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    Many people are quick to say that television has little, or no, educational value. It is true there are lots of programs that are completely worthless — take Big Brother for example. However, some television programs can improve our knowledge of certain things. Here are some of my favorite shows:

    Blue Peter: It is the longest-running children's TV show in the world, although it has fallen out of date recently. Children would often learn about different countries around the world. For example, one presenter (主持人) went to the Amazon rainforest in South America!

    The Great British Bake Off: This show is all about making cakes, biscuits and pies. The purpose is to find Britain' s best amateur (业余的) baker. You can watch the show to get some new baking ideas.

    Frozen Planet: David Attenborough has produced many films about wildlife. This one is about life in the most northern and southern parts of the world: polar bears, seals, penguins, moose and many more animals. I love this show mainly because it teaches us about the influence we have on the planet and what we need to do to save these places.

    Pointless: This is a general knowledge quiz (问答比赛) show. Each round will provide a different category (e.g. sport, music, films) and a question will be given, for example "Which teams have won the World Cup?" Before the show, 100 people will have been asked the Same question. Contestants (竞赛者) then have to think of an answer which none of the 100people thought of.

    21. According to the text, Blue Peter         .

    A. is not so popular as it used to be

        B. is mainly about the Amazon rainforest

        C. was produced by David Attenborough

        D. is very hard for children to understand

    22. Frozen Planet may interest those who like         .

        A. South America        B. sport and films    C. foreign food        D. wild animals

    23. To win in Pointless, you have to         .

        A. answer 100 questions         B. watch TV every day

        C. find a new answer            D. be a music lover

    24. The author wrote the text mainly to         .

        A. encourage Children to join a quiz show    B. introduce four educational TV programs

        C. show that TV has little educational value    D. discuss whether children should watch TV

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    A father who spent his life admiring (钦佩) Superman had his own superhero moment recently, although it came just after his death, when he saved two lives by giving away his kidneys (肾脏).

    Chris Kmetz, a 41-year-old Washington father of two, fell into a pond on Feb. 23 while he was driving home. When doctors told his wife, Jackie Kmetz, that her husband wouldn't make it, she changed him into a "Superdad" shirt and put their two kids, 2-year-old Madelyn and 4-year-old

    Dexter, in their own Superman clothes to say goodbye. Chris Kmetz died on Feb. 28, 2015.

    "During his childhood, Chris was introduced to picture books, and Superman became his first love," Jackie says. Chris kept over 1,000 such picture books in his bedroom and dressed as Superman every Halloween, and even sent videos telling superhero stories to his kids when he couldn't be home to put them to bed.

    Before his death, Chris cared a lot about organ donation (器官捐献), Jackie says. In fact, one of their usual conversations was the fact that they were both ready to be donors. "It was very clear in the first few hours after Chris's accident that the damage (损伤) to his brain was deadly, so I talked to the doctors about that because it was something very important to Chris," Jackie says.

        Not all donors are able to save lives. Only one percent of hospital deaths meet the standards of organ donation, but Chris was one of them. Jackie said their children didn't yet know about their father's last act of kindness, but she will share his great stories with them later. "I'll make copies of the videos and news stories so we can see how heroic he was," she says.

    25. On Feb. 23, 2015, Chris Kmetz          .

        A. had a car accident           B. died in a big pond

        C. became a Superman            D. gave away his kidneys

    26. The underlined word "that" in Paragraph 4 refers to         .

    A. Superman         B. the damage       C. Chris's death      D. organ donation

    27. What Jackie says in the last paragraph shows a feeling of          .

        A. peace            B. pride            C. loneliness           D. sadness

    28. What's the main idea of the text?

    A. Picture books about Superman were popular.

        B. It is not easy to be a donor.

        C. Superman dad saved two lives after his death.

    D. It is important to drive safely.

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    Lilly and Audrey are younger than most cookbook authors. But they have been developing their kitchen skills for more than half their lives. When they had just learned to walk, they loved to hang out in the kitchen while their parents cooked dinner. At age 5, they made their first dish without help: pumpkin muffins.

    Audrey can still remember the way the muffins rose in the oven (烤箱), the painful wait for them to cool and the sweetness of the fresh-made treats. "It was super exciting to make something so delicious almost all on our own," she says.

    Their parents are not very skilled at cooking, so Lilly and Audrey turned to other people for cooking advice. Auspiciously, they live in Sonoma, California, an area that is known for its farms and restaurants. One local cook gave the twins (双胞胎) lessons on cooking techniques, such as how to use knives; those classes taught Lilly and Audrey how to use kitchen tools safely.

    In 2009, they started a blog (博客), on which they share photos and recipes (菜谱) they have created. Though the twins love creating sweet foods such as muffins, they also think about healthy food. They hope their cookbook will encourage kids to make better food choices by making them more knowledgeable.

    "Knowing more about your food and where it comes from certainly causes you to know more about what you eat and to put the best food in your body," Lilly says. That has been true for her. Lilly used to avoid eggplant at all costs, until one day she tried cooking it for herself. Now it's one of her favorite vegetables. "If you make something yourself and give it a try, you'll probably like it," she says.

    29. Lilly and Audrey's first dish        .

    A. was a great success          B. was made when they were ten

        C. was an unpleasant experience

        D. was made with their parents' help

    30. The underlined word "Auspiciously" in Para-graph 3 can be replaced by"       ".

    A. Finally      B. Luckily      C. Strangely        D. Suddenly

    31. Lilly's change is mentioned mainly to show         .

    A. we should try new things

       B. eggplant is good for our health

        C. she didn’t like eggplant in the past

        D. learning more about food does us good

    32. What would be the best title for the text?

        A. Healthy eating           B. The twin cooks

        C. Pumpkin muffins      D. A popular cookbook

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    Death Valley National Park is the largest national park on the American mainland. This 3.3 million acre (英亩) park in southern California is the lowest, hottest, and driest place in North America. The lowest point is 86 meters below sea level. In the summer, the average temperature is 46, and the highest temperature ever recorded here was 56.6. There are some summers when Death Valley receives no rain, and the average rainfall is fewer than two inches.

    The earliest visitors to this desert area were different tribes (部落) of Native Americans. They walked through this area but did not stay. In 1849, people heard about the discovery of gold in California. Thousands of people began the long trip to the west. This large desert area was so difficult to cross that it received the name Death Valley.

    Today, tourists and nature lovers from all over the United States travel to Death Valley to enjoy its natural beauty. There are over one thousand kinds of plants in this desert, including many kinds of cactuses and flowers. Cactuses, with their interesting and unusual shapes, need very little rain. Their roots are close to the surface of the ground so they can quickly collect any rainfall. A few days after the first rain in the spring, thousands of wildflowers cover the desert.

    There are also many animals that have learned to live in this area. Most are active at night, and they sleep during the day. For example, the kangaroo rat sleeps deep underground while the sun is out. It can live all its life without drinking any water, getting its water from the food it eats.

    If you are planning a trip to Death Valley, winter is the best time to visit. And there are more things to know and prepare before you set off.

    33. Death Valley National Park

        A. receives very little rain

        B. is hot all the year round

        C. is the biggest park in the U.S.

        D. lies in the northern part of California

    34. Death Valley got its name

       A. in the early 19th century

        B. thanks to Native Americans

        C. from the colors of its plants

        D. because of the terrible weather

    35. What will the author most probably talk about next?

        A. The discovery of gold.

        B. Some advice for tourists.

        C. The history of Death Valley.

        D. How to protect Death Valley.

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    The history of vaccines

    Few people enjoy getting shots (打针) at the doctor's office, but many of these shots are important vaccines (疫苗).   36 

    Vaccines got their start in Europe in the 1720s, when a British woman named Lady Mary Wortley Montagu was visiting Turkey (a country of southwest Asia and southeast Europe). She saw Turkish doctors purposefully inoculating (为做预防接种) people with small amounts of smallpox, which is a painful, deadly disease. Soon those patients not only got better, but then proved to be immune (免疫的) to the disease.   37 

    Lady Montagu quickly returned to England, excited to share this new medical treatment. But inoculation took many years to catch on. One problem was that no one had a way of inoculating people safely.   38   Anyway, inoculation saved many people and it finally became the common practice for preventing smallpox.

      39   He found that people who had caught a disease called cowpox became immune to smallpox. Cowpox was much less harmful (有的) than smallpox. Edward Jenner advised doctors to inoculate people with cowpox, which led to a very safe vaccine and far fewer outbreaks of smallpox, Finally, a French scientist named Louis Pasteur realized that Edward Jenner's idea could be used to treat other diseases.   40   Today, scientists and doctors continue to create new vaccines that could probably save millions of lives all over the world.

    A. There are several kinds of vaccines.

    B. Lady Montagu was very surprised to get to know that.

    C. Smallpox killed as many as one in every three children.

    D. They can help prevent us from getting certain diseases.

    E. Sometimes, patients would suffer more health problems.

    F. Since then, vaccines have been made for many other diseases.

    G. Years later, another scientist Edward Jenner made a new discovery.

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