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    Many of the world's pollution problems have been caused by the crowding of large groups of people into the cities. Supply for the needs of the people leads to further   1   by industry.

    If the rapid increase of world    2    continues at the present rate, there may be much greater

       3   to human beings.

    Some scientists   4   of the increase in numbers of people as "population pollution''.

    About 2,000 years ago, the world population was about 250 million. It   5   a billion in 1850. By 1930 the population was two billion. It is now six billon.

    It is   6  to double by the year 2020. If the population   7   to grow at the same rate, there will be 25 billion people in the   8   a hundred years from now.

    Man has been   9   the earth's resources more and more   10   over the past years. Some of them are almost gone.

    Now many people believe that man's   11   problem is how to control the   12   of the population.

    The material supplies in the world will be far from enough to   13   the human population if the present rate of increase continues.

    There is already over-crowding in many cities and   14   in some countries. Many people believe that human survival in the future   15   on the answer to the question.

    1A. progress

    B. pollution

    C. education 

    D. production

    2A. agriculture

    B. industry

    C. environment

    D. population

    3A. danger

    B. harm

    C. benefit

    D. hardship

    4A. dream

    B. approve

    C. rid 

    D. speak

    5A. got

    B. took

    C. brought

    D. reached

    6A. suggested

    B. hoped

    C. expected

    D. said

    7A. continues

    B. fails

    C. tries

    D. means

    8A. world

    B. country 

    C. star 

    D. end

    9A. discovering

    B. using

    C. digging

    D. destroying

    10A. seriously

    B. dangerously

    C. rapidly

    D. steadily

    11A. greatest

    B. easiest 

    C. lightest

    D. simplest

    12A. existence

    B. start

    C. growth

    D. birth

    13A. increase

    B. starve

    C. construct 

    D. support

    14A. discussion

    B. starvation

    C. construction

    D. argument

    15A. depends

    B. agrees

    C. saves

    D. passes

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    Nowadays, it is common that more and more high school students open their own micro blogs on the Internet . For one thing, it can provide a colorful platform to show their talent. For   16  , it is a useful way to release their    17   (press). And all these rake it more and more popular with high school students.    18   many parents and teachers hold a different view .They think that managing one’s micro blog will take a lot of time and energy,   19    should be used to study.

    In my view, I am greatly in favor    20   this activity. Today the Internet is playing    21   important and essential role in our life. Therefore as high school students of the Information Age, we need to learn to make use of this    22  (mean) tool to communicate and display ourselves. What’s more ,opening and organizing micro blogs need various abilities such as writing , designing , being skillful at computer and so on .Only if we master those abilities can we make a successful micro blog. As a result ,we improve ourselves while   23   (organize) our micro blogs.

    In fact, micro blog    24  (oneself) is of little harm. It is your attitude towards it    25   matters. We should take the advantages and avoid some bad effects.

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    In early autumn I applied for admission to college. I wanted to go nowhere but to Cornell University, but my mother fought strongly against it. When she saw me studying a photograph of my father on the sports ground of Cornell, she tore it up.

    "You can't say it's not a great university, just because Papa went there."

      "That's not it at all. And it is a top university." She was still holding the pieces in her hand. "But we can't afford to send you to college."

    "I wouldn't dream of asking you for money. Do you want me to get a job to help support you and Papa? Things aren't that bad, are they?"

    "No," she said. "I don't expect you to help support us."

    Father borrowed money from his rich cousins to start a small jewellery shop. His chief customers were his old college friends. To get new customers, my mother had to help. She picked up a long-forgotten membership in the local league of women, so that she could get to know more people. Whether those people would turn into customers was another question. I knew that my parents had to wait for quite a long time before their small investment (投资) could show returns. What's more, they had not wanted enough to be rich and successful; otherwise they could not possibly have managed their lives so badly.

    I was torn between the desire to help them and change their lives, and the determination not to

    repeat their mistakes. I had a strong belief in my power to get what I wanted. After months of hard study I won a full college scholarship (奖学金). My father could hardly contain his pride in me, and

    my mother eventually gave in before my success.

    26. The author was not allowed to go to Cornell University mainly because ________.

    A. his father graduated from the university

    B. his mother did not think it a great university

    C. his parents needed him to help support the family

    D. his parents did not have enough money for him

    27. The father started his small shop with the money from ________.

    A. a local league                                B. his university

    C. his relatives                                         D. his college friends

    28. Why did the mother renew her membership in the league?

    A. To help with her husband's business                 B. To raise money for her son

    C. To meet her long-forgotten friends                   D. To better manage her life

    29. According to the text, what was the author determined to do in that autumn?

    A. To get a well-paid job for himself               B. To improve relations with his mother

    C. To go to his dream university                        D. To carry on with his father's business

    30. According to the passage, which of the following words is NOT proper to describe the author?

    A. Determined.      B. Aggressive.      C. Cooperative.      D. Diligent.

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    It is quite reasonable to blame traffic jams, the cost of gas and the great speed of modern life, but manners on the road are becoming horrible. Everybody knows that the nicest men would become fierce tigers behind the wheel. It is all right to have a tiger in a cage, but to have one in the driver's seat is another matter.

    Road politeness is not only good manners, but good sense. It takes the most coolheaded drivers great patience to give up the desire to beat back when forced to face rude driving. On the other hand, a little politeness goes a long way towards reducing the possibility of quarrelling and fighting. A friendly nod or a wave of thanks in answer to an act of politeness helps to create an atmosphere of good will and becomes so necessary in modern traffic conditions. But such behaviors of politeness are by no means enough. Many drivers nowadays don't even seem able to recognize politeness when they see it.

    However, misplaced politeness can also be dangerous. Typical examples are the driver who waves a child crossing the street at a wrong place into the path of oncoming cars that may not be able to stop in time. The same goes for encouraging old ladies to cross the road wherever and whenever they want to.

    An experienced driver, whose manners are faultless, told me it would help if drivers learnt to correctly join in traffic stream without causing total blockages that give rise to unpleasant feelings. Unfortunately, modern drivers can't even learn to drive, let alone master the roadmanship. Years ago, experts warned us that the fast increase of the car ownership would demand more give-and-take from all road users. It is high time for all of us to take this message to heart.

    31. The passage mainly talks about________.

    A. traffic jams     B. road politeness    C. good manners      D. modern drivers

    32. Troubles on the road are often caused by________.

    A. the behavior of the drivers               B. traffic jams

    C. great speed                           D. terrible road conditions

    33. According to the writer, a good driver should________.

    A. be able to recognize politeness when he sees it

    B. beat back when forced to face rude driving

    C. encourage old ladies to cross the roads whenever they want to

    D. join in traffic stream quickly however other people feel

    34. The following statements are right EXCEPT that________.

    A. some modern drivers are not good at driving

    B. road politeness is good sense as well as good manners

    C. a friendly driver should nod or wave thanks in answer to an act of politeness

    D. it is also right to have a tiger in the driver's seat

    35. It is not always right for drivers to________.

    A. master roadmanship

    B. recognize politeness when they see it

    C. give a friendly nod in answer to an act of politeness

    D. encourage old ladies to cross the road whenever and wherever they want

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    The Beijing government has set out to recruit thousands of university graduates to work as junior officials in rural areas to both improve rural administration and ease the city's employment problems.

    The government plans to recruit 3,000 university graduates this year, 1,000 more than last year, to work as assistants to village heads or Party secretaries in suburban areas.

    People interested in jobs in Beijing's rural villages and townships can submit applications to the Beijing Municipal Personnel Bureau or online at www. bjbys.com from February 1 through March 15.

    "We hope university graduates will seize this opportunity to use their knowledge in rural villages and to start their careers," Sun Zhenyu, deputy director of Beijing Personnel Bureau, told Xinhua News Agency.

    The government has promised successful candidates a monthly salary of 2,000 yuan( $ 250) in the first year, 2,500 yuan ($ 320) the second year and 3,000 yuan ($ 385) the third year, provided their performance is up to the required standards, Sun said.

    Wang Lina, who graduated from Beijing Union University last year, was one of the first graduates to find work in the city's countryside. After majoring in industrial and commercial administration,

    Wang served as the assistant to the village head of Ertiaojie Village in suburban Beijing’s Pinggu

    District. For one project, Wang contacted people at the Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences and arranged for the local farmers to receive training in strawberry planting. Her efforts paid off. The village had a plentiful harvest of organic strawberries earlier this year.

    Nationwide, about 150,000 university graduates found employment in rural areas last year, according to figures provided by the Ministry of Education.

    The ministry predicts that 4. 95 million students will graduate from universities across the country this year, 820,000 more than last year. About 1.4 million of them are unlikely to find jobs when they graduate.

    In Beijing, a record 200,000 people are expected to graduate from university this year. Less than half of them are expected to be offered jobs, according to the personnel bureau.

    36. The underlined word "recruit "in the first paragraph probably means _________. 

    A. employ         B. force         C. encourage        D. train

    37. We can see from the passage that ___________________.  

    A. once you are hired as a junior official, you can get an endlessly rising salary

    B. the government guarantee a relatively high salary for the successful candidates

    C. working as junior officials is easy but very meaningful

    D. the competition for the job as junior officials is very fierce

    38. From the story of Wang Lina we can learn that _________.  

    A. the sooner you go to the countryside, the sooner you will be successful.

    B. local farmers can get big harvests if they learn more knowledge.

    C. university graduates can also realize their value in rural areas.

    D. Wang had great difficulty in helping villagers planting organic strawberries.

    39. The last two paragraphs aim to tell us that ________.  

    A. more and more graduates will work as junior officials.

    B. the universities should not have so many students.

    C. there are more and more graduates in recent years.

    D. it is not easy for graduates to find jobs nowadays.

    40. Which of the following can be the best title for this passage?

    A. Go to the Countryside.                   B. Job Hunting for University Graduates.

    C. What Is the Best Career?               D. A good Job Choice for University Graduates.

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