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    来源: 重庆市秀山高级中学2016-2017学年高一下学期期中考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

        As I held my father’s hands one night, I couldn’t help but notice their calluses(老茧)and roughness. His hands tell the story of his life as a   41  , including all his struggles.

        One summer, I remember, a drought (旱灾) hit Ontario, turning it into a   42  desert. On one of those hot mornings I was picking sweet corn with my dad to fill the last   43  from the grocery store. Fifty dozen was all we needed, which  44  took twenty minutes. That morning, however, the process didn’t  45  quickly. After forty minutes of aimlessly walking in the field, we  46  needed twenty dozen. I was completely frustrated and   47  . Dropping the basket heavily, I shouted, “If the store wants its last twenty dozen, they can pick it themselves”. Dad  48  “Just think, my little girl, only ten dozen left for each of us and then we’re  49  .” Such is Dad—whatever problem he   50  , he never gives up.

          51  , the disastrous effects of the drought were felt all over our county. It was a challenging time for everyone, _  52  Dad remained optimistic. He  53  to be grateful for other things like good health and food on our plates. Only then did I truly begin to  54  Dad and his faith that guided us through the hard times.

        Dad is also a living example of real   55  . From dawn to dusk, he works countless hours to   56  our family. He always puts our happiness   57  his own, and never fails to cheer me on at my sports games in spite of his   58   after long days. His loving and selfless nature has inspired me to become more sympathetic and   59  putting others first.

        Dadthe life  60  I have learned from you will stay with me forever. You are my father, teacher, friend and, most importantly, my hero.

    41A. teacher    B. farmer     C. gardener       D. grocer

    42A. burning    B. lively     C. disappearing    D. stormy

    43A. order      B. form      C. gap           D. position

    44A. repeatedly  B. finally     C. normally      D. really

    45A. begin      B. go        C. occur         D. change

    46A. yet        B. even      C. still           D. nearly

    47A. surprised   B. nervous    C. frightened     D. angry

    48A. apologized  B. laughed    C. complained    D. cried

    49A. lost        B. gone      C. done         D. touched

    50A. meets with  B. brings up   C. works out     D. thinks about

    51A. Thankfully  B. Hopefully   C. Strangely     D. Unfortunately

    52A. or          B. for        C. but          D. so

    53A. continued    B. seemed     C. happened    D. aimed

    54A. face        B. examine     C. appreciate    D. question

    55A. honesty     B. pride       C. friendship     D. love

    56A. settle       B. support     C. start          D. impress

    57A. after       B. before       C. beside        D. under

    58A. sadness     B. happiness    C. tiredness     D. kindness

    59A. careless    B. considerate    C. shameful    D. humorous

    60A. history     B. motto        C. lessons      D. patterns

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 重庆市铜梁县第一中学2016-2017学年高一5月月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Many sports players have not only achieved incredible acts of athleticism(运动能力), but also unbelievable acts of sportsmanship. There were some  41  examples in 2014, and I have   42  two that inspired me.

    One example of sportsmanship took place in the Sochi Olympics. Russian Anton Gafarov was hobbling(蹒跚而行) along the track, far  43  the rest of the skiers. One of his skis(滑雪板) was broken. He had tried to  44  with the damaged equipment. Canadian ski coach Justin Wadsworth was the only one who had an extra. Wadsworth didn’t want Gafarov to finish slowly, hobbling across the line. He wanted him to finish with  45 . The Canadian skiers were already out of the race, giving Wadsworth two  46   : Leave Gafarov to hobble across the line on one ski,  47 give him the spare one. Wadsworth gave him the extra ski,  48  Gafarov to get second place in the quarter-finals.  49 , he came in sixth in the semi-finals.  50  was Wadsworth who helped Gafarov complete his Olympic dream.

    The other example took place in the 2014 World Cup quarter-final match between Brazil and Colombia. The game had just ended. Brazil had won, 2-1. Brazil was  51  on the sidelines, cheering and having a good time. Colombian midfielder James Rodriguez had just had his World Cup dream tore apart  52  scoring a record-breaking six goals in the competition. Brazil defender David Luiz walked over to him, pointed at him, and  53  the crowd to acknowledge him. He then declared his  54  for a game well played and  55  him for his wonderful World Cup performance. It made both the crowd and Rodriquez  56  .

    As an athlete, I know it’s easy to get caught up in the  57  of a game. But I also know that   58  is just as important as losing and winning.

    Always remember to  59  your opposing team. Play hard, but play fair. And always be nice. It’s the right thing to do and it always   60   .

    41. A. embarrassing         B. amusing                   C. interesting                D. amazing

    42. A. created              B. collected                  C. picked                     D. made

    43. A. back         B. behind                     C. off                          D. from

    44. A. continue              B. walk                        C. go                           D. work

    45. A. pride                B. determination         C. kindness                  D. love

    46. A. problems             B. questions                 C. chances                   D. choices

    47. A. nor                 B. or                           C. and                         D. but

    48. A. wanting              B. advising          C. allowing                D. instructing

    49. A. Finally         B. Gradually          C. Specifically              D. Particularly

    50. A. This           B. He                        C. That                        D. It

    51. A. training                    B. imagining          C. reviewing                D. celebrating

    52. A. while                       B. despite                   C. as                           D. though

    53. A. warned        B. urged                      C. forced                     D. expected

    54. A. appreciation    B. surprise                   C. doubt                       D. curiosity

    55. A. interviewed              B. prepared                  C. recognized               D. challenged

    56. A. tired                B. shy                          C. happy                      D. crazy

    57. A. competitiveness      B. fun                          C. advantage                D. meaning

    58. A. friendship     B. sportsmanship          C. championship          D. leadership

    59. A. keep up with          B. respond to               C. fight against            D. shake hands with

    60. A. pays for              B. pays out                  C. pays off                  D. pays back

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 浙江省宁波市十校2017届高三5月适应性考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Last weekend I decided to treat myself to relaxation by reading a magazine.As usual,I looked through the front pages of_36_women wearing designer clothes with ads promising it to be "Best of the Best".I read the ad. _37_, instead of offering advice on how to live well,the entire article_38_expensive treatments that slow the effects of getting older while fooling others into thinking you stay young naturally.What?Is that even_39_?

    You may have already guessedI seldom make up,_40_buy a few creams for my skin,and wear only one or two pieces of_41_.Instead,given the choice I spend my money on travel,learning experiences,fun and a few causes I support.Fortunately,my husband Thom not only likes me this way,_42_he's me same as well._43_comes naturally to us because we both prefer_44_experiences.

    There was a TV show in the 1980's called Fernando's Hideaway.Regardless of whom the host Fernando was _45_in the show,he would always say,"You_46_marvelous(棒极了)!"And that was usually followed by,"As we all know,it's_47_to look marvelous than feel marvelous."I knew everyone used to laugh at that show because what made it so ridiculous was how it pointed out the obvious_48_of grasping for outside appearances,_49_real feelings.

    Some women out there might be telling themselves,"I_50_possibly feel good if I don't look good."Really?Your life is_51_to feel good to you.We can control the way we feel by controlling our thoughts.Instead of_52_outside circumstances to bring about responses in us and make us happy or not,we can put our time,attention and resources on_53_can affect inside.No one else knows your reason for being happy.You do.Your happiness _54_ you to it.When you travel along your_55_to joy,your conversation is of joy;your feelings are of joyyou're on the right way.

    36.A.casual                       B.special             C.ordinary                 D.attractive

    37.A.Unfortunately            B.Frequently       C.Hopefully                 D.Fortunately

    38.A.focused on                B.left out           C.commented On        D.made out

    39.A.necessary                 B.possible           C.convenient              D.essential

    40.A.never                        B.often               C.usually                   D.just

    41.A.clothing                    B.jewelry            C.decoration              D.furniture

    42.A.and                          B.yet                  C.but                        D.although

    43.A.Happiness                 B.Tiredness        C.Beauty                   D.Fortune

    44.A.common                   B.cultural            C.traveling                 D.quality

    45.A.performing                B.requiring          C.interviewing            D.working

    46.A.look                         B.sound              C.smell                      D.feel

    47.A.worse                       B.better              C.less                        D.funnier

    48.A.puzzle                       B.mistake           C.idea                       D.progress

    49.A.more than                 B.less than          C.rather than              D.other than

    50.A.mustn't                     B.couldn't           C.needn't                   D.daren't

    51.A.supposed                         B.permitted         C.requested               D.promised

    52.A.letting                       B.allowing          C.recommending        D.preventing

    53.A.which                       B.that                 C.what                      D.why

    54.A.guides                      B.sends              C.misleads                 D.applies

    55.A.mind                        B.reason             C.time                       D.path

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 浙江省金华市东阳中学2016-2017学年高二6月月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    As the saying goes, roses given, fragrance in hand. I am always in the   36   of giving money to every beggar or homeless person I pass by. My friends say it is not good to   37   . We may come across beggars or homeless people begging every day and all beggars have their ability to survive. It   38   them that I never listen.
        On a   39    day, my friend and I were walking to the   40   when I passed a beggar lady. I had seen her several times before and had always given her a few   41  . That day, I gave her 2 Euros. I was waiting for the bus and reading a book when I   42   to see that lady standing in front of me. She   43   me a piece of paper covered in a plastic bag to prevent it from getting 44  . She stood there, looking at me   45   . Putting away my book, I took the paper, which   46   she and her family had to   47   their country because of floods, and she was   48   to support them. She had got a bit of money, but she needed five   49   Euros to get home. I   50   in my pockets and found 20 cents. My friend   51  a 5 Euro note. I asked her to give it to the lady, and said that I would   52   the next day. When she got the money, the lady hugged us and said thanks again and again, and went on her way. Later on the bus, I wondered where her home was and   53   she had gotten to this country. In her story, I felt that my friend and I would always remain part of it as the   54  , who helped her get home on a rainy day. But for me, helping a stranger did bring me happiness, giving me a pleasant   55   .
    36. A. time                 B. habit                C. trend             D. way 
    37. A. evaluate             B. expose               C. encourage         D. envy
    38. A. delights                 B. attracts             C. interests        D. annoys 
    39. A. rainy                B. dry              C. sunny            D. cloudy
    40. A. airport                  B. downtown             C. railway station    D. bus stop 
    41. A. cents                B. suggestions          C.  books          D. roses
    42. A. turned around        B. looked down     C. looked up        D. stood up
    43. A. asked                B. handed               C. bargained         D. begged  
    44. A. lost                     B. burnt                C. wet              D. dirty
    45. A. eagerly              B. clumsily             C. cheerfully       D. silly
    46. A. said                 B. spoke                C. wrote            D. told
    47. A. miss                 B.  blame               C. support              D. leave
    48. A. hesitating               B. exploring            C. struggling       D. searching
    49. A. many                 B. much                 C. another              D. more
    50. A. touched                  B. fished               C. watched          D. looked
    51. A. took out             B. gave out             C. handed in        D. made out
    52. A. take back            B. pay back             C. come back        D. get back
    53. A. why                  B. how              C. where            D. whether
    54. A. lookers-on           B. passers-by           C. foreigners       D. strangers
    55. A. situation                B. spirit               C. mood             D. position

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 浙江省湖州市安吉县上墅私立高级中学2016-2017学年高二下学期第二次月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Until I was 13, I assumed I was just like everyone else. But one day I read a piece of paper in my dad’s briefcase that _36_everything. That’s when I saw the words: “Simone is said to have Asperger syndrome.”

    I screamed at my dad, “Tell me what it is!” He _37_ that I have a mild form of brain disorders, which was a problem that shapes the way I interact with other people. I wasn’t sure exactly what he _38_, but it didn’t matter. I just wanted to try to _39_ my shock and go back to the way things were before I knew.

    But even though I wouldn’t _40_ acknowledge the news, Asperger’s still destroyed my confidence and made me _41_ and isolated. I felt like an outcast(被抛弃者)---not just because Asperger’s made it hard for me to make friends, but because now I had this _42_ . I just wanted to be like everyone else. _43_, at 16, I said to myself, “Enough! You can’t run and hide from it, girl. Just face it.”

    It’s funny, the first time I thought something was _44_ was not because of what I couldn’t do ---- it was because of what I could do. In the sixth grade, while other kids were _45_ with spelling, I was like a human spell-checker! I’ve also had a photographic memory, and _46_ I call my “super powers”---extrasensory hearing and acute awareness: I can _47_ phone numbers people dial just by the sound the buttons make when pressed or _48_ hear one sour note in an entire symphony! And I can _49_ pay attention to two things at once.

    Don’t get me wrong. Asperger’s can be very confusing. For years I felt like a butterfly _50_ in its cocoon (), waiting to emerge. It took years of work with a psychologist to _51_ the difficulty of making friends.

    I’m not going to let Asperger’s create _52_ for me. That’ why I am happy to have found out about and faced my _53_. Asperger’s is a metaphor(象征) for life: We all have _54_ , but the key is to be able to have the _55_ to face what’s bad about them and still find what’s good.

    36. A. prevented                B. changed                 C. determined                    D. improved

    37. A. explained                B. realized                   C. apologized                     D. suspected

    38. A. meant                      B. predicted                C. concerned                    D. doubted

    39. A. admit                        B. subscribe                C. recognize                      D. ignore      

    40. A. appropriately           B. consciously            C. previously               D. automatically

    41. A. anxious                           B. stressed                 C. lonely                            D. ashamed

    42. A. sign                          B. symbol                    C. label                       D. signal

    43. A. Consequently          B. Gradually                C. Fortunately                    D. Eventually

    44. A. unusual                           B. specific                   C. uncomfortable        D. awkward

    45. A. combining                      B. exchanging            C.struggling                D. dealing

    46. A. that                          B. what                        C. whom                      D. which

    47. A. figure out                 B. pick out                  C. try out                            D. make out

    48. A. even                      B. still                         C. ever                        D. just

    49. A. sensitively                B. fully                         C. flexibly                    D. firmly

    50. A. absorbed                 B. buried                            C. engaged                 D. trapped

    51. A. get over                          B. knock down            C. take up                  D. go through


    52. A. surprises                  B. limitations               C. opportunities          D. experiences

    53. A. failure                      B. desperation                   C. disability                 D. suffering

    54. A. talents                      B. dreams                   C. challenges                     D. aims

    55. A. ambition                   B. courage                 C. right                        D. attempt

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 浙江省湖州市2016-2017学年高一下学期期中考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    I Am Truly Grateful That I Had Cancer

    At the age of 10,I was diagnosed(诊断)with cancer.During treatment,I understood everything but the_36_of my case.It was not until recently that I realized how sick I was then.

    This November of 2015 will_37_the end of my five years' chemotherapy(化疗)and I will finally_38_from cancer.

    I know sick children often felt blue.In order to help brighten their_39_,I created a program through which I brought celebrities(名人)children_40_and respected(尊敬)to visit them in hospitals.The_41_I received from being able to_42_up the children's day was indescribable.

    This fall,I will_43_my junior year of high school.I love learning and I truly_44_the time spent in school because during chemotherapy treatments I was often too_45_to attend.Another big part of my life is_46_activity. During my treatment it was very hard for me to walklet alone_47_.After finishing chemotherapy my main_48_ was being able to run and play_49_again.I'm overjoyed to say I've been able to_50_that goal.Being able to stand on the court and play sports again is a(n)_51_feeling.

    To me it's important to convey(传递)a_52_of positivity(积极、乐观)and hope that anyone can make the most of any situation in life.Many don't_53_and think it's strange when I say this,but I'm truly grateful that I had cancer. Having experienced that,I have become brave_54_have also gained appreciation for life.I know with determination everyone can follow their_55_.

    36.A.seriousness        B.development           C.name              D. cause

    37.A.improve        B.see                   C.begin             D.reward

    38.A.warn               B.inform            C.recover               D.expect

    39.A.future         B.spirits           C.rooms             D.way

    40.A.attracted          B.benefited             C.employed              D.admired

    41.A.respect        B.gift                  C.joy                   D.education

    42.A.light              B.clear                 C.clean             D.make

    43.A.leave          B.enter             C.visit             D.drop

    44.A.kill               B.save                  C.waste             D.treasure

    45.A.young              B.lazy                  C.weak              D.busy

    46.A.mental         B.physical          C.indoor                D.social

    47.A.swim           B.lie                   C.run               D.jump

    48.A.idea               B.task              C.problem           D.goal

    49.A.sports         B.chess             C.cards             D.music

    50.A.consult            B.achieve               C.set               D.kick

    51.A.touching           B.puzzling          C.boring                D.amazing

    52.A.note               B.word              C.message               D.wish

    53.A.understand    B.apologize         C.speak             D.remember

    54.A.so             B.but               C.or                    D.and

    55.A.steps          B.dreams                C.suggestions           D.examples

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 云南省昭通市昭阳区第一中学2016-2017学年高一下学期期中考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

       Long ago I came to the city near my hometown to find a job. I met all kinds of  41  and so I used up all my money soon.

           One day, I  42  a bus quietly at dusk when most people got off work. Suddenly, a  43   cried loudly, “Someone has  44  my money!” I felt  45 , because his money was in my  46 . Some people suggested the bus be  47  to the police station, but some were against it  48  they were in a hurry to go back home. The whole bus was very  49 . The driver then  50  the bus by the road and turned on the lights to  51  the money. At that time, one passenger said, “Turn off the lights and give the thief a chance to take out the money. Then the bus got  52 . When I was still struggling (斗争) in mind whether to take out the money or not, the lights were on again. There was no  53  on the floor. Someone said again, Give him one more  54 . Then the lights were off again. My heart kept beating fast. The lights were on again but they got the  55  result. The passengers were in heated discussion again. At that time, someone said again, “Give him the  56  chance!” Suddenly I felt  57  and took out all the money when the lights were off again.

           For many years I have felt  58  to the one who gave me three chances to  59  my mistake. When the first and second opportunities come, you may not be prepared well or don’t have enough  60  to act. When the third opportunity comes you should know clearly what you should do.

    41. A. difficulties          B. strangers       C. dangers                  D. chances

    42. A. got on                 B. waited for             C. ran for                     D. passed by

    43. A. thief            B. driver          C. passenger                D. policeman

    44. A. borrowed       B. received        C. paid                       D. stolen

    45. A. sad             B. calm           C. nervous                 D. disappointed

    46. A. mind               B. bank            C. house                  D. hand

    47. A. pushed         B. driven                C. drawn             D. carried

    48. A. because        B. though         C. if                    D. once

    49. A. noisy           B. dirty                 C. bright             D. empty

    50. A. lost                    B. stopped           C. missed               D. found

    51. A. take out        B. give back           C. search for          D. throw away

    52. A. cold                    B. dark              C. clean                D. crowded

    53. A. money               B. water            C. paper                  D. space

    54. A. reason          B. way           C. chance            D. choice

    55. A. strange           B. exciting            C. second             D. same

    56. A. last               B. only            C. fair                      D. good               

    57. A. upset                B. awakened      C. pleased         D. interested

    58. A. painful          B. sorry            C. lucky                 D. thankful

    59. A. make                 B. try                    C. repeat                 D. correct

    60. A. strength              B. skill             C. courage                D. experience

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 云南省云天化中学2016-2017学年高一下学期阶段检测(三)英语试卷 Word版含答案.doc

     Last Saturday, I went to the bank. The   41   , a gentleman, replied to my polite “Good morning.” I sat in front of him.

      42   , minutes passed and nothing happened. Then I passed my form to him. He was busy with his work. After a few   __43   , he took my form and started   __44_  in it. I sat there wondering why they had   45   if they still work by hand.

    After   46_ for a few more minutes, I asked if my work was done. The moment I   __47   the question, I felt as if I had just thrown a bomb (炸弹) on him. He   48   , “Nothing is done! It will take   49   !”

    Just then I saw his morning cup of tea which had been   50   there for long,   __51   . The tea had turned cold.   52   I felt he must be thinking every person came hurriedly to get the work done. Nobody felt the need to   53   him. So he must be   54   – “Another person was pushing(催促) me.” So I said, “Sir, have your tea. No hurry.” He looked up – we had never made eye contact before. I saw a   55   person there, another man who   56   hard as I.

    Both of us sailed in the same   57   . I knew he also missed the small things like lying in a warm bed for minutes. He   58   , “It’s my job; you are not in a hurry but somebody else may be in a hurry.”

    This touched me. All the time I considered him a robot, who worked for my convenience, but today I   59   I was wrong. I will be friendlier to people like him and be thankful that they are   60   there for us.  

    41. A. policeman       B. cleaner         C. clerk            D. manager

    42. A. Therefore            B. Otherwise       C. Although      D. However

    43. A. minutes              B. hours                C. days         D. weeks

    44. A. using           B. filling         C. creating       D. drawing

    45. A. computers            B. machines         C. workers          D. robots

    46. A. waiting              B. sleeping             C. laughing         D. thinking

    47. A. copied               B. noticed         C. finished         D. heard

    48. A. thought              B. agreed           C. argued           D. shouted

    49. A. paper                B. time                 C. energy           D. imagination

    50. A. leaving              B. crying           C. speaking         D. standing

    51. A. unknown          B. untouched        C. disabled         D. displeased

    52. A. Finally         B. Slowly           C. Certainly        D. Suddenly

    53. A. thank                B. comfort          C. shock       D. greet

    54. A. disappointed         B. angry            C. surprised        D. glad

    55. A. strange          B. normal               C. different        D. great

    56. A. tried            B. worked           C. struggled       D. fought

    57. A. boat             B. room             C. community        D. city

    58. A. continued        B. corrected       C. stopped              D. smiled

    59. A. realized         B. wondered         C. expressed       D. recognized

    60. A. sometimes        B. often                C. always               D. never

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 宁夏育才中学2016-2017学年度第二学期高二月考二

    The passengers on the bus watched with sympathy as Susan made her way carefully up the steps. She paid the driver and thenusing her hands to __41__ the seatssettled in one of them.

    It had been a year since Susan became blind. As the result of an accident she was suddenly thrown into a world of   42  .

    Susan’s husband Mark watched her   43   into hopelessness and he was   44  Mark to use every possible means to help his wife.

    FinallySusan felt ready to   45   to her jobbut how would she get there? She used to take the busbut she was now too _46__ to get around the city by herself. Mark __47__Mark to ride the bus with Susan each morning and evening __48__ she could manage it by herself.

    For two weeksMark __49__ Susan to and from work each day. He taught her how to rely on her other __50__specifically her hearingto determine where she was and how to adapt to her new __51__.

    At lastSusan decided that she was ready to try the trip __52__. Monday morning arrived. Before she leftshe hugged her husband __53__ her eyes filled with tears of gratitudeShe said good­bye andfor the first timethey went their __54__ ways. Each day went perfectlyand a wild excitement __55__Susan take hold of Susan. She was doing it

    On Friday morningSusan took the bus to work __56__. As she was getting off the busthe driver said“MissI sure __57__ you.” CuriousSusan asked the driver __58__.

    “You knowevery morning for the __59__ weeka fine­looking gentleman in a military uniform has been standing across the corner watching you until you enter your office building safely” the bus driver said.

        Tears of happiness poured down Susan’s cheeks. She was so lucky for he had given her a gift more powerful than __60__. That is the gift of love that can bring light where there is darkness.

    41.A.touch                  Bgrab             Ccount            Dfeel

    42A.weakness              Bsickness         Cdarkness         Dsadness

    43A.run               Bsink             Cjump             Dstep

    44A.inspired              Bdetermined       Chonored         Dpleased

    45A.return            Badjust           Ccontribute      Dstick

    46A.tired                 Bastonished       Cdepressed        Dfrightened

    47A.volunteered       Battempted        Ccontinued        Dstruggled

    48A.when              Bas               Cuntil            Dafter

    49A.drove             Bdirected             Caccompanied     Dsent

    50A.feeling           Borgans           Cskills          Dsenses

    51A.position              Benvironment          Cstatus          Drole

    52A.on her own        Bin person        Cto her benefit       Don foot

    53A.politely              Bcalmly           Cbriefly              Dtightly

    54A.opposite              Bseparate             Cfixed            Dlonely

    55A.took charge of        Btook place of   Ctook advantage of  Dtook hold of

    56A.as usual              Bas a rule            Cas well              Das a consequence

    57A.respect           Benvy             Cknow             Dsupport

    58A.what                  Bhow              Cwhy              Dwho

    59A.past                  Bsame             Cfirst            Dnext

    60A.courage           Bwill             Csight            Dwisdom


    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 新疆克拉玛依市高级中学2015-2016学年高二英语人教版7月暑假作业(四) Word版含答案.doc

    According to a legend, a young man while wandering the desert came across a spring of delicious crystal-clear water. The water was so sweet, he   41    his leather canteen (水壶)so he could    42    some back to a tribal chief who had been his teacher.

    After a four-day journey he   43   the water to the old man who took a deep drink, smiled    44  and thanked his student for the sweet water. The young man   45   to his village with a happy heart.

    Later, the teacher let another student   46   the water. He spat it out, saying it was   47   . It apparently had become stale(不新鲜的)   48   the old leather container.

    The student   49   his teacher: “Master, the water went bad. Why did you   50   to like it?”

    The teacher replied. “You only tasted the water. I tasted the   51   . The water was   52   the container for an act of loving-kindness and nothing could be   53   .”

    I think we understand this   54   best when we receive innocent gifts of love from young children. Whether it’s cheap or expensive, the natural and proper   55   is appreciation and thankfulness because we love the   56   within the gift.

      57   doesn’t always come naturally. Unfortunately, most children and many adults   58   only the thing given rather than the feeling embodied in it. We should   59   ourselves and our children of the beauty and purity of feelings and expressions of gratitude.   60   , gifts from the heart are really gifts of the heart.

    41.     A. packed       B. picked       C. filled                   D. developed

    42.     A. take             B. move             C. transport                D. bring

    43.     A. presented        B. paid             C. delivered                D. sold

    44.     A. regularly        B. warmly       C. gradually                D. entirely

    45.     A. entered      B. returned         C. reached              D. arrived

    46.     A. drink            B. use          C. taste                    D. expect

    47.     A. awful        B. sweet        C. wonderful                D. helpful

    48.     A. other than       B. instead of       C. rather than          D. because of

    49.     A. inspired         B. informed         C. challenged           D. told

    50.     A. learn            B. pretend      C. decide               D. consider

    51.     A. water        B. gift             C. container                D. thing

    52.     A. rarely       B. nearly       C. mostly               D. simply

    53.     A. better       B. sweeter      C. worse                D. less

    54.     A. lesson       B. passage      C. example              D. dialogue

    55.     A. action       B. feeling      C. response                 D. activity

    56.     A. purpose      B. content      C. promise              D. idea

    57.     A. Happiness    B. Gratitude        C. Meaning              D. Expression

    58.     A. prove            B. believe      C. value                    D. notice

    59.     A. persuade         B. order            C. drive                    D. remind

    60.     A. After all        B. In all           C. Above all                D. As all

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 新疆克拉玛依市高级中学2015-2016学年高二英语人教版7月暑假作业(三) Word版含答案.doc

    After giving a talk at a high school, I was asked to pay a visit to a special student. An__41__had kept the boy home, but he had expressed an interest in meeting me. I was told it would mean a great __42__ to him, so I agreed.

    During the nine­mile drive to his home, I found out something about Matthew. He had muscular dystrophy(肌肉萎缩症). When he was born, the doctor told his parents that he would not live to five, and then they were told he would not__43__it to ten. Now he was thirteen. He wanted to meet me__44__I was a gold­medal power lifter, and I knew about__45__obstacles and struggling to achieve my dreams.

    I spent over an hour talking to Matthew. Never once did he __46__ or ask, Why__47__” He spoke about winning and succeeding and achieving his dreams.__ 48__ he knew what he was talking about. He didn't mention that his classmates had__49__him because he was different. He just talked about his__50__for the future, and how one day he wanted to lift weights with me.

    When we had finished talking, I went to my briefcase and__51__out the first gold medal I had won and put it around his__52__. I told him he was more of a __53__ and knew more about success and conquering difficulties than I ever would. He looked at it for a moment, then took it__54__and handed it back to me. He said, You are a champion. You__55__ that medal. Someday when I get to the Olympics and win my own medal, I will show it to you. Last summer I received a __56__ from Matthew's parents telling me that Matthew had__57__away. They wanted me to have a letter he had written to me a few days before:

    Dear Dick

    My mum said I should send you a thank­you letter for the picture you sent me. I also want to let you know that the doctors tell me that I don't have a__58__time to live any more, but I still smile as much as I can.

    I told you someday that I would go to the Olympics and win a gold medal, but I know now I will never get to do that.__59__I know I'm a champion, and God knows that too. When I get to Heaven, God will give me my__60__and when you get there, I will show it to you. Thank you for loving me.

                                                                  Your friend


    (  )41.A. order        B. illness          C. instruction       D. idea

    (  )42.A. desire       B. conscience       C. deal            D. intention

    (  )43.A. manage      B. rid             C. survive          D. make

    (  )44.A. because      B. until            C. before           D. though

    (  )45.A. overcoming   B. overlooking      C. overtaking       D. overflowing

    (  )46.A. explain       B. laugh           C. panic           D. complain

    (  )47.A. you          B. us              C. me             D. it

    (  )48.A. Strangely     B. Obviously        C. Abruptly        D. Occasionally

    (  )49.A. made use of   B. made notes of     C. made fun of      D. made out of

    (  )50.A. hopes        B. fears            C. standards        D. illusions

    (  )51.A. carried       B. pulled           C. sucked          D. wiped

    (  )52.A. hand         B. arm             C. head            D. neck

    (  )53.A. life­winner   B. fortune­teller     C. trouble­maker     D. fate­challenger

    (  )54.A. in           B. off             C. out              D. over

    (  )55.A. regained      B. matched        C. lost              D. deserved

    (  )56.A. card         B. gift             C. prize            D. letter

    (  )57.A. given        B. passed          C. faded            D. run

    (  )58.A. ripe         B. flexible          C. long             D. good

    (  )59.A. However     B. But             C. Thus             D. Therefore

    (  )60.A. certificate     B. opportunity      C. picture           D. medal

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 西藏自治区拉萨中学2016-2017学年高二第七次月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

       I will always appreciate my father and his faith.

        As I held my father’s hands one night, I couldn’t help but notice their calluses(老茧)and roughness. His hands tell the story of his life as a  41  , including all his struggles.

        One  42  , I remember, a drought (旱灾)hit Ontario, turning it into a burning desert. On one of those hot mornings I was picking sweet corn with my dad to fill the last  43   from the grocery store. Fifty dozen was all we needed, which   44  took twenty minutes. That morning, however, the process didn’t go quickly. After forty minutes of   45     walking in the field, we  46  needed twenty dozen. I was completely frustrated and angry.  47   the basket heavily, I declared, “If the store wants its last twenty dozen, they can pick it themselves!” Dad laughed. “Just think, my little girl, only   48   dozen left for each of   49  and then we’re done.” Such is Dad----whatever problem he  50  , he never gives up.

          51  , the disastrous effects of the drought were felt all over our county. It was a challenging time for everyone,   52  Dad remained optimistic. He  53  to be grateful for other things like good health and food on our plate. Only then did I truly begin to  54  Dad and his faith that guided us through the hard times.

        Dad is also a living example of real  55  . From dawn to dusk, he works countless hours to  56  our family. He always puts our happiness  57  his own, and never fails to cheer me on at my sports games  58  his exhaustion(疲劳) after long days. His loving and selfless nature has inspired me to become more sympathetic and  59   others first.

        Dadthe life  60  I have learned from you will stay with me forever. You are my father, teacher, friend and, most importantly, my hero.

    41. A. teacher

    B. grocer

    C. gardener

    D. farmer

    42. A. spring      

    B. summer  

    C. autumn

    D. winter

    43. A. gap

    B. form

    C. order

    D. position

    44. A. usually

    B. repeatedly

    C. finally

    D. really

    45. A. happily

    B. aimlessly

    C. easily

    D. hardly

    46. A. yet

    B. even

    C. still

    D. nearly

    47. A. Cutting 

    B. Taking

    C. Picking

    D. Dropping

    48. A. five

    B. ten

    C. twenty

    D. fifty

    49. A. them

    B. you 

    C. me

    D. us

    50. A. brings up   

    B. meets with  

    C. works out   

    D. thinks about

    51. A. Thankfully

    B. Strangely

    C. Hopefully   

    D. Unfortunately

    52. A. or

    B. for

    C. but

    D. so

    53. A. happened

    B. stopped

    C. aimed

    D. continued

    54. A. face

    B. examine

    C. appreciate

    D. question

    55. A. love

    B. pride

    C. friendship  

    D. honesty

    56. A. settle

    B. support

    C. start

    D. impress

    57. A. before      

    B. after

    C. beside

    D. under

    58. A. in terms of   

    B. in control of   

    C. in spite of 

    D. in place of

    59. A. putting

    B. cheering

    C. thinking

    D. turning

    60. A. lessons 

    B. styles

    C. ways

    D. history

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 西藏林芝地区一中2017届高三下学期第三次模拟考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    A man who knows how to write a personal letter has a very powerful tool. A letter can be enjoyed, read and  41  . It can set up a warm conversation between two people far apart(远离的)it can keep a  42  with very little effort.

    I will give__43   A few years ago my older brother and I were not getting  44  . We had been close as  45  but had grown apart. Our meetings were not  46  ; our conversation was filled with arguments and quarrels; and every effort to clear the air seemed to only  47   our misunderstanding. Then he  48  a small island in the Caribbean and we  49  touch . However, one day he wrote me a letter. He described his island and its people, told me what he was doing, said how he felt, and encouraged me to  50  . Rereading the letter, I was  51   by its humor and clever expressions. These were some good qualities(品质) for which I had  52  respected my older brother but  53  he no longer had them. I had never known he could write so           54  .And with that one letter we became friends  55  .

    It might never have occurred to  56  to write me if he had not been in a place where there were no  57  . For him, writing was a necessity, It also turned out to be the best way for us to get back in touch. Because we live in an age of  58  communication(通讯), people often  59  that they don’t always have to phone or email. They have another  60  . And that is to write.

    41. A. received         B. reread          C. returned               D. rewritten

    42. A. friendship        B. promise         C. record          D. secret

    43. A. a lesson          B. an example            C. an experience         D. a talk

    44. A. through           B. down           C. away           D. along

    45. A. brothers          B. classmates            C. fellows          D. children 

    46. A. normal            B. necessary             C. possible              D. pleasant

    47. A. start               B. deepen               C. express              D. settle

    48. A. toured            B. stopped over           C. moved to              D. reached

    49. A. needed           B. kept in          C. lost                   D. got in

    50. A. write                      B. think           C. enjoy           D. read

    51. A. beaten            B. driven          C. surprised        D. honored

    52. A. never              B. once                  C. sometimes       D. seldom

    53. A. thought                    B. judged          C. observed        D. expected

    54. A. much               B. often           C. well            D. soon

    55. A. later               B. again           C. too               D. anyhow

    56. A. my brother                 B. anyone else            C. someone         D. us

    57. A.mail services              B.transport               C. relatives         D. phones

    58. A. poor              B. big             C. easy             D. lazy

    59. A. forget             B. decide                C. argue                    D. believe

    60. A. habit                      B. plan            C. idea             D. choice

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 西藏林芝地区一中2016-2017学年高二下学期第二次月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

      After the birth of my second child, I got a job at a restaurant. Having worked with an experienced  41   for a few days, I was   42  to wait tables on my own. All went  43   that first week. When Saturday night came, I was luckily  44   the tables not far from the kitchen.   45   , I still felt a little hard to carry the heavy trays (托盘)

        Before I knew it, the   46  was full of people. I moved slowly,   47  every step. I remember how  48   I was when I saw the tray stand near the tables, it looked different from the one I was  49   on. It had nice handles (手柄)which made it  50   to move around. I was pleased with everything and began to  51  I was a natural at this job.

        Then, an old man came to me and said, “Excuse me, dear, my wife and I loved __52  you work. It seems your tray stand has been very  53   to you, but we are getting ready to  54   now, and my wife needs her  55  back.”

        At first his   56  did not get across. “What was he talking about!” Then I got it. I had set my trays on his wife’s orthopedic walker (助步器). I stood frozen as ice, but my face was  57  . I wanted to get into a hole and  58  .

        Since then, I have learned from many mistakes such as the one I just   59   , I have learned to be more  60  and not to be too sure of myself.

    41. A. manager      B. assistant      C. cook       D. waitress

    42. A. promised     B. allowed       C. invited     D. advised

    43. A. safely        B. quickly       C. well       D. wrong

    44. A. left          B. given        C. brought     D. shown

    45. A. Therefore     B. However     C. Otherwise   D. Finally

    46. A. kitchen       B. street        C. table       D. restaurant   

    47. A. minding      B. changing     C. taking       D. saving

    48. A. angry        B. calm        C. happy        D. sad

    49. A. fixed         B. trained      C. loaded       D. waited

    50. A. slower        B. lighter      C. quieter       D. easier

    51. A. believe       B. agree        C. regret        D. pretend

    52. A. letting        B. making      C. watching      D. having

    53. A. familiar      B. useful       C. unusual       D. interesting

    54. A. rest          B. order        C. eat           D. leave

    55. A. tray         B. walker        C. bag           D. coat

    56. A. idea          B. praise       C. message       D. need

    57. A. full of joy      B. cold       C. pale          D. on fire

    58. A. lie           B. hide         C. defend        D. stay

    59. A. repeated      B. discovered    C. corrected      D. described

    60. A. careful        B. patient       C. practical      D.  honest      

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 天津市耀华中学2017届高三第一次校模拟考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    I was 23 and studying to be a teacher when friends noticed I was slurring (含糊地发音) my speech and losing my

    balance. My concentration   16   and it felt as if my brain was slowing down.

    I was   17   to find an answer, and after countless tests, I was finally diagnosed (诊断) with multiple sclerosis

    (多发性硬化症). It was a   18  , but I was relieved finally to find out what was wrong with me.

    Soon after my diagnosis, I decided to   19   teaching, the only career I had ever wanted to chase. It was a

    destructive decision, but I couldn’t see a(n)   20  . Over the next seven years, my symptoms didn’t   21  , but they came and went, which is   22   of multiple sclerosis. Eventually, I felt well enough to   23   a job as a teaching assistant. I was glad to be back in education, but living with the   24   meant that I was never going to live my dream of being a teacher.

    Then, 13 years after my   25   diagnosis, a doctor told me that in fact I did not have multiple sclerosis. I was

    very   26  . I pictured all those years bed-bound, the injections (注射), the impact on family and   27  , and all for what? I demanded answers but the doctor’s replies were   28  . He suggested that my symptoms may have been caused by a lack of vitamin D. And there was no   29  .

    I   30   to the hospital, but no action was taken. I went to a lawyer, but because it was a hard case to prove, I

    couldn’t get   31   aid. However, accepting that my life was no longer   32   by the illness had the biggest effect on my recovery.

      I started the journey back to becoming a   33   and completed a four-year Open University degree in two

    years. I wanted to   34   the time I had lost in my 20s. I’ve just started a new job in a large primary school. I try to forget the accident. What   35   is who I am now.

    16. A. increased               B. slipped                      C. disappeared                         D. lasted

    17. A. worried                   B. thrilled            C. content                   D. desperate

    18. A. shock             B. wonder                   C. dilemma                     D. mystery

    19. A. give up               B. focus on                       C. set about                     D. stick to

    20. A. consequence               B. advance                   C. alternative                  D. purpose

    21. A. occur               B. worsen                   C. continue                     D. exist

    22. A. short                  B. full                        C. typical                      D. worthy

    23. A. take off              B. take on                      C. take back                   D. take in

    24. A. mood               B. job                         C. assistant                     D. condition

    25. A. initial                  B. theoretical                   C. accurate                      D. positive  

    26. A. calm                 B. angry                    C. happy                    D. regretful

    27. A. career               B. health                        C. conscience                 D. marriage

    28. A. direct               B. negative                  C. vague                     D. proper

    29. A. excuse               B. response                 C. question                      D. apology

    30. A. catered               B. applied                    C. complained                    D. appealed

    31. A. financial             B. medical                  C. legal                       D. technical

    32. A. defined               B. simplified                 C. pushed                      D. abandoned

    33. A. leader                 B. teacher                    C. lawyer                        D. doctor

    34. A. take advantage of     B. keep pace with          C. run out of                 D. catch up on

    35. A. stresses             B. functions                 C. remains                     D. counts

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 天津市和平区2017届高三第四次质量调查(四模)英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    My parents fixed in me the ideas of family, faith and patriotism(爱国主义)when I was young.__16  __we struggled to make ends meet, they__  17  __ to me and my four brothers and sisters how __  18__ we were to live in a great country with __   19 __ opportunities.

    I got my first real __  20 __ when I was ten. My dad injured his back working in a factory and had to be __  21 __as a hairstylist. The owner of the shopping center gave Dad a(n) __22  __on his rent for cleaning the parking lot(停车场)three nights a week, which meant a little __  23 __that looked like a lawn mower(割草机). Mom and I emptied garbage cans and __  24__ waste by hand. It took two to three hours to clean the lot. I’d __25  __in the car on the way home because of tiredness.

    I did this for two years, but the __26 __I learned have lasted a lifetime. I __27__discipline and a strong work ethic(道德准则), and learned at a(n) __  28  __age the importance of balancing life’s __29 __interests­in my case, school, homework and a job. This really __  30 __during my senior year of high school, when I worked 40 hours a week at a fast­food restaurant while taking college­pre __  31  __.

    The hard work __  32  __.I attended the US Military Academy and went on to receive graduate degrees in __ 33 __and business from Harvard.__  34__, I joined a big Los Angeles law firm and was elected to the California State Assembly(议会). In these jobs and in everything else I’ve done. I have never forgotten those __  35 __in the parking lot.

    1. A. Now that              B. If only              C. As if        D. Even though

    2. A. stressed              B. announced            C. suggested        D. admitted

    3. A. important             B. surprising      C. fortunate        D. satisfying

    4. A. several               B. limitless       C. fewer            D. instant

    5. A. chance                B. dream            C. success          D. job

    6. A. retrained             B. regarded         C. considered       D. respected

    7. A. increase              B. order            C. discount         D. explanation

    8. A. bag                   B. machine          C. knife            D. stick

    9. A. brought up            B. gave up          C. made up       D. picked up

    10. A. sleep                B. talk             C. study            D. sing

    11. A. knowledge            B. information     C. lessons        D. skills

    12. A. cancelled            B. acquired         C. evaluated      D. forgot

    13. A. common           B. legal            C. old              D. early

    14. A. competing            B. developing           C. supporting       D. increasing

    15. A. turned               B. changed              C. helped           D. improved

    16. A. measures             B. courses          C. messages         D. tours

    17. A. came true            B. took off             C. went ahead     D. paid off

    18. A. law                  B. medicine             C. science        D. arts

    19. A. However          B. Indeed               C. Later          D. Before

    20. A. people               B. nights           C. cars           D. opportunities

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 四川省双流中学2017届高三下学期第一次模拟考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    For me, two of the loveliest words in English are “Life persists”.

    I   41   them years ago as a college student, sitting in the library,   42  , working on a

    paper. Out of nowhere , those words came   43   off the page in a quote: “In the midst of death life persists, in the midst of   44   truth persists, in the midst of darkness light persists.”

    Suddenly I wasn’t unhappy and impatient any more. Then I   45   my granddad. I loved to talk with him. And I was   46   to hear what he’d think of it. He had poor hearing, so I had to  __47   it a few times, but once he   48   it, he laughed. “All I can say to that is totally __49  ,”he said on the phone. I told him how glad I was, after a long winter, to finally see spring and   50   to find that quote. “Why is that?” he asked. "Well, spring is a sure   51   that life persists. And it just makes me   52  . ”

    He laughed again, and then in his   53    voice, he recited for me his   54   “spring time” words: “The desert shall rejoice(高兴)and   55   as the rose doesEven with joy and singing.”

    Many years later.   56   my husband and I drove across a desert with many wildflowers and blooming cactuses(仙人掌), I could   57   hear my granddad laughing: “The desert shall rejoice."

    Life persists, and so do we, in the silence of   58   and the blooming of cactuses; and in the dead of   59   and the green of spring. Spring   60   us that we’re alive forever.

    41.A. looked for        B. came across           C. picked out            D. made up

    42. A. bored              B. worried                    C. tired                      D. confused

    43. A. running           B. dancing                   C. rushing.                D. moving

    44. A. fear                 B. doubt                      C. terror                    D. lie

    45. A. called              B. visited                     C. consulted             D. informed

    46. A. patient            B. confident                 C. upset                    D. desperate

    47. A. copy                B. print                        C. repeat                  D. recite

    48. A. got                  B. made                       C. undertook             D. managed

    49. A. puzzlement      B. excitement               C. agreement            D. amusement

    50. A. practically       B. especially                C. obviously              D. naturally

    51. A. way                 B. inspiration               C. mark                     D. sign

    52. A. nervous          B. energetic                 C. merry                    D. alive

    53. A. lovely              B. calm                        C. cold                      D. high

    54. A. impressive      B. superb                    C. classical               D. favorite

    55. A. exist                B. flower                      C. survive                 D. sow

    56. A. after                B. when                       C. until                      D. although

    57. A. hardly             B. always                     C. almost                  D. mostly

    58. A. journeys          B. words                      C. world                    D. desert

    59. A. winter              B. spring                      C. summer                D. autumn

    60. A. convinces       B. ensures                   C. reminds                D. strikes

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 四川省三台中学2016-2017学年高一下学期第二次月考(5月)英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

        I came into the head teacher’s office, where my brother was waiting for me. He was filling out papers for me to   41  . He turned to face me and his eyes were red. I knew that something   42   had happened.

        “Amanda had a car accident, and now she is in hospital.” he said. I was astonished. How could that happen? Amanda was the   43   driver I knew.

        Without a thought in my head, I got out of the school and   44   to the medical center. She was lying on a bed with her   45   covered from the eyebrows up. Nothing could explain my feeling   46   she looked up at me with blood-filled eyes. In her eyes, where I had expected to see   47  , I saw strength. She said to me, “I love you, Renee.” I was shamed and speechless realization that I   48   told my sister I loved her.

        As the doctors   49   her down the hallway to the X-ray room, I wanted to scream out to her that I loved her, but I couldn’t. I cried with tears of   50  .

        Everyone kept telling me she would be all right.   51  , something in their voices spoke loudly of the doubt that everyone was trying to   52  . Finally, the doctor came, “She’s going to be fine.” Great! I knew that the accident could leave a large scar(伤疤) on her head but she was   53  , and that’s all that   54   to me.

        A year later, I still have a(n)   55  , even though we complain about each other. Every time I see her face and the large scar, I remember to tell her that I love her. I almost lost the opportunity to tell her that, and I am thankful I still can.

    41.A. hit                       B. leave                    C. study                    D. stay

    42.A. unforgettable             B. stupid                   C. strange              D. terrible

    43.A. fastest                   B. safest                   C. youngest             D. worst

    44.A. jumped                    B. flew                 C. walked               D. rushed

    45.A. head                  B. fingers                  C. arm                  D. back

    46.A. after                 B. before                   C. when                 D. until

    47.A. excitement                B. amazement                C. fear                 D. honesty

    48.A. A. frequently             B. rarely                   C. directly             D. seriously

    49.A. pulled                    B. lifted                   C. wheeled              D. followed

    50. A. carelessness             B. happiness                C. kindness             D. hopelessness

    51. A. However              B. Besides              C. Therefore                D. Instead

    52. A. raise                    B. throw                    C. hide                 D. remove

    53.A. alive                 B. confident                C. strong                   D. concerned

    54.A. occurred                  B. mattered             C. struck                   D. competed

     55.A. brother                  B. head teacher         C. interviewer              D. sister

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 四川省三台县塔山中学2016-2017学年高二5月月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

     “Cleverness is a gift while kindness is a choice. Gifts are easy—they’re given after all. Choices can be hard.”-Jeff Bezos

    I got the  41  to start Amazon 16 years ago. I came across the fact that the Internet usage was growing at 2300 percent per year. I’d never seen or heard of anything that grew so fast, and the idea of building an   42   bookstore with millions of titles was very   43   to me. I had just turned 30, and I’d been married for a year. I told my wife that I wanted to   44   my job and go to do this crazy thing that probably wouldn’t   45   , and I wasn’t sure what to expect

    She told me I should   46   the idea. I’d always wanted to be an inventor, and she wanted me to follow my dream.

    I was working at a financial firm in New York City with a   47   boss that I admired very much. I went to my boss and   48   with him that I wanted to start a company selling books on the Internet. He took me on a long walk in Central Park, listened   49   to me, and finally said, “That sounds like a really good idea,  50  it would be an even better idea for someone who didn’t already have a good job.” That logic made some sense to me, and he convinced me to think about it for 48 hours   51  making a final decision. Seen in that light, it really was a difficult   52  , but finally, I decided I had to give it a shot. I didn’t think I’d regret  53   and failing. And I suspected I would always be   54   by the decision not to try at all. After much consideration, I took the less safe path to follow my dream, and I’m   55   of that choice. For all of us, in the end, we are our choices.

    41. A. idea                 B. support           C. fund                D. message

    42. A. online               B. available C. intelligent               D. expensive

    43. A. foolish              B. exciting           C. flexible                   D. productive

    44. A. take                 B. land                C. exchange              D. quit

    45. A. matter              B. work               C. fail                        D. share

    46. A. give up             B. set up             C. stick to                  D. put off

    47. A. cruel                B. brilliant            C. greedy                   D. modest

    48. A. shared             B. argued            C. reasoned                     D. questioned

    49. A. gradually          B. eventually       C. carefully                D. generously

    50. A. so                    B. and                 C. otherwise              D. but

    51. A. while         B. before             C. once                      D. since

    52. A. puzzle             B. suggestion     C. choice                   D. report

    53. A. managing        B. requesting      C. changing               D. trying

    54. A. chased             B. troubled           C. spotted                  D. shocked

    55. A. confident         B. regretful          C. hopeful                  D. proud

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    来源: 四川省绵阳东辰国际学校2016-2017学年高二下学期6月第一次周测英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    About two years ago, I was at a stop sign when I heard whimpering(微弱的叫声)coming from inside a car parked on the street next to me. It was very  1  and the dog was trying to get some of the cooler fresh air outside the car. Without thinking I  2  my car and got out to help him. 

    The car was locked and there was no way to  3  the dog. Thinking of the irresponsible owner I became  4 .I didn’t know if I should  5  the window and take the dog or try to contact the owner. Just then, I  6  a police car on the opposite side of the street. I ran out and flagged it down. 

    When the police officer helped open the door, the dog  7  both of us and ran quickly behind the house the car was parked in front of. We  8  the dog to make sure he was OK. Then we saw  9  the dog had run. The dog’s owner was  10  in the middle of his garage. 

    Apparently the man had a condition that caused him to have a(n)  11 .This one was particularly  12  and required medical attention. After the incident I learned that had I not  13 ,both the dog and the man would likely have died. I was overcome with  14  and my eyes swelled up. I realized how much of an effect you can have on other people’s  lives by doing the  15  thing. I was so quick to  16  assuming the dog’s owner was neglecting his pet. And had the police officer not have been around I may have just left a(n)  17  on the car after I took the dog. 

    I cannot  18  what I would feel if I knew that man had died because of any number of things that may have went  19 .It made me understand that things are not always as they  20 ,and there are always several sides to every story. 

    1. A. hot                        B. dark                     C. quiet                    D. dry

    2. A. drove                      B. parked                  C. took                           D. locked

    3. A. find                        B. save                     C. walk                    D. touch

    4. A. sad                        B. bored                         C. puzzled                  D. angry

    5. A. break                            B. open                    C. clean                    D. replace

    6. A. hit                         B. called                    C. stopped                  D. noticed

    7. A. disappointed                 B. frightened                 C. surprised               D. excited

    8. A. went after                    B. looked after                     C. shouted at             D. pointed at

    9. A. how                              B. why                  C. when                       D. where

    10. A. lying                       B. sleeping                C. standing               D. working

    11. A. opportunity                 B. rest                     C. attack                   D. fight

    12. A. bad                       B. strange                   C. important              D. clear

    13. A. known                    B. continued               C. stayed                   D. helped

    14. A. uncertainty                 B. anxiety                   C. exhaustion                D. emotion

    15. A. right                       B. hard                   C. risky                    D. big

    16. A. act                              B. judge                   C. blame                   D. agree

    17. A. note                     B. address                C. mark                  D. number

    18. A. believe                    B. imagine                  C. face                           D. remember

    19. A. quickly                   B. perfectly                C. differently                D. smoothly

    20. A. seem                         B. happen                     C. expect                      D. prefer

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类