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    At the age of ten I could not figure out what this Elvis Presley guy had that the rest of us boys did not have. I mean, he had a head, two arms and two legs, just like the rest of us. About nine o’clock on Saturday morning I decided to ask Eugene Correthers, one of the older boys, what it was that made this Elvis guy so special. He told me that it was Elvis’ wavy hair and the way he moved his body.

     About half an hour later all the boys in the orphanage(孤儿院)were called to the main dining-room and told we were all going to downtown Jacksonville, Florida to get a new pair of Buster Brown shoes and a hair cut.That is when I got this big idea, which hit me like a ton of bricks.If the Elvis hair cut was the big secret, then that’s what I was going to get.

       All the way to town I told everybody, including the matron(女管家)from the orphanage who was taking us to town, that I was going to look just like Elvis Presley and that I would learn to move around just like he did and that I would be rich and famous one day, just like him.

       When I got my new Buster Brown shoes, I could hardly wait for my new hair cut and now that I had my new Buster Brown shoes I would be very happy to go back to the orphanage and practice being like Elvis.

       We finally arrived at the big barber shop, where they cut our hair for free because we were orphans(孤儿). I looked at the barber and said, “I want an Elvis hair cut. Can you make my hair like Elvis?” I asked him, with a big smile on my face. “Let’s just see what we can do for you, little man,” he said. I was so happy when he started to cut my hair. Just as he started to cut my hair, the matron signed for him to come over to where she was standing. She whispered something into his ear and then he shook his head, like he was telling her “No”. Then he told me they were not allowed to give us Elvis hair cuts. Then I saw my hair falling onto the floor.

    1.In the author’s eyes, Elvis Presley was _________.

     A. disgusting   B. admirable   C. ambitious   D. dynamic 

    2. From the passage, we can know that _________.

     A. Buster Brown was more appealing than Elvis Presley

     B. An Elvis hair cut cost the orphans a lot of money

     C. The author was fascinated with the stars Buster and Elvis

     D. The barber was unwilling to give the boy an Elvis hair cut

    3. We can learn from the underlined sentence that the boy was _________.

     A. excited to have an Elvis hair cut      B. worried to think about the secret

     C. anxious to remove the ton of bricks   D. careful to seize the chance

    4. How would the boy probably feel when he walked out of the barber shop?

     A. Delighted.    B. Guilty.   C. Self-satisfied.   D. Depressed.

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    High-quality customer service is preached(宣扬) by many, but actually keeping customers happy is easier said than done.

    Shoppers seldom complain to the manager or owner of retail store, but instead will alert their friends, relatives, co-workers, strangers and anyone who will listen.

    Store managers are often the last to hear complaints, and often find out only when their regular customers decide to frequent their competitors, according to a study jointly conducted by Verde group and Wharton school.

    Storytelling hurts retailers and entertains consumers. Said Paula Courtney, president of the Verde group. The store loses the customer, but the shopper must also find a replacement.

    On average, every unhappy customer will complain to at least four other, and will no longer visit the specific store for every dissatisfied customer, a store will lose up to three more due to negative reviews. The resulting snowball effect can be disastrous to retailers.

    According to the research, shoppers who purchased clothing encountered the most problems. Ranked second and third were grocery and electronics customers.

    The most common complaints include filled parking lots, cluttered(塞满了的) shelves, overloaded racks, out-of-stock items, long check-out lines, and rude salespeople.

    During peak shopping hours, some retailers solved the parking problems by getting moonlighting local police to work as parking attendants. Some hired flag wavers to direct customers to empty peaking spaces. This guidance got rid of the need for customers to circle the parking lot endlessly, and avoided confrontation between those eyeing the same parking space.

    Retailers can relieve the headaches by redesigning store layouts, pre-stocking sales items, hiring speedy and experienced cashiers, and having sales representatives on hand to answer questions. Most importantly, salespeople should be diplomatic and polite with angry customers.

    Retailers whore responsive and friendly are more likely to smooth over issues than those who arent so friendly. Said professor Stephen Hoch. Maybe something as simple as a greeter at the store entrance would help.

    Customers can also improve future shopping experiences by filing complaints to the retailer, instead of complaining to the rest of the world. Retailers are hard-pressed to improve when they have no idea what is wrong.

    8. Why are store managers often the last to hear complaints?

    A. Few customers believe the service will be improved.

    B. Customers would rather relate their unhappy experiences to people around them.

    C. Customers have no easy access to store managers.

    D. Most customers wont bother to complain even if they have had unhappy experiences.

    9. Shop owners often hire moonlighting police as parking attendants so that shoppers         .

        A. can find their cars easily after shopping                      B. won’t have trouble parking their cars

        C. can stay longer browsing in the store D. won’t have any worries about security

    10. What contributes most to smoothing over issues with customers?

        A. Design of the store layout.              B. Hiring of efficient employees.

    C. Manners of the salespeople.              D. Huge supply of goods for sale.

    11. To achieve better shopping experiences, customers are advised to        .

    A. voice their dissatisfaction to store managers directly        

    B. shop around and make comparisons between stores

    C. settle their disputes with stores in a diplomatic way

    D. put pressure on stores to improve their service

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    They were going to Fort Lauderdale three boys and three girls and when they boarded the bus, they were carrying sandwiches and wine in paper bags, dreaming of golden beaches and sea tides as the gray, cold spring of New York went behind them.

    As the bus passed through New Jersey, they began to notice Vingo. He sat in front of them, completely in silence.

    Deep into the night, outside Washington, the bus pulled into Howard Johnson’s, and everybody got off except Vingo. The young people began to wonder about him. When they went back to the bus, one of the girls sat beside him and introduced herself.

        Want some wine? she said. He smiled and took a swig from the bottle. He thanked her and became silent again. After a while, she went back to the others, and Vingo nodded in sleep.

    In the morning, they awoke outside another Howard Johnsons, and this time Vingo went in. The girl insisted that he join them. He ordered black coffee and some cookies as the young people talked about sleeping on beaches. When they returned to the bus, the girl sat with Vingo again, and after a while, slowly and painfully, he began to tell his story. He had been in prison in New York for the past four years, and now he was going home.

    Are you married?

    I dont know.

    You dont know? she said.

    Well, when I was in prison I wrote to my wife, he said, I told her that I was going to be away for a long time, and that if she couldnt stand it, if the kids kept asking questions, and if it hurt her too much, well, she could jus forget me. Id understand. Get a new man, I said shes a wonderful woman. I told her she didnt have to write me. And she didnt. Not for three and a half years.

    And youre going home now, not knowing?

    Yeah. Well, last week, when I was sure the parole (假释) was coming through, I wrote her again. We used to live in Brunswick, just before Jacksonville, and theres a big oak (橡树) just as you come into town. I told her that if she didn’t have a new man and if she’d take me back, she should put a yellow handkerchief on the tree, and I’d get off and come home. If she didn’t want me, forget it no handkerchief and Id go on through.

    Wow, the girl exclaimed, Wow.

    She told the others, and soon all of them were in it, looking at the pictures Vingo showed them of his wife and three children.

    Now they were 20 miles from Brunswick, and the young people took over window seats on the right side, waiting for the approach of the great oak. Vingo stopped looking, tightening his face, as if protecting himself against still another disappointment.

    Then Brunswick was ten miles, and then five. Then, suddenly, all of the young people were up out of their seats, shouting and crying.

    Vingo sat there astonished, looking at the oak. It was covered with yellow handkerchiefs 20 of them, 30 of them, maybe hundreds, flying in the wind. As the young people shouted, Vingo slowly rose from his seat and made his way to the front of the bus to go home.

    12. At the beginning of the story, the young boys and girls ______.

    A. showed a great interest in Vingo      B. didn’t notice Vingo at all

    C. wanted to offer help to Vingo         D. didn’t like Vingo at all

    13. The underlined part Howard Johnsons is most probably a(n) ______.

    A. bus station   B. apartment      C. hospital   D. restaurant

    14. How did Vingo feel on the way home?

    A. Ashamed. B. Relaxed.     C. Nervous.     D. Disappointed.

    15. The paragraphs following this passage would most probably talk about ______.

    A. Vingos experience in prison

    B. the young peoples travel to Fort Lauderdale

    C. Vingos three lovely children

    D. the dialogue between Vingo and his family

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