宁夏六盘山高级中学2015届高三第三次模拟考试试卷 试题及答案.doc

Raised in a fatherless home, my father was extremely tightfisted towards us children. His attitude didn’t soften as I grew into adulthood and went to college. I had to ride the bus whenever I came home. Though the bus stopped about two miles from home, Dad never met me, even in severe weather. If I grumbled, he’d say in his loudest father-voice, “That’s what your legs are for!”

The walk didn’t bother me as much as the fear of walking alone along the highway and country roads. I also felt less than valued that my father didn’t seem concerned about my safety. But that feeling was canceled one spring evening.

It had been a particularly difficult week at college after long hours in labs. I longed for home. When the bus reached the stop, I stepped off and dragged my suitcase to begin the long journey home.

A row of hedge(树篱)edged the driveway that climbed the hill to our house. Once I had turned off the highway to start the last lap of my journey, I always had a sense of relief to see the hedge because it meant that I was almost home. On that particular evening, the hedge had just come into view when I saw something gray moving along the top of the hedge, moving toward the house. Upon closer observation, I realized it was the top of my father’s head. Then I knew, each time I’d come home, he had stood behind the hedge, watching, until he knew I had arrived safely. I swallowed hard against the tears. He did care, after all.

On later visits, that spot of gray became my watchtower. I could hardly wait until I was close enough to watch for its secret movement above the greenery. Upon reaching home, I would find my father sitting innocently in his chair. “So! My son, it’s you!” he’d say, his face lengthening into pretended surprise.

I replied, “Yes, Dad, it’s me. I’m home.”  

21. What does the underlined word “grumbled” in Paragraph 1 probably mean?

A. Accepted happily.                   B. Explained clearly.

C. Agreed willingly.              D. Spoke unhappily.

22. What made the author feel upset was ______.

A. the tiredness after long hours in labs 

B. the fear of seeing something moving

C. the feeling of being less than valued

D. the loneliness of riding the bus home   

23. The author’s father watched behind the hedge because ______.

A. he was concerned about his son’s safety

B. he wanted to help his son build up courage

C. he didn’t want to meet his son at the doorway

D. he didn’t think his son was old enough to walk alone

24. Which of the following can be the best title for the text?

A. My Father’s Secret.                    B. My College Life.

C. Terrible Journey Home.                 D. Riding Bus Alone.

知识点:人物传记 故事类阅读

No one would much like the idea of eating 61 pounds of tomatoes a day. But if their goodness was put into an easy-to-swallow pill that you were told might prevent strokes(中风) and heart attacks you would probably be putting in an order tomorrow.

  Researchers believe they may have come up with just that after trials. The daily pill contains a chemical called lycopene which makes tomatoes red and is known to break down fat in the vessels(血管). A Cambridge University study found taking the pills improved blood flow and the lining of vessels in patients with pre-existing heart conditions. It also increased the flexibility of their vessels by 50 percent. The scientists believe it could limit the damage caused by heart disease-responsible for 180,000 deaths a year-and help cut the 49,000 deaths a year from strokes. They also hope it could benefit those with arthritis(关节炎), diabetes(糖尿病) and even slow the progress of cancer.

Each pill is equal to eating around 61 pounds of ripe tomatoes. Studies have shown eating a Mediterranean-style diet rich in tomatoes fish, vegetables, nuts and olive oil can significantly reduce cholesterol(胆固醇) and help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Preliminary results from a two-month trial, in which the pill was given to 36 heart disease patients and 36 healthy volunteers with an average age of 67, were presented at a meeting of the American Heart Association. It was shown to improve the function of the endothelium- the layer of cells lining blood vessels. It also improved their sensitivity to nitric oxide, the gas which causes the enlargement of the vessels in response to exercise.

  Ian Wilkinson, head of Cambridge University’s clinical trials unit, said “These results are potentially very significant and it meets the goal, but we need more trials to see if they translate into fewer heart attacks and strokes.”

 Further studies are planned, with researchers hoping it could offer a choice for heart disease sufferers who can not take the cholesterol-lowing drugs.

Mike Knapton, head of the British Heart Foundation, said, “Although this showed lycopene improved blood flow in people with heart disease, that’s a long way from demonstrating that taking it could improve outcomes for people with heart disease. The best way to get the benefits of a good diet is to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.”

25. What can we infer from Paragraph 1?

A. We can eat too much tomato food.                                 

B. Tomatoes are helpful to strokes and heart attacks.

C. Tomatoes will lose healthy elements were put into pills. 

D. We had better not eat tomatoes.

26. We can learn from the passage that the pills ____.

A. are at the experiment stage             B. can cure all the disease

C. are widely used among patients         D. cost patients so little money

27. What Was Ian Wilkinson’s opinion on the trial?

A. Disappointing.      B. Surprising.      C. Satisfactory.       D. Terrible.


The booking notes of the play The Age of Innocence:



There are four easy ways to book seats for performance:

--in person

 The Box Office is open from Monday to Saturday,10 a.m.—8 p.m.

--by telephone

Ring 01324976 to reserve your tickets or to pay by credit card(Visa, MasterCard and Amex accepted).

 --by post

Simply complete the booking form and return it to Global Theatre Box Office.

 --on line

Complete the on-line booking form at www. Satan-fiedtheatre.com.


Saver: $ 2 off any seat booked any time in advance for performances from Monday to Thursday. Savers are available for children up to 16 years old, over 60s and full-time students.

    Supersaver: half-price seats are available for people with disabilities and one companion. It is advisable to book in advance. There is a maximum of eight wheelchair spaces available and one wheelchair space will be held until an hour before the show.

Standby: best available seats are on sale for $ 6 from one hour before the performance for people eligible (suitable) for Saver and Supersaver discounts and thirty minutes before for all other customers.      

Group Bookings: there is a ten percent discount for parties of twelve or more.

    School: school parties of ten or more can book $6 standby tickets in advance and will get every tenth ticket free.

    Please note: we are unable to exchange tickets or refund money unless a performance is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

28. If you want to book a ticket, you CANNOT ________.

   A. use the Internet

   B. ring the booking number and pay for the tickets by credit card

   C. go to the Box Office on Sundays

D. complete a booking form and post it to the Box Office

29. According to the notes, who can get $ 2 off?

   A. A 20-year-old full-time college student.

   B. A 55-year-old woman.

   C. An 18-year-old teenager.

   D. The people who book the tickets on Fridays.

30. If you make a group booking for a group of l4 adults, how much should you pay?

   A. $120.                  B. $126.            C. $140.                  D. $150.

31. From the passage we can know all the following information except that ________ .

   A. it is advisable to book tickets in advance

   B. the audience can't refund money if the performance is on show

   C. a group of 13 persons can get a 10 percent discount

   D. a school party of 15 students should pay $90 for the standby tickets


As life expectancy increases nowadays, the average person lives well beyond the age of retirement. As a result, the elderly make up an ever-increasing percentage of society, which makes it more important than ever for a real effort to be made in improving the lives of senior citizens.

One way to deal with the situation would be to ensure that the elderly have enough money on which to live. Obviously, when a person stops working, they still require a source of income to cover their basic needs such as food, accommodation and heating. A clear solution to the problem is for the government to make sure that the state pension is adequate for these needs.

Steps should also be taken to overcome the health problems the elderly face. The government should also provide access to the best health care available, which may necessitate paying for residential homes where the elderly can have round-the-clock nursing, or, at the very least, providing medication free of charge to all people over a certain age. 

The lives of old people could be improved if attempts were made to address the problem of social isolation. If we organised trips for the elderly to community centres, visits from social workers their problem of loneliness can be reduced a lot which marks the lives of so many old people living alone and far from their families.

One final suggestion, which would help enormously, is to change the attitude of the community towards its older members, who are all too often seen as a burden on society and dismissed as having little to do with modern life. We need to be taught from an early age to respect the views of old people, and appreciate their broader experience of life. This would help society as a whole, and encourage appreciation of the role that old people can still play today.   

32. What does the passage mainly talk about?

   A. All the elderly can enjoy free medication.

   B. The nurses can take good care of the elderly.

   C. Some suggestions would be made to improve the lives of the elderly.

D. The health care available to the elderly is good.

33. The underlined word “address” in Paragraph 4 probably means_________.

A. find out        B. deal with      C. put down      D. pick up

34. What factors affected the old people’s life?

a. the state pension                b. the basic needs    

c. the attitude of the community      d. the experience of life 

e. social isolation                  f. medical care

A. a, b, c, d           

B. b ,c ,d ,e      

C. c ,d ,e, f          

D. a, c, e, f

35. According to the last suggestion, the old people_________.

A. should be respected by all of us       

B. have to gather more life experience

C. may be regarded as our heavy burden  

D. must change their attitude to the community


You often find somebody who works around you complaining all the time, don’t you?  36   About 70% of Americans say being around nonstop complainers sometimes has a bad influence on them. Luckily, here are 4 tips to help form positive patterns.

    1. Self-awareness

    When a negative thought pops into your mind, immediately correct it. Instead of telling yourself “That’s a nice shirt, but I can’t afford it,” change the message to “That will look great with my black pants when I can afford it.”   37 

Of course, everyone complains sometimes. But the less frequently you complain, the better you will feel.

    2. Distance yourself

  38   Excuse yourself and go somewhere quiet, somewhere outdoors in the fresh air. Think of something pleasant before returning. You have to take this seriously because negative people can and will pull you into the quicksand(困境).

    3. Don’t try to change complainers

If you find yourself trapped in a group of complainers in a meeting or at a social event, simply choose silence. Let their words bounce off you while you think of something else. Attempting to stop the complaining can make you a target.   39   If someone says, “I hate Mondays, weekends are too short,” try to think, “I’m glad I rested up over the weekend, so I’m ready to make some improvement on that big project.”

    4.   40  

When someone is shouting at you angrily, throw the responsibility back at them by asking, “So what do you intend to do about it?” In most cases, complainers don’t really want a solution. They just want to speak them out. If you make them aware that they themselves have to find the solutions, they will leave you alone and find someone else to complain to. If so, you will be happy. 

 A. Find solutions

 B. Change responsibility

 C. You have got a lot of company.

 D. By doing this, it will lead to positive behaviors.

 E. But you can redirect the discussion in your own mind.

 F. Whenever possible, escape from negative conversations.

 G. You will never know what they are going to talk about.


Recently I paid a visit to Harvard University, where there are top class scientists and professors and the best academic system in the world.

I was pretty 41 when I first stepped onto the campus. Well, it's not even really a campus. It's   42 like a district in a small town.

Harvard's main buildings are from the 18th century.They look very old and   43 . You might  44  say they're a little shabby. They don't fit the modern  45  of university at all. The buildings are surrounded by  46  and trees, so I felt as if I had walked into a medieval (中世纪的) castle. But when I looked across the street,  47   shops and in-fashion students made me feel like I was in the 21st century  48  . It creates a strong contrast and brings a special   49   to the school.

Our tour  50  Gary took us around and told us, "You see this grass field in the center of the school? Here is where they hold their  51  ceremony. They just set up tents and benches and have a very simple ceremony.” It's  52   ! Who would think the most talented students just graduate on the grass?

I  53  some students put a blanket on the grass and lie down to read a book. When I listened to the soft sound of  54   turning, along with chirping of the birds, I felt very  55 . There was no competitive feeling at all.

Harvard has the world's first computer in its science centre  56  there are hundreds of high-end computers, too. Its religion and the literature departments are also  57  the best. It is the perfect mix of tradition and  58  technology. It makes Harvard a very attractive place to  59  in. I hope one day I'll  60   my dream school -- Harvard.

41. A. upset             B. troubled                 C. shocked           D. tired 

42. A. less                  B. much              C. more              D. most

43. A. simple           B. solid                 C. grand             D. noisy

44. A. still             B. even               C. ever             D. yet

45. A. pattern               B. way                C. model                   D. idea

46. A. grass          B. stones              C. plants                   D. flowers

47. A. empty          B. busy              C. quiet              D. free

48. A. then           B. once              C. only             D. again

49. A. environment          B. scene                      C. atmosphere        D. condition

50. A. partner         B. guide                  C. visitor             D. professor

51. A. celebration           B. closing            C. opening            D. graduation

52. A. unbelievable          B. uncomfortable            C. unbearable              D. uninteresting

53. A. felt              B. had               C. saw                     D. imagined

54. A. books          B. benches                 C. blankets                 D. pages

55. A. calm            B. nervous          C. lucky             D. happy

56. A. and                  B. but                C. though            D. yet

57. A. in            B. among             C. under                   D. beyond

58. A. old            B. fresh            C. new               D. fast

59. A. live             B. study             C. read                    D. tour

60. A. serve                B. find               C. attend           D. visit

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