvested ice and snow, the Festival is a tribute to art, the environment and one of the worlds’ most vital resources – water. Frozen water.

           Ice music pioneer Terje Isungset is the founder of the Ice Music Festival, which is an annual celebration of music and expression performed by specially invited artists. It is held in the mountain home of Geilo in Norway.

           Getting to Ice Music Festival 2016:

           Geilo is situated almost exactly halfway between Oslo and Bergen in the southern, mountainous part of Norway and easily accessible by car, train or bus.


           The Bergen Railway is one of the most beautiful rail journeys in the world, so be sure to book your journey in daylight hours! The train takes 3.5 hours from Oslo and about 3 hours from Bergen. The NBS (Norway’s National Rail Company) train runs through some of the most beautiful, wild and unspoiled nature in Norway!


           The shortest route between Oslo and Bergen is Rv7. The Rv7 is a national tourist route. You can also follow the Rv 0 over the mountains from west to east with the scenery between Aurland and Hol particularly magnificent. From Hol, it’s another 10 km to Geilo.


           There is no direct air link to Geilo, but all carriers connect with Oslo’s 3 airports.

           So seek out your warmest clothing, pack your bags and join us in Geilo for 3 nights of wonderful music. All the information you need to arrange your trip to Geilo is found on our Visit page. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: info@icemusicfestival.no.

    1.       Which of the following is TRUE about the Ice Music Festival?

    A. It is held once every other year.               B. It came into being decades ago.

    C. It was founded by Terje Isungset      .             D. It is built of man-made ice and snow.

    2. What can we know about Geilo from the text?

      A. It can be accessed directly by plane.           B. It lies in the northern part of Norway.

      C. It is ten kilometers away from Aurland.              D. It is 3.5 hours’ train ride away from Oslo.

    3. What is the purpose of the text?

      A. To advertise a music festival.                            B. To introduce a place of interest.

      C. To show respect to a music pioneer.          D. To inspire people’s interest in music.

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:广告布告类阅读
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    来源: 安徽省太和中学2016-2017学年高二上学期实验班竞赛英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    iD Tech camps

    Camp Address: 910 E Hamilton Ave. Suite 300 Campbell, California 95008USA

    Phone: (888) 709-8324

        This summer, encourage the excellent in your child! At iD Tech Camps, students aged 7-17 can learn to code, design video games, engineer robots, model 3D characters, build websites, and print 3D models. Campers meet new friends, learn STEM skills, and gain self-confidence.

    Alexa Cafestem Camp

    Camp Address: California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois

    Phone(212) 796-8350

        This summer, encourage the excellent in your daughter. At Alexa Cafe, girls aged 10-15 discover technology in a unique environment that celebrates creativity, and philanthropy(乐善好施). Girls learn engineering principles, code games, design websites, model and print 3D objects.

    A Water Planet Dolphin Therapy Camp

    Camp Address203 Greenwood Drive, Panama City Beach, Florida 32407, USA

    Phone: (850) 230-6030

        1-week camp in Panama City Florida where children with Special Needs swim with dolphins. Water Planet's dolphin therapy programs use the emotional impact of a dolphin meeting in his own environment combined with expressive art, massage, and music as a beneficial experience.

    iD Tech Mini

    Camp Addressa lot of places, California and more, USA

    Phone(323) 287-5580

        This summer, encourage  the awesome in your child! We've full every half-day camp session with tons of tech awesomeness. Kids aged 6-9 can discover    programming, game design, or robotics. And with an emphasis on creativity and exploration, every camper becomes a maker of fun.

    21.What number had you better dial to make your kid(s) more confident?

    A. (888) 709-8324.           B. (212) 796-8350.

    C. (850) 230-6030.           D. (323) 287-5580.

    22. Which camp is only for girls?

    A. iD Tech camps            

    B. Alexa Cafestem Camp

    C. A Water Planet Dolphin Therapy Camp     

    D. iD Tech Mini

    23. What is the common advantage of the four camps?

    A. Low fees.                B. Limiting age.

    C. Doing good to children.        D. Focusing on skill training.

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:广告布告类阅读
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    来源: 安徽省六安市第一中学2016-2017学年高一上学期周末检测英语试题(五) Word版含答案.doc

       Animals always bring great stories, so this year’s KidsPost Summer Book Club focuses on animal adventures(冒险). Each Wednesday beginning from June 26, we’ll go on a new animal adventure.

       June 26.

       Survivors: The Empty City By Erin Hunter(ages 8 to 12)

       After an earthquake destroys a city, the dogs must find ways to survive(幸存). Lucky, a dog who usually lives on his own, meets up with a group of dogs. They went Lucky to join them, but Lucky is not so sure.

       July 10

       Pegasus: The Flame of Olympus By Kate O’Hearn(ages 8 to 12)

       A big storm knocks out the lights in New York City, and Emily hears a crash(破裂)on the roof of her apartment building. What she finds there is a creature she has seen only in books: Pegasus, the winged horse. Pegasus is wounded and needs her help. As Emily and her friend Joel try to save the horse, they went into a new world.

       July 31

       The Tale of Despereaux By Kate DiCamillo (ages 8 to 12)

       Despereaux Tilling lives in the city with his mouse family, but he doesn’t fit in. He is sent to the dungeon(地牢)because of talking to a human. In the dungeon, he meets a rat named Roscuro and a servant girl named Miggery Sow. All the three want to bring light to their lives.

       August 7

       The Cats of Tanglewood Forest By Charles do Lint(ages 8 to 12)

       Tangiewood Forest is home to strange creatures, including wild cats. Lillian, a girl who lives at the forest, is playing in the woods when she stops to rest. A snake bites()her, and the cats come to help her. When she wakes up, Lillian becomes a cat. She wants her old self back.

    21. We can learn from the passage that Pegasus _________.

       A. is a horse that can read books             B. has survived a big earthquake

       C. has been sent to a new world             D. gets help from Emily and her friend

    22. If a child is interested in mice, he should choose the book written by ________.

       A. Erin Hunter                    B. Kate O’ Hearn

       C. Charles do Lint                 D. Kate DiCamillo

    23. What happens to Lillian while she is playing?

       A. She gets injured by accident        B. She feels afraid and falls asleep

       C. She saves the cats from a snake     D. She makes friends with a snake

    24. The write writes this passage in order to ________.

       A. ask kids to join a club             B. provide some books for kids

       C. introduce some famous writers      D. teach kids to care about animals

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:广告布告类阅读
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    来源: 安徽省淮北市第一中学2017届高三上学期第四次模拟考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Black Box Thinking

    —By Matthew Syed

    This book is a new approach to high performance, a means of finding all edge in a complex and fast-changing world. It is not just about sport, but has powerful implications for business and politics, as well as parents and students, in other words, all of us.Drawing on a dizzying series of case studies and real-world examples, together with cutting-edge research on small gains, creatlvity and courage, Matthew Syed tells the inside story of how success really happens-and how we cannot grow unless we are prepared to learn from our mistakes.

    Map Stroies

    —By Francisca Matteoli

    In the book, the author tells 20 surprising stories on the geography of the world and, using beautiful maps from all countries and times, she explains the birth of the most magical places on Earth. The book is a journey through space and time, and a lesson about the world as it is and out place in it.

    Making It up as I Go Along

    —By Marian Keyes

    It is a funny look at the absurdity of modern life and recognizes that we are all clearly making it up as we go along. It includes Keyes, guide to breaking up you’re your hairdresser, and her warning about the dangers of fake tan(古铜色).And there is some secret truth about writers, or at least about Keyes.

    Mog and Me and Other Stories

    —By Judith Kerr

    Judith Kerr was born on June 14, 1923 in Berlin but escaped from Hitler’s Germany with her parents and brother in 1933 when she was nice years old. Judith went to 11 different schools and worked with the Red Cross during the war. For the past 30 years, she’s worked as an author and illustrator of children’s books. Come and play with everyone’s favorite family pet, in this huge board book collection of stories especially for younger readers.

    21.If you are interested in exploring the world, which book do you prefer?

    A.Black Box Thinking. B.Making It up as I Go Along.

    C.Map Stories. D.Mog and Me and Other Stories.

    22.Which author tells some secret truth about himself in the book?

    A.Matthew Syed. B.Francisca Matteoli. C.Judith Kerr. D.Marian Keyes

    23.The book Mog and Me and Other Stories is mainly aimed at           .

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:广告布告类阅读