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    (Ad1) ATTENTION!!!

    The Internet is booming!!!

    Our business has plans to develop several Internet startup businesses.

    We need general partners in the USA and other countries.

    We have strong working plans for the future.

    For more information please contact us at:


    (Ad2) Attention Networkers

    1. Experience preferred

    2. Ground Floor Opportunity

    3. New company 10-month young

    4. Be The First In Your Area

    5. Stars-Cars-Weekly Pay-Low Startup Costs

    6. Profit Sharing & Rank Bonuses start at $50,000

    7. State of the art superfood products

    8. 24-year of success and experience in MLM

     For more information call April Wagner



    *Exclusive Territories    *Very Little Travel is Required

    *Many Quality Leads    *Dealerships Available

    *Unlimited Income      * Straight Talk

    *Great Financing

    Send Resume To: Apple@.Homecraft.com

    Or FAX: 352.6942597

    (Ad4) Work-From-Home!

    AVON is hiring now.

    No experience necessary.

    Unlimited earnings.


    Be your own boss!

    All locations needed.



    56. These ads are ________.

    A. to sell their products                              B. to attract somebody to join them

    C. to inform people of some activities          D. to help people improve themselves

    57. For a graduate who just finishes college, which ad is most suitable?

    A. Ad 1.       B. Ad 2.              C. Ad 3.         D. Ad 4.

    58. If you are a boss of a small company focusing on website service, which ad is most attractive to you?

    A. Ad 1.      B. Ad 2.               C. Ad 3.         D. Ad 4.

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    来源: 广东广州市第四十七中学2016-2017学年高一下学期英语2月月考试题 Word版含答案.doc

    The following are some important sights in New York.

    American Museum of Natural History

       Four floors of exhibition halls here include the world-famous fossil halls with their skeletons of enormous dinosaurs and other creatures; the culture halls, representing a variety of indigenous peoples; and mammal, bird and reptile halls. The renovated Milstein hall of Ocean Life showcases the profusion of life in Earth’s “last frontier”. Also here: Rose Center for Earth and space, with Hayden Planetarium and exhibits on Earth and our universe.

       Open: Sunday-Thursday, 10:00-17:45; Friday-Saturday: 10:00-20:45

    Empire State Building

       At 102 stories tall, the Empire State Building commands an inspiring view of Manhattan. Each year, over 3.5 million people come here for the view from the 86th-floor observatory, where they can take in the sights of the city from a glass-enclosed pavilion or the encircling open-air promenade.

       Observatory Hours: 8:00am to midnight daily. Last elevators go up at 11:15pm. Open daily 365 days a year.

    Metropolitan Museum of Art (One of the greatest museums in the world)

       It is impossible to “do” the entire museum in one day or describe everything you can see here. Go to the museum & spend some time in the Great Hall where you will find all types of help in many languages for planning your visit. If you can, get a guide before your visit or look at their website where you can plan well & learn about their many special exhibitions & programs.

       Fee: $12 adults, $7 students & seniors, under 12 with adult free.

       Open: Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday. 9:30-17:15; Friday-Saturday, 9:30-20:45.

    Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

       MoMA houses an outstanding collection of American & European paintings & sculptures from late 19th C. to present. Innovative in its definition of “art”, it was a pioneer in exhibiting film, photography, and industrial design. Its retrospectives can draw record-breaking attendance. A happy place to take small children, as strollers are allowed.

       Open: Sunday-Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 10:30-17:45; Friday, 10:30-20:15.

    59. Varieties of ocean life are exhibited in ________.

    A. American Museum of Natural History       B. Empire State Building

    C. Metropolitan Museum of Art               D. Statue of liberty

    60. You can visit Museum of Modern Art at the following time EXCEPT ________.

    A. at 14:30 on Monday                       B. at 7:00 pm on Friday

    C. at 10:40 on Wednesday                    D. at 12:00 on Sunday

    61. Suppose you are a high school student, who is going to visit Metropolitan Museum of Art with your parents, your 70-year-old Grandpa and your 6-year-old younger brother, how much will you have to pay in total?

    A. $42            B. $38           C. $45           D. $50


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    来源: 浙江省舟山中学2016年5月高考仿真模拟英语试题 Word版含解析.doc

    Some say college is wasted on the youngSo many of us look back at our own college years and realize what we could have done differently to make the most of themWhile we can't go backwe certainly can offer our sons and daughters our best advice to help them make the right choices in collegeHopefullythey will have fewer regrets than we doFollowing are five guidelines parents can share with their collegebound kids to put the whole experience in perspective


    As soon as you arrive on campusthere will be competing interestsFeel free to check them out but always remember that you are there first and foremost for your educationGo to class prepared and on timeBe engaged during classMake sure your professor knows you and realizes that you care


    There are many layers of responsibilityDo what you say you will do andif you can'town up to it early and communicate clearlyBut being responsible isn't just about meeting your commitments it is also about taking care of youyour bodyand your friendsFor examplemore than 1800college students die annually from alcoholrelated injuriesLook out for yourself and other peopleMake moderatesensible decisions so you aren't reeling from the consequences later


    Incredible opportunities will present themselvesstudying abroadinterning at a unique placetrying new thingsDon't let fear prevent you from taking advantage of themThere may never be so much time or as many resources devoted to your betterment again in your lifeSay yes to opportunities that will help you grow


    Some of the best lessons available to us can come outside of the classroom in the form of a mentorOne of the most powerful growth opportunities is being a mentorEarly onfind someone on campus who you feel can help you grow and develop a relationship with him or herAlso find someone for you to mentorYou will reinforce and enrich your own learning experience by teaching someone else


    It is natural to occasionally feel you want to quitwhen it makes more sense to you to go find a fulltime jobResist that urgeAs Jocelyn NegronRiosa mother of twowho is currently completing her degreeadvises"No matter how difficult it seemskeep at it because however insurmountable it feels now multiply that by 10000and that is how it feels when you are in your thirties with a fulltime job and a family and are trying to pursue a degree"

    46According to the passagethe most important thing for college students is    

    Ataking part in different activities

    Bworking hard to get a degree

    Cseizing every chance to try new things

    Dimproving themselves by learning from the others

    47Which of the following about college life is true    

    APassing on what you've learned in college can help you enrich your learning experience

    BMake sure that you are responsible for yourself rather than others

    CProfessors will not assess your performances in class but the grades you get in exams

    DYou can make full use of the opportunity whenever you want

    48What can we infer from the words said by Jocelyn in the last paragraph   

    APersistence is the key to success when you meet with difficulties in your learning process

    BIt is better if you gain more working experience before you finish your education

    CAs long as you work hardyou can gain a degree even when you are in your thirties

    DYouth is the best time to learn since you have less burden

    49What is the main purpose of the passage   

    ATo give some rules for the college students

    BTo call on the students to make full use of college years

    CTo summarize some tips for parents to share with their children

    DTo analyze the benefits and difficulties of college life

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    来源: 浙江省浙江大学附属中学2016届高三全真模拟英语试题 Word版含解析.doc

    Derek Wayne has obtained a 30yearfixedrate home loan of  100000with an annual interest rate of 7.5percentBecause the loan extends for such a lengthy periodthe mortgage(抵押) company calculates a monthly payment that ensures it will get most of its interest back firstThus in the beginning monthsWayne's principal paymentthe amount he pays toward his actual loanincreases extremely slowly

    Payment Number

    Total Monthly


    Principal Portion of Payment

    Interest Portion of Payment

    Current Balance





















    Let's analyze Wayne's early paymentsImagine that on December 15the Mauritanian Mortgage Corporation gives Wayne 100000and on January 15his initial payment is dueThroughout this first monthinterest accumulates on the entire  100000On a yearly interest rate of 7.5%Wayne's monthly rate is 0.625% or 7.5%divided by 12Multiplying 100000by 0.625% yields 625the portion of Wayne's first monthly payment that is interestSo Wayne now owes  99925.79 100625699.21).His February interest payment will be 0.625% of  99925.79

    By the time Wayne makes his last few paymentshis monthly interest payment has decreased considerablyHis balance following his 359th payment is  694.87and 0.625% of that is about  4.34his final interest paymentWhat was the total amount of interest Wayne paidMultiplying 360months by 699.21equals  251715.60and subtracting 100000the loan amount leaves 151715.60over 1.5times what he actually borrowed!

    46This passage is mainly concerned with    

    ADerek Wayne

    Bthe Mauritanian Mortgage Corporation

    Chow interest payments on a loan change

    Dcalculating the number of payments Wayne made

    47The monthly interest rate on Wayne's loan was    

    A.7.5%  B.6.5%  C.0.625%  D.625

    48We can conclude that Wayne's total monthly paymentwasalways    

    A.699.21B.100000C.360            D.$151715.60

    49The table in the passage helps the readers see    

    AWayne's down payment before he took out the loan

    BWayne's first and last payments

    Chow much his interest payments increased

    Dat what point the interest and principal payments were just about equal

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    来源: 浙江省杭州高级中学2016年高考英语模拟试卷(5月份) Word版含解析.doc

    Museum fans with limited time should consider a visit to Ueno Park where a variety of first class museums are concentrated closely togetherincluding the impressive Tokyo National Museumthe National Museum of Western Artthe Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museumthe National Science Museum and Ueno Zoo along with some smaller museums

    Museums in Tokyo are typically closed on one day of the week usually Mondays and during the New Year holidays typically December 29to January 4).If the regular weekly closing day falls on a national holidaymost museums will open on the holiday and close the next day instead

    Some museums have extended hours on certain days typically Fridays),and some offer free entrance to selected exhibitions or on certain days of the monthMost museums allow entry until 30minutes before closing time

    Tokyo National Museum

    Hours930to 1700 extended hours on some Fridays and weekends

    ClosedMondays or following day if Monday is a holiday),New Year holidays


    As the oldest and largest museum in Japanit is made up of five buildingseach like a separate museum in itselfThey house the largest collection of national treasures and important cultural items in the country

    National Museum of Western Art

    Hours930to 1730 until 1700in winteruntil 2000on Fridays

    ClosedMondays or following day if Monday is a holiday),Dec 28to Jan 1

    Admission420yenspecial exhibitions extra

    This museum displays western artprimarily by European artistsThere is no permanent gallery and the rotating (轮流的) exhibits are mostly from the museum's collectionAdmission is free on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month

    Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

    Hours930to 1730 until 2000on Fridays

    ClosedFirst and third Monday of each monthNew Year holidays

    AdmissionVaries by exhibition

    Reopened in April 2012this museum displays all types of art in its six galleriesThere is no permanent collectionbut there are multiple temporary exhibitions by various art groups

    National Science Museum

    Hours900to 1700 until 2000on Fridays

    ClosedMondays or following day if Monday is a holiday),Dec 28to Jan 1


    This museum covers both science and natural history with handson physics and robotics experiments and a 360degree virtual theater relocated from the Aichi Expo

    46Visitors are advised to go to Ueno Park mainly because    

    Athere are many great museums there    

    Bit has one of the best parks in Japan

    Cit is a landmark building in Tokyo

    Dit is free of charge throughout the year

    47We can learn from the text that the Tokyo National Museum    

    Ais the oldest and largest museum in Asia

    Bhas the largest collection of artwork in Japan

    Chas a 360degree virtual theater

    Dis full of Japan's national treasures

    48According to the textyou can visit the     for free on certain days

    ATokyo National Museum

    BNational Museum of Western Art

    CTokyo Metropolitan Art Museum      

    DNational Science Museum

    49The passage is most likely taken from    

    Aa tourist guide

    Ba geographic report

    Ca travel journal

    Da science textbook

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    来源: 浙江省杭州第二中学2016届高三5月高考仿真模拟考试英语试题 Word版含解析.doc

    Eat for LifeThe Food and Nutrition Board's Guide to Reducing Your Risk of Chronic Disease﹣﹣﹣Catherine EWoteki and Paul RThomasedsThis authoritative and easytoread book for consumers is the product of nutrition scientists in their joint effort to determine healthful and unhealthful eating habitsThe heart of the book is a ninepoint dietary plan to reduce the risk of diet﹣﹣related chronic diseasessuch as heart diseasecancerhigh blood pressure and obesityThe book includes practical recommendations for building healthful eating patternas well as tips on shoppingcookingand eating outOriginally published in hardcover in 1992HarperPerennial1993179p.,paperback10.00

    Where There is No DoctorA Village Health Care Handbook﹣﹣﹣David Werner with Carol Thurman and Jane MaxwellA firstaid guide written especially for the villager but also useful for anyone who cannot get immediate health careIt contains basic treatments for common illnesses such as diarrhea toothachecoldsand fluas well as graphic chapters on childbirthskin diseases and nutritional disorders such as acid indigestion and rickets (软骨病).An extensive chapter on first aid details treatments is given to childrentheir diseasesand possible illnesses following birthAn extensive index concludes the bookHesperian Found1992449p.,illus.,paperback14.00

    The TwentyFourHour SocietyUnderstanding Human Limits in a World That Never Stops﹣﹣﹣Martin MooreEdeAs director of the Institute for Circadian PhysiologyMooreEde has devoted his life's work to examining how the body clock works and the effect 24hour technology has on the physiology of humansSome of the biggest accidents of modern industrial times have occurred at nightincluding the Exxon Valdez oil spill and those at Three Mile Island and ChernobylThe author argues that this may be because the humans in charge were suffering from tiredness and lack of sleepwhich may have affected their performanceGuidelines for how we may better organize our work schedules are includedas are ways to overcome jet lag and sleep disorders faced by those with busy schedulesAddisonWesley1993230p.,hardcover22.95

    LifespanWho Lives Longer and Why﹣﹣﹣Thomas JMooreMany commonly held beliefs about lifestyle and longevity are explained hereFor examplethe authora fellow at the Center for Health Policy Research at George Washington Universityargues that the age of your mother and father has more influence on your lifespan than regulating cholesterol (腥固醇) levels and weight watchingMoore feels that the threat of the flu virus﹣﹣﹣which kills 100000people in the United Sates in a bad year and has killed a million people in a single year twice in this century﹣﹣﹣should receive more serious attention among populationsA discussion of what people really need to concentrate on to live longer is includedin addition to updates on current longevity researchS S1993318p.,hardcover23.00

    46Which book would you recommend to someone who is interested in healthy ways of cooking     

    AEat for Life


    CWhere There is No Doctor

    DThe TwentyFourHour Society

    47Who will find Where There is No Doctor most helpful    

    AThose with a wish to live longer

    BThose studying human physiology

    CThose without immediate health care

    DThose hoping to form a healthy eating habit

    48Who wrote the book about how technology affects our lives    

    ACarol Thurman         

    BMartin MooreEde

    CCatherine EWoteki  

    DThomas JMoore

    49From Lifespan we know that    

    Aa person's lifespan has something to do with his genes

    Beating healthy food makes somebody live long

    Ca good eating habit is important for people

    Dweight watching helps someone enjoy a long life

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    来源: 陕西省延安市黄陵中学2015-2016学年高一下学期期末英语试卷 Word版含解析.doc

    No matter where you travel in Asiayou'll find yourself faced with a new cultureYou can start your Asian exploration by visiting some of these attractive cities first


    Beijing is the second largest city in China and serves as the capitalThe city is so oldin factthat almost every building has some sort of cultural or historic featuresno matter how smallGetting around the cityyou'll find yourself faced with amazing templesthe largest palace in the worldand many works of art that leave you breathless

    Siem ReapCambodia(柬埔寨)

    Siem Reap is the capital city of Siem Reap Province in northwestern CambodiaSiem Reap has a lot of French and Chinesestyle architectureIn the citythere are traditional dance performancessilk near the Tonle Sap LakeSiem Reap todaybeing a popular tourist attractionhas a large number of hotels and restaurants


    Situated in the heart of the HimalayasKathmanduthe largest city and capital of Nepalis considered to be one of the most outstanding cities in the world todayThe shopping districts are worldfamous and the hotels in Kathmandu are among the most comfortable hotels in the world


    The city of Kyoto served as the capital of Japan from 794to 1868No longer the capitalit is known for being the seventh largest city in JapanKyoto was destroyed throughout history by fires and warBut now the city is home to more than 1.4million peopleand it presents a modern face to the rest of the world

    Every city throughout Asia has a story of its ownIt's up to you to explore them all and find out exactly what each one has to offerEnjoy!

    21If you want to visit the biggest palace where ancient emperors lived in the worldyou can go to    

    AKyoto        BSiem Reap

    CKathmandu   DBeijing

    22In Siem Reap you can see the following EXCEPT    

    Asilk near the Tonle Sap Lake

    Bexcellent art works

    Ctraditional dance performances

    DChinesestyle buildings

    23We can learn from the passage that    

    Athe cities are all capital cities now

    Ball the cities have their own stories

    Cone can't find a good hotel in Kathmandu

    DBeijing is the largest city in China

    24The writer's purpose in writing the passage is    

    Ato tell readers not to visit European cities

    Bto compare some tourist cities in Asia

    Cto introduce several attractive cities in Asia

    Dto write an advertisement about a travel company

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    来源: 贵州省遵义航天高级中学2016年高考英语模拟试卷(5月份) Word版含解析.doc

    Dog Fancy

    Cover Price:﹩59.88    Price:﹩12.00 (﹩1.00/issue


    Dog Fancy is information driven and provides opportunity for reader interactionEvery issue includes a foldout fourcolor posterYour complete guide helps you better understandcare for and enjoy your dog

    Dog for Kids

    Cover Price:﹩23.94   Price:﹩12.99 (﹩2.17/issue


    Dogs for Kids offers interactive and educational activitieswhich is intended for children ages 8to 12who love dogs and puppiesEach fullcolor issue has training tipsfun activities to do with dogsgamespuzzles and postersDogs for Kids has received the Maxwell Award for Special Interest Magazines from the Dog Writer's of America for 2years in a row

    The Bark

    Cover Price:﹩19.80    Price:﹩15.00 (﹩2.50/issue


    The Bark magazine is designed to include everything related to dog cultureEach issue includes storiesessayspoetryreviewsinterviews and artwork related to the relationship between humans and dogsThe Bark is not a howtocareforyourdog magazineIt's a magazine about living with dogswhich is your magazinetouchingsmart and simply wonderful

    Dog World

    Cover Price:﹩48.88    Price:﹩15.00 (﹩1.25/issue


    Dog World is written for the dog  enthusiastsincluding professionals in the pet industryArticles entertain and educate readers about dog healthcarenutritionappearancetraining and behavior and the lawDog World is a mustread for its devotedloyal dogloving readers

    13Who would be most interested in the above magazines    

    AWildlife protectors

    BStory book writers

    CPet dog owners

    DCity zoo managers

    14Which magazine saves most    

    ADog Fancy

    BDogs for Kids

    CThe Bark

    DDog World

    15The underlined word"enthusiasts"in the last part means    

    A.主人     B.兽医

    C.专家     D.狂热者.

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    来源: 海南省海口市国科园实验学校2015-2016学年高二下学期期末英语试卷 Word版含解析.doc

    Babysitter Wanted

    I am seeking a babysitter for my 6monthold sonA few hours on Saturdays and Sundays to help me and then additional times as neededApplicant should be over 18responsiblelovingwarmdrugfreeand have experience caring for babiesA college student looking for a parttime job is also OKThe pay is  10an hour

    If this sounds like a good fit for youplease reply torebecharv@aolcom or call 8004964It is urgent!

    Office Manager wanted

    A company is looking for a fulltime manager to be in charge of the business aspectsStrong skills are needed in organization and business managementThe office manager is responsible for keeping financial recordsso he/she should be familiar with computer

    Please send your resume to jim@californiaaquaticscom or call 8006978

    Waiter/Waitress wanted

    Specialty Restaurant is looking for an experienced and well seasoned waiter/waitressA knowledge of wines and fine dining experience are necessaryMust work well under pressure and understand the basics of fine dining and customer service

    If you're interestedplease reply to jobtkupe 1329358152@craigslistorg

    This is a parttime jobPleaseno phone calls about this job!

    Office Cleaner Wanted

    Looking for Parttime work

    Position available in the Mississauga area!

    Parttime 4hours per day from 1000am.﹣200pm

    Duties include

    ﹣﹣Clean Washrooms

    ﹣﹣Dust Furniture

    ﹣﹣Mopping floors

    ﹣﹣Other general cleaning

    Some experience is necessary

    Pay15per hour

    Reply tojobp3b7u1365632206@craigslistorg or call 8008197

    35The position of an     is fulltime job


    Boffice manager


    Doffice cleaner

    36Where can you send email as a college girl    


    Bjobtkupe 1329358152@craigslistorg



    37 Which of the following is the most important for waiter/waitress job   

    ABeing familiar with computers

    BHaving a knowledge of wines

    CKnowing more about menus

    DWorking well under pressure

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    来源: 贵州省铜仁市第一中学2017届高三上学期第三次模拟考试英语试题 Word版含解析.doc

    14 days from just 2,090 pp

    Fully inclusive from the UK

    Price covers, international airfares, departure taxes, fuel charge, local transportation all meals, entrance fees, guides, daily tours and visas for UK citizens.

    ◆ Days 1-3: UK-Shanghai

        Fly to the great city of shanghai and in the evening sample traditional shanghai food. Visit the beautiful Yu Garden, Old Town. Shanghai Museum ,cross the Grest Nanpu Bridge and tour the Pudong area. Also explore Xintiandi with its 1920’s style Shikomen buildings and end your stay in Shanghai with an amazing Huangpu River evening tour.

    ◆ Days 4-7: Shanghai-Yangtze River Tour

        Fly to Yichang and changeapprox: one hourto board your Yangtze River ship for the next four nights. Enjoy a tour of the three Gorges Dam(三峡大坝)before sailing on the grand Yangtze River, passing through the impressive Three Gorges. We take a side trip to the Lesser Three Gorges or travel up the Shennong Stream in a peapod boat and enjoy various shore trips along the way.

    ◆ Day8: Chongqing—Chengdu

        Get off in Chongqing and drive to Chengdu for an overnight stay.

    ◆ Day9-10: Chengdu-Xi’an

        Visit the famous Panda Reserve to see the lovely animals. We then fly to the historic city of Xi’an for two nights, stay and enjoy traditional Shuijiao. Next day, explore one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century—the Terracotta Warriors(兵马俑),followed by the ancient City Wall and a performance of Tang Dynasty dancing.

    ◆ Day11-13: Xi’an-Beijing

        Visit little wild Goose Pagoda and see the ancient objects at the well-known Shanxi Provincial Museum before walking through the lively Muslim Quarter to see the Great Mosque. Later fly to Beijing for three nights’ stay and try Peking Duck. During our stay in Beijing, we stroll through Tian’anmen Square to the Forbidden city, the largest and best preserved collection of ancient buildings in china, and visit the summer palace. Next day we take a walk on the Great wall, tour the unique Temple of Heaven and enjoy an attractive Chinese Acrobatic Show.

    ◆ Day14: Beijing-UK

        Fly back to the UK, arriving home later the same day filled with happy memories.

    28. The underlined word “sample” in the passage probably means “ ________”

       A. replace         B. observe          C. make         D. taste

    29. The first and last scenic spots he visited in Xi’an are ________.

       A. the Terracotta Warriors and Shanxi Provincial Museum

       B. the Terracotta Warriors and the Great Mosque  

       C. little wild goose Pagoda and Great Mosque

       D. Little wild goose Pagoda and the Muslim Quarter

    30. Which of the following is TRUE according to the ad ?

       A. The tourists will have to pay extra for fuel and meals.

       B. The tourists will visit the 1920’s Shikumen buildings in Beijing

       C. The tourists will stay in Beijing for three nights before leaving for the UK

       D. The tourists will take a side trip to the Three Gorges Dam during the tour.

    31. The ad is mainly intended to ________.

       A. encourage the British to travel in China

       B. attract the British to traditional Chinese food

       C. offer service of booking air tickets to tourists

       D. provide the British with a better understanding of China.

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    来源: 广西桂林市第十八中学2017届高三上学期第三次(10月)月考英语试题 Word版含解析.doc

    From a college designed specifically for high school students to one that doesn’t provide students with grades, here are some of the country’s most unique institutions.
    ●Berea College, Berea, Kentucky

    The first interracial, co-educational college in the South, Berea specializes in attracting students who may be otherwise unable to afford a college education. Berea students come from families with an average household income of $ 30,000, which is why the school’s financial aid program is so important.
    ●Deep Springs College, Deep Springs, California

    Deep Springs, formerly an all-male school, has one of the smallest student bodies in the country at 26. The college accepts only 10% of its applicants, and maintains its own cattle herd. Students enjoy the school’s isolated location — 45 miles away from the nearest established town. Electricity is produced mainly through solar power, and the college sometimes even sells electricity to Pacific Gas&Electric.
    ●The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington

    At Evergreen, students don’t receive traditional letter grades. Instead, professors issue narrative(叙述的) evaluations of students’ work at the end of each term. The curriculum is structured around the"Coordinated Studies Program", which focuses on providing students with a well-rounded education across a number of different areas. The college sits on 1,000 breathtaking acres, a portion of it on Puget Sound.

    ●Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts

    Considered an"experimenting"college because of its constantly changing curriculum, Hampshire College doesn’t feature a traditional grading system. Instead, the school requires students to complete three different divisions, which feature different classes. Once the project is completed, it’s not given a grade, but a written evaluation, as other projects students complete throughout their time at Hampshire are.
    Which of the following suits students from families with a lower income?

    A. The Evergreen State College.                  B. Deep Springs College.

    C. Hampshire College.                                       D. Berea College.

    22What can we learn about The Evergreen State College?

    A. It attaches great value to students’ different kinds of knowledge.

    B. It’s most famous for its outstanding teaching quality.

    C. It only provides examination scores for students.

    D. It focuses on students’ hands-on experience.

    23How are the students judged in Hampshire College?

    A. By receiving traditional letter grades.

    B. By using a computer examination grading system

    C. By evaluating their performance of three divisions.

    D. By checking if they can design financial aid programs.

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    来源: 广东省中山市华侨中学2016届高考英语模拟试卷(4月份) Word版含解析.doc

    University Room Regulations

    Approved and Prohibited Items

    The following items are approved for use in residential roomselectric blanketshair dryerspersonal computersradiostelevisions and DVD playersItems that are not allowed in student rooms includecandlesceiling fansfire workswaterbedssun lamps and wireless routersPlease note that any prohibited items will be taken away by the Office of Residence Life

    Access to Residential Rooms

    Students are provided with a combination for their room door locks upon checkinDo not share your room door lock combination with anyoneThe Office of Residence Life may change the door lock combination at any time at the expense of the resident if it is found that the student has shared the combination with othersThe fee is25to change a room combination

    Cooking Policy

    Students living in buildings that have kitchens are only permitted to cook in the kitchenStudents must clean up after cookingThis is not the responsibility of housekeeping staffKitchens that are not kept clean may be closed for useWith the exception of using a small microwave oven to heat foodstudents are not permitted to cook in their rooms

    Pet Policy

    No pets except fish are permitted in student roomsStudents who are found with petswhether visiting or owned by the studentare subject to an initial fine of100and a continuing fine of50a day per petStudents receive written notice when the fine goes into effectIfone week from the date of written noticethe pet is not removedthe student is referred to the Student Court

    1Which of the following items is allowed in student rooms    

    ACeiling fans and waterbeds

    BWireless routers and radios

    CHair dryers and candles

    DTVs and electric blankets

    2What do we know about the cooking policy     

    AA microwave oven can be used

    BCooking in student rooms is permitted

    CA housekeeper is to clean up the kitchen

    DStudents are to close kitchen doors after cooking

    3If a student has kept a cat in his room for a week since the warninghe will face    

    Aparent visits

    Ba fine of100

    Cthe Student Court

    Da written notice

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    来源: 广东省中山市第一中学等七校联合体2017届高三上学期第二次联考英语试题 Word版含解析.doc


    Auckland, New Zealand

        After two months of learning, Monty, and Porter were able to drive an automobile around a racetrack. “We wanted to prove how smart rescue dogs are,” animal behaviorist Mark Vette says. Vette first used voice commands and treats to teach the dogs how to turn a steering wheel and how to change gear (换挡).

        The dogs’ ride only accelerated up to 7.5 miles an hour, and trainers could stop the auto using a remote control.


    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

        Zoe the zebra’s markings are special. The animal has white and golden stripes. Zoe’s appearance resulted from a rare condition called amelanosis (黑素缺失症). Her body doesn’t make enough melanin, the substance in an animal’s skin and hair cells that produces color. “Only 25 other golden zebras are known to exist in the world,” says Ann Goody, who runs the wildlife refuge where Zoe lives. In the wild, life may be difficult for animals with amelanosis because predators (捕猎者) can easily spot them. But Zoe is protected at her refuge.


    Vienna, Austria

        When Figaro the cockatoo spots food lying just out of reach from his cage, he builds a tiny wooden tool to sweep the tasty prize in his way.

        The bird first revealed his talent when a stone he was playing with rolled out of his cage. The cockatoo couldn’t reach the stone. So he flew away and returned with a small branch, slipping it through the fence to slide the stone toward him.

    Wondering if he would do it again, scientists placed a nut exactly where the stone had been. This time, Figaro pulled out a small piece of wood in his cage and dragged the nut toward him.

    21. If Zoe the zebra is set free in the wild, she will _____.

    A. meet no natural predators                

    B. not get along with other zebras

    C. manage to make enough melanin        

    D. be easily found for her appearance

    22.What’s special about Figaro the cockatoo?

    A. He is particular about his food.

    B. He is extremely fond of stones.

    C. He is good at drawing support from outside forces.

    D. He can tell the difference between stones and nuts.

    23.What is the text mainly about?

    A. Amazing animals.                         

    B. Ways to help animals.

    C. Animals’ unique talents.                

    D. Tips on training animals.

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    来源: 广东省五校协作体2017届高三上学期第一次联考英语试题 Word版含解析.doc

    Are you looking for something to do? You might like to try one of these four experiences.

    Crocodile watching

    Do you fancy getting up close to some of the most terrifying animals on earth? Crocosaurus Cove, in Darwin (Australia) has the “Cage of Death”. It’s an enclosure that’s lowered into a pool. This gives you a 360 degree view of a crocodile as it’s being fed. The cable broke once and the cage sank to the bottom, but they’ve fixed it since then.

    Edge walk

    How about walking along the edge of a building several hundred meters up in the air? If that sounds like fun, head off to the CN Tower in Toronto (Ontario, Canada). Built in 1976, the tower is 553.33 meters tall.

    The Edge walk consists of a 20-30 minute stroll along a 1.5 meter wide platform that runs around the tower’s restaurant roof. During the walk, you’re encouraged to lean forwards as you look over Toronto’s skyline (轮廓线).

    Plastic ball rolling

    Do you fancy rolling down a hill in a plastic ball?

    Plastic ball rolling is popular all over the world, but the place to give it a go is in Rotorua (New Zealand). Brother David and Andrew Akers came up with the idea in 1994. A typical orb () is about 3 meters in diameter, with an inner orb size of about 2 meters. There’s no brake or steering mechanism, but the inner layer of the plastic ball helps absorb the shock.

    Volcano bungee jumping

    If you’re looking for the adventure of a lifetime, how about going bungee jumping off a helicopter into the crater of a live volcano? As part of the jumping, a helicopter ride takes you to the Villarreal volcano, one of the most active in Chile. Once you’re at the drop zone, you leap off the helicopter and fall into the volcano. Finally, you enjoy the ride back to the airport flying at 130kph.

    Attracted by the above? If so, please contact us. Only half price from March 22 to April 25th For more information, please click here.

    21.According to the passage, there was an accident once when people _____.

    A. jumped into the Villarreal volcano

    B. walked along the platform of the CN Tower

    C. rolled down a hill in a plastic ball in Rotorua

    D. watched crocodiles in the “Cage of Death” in Darwin

    22.Which of the following was first invented in New Zealand?

    A. Edge walk.             B. Crocodile watching. 

    C. Plastic ball rolling.          D. Volcano bungee jumping.

    23.It can be inferred that all the four experiences are ______.

      A. interesting sports          B. exciting and extreme

    C. held on high places        D. fit for middle to old people

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    来源: 广东省茂名市高州中学2015-2016学年高二下学期期末英语试卷 Word版含解析.doc

    Shakespeare's Birthplace and Exhibition of Shakespeare's World

    Welcome to the worldfamous house where William Shakespeare was born in l564and where he grew upThe property (房产) remained in the ownership of Shakespeare's family until 1806The House has welcomed visitors traveling from all over the world for over 250years


    20Marto 19Oct

    Monto Sat.:900amto 500pm

    Sun930amto 500pm

    20Octto 19Mar

    Monto Sat900amto 400pm

    Sun.:1000amto 400pm

    ◆Enter through the Visitors'Centre and see the highlypraised exhibition Shakespeare's Worlda lively and full introduction to the life and work of Shakespeare

    ◆Stand in the rooms where Shakespeare grew up

    ◆Discover examples of furniture and needlework from Shakespeare's period

    ◆Enjoy the traditional (传统的) English gardenplanted with trees and flower mentioned in the poet's works

    ◆The Birthplace is within easy walking distance of all the car parks shown on the map nearest is Windsor Street3minutes'Walk

    ◆The House may present difficulties but the Visitors'Centreits exhibitionand the garden are accessible to wheelchair users

    ◆The Shakespeare Coffee Houseopposite the Birthplace





    2adults+up to 3children

    1How much is the admission for a family of two grownups and two children    





    2Where is the nearest parking place to Shakespeare's Birthplace    

    ABehind the exhibition hall

    BOpposite the Visitors'Centre

    CAt Windsor Street

    DNear the Coffee House

    3A wheelchair user may need help to enter    

    Athe House                     

    Bthe garden

    Cthe Visitors'Centre             

    Dthe exhibition hall

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    来源: 广东省广州市执信中学2015-2016学年高二下学期期末英语试卷 Word版含解析.doc

    Visit the Skywalkat Grand Canyon West Today

    For Booking Call18669447263

    Package Fee

    289Per Adult274Per Child

    All Fee's IncludedNo Hidden Cost

    Book Nowl

    Experience the newly opened Grand Canyon (大峡谷) West Skywalk in ColoradoDeparting from Grand Canyon's South Rim by Airplane to Grand Canyon's West Rimyou will land and take a ground tour to the Skywalk!Walk on air for 70feet over the edge of Grand Canyon West

    This Skywalk has been open since March 282007Daily visitorship to the Skywalk has been over 4000peoplePlease be patient to enjoy your moment on the Skywalk

    After you have experienced the one and only Grand Canyon Skywalk Glass Bridgeyou will return to the Grand Canyon West Airport and take your Airplane for a flight back to the South Rim of the CanyonThis is a tour never to be forgotten as you will have walked on air over the Grand Canyon

    Tour Itinerary (行程)

    Tour Duration


    The Grand Canyon Adventure Skywalk

    Flight from Grand Canyon South Rim to Grand Canyon West


    Experience a bird'seye view of the Grand Canyon as you make your way to Grand Canyon West

    Light Lunch at Guano Point at Grand Canyon West


    You'll be taken by bus to Guano Point with breathtaking views of the western part of the Grand Canyon where the Calorado River makes its way into Lake MoodEvery table for lunch has a view

    Walk on the World Famous Skywalk


    Finally you'll board your bus to Eagle Pointhome of the Grand Canyon SkywalkNow it is time for you to walk on air for 70feet over the Grand Canyon

    Flight Back to Grand Canyon South Rim


    After time on the Skywalkyou'll return to the Grand Canyon West Airport and return to Grand Canyon South Rim in time for dinner and sunset

    1This advertisement is for    

    AGrand Canyon West   

    BGrand Canyon South

    CGrand Canyon      

    Dthe Skywalk

    2The package fee does NOT cover the cost of    

    3According to the Tour Itinerarythe route is    

    ASouth Rim→Guano Point→West Airport→Eagle Point→West Airport→South Rim

    BSouth Rim→West Airport→Guano Point→Eagle Point→West Airport→South Rim

    CSouth Rim→West Airport→Eagle Point→Guano Point→West Airport→South Rim

    DSouth Rim→West Airport→Eagle Point→West Airport→Guano Point→South Rim

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    来源: 福建省漳州市第一中学2017届高三上学期期中考试英语试题 Word版含解析.doc

    YOUR KIDS ARE AMAZING –especially compared with everybody else’s (who seem to cry all the time). How do you show your love for your kids this holiday season? With toys that are smooth and colorful, interactive and exciting. And with ones that have educational value – because you are the boss.



    Here is a toy that doesn’t need power, and the kids have to put it together themselves. This 50-piece-puzzle set is made of soft-edged hardwood and makes a complete hospital, with an X-ray room. It also includes eight patients, a car and a driver. $ 135;.


    Sure, it’s cool, but this colorful baby toy also develops problem solving and motor skills. It has a head and legs, a magnetic(磁铁)hand and a tail. Suitable for little ones from 6- 36 months. $ 19.95; tiny-love.com.


       This small, remote-control robot is really powerful. It performs 67 preprogrammed functions, including throwing, kicking, picking up and dancing. You can even program your own function –which, sadly, does not include doing windows. $ 99 robosapienonline.com.


    Want a mini Cooper but can’t fit the family inside? Get one for the kids. They can jump into this mini car, which comes in hot orange with a single adjustable seat, and ride away. But it could spoil them for that used car they’ll be driving when they turn 16. For ages 3 to 5. $ 189; minicar.com (click on “gear up” then “mini motoring gear”)

    25.What website can you visit if you want a baby toy for your kid?

       A. flaxart.com       B. tiny-love.com        C. robosapienonline.com     D. minicar.com

    26.What do the four toys have in common?

       A. None of them needs batteries.             B. They are all intended for kids under 3. 

       C. All of them cost less than $100.              D. They all have educational value.

    27.What can we learn from the passage?

       A. FLAX ART HOSPITAL PUZZLE AND PLAY SET has a special design for safety.

       B. TINY LOVE ACTIVITY BALL needs power to order to play.

       C. ROBOSAPIEN can be programmed to do the windows.

       D. MINI PEDAL CAR develops problem-solving skills.

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    来源: 安徽省安徽师范大学附属中学2017届高三上学期期中考试英语试题 Word版含解析.doc

    Welcome to Adventureland!

    Everyone loves Adventureland! The Parks and Exhibitions were built for you to explore(探索), enjoy, and admire their wonders. Every visit will be an unforgettable experience. You will go away enriched, longing to come back. What are you going to do this time?

    The Travel Pavilion

    Explore places you have never been to before, and experience different ways of life.

    Visit the Amazon jungle(丛林)village, the Turkish market, the Tai floating market, the Berber mountain house and others. Talk to the people there who will tell you about their lives, and things they make. You can try making a carpet, making nets, fishing…

    The Future Tower

    This exhibition shows how progress will touch our lives. It allows us to look into the future and explore the cities of the next century and the way we’ll be living then. Spend some time in our space station and climb into our simulator(模拟装置)for the Journey to Mars!

    The Nature Park

    This is not really one park but several.

    In the Safari Park you can drive among African animals in one of our Range Cruisers: see lions, giraffes, elephants in the wild. Move on to the Ocean Park to watch the dolphins and whales. And then there is still the Aviary to see…

    The Pyramid

    This is the center of Adventureland. Run out of film, need some postcards and stamps? For all these things and many more, visit our underground shopping center. Come here for information and ideas too.

    21The Travel Pavilion is built to help visitors            .

        Arealize the importance of travelling            

    Blearn something about different places in the world

        Clearn how to make things such as fishing nets    

    Dbecome familiar with mountain countries

    22If you are interested in knowing about what people’s life will be, you may visit            .

        Athe Travel Pavilion              Bthe Pyramid

        Cthe Safari Park                                    Dthe Future Tower

    23If you want to get a toy lion to take home, where will you most likely go?

        AThe Pyramid.                     BThe Nature Park.

        CThe Future Tower.                DThe Travel Parvilion.

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    来源: 重庆市渝高中学2016-2017学年高一上学期第二次双月考英语试卷 Word版含答案.doc

    Booking opening for Beckett Shorts on 8 September.


    For credit card bookings. Calls are answered.


    01789 295623 9 a.m. 8 p.m.(Mon Sat)

    0541 541051(24 hours, 7 days, no booking charge).

    By fax

    For credit card (信用卡)bookings. Please allow at least 48 hours for reply, if required.


    01789 261974 or 01862 387765

    ziyuanku.comBY POST

    Please enclose a cheque(支票) or credit card details together with an ASE or add 50p to the total amount to cover postage. Please send to the Box Office, RST, Stratford upon Avon, CV37 6BB.

    Booking opens for all other plays on 19 September.



    RST hall, 9:30 a.m. 8 p.m.(Mon Sat)

    6 p.m. when theatres are closed.


    The easiest method of payment is by credit card. You can also pay by: Eurocheque (up to &500) with your card number written on the back.



    We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Diner Club. Please give the card number, name and address of cardholder.


    Cheques and postal orders should be payable to: Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

    33. In which of the following ways of booking does one probably have to pay extra money?____.

           A. In person          B. By telephone.            C. By post          D. By fax

    34. One has to wait for 2 days or longer for a reply if he/she pays____.

           A. in person            B. by telephone            C. by post           D. by fax

    35. What is a useful number to call at 11 a.m. Sunday?

           A. 0541 541051         B.01789 295623          C. 017789 261174      D. 01862 387665

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    来源: 重庆市第一中学2016-2017学年高二上学期期中考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Tear a-Classic China and Yangtze River Cruise Private Tour

    Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai,the three most ever-lasting cities in China, not only record the great changes of China just like a living history book, but at the same time give you a chance to witness ,modern and trendy cities they have become. Now come along with the tourist guide and experience it.

    Quoted Price:U.S $2608/person 2-5 person: U.S. $205!

    Tour B--South West China Minority Discovery Group Tour

    You will be amazed at how much of wonderful Guizhou you will be able to see in six short days.This tour mixes outdoor tasks,and cultural learning to create an amazing journey. And did I mention Guizhiu’s famous cuisine?

    Quoted Price:U.S.$735/person Single room supplement:U.S.$135/person

    Tour C-Saaya Flight+Accommodation Group Package

    The island resort of Sanya is famed for is long sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. Under swaying palms, holiday makers lay back and forget about the stresses of their everyday lives.Beyond the bars and restaurants of Sanya. spiritual nourishment can be in Huinan’s many temples and much joy found in the wildlife reserves dotted around the island.

    Quoted Price:U.S. $500

    Tour D-Ancient China and Splendid East Private Tour

    If you want to explore China’s remarkable history and discover the differences from city to city, then this tour is just right for you, From the greatest wonders of the would to classical Chinese gardens and water towns, numerous splendid scenes will definitely give you a good opportunity.

    Quoted Price :2-5 person:U.S. $2889

    21.Which tour will you choose if you want to know the history of China?

    A.Tour A or B     B.Tour B or C     C.Tour C or D        D.Tour A or D

    22.What has made Sanya well-known?

    A.The bars and restaurants          B.Long beaches and clear waters

    C.Spiritual nourishment(营养品)   D.The wildlife reserves

    23.Where does this text probably come from?

    A.A travel guide    B.A travel diary    C.A business report    D.A press comment

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