高中英语 山东师大附中2015届高三1月第四次模拟考试试卷 试题及答案.doc

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    My 16-year-old sonAntonhad gone to the local swimming holeMost of the kids swim thereand there are plenty of rocks for them to use as safe harborsso I had no fears for his safety

    Stillthe firefighter's first wordsYou need to come up here to the Stillwater Rivermade me catch my breathand his follow-up words gave me relief:“Your son is OK.”

    When I got to the river,I immediately saw the firetruckambulance and Antonwrapped with a towel about his shoulderssitting quietly on a low platform of the fire engine.     

    I hurried over to him.“You OK?I asked.”

    Yeah,”was all he saidBut my eyes begged for an explanationI didnt get it from mysonhowever,who tends to play his cards close to his vest

    The story was thisA woman was being swept under waterHearing the criesAnton and his friend Tyler, without hesitationswam out to her, and brought her safely to shore

    In an age in which the wordhero” is broadcast with abandon and seemingly applied to  anyone who make it through the day,I realized the real thing in my sonThe teens are stubborn and self-centredbut that didnt mean they have no desire to do good

    Still shocked by my sons daringI drove him homeAlong the way, I tried to dig out some more information from him-but he had precious little to sayThe only words he said were,“Whats for supper?

    I spent some time alone that eveningthinking about the tragedy that might have beenThe next morningwhen Anton got upI half expected him to tell me the storyBut all he did was toast some breadpull himself together, and head for the door to start a new dayWatching from the window, I was reminded that still water often runs deep    

    21Why did the mother allow her son to swim there?   

    AHe was an excellent swimmer       BThe water of the river is shallow

    C.  He was old enough to swim   DThe rocks can be of help if theres danger

    22The underlined partwho tends to play his cards close to his vestprobably means

    A.  Anton is a boy fond of swimming with other kids

    BAnton is unwilling to tell others what he thinks

    CAnton always has a desire to help others

    DAnton seldom changes his mind

    23In the mother's eyeswhat her son did was

    Adangerous but interesting

    Bunexpected and courageous

    Cmeaningful but difficult

    Dawful and absurd

    24What might be the best title for the passage?

    AMy Son My Hero          BAntonA Silent Boy

    CA Good Deed                            DA Proud Mother

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    Lost  iPhone

    UnexpectedlyI lost my white iPhon5s in Midtown on Friday nightIt had a blue green cover on itThere are many pictures of my son on itand I'm heartbrokenPlease returnno questions askedRewardReply to-2652255359@craigslist.org

    Do you need a babysitter that you can trust?

    My name is TinaI am a responsible babysitter that you can trustIf you are looking for    someone dependable and affordable I am that person! I HAVE MORE THAN 30 YEARS OF    EXPERIENCE(including disabled children)!I am a retired Home Health Aid and absolutely    love childrenI work with my sister Iris who has also 20+years as a teachers assistantWE LOOK FORWARD TO MEETINC YOU!Available 24 hours and flexible with fees! I am fully bilingualSpanishEnglishPlease email me or call 712-867-7688


    I accept children from all agesFee starts from$100-$150 a week depending on the hours.    I am very flexible and my fee can changeFeel free to contact me via email or on my cell phone 566-67-1873 and we can work something out

    25Who posted the lost and found information?

    A. A mother  BA kind woman  CA heartbroken girl  DA parent

    26If you want to send your kids to the babysitter's homeyou can find one in_____

    AAd 1    BAd 2    CAd 3   DAd 2 or Ad 3

    27What do we know about Tina?

    AShe can speak two languages          

    BShe lives alone now

    CShe takes care of children over 3       

    DShe used to be a teachers assistant

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    Recently,CCTV journalists have approachecd pedestrians with their camerasheld a    microphone to their mouth and asked a simple questiom :Are you haapy?

    The question has caught many interviewees off guardEven Mo Yan who recently won a  Nobel Prizeresponded by saying:“I dont know”.

    While the question has become a buzz phrase and the Internet plays host to heated  discussionswe askWhat exactly is happiness ?And how do you measure it?  

    In the 1776 US Declaration of IndependenceThomas Jefferson set in writing the peoples unalienable right toLifeLiberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.Last year235 years onChinas Premier Wen Jiabao told the nation:“Everything we do is aimed at letting people live more happily”At last years National Peoples Congressofficials agreed that increasing happiness would be a top target for the 12th five-year plan    www.szxlm,com

    US psychologist Ed Diener, author of HappinessUnlocking the Mysteries of Psychological Wealth describes happiness as “a combination of life satisfaction and having more positive than negative emotions”,according to US broadcasting network PBSThis may sound straight forward enoughbut it still doesnt explain what determines peoples happiness

    Many argue that happiness is elusive and that there is no single sourceIt also means different things to different peopleFor somehappiness can be as simple as having enough cash.  

    Researchers believe happiness can be separated into two typesdaily experiences of    hedonic(享乐的)well-beingand evaluative well-being, the way people think about their lives as a wholeThe former refers to the quality of livingwhereas the latter is about overall happinessincluding life gods and achievementHappiness can cross both dimensions.

    Li Juna psychologist and mental therapy practitioner at a Beijing clinicsays:“Happiness    can mean both the most basic human satisfaction or the highest level of spiritual pursuit. It’ s a simple yet profound topic .

    Chen Shangyuan21a junior English major at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronauticssaid his idea of happiness always evolves.“At present it relates to how productive I am in a day,he said.“It might be linked to job security or leisure time after I graduate.”

    Then there is the question of measuring happinessDoes it depend on how many friends we haveor whether we own the latest smart phone? Is it even quantifiable?

    Economists are trying to measure happiness in peoples livesSince 1972Bhutans GDP    measurement has been,replaced by a Gross National Happiness indexIt is calculated according to the peoplessense of being well-governedtheir relationship with the environmenttheir satisfaction with economic development,and their sense of national belonging 

    In 2009US economist Joseph Stiglitz proposed to shift emphasis from measuring economic  production to measuring peoples well-being.But is well-being more easily measured?

    28From what Thomas Jefferson and Wen Jiabao mentioned in the passagewe know_______

    Apeoples happiness is determined by great people

    B. people’s happiness is an important target for the development of a country

    Cpeople in all countries have the right to ask the government for a happy life

    D. People both in China and America are living a happy life

    29According to the passagethe writer may most likely agree that_____

    A.CCTV journalists are concerned about peoples happiness out of sympathy

    Bthe question has led to heated discussions about who are the happiest people in China

    CBhutans new index shows that people there are the happiest in the world

    Dit is not easy for us to decide what determines peoples happiness

    30What does the underlined wordelusivein the sixth paragraph mean?

    AAvailable    BEasy to get    CHard to understandDAccessible

    31The best title of the passage is____

    AAre You Happy?        BThe Measurement of Happiness

    CGDP and Happiness        DThe Secret of Happiness 

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    It’s illegal for the police to attach a GPS unit to your car without your permission, as the U.S. Supreme Court settled in 2012But if the police are in hot pursuit of a bank robber or other escaping criminals that threaten public safety, a GPS tracker is acceptable. But exactly how can the police GPS track a car that is moving fast?

    The answer to that question comes from StarChasea new police technology being used by a small but growing number of law enforcement agenciesIt allows the police to fire 45-inch glue-covered GPS bullet-like projectiles(发射体)from an air gun fixed in their police carsIf the GPS tracker makes contact with the escaping robber’s car it’ll stick no matter how fast the vehicle is goingThat way, the police will have a constant read on the cars location and headingAside from simply apprehending(逮捕)criminalsit's believed this new technology could help save livesIf the police successfully fire a GPS unit at a speeding criminalthey can pull back from a high-risk chaseChases can be incredibly dangerous to all involvedincluding innocent bystanders and other driversOnce the GPS bullet connectsthere's no need for the chase any longer

    Nowpredictably,a GPS-loaded gun isnt cheap. Police departments need to pay about   $5000 per vehicle for the technology,and individual GPS bullets cost as much as $250 eachThat may sound expensivebut rememberThe alternative is often thousands of dollars in property damageand great human cost in injury and lost lifeAccording to Star Chasetheir GPS bullet system has an apprehension rate of 80without any report of inury or property damageIf youd like to learn more about the StarChase systemPopular Mechanics has just published a good article about itTheres also plenty more information available at the companys website 

    32When the GPS bullet sticks to the escaping robbers carthe police can________

    Aknow the cars condition       Bensure the robbers safety

    Cplay a fair game with the robber       Dknow the cars position and direction

    33The GPS bullets could help save lives mainly because________

    Athe bullets wont hurt people              Bthey can make the robbers car stop

    Cthe police can stop the dangerous chasing Dthey have more advantages than normal bullets

    34From the text we can learn that GPS bullets__________

    Aare useful for the police                 Bare widely used in America

    Ccan control the rising crime rate       Dcan replace the police in the future

    35In which part of a newspaper can we read the text?

    ALife  BNature    CFashion  DTechnology

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    What is your favourite colour ? Do you like yellow, orangered?36____.Do you prefer greys and blues?Then you are probably quietshy,and you would rather follow than lead.You tend to be PessimistAt least,this is what psychologists tell usand they should know,because they have been seriously studying the meaning of colour preferenceas well as the effect that  colours have on human beings37____If you happen to love brownyou did soas soon as  you opened your eyesor at least as soon as you could see clearly 

    38___A yellow room makes most people feel more cheerful and more relaxed than a dark green oneand a red dress brings warmth and cheer to the saddest winter day39_____.A  black bridge over the Thames River, near Londonused to be the scene of more suicides(自杀)  than any other bridge in the areauntil it was repainted greenThe number of suicide attempts immediately fen sharplyPerhaps it would have fallen even more if the bridge had been done in  pink or baby blue

    40___It is an established fact that factory workers work better, harder, and have fewer accidents when their machines are painted orange rather than black or grey

    AOn the other hand,black is depressing

    BThey tell usamong other factsthat we do not choose our favourite colour as grow upwe are born with our preference

    CThe rooms are painted in different colours as you like

    DIf you doyou must be an optimista leader, an active person who enjoys lifepeople and excitement   

    ELight and bright colours make people not only happier but more active.

    F. Life is like a picture or a poemfull of different colours

    G.  Colours do influence our moods—there is no doubt about it

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