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    Cleverness is a gift while kindness is a choiceGifts are easy—they’re given after allChoice can be hard

    I got the idea to start Amazon 16 years agoI came across the fact that the Internet usage was growing at 2300 percent per yearI’d never seen or heard of anything that grew that fastand the idea of building all online bookstore with millions of titles was very exciting to me. I had just turned 30 years oldand I’d been married for a yearI told my wife MacKenzie that I wanted to quit my job and go to do this crazy thing that probably wouldn’t work since most start-ups don’t and I wasn’t sure what to expectMacKenzie told me I should go for itAs a young boyI’d been a garage inventorI’d always wanted to be all inventorand she wanted me to follow my passion   

    I was working at a financial firm in New York City with a bunch of very smart people and I had a brilliant boss that I much admiredI went to my boss and told him I wanted to start a company selling books on the InternetHe took me on a long walk in Central Parklistened carefully to meand finally said“That sounds like a really good ideabut it would be an even better idea for someone who didn’t already have a good job”That 1ogic made some sense to meand he convinced me to think about it for 48 hours before making a final decisionSeen in that light,it really was a difficult choicebut finallyI decided I had to give it a shotI didn’t think I’d regret trying and failingAnd I suspected I would always be haunted by a decision to not try at all.

    After much consideration I took the less safe path to follow my passion and I’m proud of that choiceFor all of usin the endwe are our choice

    21What inspired the author with the idea of building an online bookstore?

    AHis dream of being an inventor               

    BThe support of his wife

     CThe greatly increasing usage of the Internet 

     DMillions of exciting titles,

    22Which of the following is closest in meaning to the underlined sentence?

    AThe idea of not trying would keep coming to his mind and disturb him

    BHe would be very excited if he tried it out   

    CBe would be always having a doubt if he didn’t try

    DThe decision to not try the online bookstore would terrify him

    23Which of the following would be the best title for the passage?

    ACleverness and Kindness     BThe Starting of Amazon

     CFollowing My Passion         DWe Are What We Choose

    24We can know from the passage that_______

    Athe boss thought the idea was suitable for the author

    Bthe author wanted someone else to try the idea

    Cthe author might not regret if he failed the idea  

       Dthe author might go back to his boss if he failed   


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    Since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbed Mount Everest, Mount Qomolangma’s peak is no longer a lonely place and is turning into a trash heap.

    So far, more than 350 climbers have successfully reached the peak. And they have complained about waiting for hours in the bottlenecks (狭窄路段) on the way to the peak, a situation that isn’t just uncomfortable — it’s cold and windy up there — but downright dangerous. If bad weather strikes, climbers can and do die.

    As a matter of fact, the dangerous crowds aren’t the only problem on Qomolangma. All those climbers need to bring a lot of gear—and much of them ends up being left on the mountain, sometimes even the peak itself. Mount Qomolangma is becoming the world’s largest dump. Here’s mountaineer Mark Jenkins writing in National Geographic about the state of Qomolangma: “The two standard routes, the Northeast Ridge and the Southeast Ridge, are disgustingly polluted with oxygen cans and torn tents everywhere.”

    But the good news is that some mountaineers are taking it upon themselves to clean up Qomolangma. Mountianeer Paul Thelen and his friend Eberhard Schaaf are part of the annual Eco Everest Expedition, which has been cleaning up rubbish from base camps to the peak since 2008. So far they’ve collected over 13 tons of garbage.

    Some of that rubbish is even being used for a higher purpose. As part of the Mount Everest 8844 Art Project, a group of 15 artists from Nepal collected 1.5 tons of garbage brought down the mountain by climbers. They’ve transformed the cans and oxygen tanks—and in one case, part of the remains of a helicopter—into 74 pieces of art that have already gone on exhibition in Nepal’s capital. Part of the profit from sales will go to the Everest Peakers Association, which has helped collect tons of rubbish on the slopes of the mountain.

    25. What does the underlined word “gear” mean? 

     A. Equipment for climbing mountains.  

    B.. The food climbers brought onto the mountain. 

    C. Some important machines used for the bottlenecks. 

    D. Some rubbish found on the mountain.

    26 The group of 15 Nepali artists_________.

    A. created works of art using rubbish from Qomolangma 

    B. were employed by the Everest Peakeers Association 

    C. climbed Qomolangma and collected 1.5 tons of trash 

    D. painted 74 beautiful pictures of Mount Qomolangma’s peak

    27. What can be the best title for the text? 

    A. Eco Everest Expedition Proves Successful    

    B. Qomolangma Has Become A Huge Mess

    C. Test Yourself Against Qomolangma          

    D. Recycle Rubbish On Qomolangma


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    The bed should be reserved as a place for sleep, but people tend to read an iPad a lot in bed before they go to sleep.

    Charles Czeisler, a professor at Harvard Medical School, and his colleagues got a small group of people for an experiment. For five days in a row, the people read either a paper book or an iPad for four hours before sleep. Their sleep patterns were monitored all night. Before and after each trial period, the people took hourly blood tests to paint a day-long picture of just how much melatonin (褪黑激素) was in their blood at any given time.

    When subjects read on the iPad as compared to the paper books, they reported feeling less sleepy at night and less active the following morning. People also took longer to fall asleep on the iPad nights, and the blood tests showed that their melatonin secretion (分泌) was delayed by an hour and a half.

    The researchers conclude in today's journal article that given the rise of e-readers and the increasingly widespread use of e-things among children and adolescents, more research into the long-term consequences of these devices on health and safety is urgently needed. Czeisler and colleagues go on, in the research paper, to note:“Reading an iPad in bed may increase cancer risk.

    However, software has been developed that can reduce some of the blue light from the screens of phones and computers according to time of day, and there are also glasses that are made to filter (过滤) short wavelengths. While they seem like a logical solution for the nighttime tech users, it needs more research.

    28. In Charles Czeislers experiment, all the subjects were asked to______.

        A. sit in a row and receive the strict tests   

       B. have their sleep patterns observed all night

        C. read a paper book and an iPad at the same time

        D. have their blood tested per hour during the trial

    29 The third paragraph tells us the iPad readers were likely to_______.

        A. feel less sleepy and tired in the day       

           B. fall asleep more easily after reading

        C. become less energetic the next morning  

           D. have a lot more melatonin secretion

    30. The special software recently developed can______.

        A. remove the blue light from your devices completely

        B. help prevent eyes being harmed by short wavelength

        C. weaken the harm done by doing nighttime e-reading

        D. be used in all the e-things widely and safely

    31. Which of the following can be the best title for the text?

        A. No e-reading in bed before sleep

          B. New software for night e-readers

          C. Wrong behaviors before bedtime    

          D. No games on iPad in bed

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:健康保健类阅读
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    See a cellphone cover that you like on Taobao? Forget about placing an order, paying the bill online and waiting for days for it to be delivered to you. In the near future, you'll be able to get it in minutes just by hitting “print” on your computer.

      You might find it hard to believe that you could actually “print” an object like you would a picture. But it is not that hard to understand how it would work. Just as a traditional printer sprays ink onto paper line by line, modern 3D printers spread material onto a surface layer by layer, from the bottom to the top, gradually building up a shape.

      Instead of ink, the materials the 3D printer uses are mainly plastic, resin(树脂) and certain metals. The thinner each layer is—from a millimetre to less than the width of a hair—the smoother and finer the object will be.

     This may sound like a completely new technology, but the truth is that 3D printing has been around since the late 1980s. Back then, it was barely affordable for most people, so few knew about it.

        Last year, though, saw a big change in the 3D printing industry—printers became much cheaper. For example, 10 years ago a desktop 3D printer might have cost 20000, while now they cost only about 1000, according to the BBC.

      Taken out of the factory and introduced to more diverse and common uses, 3D printing can create just about anything you can think offlutes , bikinis, jewelry, aircraft parts and even human organs. In fact, scientists from Cornell University in New York have just made an artificial ear using a 3D printer, according to Science Daily. The fake ear looks and acts exactly like a natural one.

      However, as 3D printing becomes more common, it may bring about certain problems—such as piracy. “Once you can download a coffee maker, or print out a new set of kitchen utensils (餐具) on your personal 3D printer, who will visit a retail  store again” an expert in 3D printing told Forbes News. Even more frightening, what if anyone in the world could use a 3D printer to print out a fully functioning gun?

    32 According to the article, in the future, the 3D printing technology will _______.

      A. enable people to make better purchases online

       B. change the way we make many products

      C. be applied as widely in our daily life as computers

      D. shorten the time it takes for people to get what they buy online

    33. What happened in the 3D printing industry last year?

      A. The 3D printing technology was taken out of the factory.

      B. The 3D printing technology began to be used in various fields.

      C. The 3D printer was used for medical treatment for the first time.

      D. The 3D printer became more affordable for consumers.

    34. What is the best title of the passage?

      A. Great Demand for 3D Printers    B. Technology in the Future

      C. Online Shopping Disappearing    D. Printing out Everything

    35. How is the last paragraph developed?

      A. By giving examples.                     

       B. By making comparisons.

      C. By analyzing the cause and effect.          

       D. By presenting research findings.

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:政治经济文化类阅读
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    ●Does failure really exist?

    If you believe you have failed, then you have.  If you believe you don’t have the ability to succeed, then you don’t.     36     The moment you decide to give up or stop working toward your goals, failure is born.


    Most people give themselves an out without even realizing it. They are willing to work hard on reaching their goals, but only until the going gets too rough or their energy dies down.  Don’t do that!     38      Never quit, never admit failure, and never lose heart.

    ●Don’t believe in a clear finish line for goals.

    It’s a good idea to set a general timeline, but remember that something will be beyond your control.      39     If you lock yourself into a given timeline, you might make yourself feel like a failure!  Instead, get a general idea of when you’d like your goal to be completed. Then take it one day at a time and focus on making progress instead of reaching the finish line in as little time as possible.

    ●Be sure that you don’t see difficulties as failures.

    Difficulties mean only one thing: it’s not time for your goal to be completed yet.  That’s it!  It doesn’t mean you failed; it doesn’t mean you’re weak; it doesn’t mean you’ll never achieve your goals.     40     You’ve got to keep moving forward and find a way over, around, or through the difficulties.

    A. Never give up on yourself.

    B. Failure only exists in your own mind!

    C. That’s exactly how failure makes us feel.

    D. It simply means you have not done enough yet.

    E. You can never say exactly when your goal will be reached.

    F. Instead, make up your mind to make your goal happen, no matter what!

    G. Work hard towards your goal, and you will be likely to get good results.

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