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    来源: 山西省汾阳中学2016-2017学年高二下学期第一次月考英语试卷 Word版含解析.doc

    41. The warden, _________(help) by two women, served the soup from this pot at meal times.

    42. He finished his first season as one of the top scorers in the league, _________________ (平均)28.2 points per game.

    43. It is not _______ his nature to be “selfish” and “rude”.

    44. ______ I’m hoping for is a real success.

    45. In 1987, Jordan became only the second player _______ (score) more than 3000 points in a season.

    46. Hip-hop is an American ________(文化的) movement.

    47. It was Oliver Twist _______ was chosen.

    48. _____ is a custom for American children to spend several weeks at summer camps..

    49. However, disco music had a strong beat, and it was easy to dance _____.

    50. But there is no doubt that he _________ (应得)the title “outstanding player of his generation

    51. ___________________ (第一次) rap artists recorded their music, they recorded the backing tracks.

    52. “What ?”he said finally ______ a weak voice.

    53. The next ________ (一代人) of rappers added their vocals at the same time as the _______(音乐家).

    54. No sooner had the boy spoken these words _______ the warden hit him on the head.

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    来源: 上海市嘉定区封浜高级中学2016-2017学年高一下学期期中考试英语试卷 Word版含答案.doc

    A. complicated   B. seldom      C. aimed         D. dangerous       E. change

    F. relative     G. simple     H. quality      I. inexperienced  

    J. ignore       K. solution


    There are more than almost two million cars on the streets of Shanghai. That’s not a big number ____31___ to the city’s population of 23 million, but everyone agrees that traffic is a big problem here. And many people would argue that it’s not the number of cars on the road, but the ____32___ of the drivers that is the main cause of concern.

       According to one survey, 37% of Shanghai drivers have less than three years of driving experience. Many of these drivers are middle-aged and have never operated machinery more ___33___ than a washing machine. On the road, they drive fast when they should drive slow, ___34___ use turn signals, and make right turns on red lights without stopping first. And in the past year, there have been several incidents that resulted in pedestrian deaths when ___35___ drivers mistook the gas pedal for the brake (刹车)pedal.

       There are new regulations ___36___ at making it more difficult for people to get a driver’s license, but that is only a partial ___37____ to Shanghai’s traffic problems. What is really needed is a ____38___ in drivers’ attitudes. There seems to be a lack of concern for safety on the part of drivers: their own safety and the safety of others. You can see this every day as drivers change lanes aggressively and ____39__ pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections.

    A car is a great convenience, but it can also be a ____40__ weapon. Drivers will have to realize that before Shanghai’s streets can become truly safe.

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    来源: 江苏省灌云县四队中学2016-2017学年高一下学期第一次月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    1._____    ___n售票员;指挥

    2._____    ___vt.观察;注意到;评论

    3.____    ____vi.& n.瞥一眼,匆匆看

    4._____   __ _vt.靠近,接近;着手处理 n.靠近;方法;路径

    5.____   ___ _vt.抓紧,抓牢

    6._____    ___vi.凝视,盯着看

    7._____    ___adj.感激的;表示感谢的

    8._____   ___vt.& vi.减少

    9.______  __n志愿者 vi.& vt.自愿做;义务做

    10.______    __vt.分析

    11._______   _vt.忽视;对……不予理会

    12._____    ___vt.认识,辨认出;意识到;承认

    13.______  __vt.使连在一起,把……附在……上;认为……重要

    14.______    __adj.相反的 n.相反地事实或情况

    15._____    ___vi.& n.惊慌,恐慌

    16.______   __ vt.使糊涂,使迷惑→___   _____adj.迷惑不解的→____     ____令人困惑的

    17._______    _ vi.犹豫,迟疑不决→______   _n. 犹豫

    18._____     ___ adj.焦虑,忧虑→_____     ___n.焦虑

    19._____    ___ n.缺陷;伤残→_____   ___adj.残疾的

    20.______    __ vt.吸引→____   ____adj.有吸引力的→________n吸引(力)

    21._____   ___ vt.雇佣;使用→_____ __n雇主→____   __ __n雇员

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    来源: 浙江省协作体2016-2017学年高二9月联考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    66.    Restaurants and cafes use relaxing music and lighting to create a pleasant a________________.

    67.    It is o_______________ that every citizen shoulders the responsibility to guard state secrets.

    68.    Through his own efforts, Michael Phelps has s________________ where others failed.

    69.    Daniel was late for the meeting, so I insisted that he a________________ to everyone present.

    70.    If you see a sign reading “Staff Only”, you’re not supposed to enter the room without p________________.

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    来源: 山东省枣庄市第八中学北校区2016-2017学年高二10月月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    61. ________(比较) with their handwriting, yours is excellent.

    62. I can’t understand his _________(困惑) explanation.

    63. The President made an unexpected ________________(声明) this morning.

    64. We’re looking for a talented ___________(个人).

    65. The girl wants to get a ___________(长久) post.

    66. You may be ___________(遭受) from serious stress disorder.

    67. Jane is well __________(适合/合格) for this job.

    68. We want some _________(志愿者) to help paint the house.

    69. He has ________(省略) some unnecessary words in the article.

    70. What students need is not only the _________(智力的) education.

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    来源: 甘肃省天水市第二中学2016-2017学年高二上学期第一个月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

         81. The farmers in this area had a good harvest last year thanks to the s_____________farming.

          82. He was a____________________in the book.

          83. He finished his work in a p__________________(积极的) way.

         84.We must try to _________________(分析)the causes of the strike.

          85. The famous Korean play actor got an________(热情的) reception in Hong Kong.

    86. A v_________________is a kind of germ that can cause disease.

    87. To his  _______________(高兴), he got the last ticket for the wonderful performance.

    88. This engine is used for p_________water out of the mine.

    89. The new railway station under ________ (建设)will be completed by the end of the year.

    90.Please write me a letter telling me where you are at your _____________(方便).

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    来源: 安徽省淮南第二中学2016-2017学年高二上学期第一次月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    56. After she made helpful c        on my work, I made rapid progress.

    57. While I was in London, I enjoyed galleries from time to time because the paintings there a       to me very much.

    58. I live near to my school, so it is ______conveniencefor me to go to school on foot.

    59. B       yourself, or I won’t take you out to dinner.

    60. There is a general        (aware) that smoking is harmful.

    61. The watch is beautiful but a little expensive. So she spent hours b         for it.

    62. The supermarket doors shut           . (自动)

    63. Have a         diet (均衡饮食) to stay healthy.

    64. Be         (务实的)! We can’t afford the car and the vacation.

    65. The most amazing thing about nature is its infinite v      .(多样性)

    66. It is beyond        (argue) that Nanhai belongs to China.

    67. This problem is due to the          fault.(电力故障)

    68. I walked out of the cinema, d       (决心) I’d never come to this place.

    69. I went and sat in a cafe and watched the          .(过路人)

    70. We are all c        (担心) about her safety.

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    来源: 江苏省扬州中学2016-2017学年高一上学期10月月考试题 英语 Word版含答案.doc

    66.Their greed(贪婪)is endless, so you can never s_____________ them.   

    67.In ancient times, wealth was measured and  e_______________ in things that could could be touched: food,tools and stones. 

    68.You need to sell yourself to the employer by c___________them that you have the knowledge, skills, and experience they need. 

    69.As the evidence began to a____, experts from the Zoo felt obliged to investigate. 

    70.Having taught English for nearly 30 years, Mr. Fang is an e___________ teacher.

    71.They pride themselves on their i_________ , their right to make up their own minds.  

    72.Paw prints were seen in a number of places and puma fur was found c______to bushes.

    73.The c___________ to find jobs for people who have been out of work the longest is greater in 

       such a hard time.

    74.It is d_________ to think that a dangerous wild animal is still at large in the quiet countryside.   75.My dream eventually came true, because of his e______________.

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    来源: 江苏省扬州中学2016-2017学年高二上学期10月月考试题 英语 Word版含答案.doc

    76. We need to stop thinking of companies and businessmen as the enemy, and give them more c________.

    77. The table m_______two meters long takes up too much space of the dinning hall.

    78. The article can not be copied without the p________of the author.

    79. We only have a small supply of water, so water c__________ is important.

    80. No j__________should be made before you know the whole picture.

    81. He followed in his father’s f_________ and became a surgeon.

    82. They disregard social conventions which i_________wins them the love and respect of others.

    83. The manager was most a___________ and reprimanded the assistant severely.

    84. The crew were at first under the i__________that the lost ship had been sunk many years ago.

    85. The news that he was fired was c__________ officially.

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    来源: 江苏省扬州中学2016-2017学年高一10月月考英语试题 Word版含解析.doc

    68Their greed(贪婪)is endless, so you can never s_____________ them.

    69In ancient times, wealth was measured and  e_______________ in things that could be touched: food, tools and stones.

    70You need to sell yourself to the employer by c___________them that you have the knowledge, skills, and experience they need.

    71As the evidence began to a____, experts from the Zoo felt obliged to investigate.

    72Having taught English for nearly 30 years, Mr. Fang is an e___________ teacher.

    73They pride themselves on their i_________ , their right to make up their own minds.

    74Paw prints were seen in a number of places and puma fur was found c______ to bushes.

    75The c___________ to find jobs for people who have been out of work the longest is greater in such a hard time.

    76It is d_________ to think that a dangerous wild animal is still at large in the quiet countryside.

    77My dream eventually came true, because of his _______(鼓励).

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    来源: 黑龙江省鸡西市第十九中学2015-2016学年高二下学期期中考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    61.The boy’s          behavetowards me shows that he dosen’t like me

    62.He looked          embarrasswhen he made a mistake in class.

    63.Someone might be          (amuse) when telling a joke.

    64.My brother was taught to read by my mother, and         (similar), so was I.

    65.Henry appeared          (relax) and confident before the match.

    66.I never saw such a(n)        (energy) boy, who was always working or playing hard.

    67.It is important to consider the      (distant ) from public transportation when buying a house.

    68.They         (frighten) the white bird away by rising to their feet suddenly.

    69.The kind woman has adopted more than ten disabled or sick babies

            (abandon) by others.

    70.Please refer to the         (instruct) before you switch on the engine.

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    来源: 陕西省西北大学附属中学2015-2016学年高一下学期期中考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    61. Nowadays many people living in the city don’t enjoy _________(城市的) life.

    62. The reptiles produced young generally by l____________ eggs.

    63. This unit is a play ________(为基础)on a short story by an American writer --- Mart Twain.

    64. There are some who show great _________(好奇心) about other people’s affairs.

    65. The slave trade was ____________ (废除) in1807.

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    来源: 黑龙江省双鸭山市第一中学2015-2016学年高一下学期期末考试试题 Word版含答案.doc

    71.The three boy students Miss White paid special attention to ________(make) great   

       progress at last.

    72.It is so cold that you can’t go outside ________fully covered in thick clothes.

    73.---What time is it?

      ---I have no idea. But just a minute, I ________(check) it for you.

    74.---Can I call you back at two o’clock this afternoon?

      ---I’m sorry, but by then I ______________(fly) to Beijing. How about five?

    75.China __________(see) a sharp increase in the number of aged people over the past   


    76.---Have you moved into your new house?

      ---Not yet. It ________________(paint)at present.

    77.It’s said that Rich ________be fined if he doesn’t listen to the teacher.

    78. Sometimes smiles around the world ________ be false, hiding other feelings like anger,   

           fear or worry.

    79. I have heard a lot of good things about you ________I came back from abroad.

    80. We need some more facts and data ________ we make the final decision.

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    来源: 湖南省益阳市箴言中学2015-2016学年高一下学期3月月考考试试卷 试题及答案解析word版.doc

    61.Contrary to __________ many people might assume, evidence shows that sharks seldom attack humans.

    62.The missing boy was nowhere ___________ (find).

    63.The possibility _________ pleasant smells might reduce pain has recently been suggested by new research.

    64.Old English consisted of a __________ mixof the Angles and the Saxons’ languages.

    65.When he woke up, he found himself ___________ (lie) in a warm bed.

    66. By the time he was 18 years old, he _____________ (travel) to most of the countries in Europe.

    67. She was very grateful _________ her teachers, who gave her much care and encouragement.

    68. It is ___________ (interest) to learn how the words for animals and meat developed.

    69.At the sight of the bear, the girl stepped back and shook _________ fear.

    70.By this time next year my brother ____________ (finish) high school.

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    来源: 浙江高二英语第三次月考考试试题及答案.doc

    61. He succeeded in o____________ many difficulties in learning English.

    62. U___________, the lonely man died at last.

    63. Every year, they e_______________ a lot of tea and cotton to many different countries.

    64. Life became a s______________ for survival.

    65. They persuaded the shopkeeper to r ________ the price of the book to 10 yuan.

    66. The disease spread _____________(遍及) the country, getting most people into a panic.

    67. Tom is ___________ (扩大) his story into a novel.

    68. Have you got any _______________ (评论) on the new plan?

    69. A museum should aim to ______________ (使欢乐) people as well as educate.

    70. Local residents have __________(作出反应)angrily to the news.

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    来源: 浙江省慈溪市2015-2016学年高一上学期期中联考考试试题及答案.doc

            Actually all languages change when cultures c_____1____ with one another. The English spoken between about AD 450 and 1150 was different the English spoken today. It was b___2____ more on German than English we speak at p__3_____ . Then from about 1150 to 1500 it became less like German, and more like French because those w____4___ ruled England at that time spoke French. These new settlers e____5____ the English language.

              Ever since middle school, Wang Wei and Wang Kun have d__6___ about taking a bike trip. After g___7___ from college, they finally got the chance. It was Wang Wei who first had the idea to cycle along the entire river, so she started to plan their s__8____ for the trip. Though the trip would begin at an a___9___ of over 5 km, Wang Wei’s d___10___ look suggested that she would not change her mind.

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    来源: 天津市耀华中学2016届高三上学期第二次月考考试试题及答案.doc

    Every flu season it seems like we’re bombarded (炮轰, 轰击) with commercials for new and improved medicines promising to relieve terrible headaches and f___1___. But for many people around the world, the secret to avoiding a nasty or even fatal cold might lie in a better diet, not drugs. Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center in Maryland, and the Nestle Research Center in Switzerland have found that a deficiency of the mineral selenium () may c___2___ to the spread of highly virulent strains of influenza virus.

    The team infected two g___3____ of mice—one that had sufficient selenium in their diets and one that did not — with a type of flu that also affects h___4___. The selenium-deficient mice were more l___5___ to get sick after being infected. More worrisome (令人不安的), the flu virus grew m___6___ virulent when it re-emerged for the selenium-deficient mice.

    Random mutations (变异) normally alter the genes responsible f___7___ designing the proteins on the virus’s surface. But in selenium-deficient mice, “it’s the exact opposite to what we expected,” says Beck, a researcher. The rapid mutation was instead occurring in genes that code for internal proteins. Those changes, she says, might reprogram the flu strain, making it more contagious (传染性的).

    Beck and her team are still uncertain exactly h___8___ selenium fits into the puzzle, but scientists know the mineral is necessary for antioxidant (抗氧化剂) activity in the body. without selenium, excess (过度的) free radicals wreak havoc (发泄, 报仇) on the viral (滤过性病毒) RNA, leading to those unexpected mutations, says Beck.

    Common sources of selenium include breads, meats and fish, foods that Americans eat in abundance, says Orville Levander, a chemist at the Beltsville Nutrition Center. But Levander points out that some areas in China l___9___ selenium in the soil, and people who live there require selenium supplements to a___10___ health problems.

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    来源: 山东省枣庄第八中学南校区2015-2016学年高二12月月考考试试题及答案.doc

    61. They may also feel a bit ________(紧张) about the coming exam.

    62.Do you think China means more ___________(机遇) or threat to the word.

    63. Years ago, in some countries there were no _________(移民) law at all.

    64.I hope you all accept my ________(道歉) and give me a chance.

    65. We have to do what is right _________(自信).

    66. Don’t ________(犹豫) to speak to me when you have any difficulty.

    67.Flora was a lot happier after she _______(克服)her fear of meeting new people.

    68.The government began to investigate his ________(看不见) earning

    69.The captain uses a campass to find ________(方向)

    70.Those who break the laws must be _________(惩罚)  by laws.

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    来源: 辽宁省沈阳市第二中学2015-2016学年高一12月月考考试试题及答案.doc

    71. a________________ an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness or worry about something that is happening or might happen in the future.

    72. n________  ______ ordinary or usual; the same as would be expected;

    73. b________________ to move air into, and out of, the lungs;

    74. a________________ extremely bad or unpleasant;

    75. p________________ having great power or force or effect;

    76. c________________ when something joins or is joined to something else;

    77. i________________ against the law; not allowed by law;

    78. r_______________ to know someone or something because you have seen, heard or experienced them before;

    79. a________________ the group of people gathered in one place to watch or listen to a play, film, someone speaking, etc;

    80. t________________ (someone who has) a natural ability to be good at something, especially without being taught

    81. i_______________ v. to affect or change how someone or something develops, behaves or thinks;

    82. o­________________ see and notice (somebody/something); watch carefully;

    83. c­­­________________ bright; full of colour;

    84. d________________ damage something so badly that it no longer exists, works, etc.

    85. a________________ active; lively

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    来源: 浙江省杭州市西湖高级中学2015-2016学年高一11月月考试题及答案.doc

    1. Despite of the seemingly irrational discounts(疯狂折扣) on Nov. 11st, don’t let yourself be p_________ into buying things you don’t really want.

    2. After President Xi’s visit to Britain, Fish ‘n’ Chips and Ale (苦啤酒) are p________ by Chinese tourists traveling to Britain.

    3. An optimistic person is more likely to take a positive a_______ towards life while in trouble.

    4. Don’t beat around the bush (旁敲侧击); just get s________ to the point.

    5. After the earthquake, the fallen trees and buildings were b________ the roads, which caused cars and buses to be unable to move.

    6. With a thundering noise, I realize that the balloon has just b________. 

    7. A life without a p________ is a ship without a rudder().

    8. According to the schedule, in December, 2015, President Xi is leaving for an o________ tour of South Africa.

    9. When the snow melted(融化), the river f________ southeast to the South China Sea. 

    10. Facing a new situation, fresh high school students need to learn how to o________ their work properly.

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