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    Books are typically written first, then narrated (朗读) for audio books. Until now, Audible, the largest company of audio books, has begun asking well-known writers to create works specifically for audio, instead of inviting people to narrate already existing print books. It’s a new chapter for the book industry.
        Audible now has about 30 totally new audio works in production. And it turns out that audio books, which have long been regarded as less important than e-books, have actually been doing quite well. They are a $1,000,000,000 industry, with more than 35,000 titles published in 2013 alone.
        What promotes that progress is not only an evolution of technology, but more importantly, the rise of the celebrity (
    名人) narrator. Narrators are key to the success of an audio book and these days, producers are signing on more and more celebrities. Celebrities’ narration is like a private performance to customers, who get a feeling of closeness in listening to their voices. Many of the customers buy audio books based on the narrator. They will listen to anything a specific actor or actress reads.
        That is why Audible is taking the risk of not producing print books at all but starting totally new audio works. There’s another reason why the company is expecting its risk-taking action to pay off: humans have been telling stories since the beginning of time. We are taking part in a little habit that goes back thousands and thousands of years—before the first mark was ever made on a stone. Long before writing, people were telling each other stories and the audio book goes all the way back to that tradition. As Peter Allen sang softly in the 1970s, everything old is new again.
    1. The “new chapter” (Para. 1) refers to a time of ______.
      A. starting audio companies                       B. producing new audio works 

    C. narrating print books for audio               D. creating electronic books
    2. What does Paragraph 2 tell about audio books

      A. Their bright future                              B. Their difference from e-books

    C. Their great importance                                        D. Their previous production
    3. Customers like celebrities’ narration because ______.
      A. celebrities help them understand the stories              B. celebrities have more attractive voices
      C. celebrities seem to be within their reach        D. celebrities have better narrating skills

    4. Audible believes its risk-taking action will be rewarding because ______.
    A. the action has lasted for a long time        B. customers play an active role in the action
    C. the company has spent a lot on the action    D. the action agrees with the story-telling tradition

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    Ever since Donald Trump was elected president of the US, the entire Trump family has been put under a microscope.

    In China, the spotlight has been mainly focused on Trump and his daughter Ivanka. She is described on WeChat as an extremely influential role model with stunning beauty, a successful career, and a happy family.

    She leads a dream life that a million girls would kill for. Yes, she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. But she got where she is by herself.

    There’s always going to be articles that say people born into wealthy families are better looking and have a better family background than you, but these people do work harder than you.

    Are you a loser if you were raised in an ordinary family? Should you feel guilty that you sleep eight hours a day because Ivanka sleeps five? If you just want to keep a stable nine-to-five job, does it mean you are not ambitious? How about if you don’t work out or eat healthy, does that mean you will not find your Mr. or Miss Right?

    There is a tendency in media nowadays to encourage elitism (精英主义).They are trying to brainwash young people into thinking that they should invest an enormous amount of time and money in bodybuilding and appearance enhancement, even plastic surgery. They encourage lifestyle makeovers: wine tasting classes and expensive trips overseas. They make you believe that if you do as they say, you can improve the quality of your life and join the elites.

    But what’s the downside of being ordinary? Do you really need to go to the gym five days a week unless you are a gym maniac (热衷者)? Do you need to take hundreds of selfies and Photoshop the selected ones to post on WeChat? Do you really need to break your neck and sacrifice to earn your first pot of gold only to worry constantly about how to enter high society later?

    Don’t let the idea of elitism get to you. Everybody has a right to the life they want. Human beings should not be judged as a success or failure based on whether they are a part of the elite or not. As long as you lead a happy and comfortable life, why bother to chase after other people’s shadows? Choose your own life path and go for it.

    5. Why does Ivanka become a hit online?

    A. She gets what she has through personal efforts despite decent origin.

    B. She together with her family is put under careful investigation.

    C. She is a virtual role model frequently seen among ordinary people.

    D. She lives such a dream life that a million girls would like to kill her.

    6. Which of the following are considered as a life belonging to people of higher social rank?

    Polish and post carefully- selected selfies on WeChat

    Break your neck to earn your first pot of gold

    Spare no expense to improve physical appearance

    Sign up for wine tasting classes and oversea trips

    A. ①④     B. ②④          C.②③    D. ③④

    7. It can be inferred from the text that ____________.

    A. Ivanka sleeping five hours a day makes the vast majority guilty.

    B. Being distinguished is a commonly advocated culture nowadays

    C. Keeping a stable nine-to- five job will be thought of as a loser.

    D. Improving the quality of life will promote one’s social status.

    8. Which attitude towards life would the writer probably agree with?

    A. Life is like a dogsled team. If you aren’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.

    B. Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.

    C. There is only one success — to be able to spend your life in your own way.

    D. The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.

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        The sharing economy, represented by companies like Airbnb or Uber, is the latest fashion craze. But many supporters have overlooked the reality that this new business model is largely based on escaping regulations and breaking the law.

        Airbnb is an internet-based service that allows people to rent out spare rooms to strangers for short stays. Uber is an internet taxi service that allows thousands of people to answer ride requests with their own cars. There are hundreds of other such services.

        The good thing about the sharing economy is that it promotes the use of underused resources. Millions of people have houses or apartments with empty rooms, and Airbnb allows them to profit from these rooms while allowing guests a place to stay at prices that are often far less than those charged by hotels. Uber offers prices that are competitive with standard taxi prices and their drivers are often much quicker and more trustworthy.

        But the downside of the sharing economy has gotten much less attention. Most cities and states both tax and regulate hotels, and the tourists who stay in hotels are usually an important source of tax income. But many of Airhnb’s customers are not paying the taxes required under the law.

        Airbnb can also raise issues of safety for its customers and trouble for hosts’ neighbors. Hotels are regularly inspected to ensure that they are not fire traps and that they don’t form other risks for visitors. Airbnb hosts face no such inspections.

       Since Airbnb is allowing people to escape taxes and regulations, the company is simply promoting thefts(盗窃). Others in the economy will lose by bearing an additional tax burden or being forced to live next to an apartment unit with a never-ending series of noisy visitors.

       The same story may apply with Uber. Uber is currently in disputes over whether its cars meet the safety and insurance requirements imposed (强加于) on standard taxis. Also, if Uber and related services flood the market, they could harm all taxi drivers’ ability to earn a minimum wage.

       This downside of the sharing needs to be taken seriously, but that doesn't mean the current tax and regulatory structure is perfect.

    9. What is the positive thing about the sharing economy?

    A. It is a global trend.                        B. It is beyond regulations.
    C. It brings in modest profits.                  D. It draws on spare resources. 

    10. What is the problem with Airbnb customers according to the passage?

    A. They are not regularly inspected.             B. They are likely to commit thefts.

    C. They can be noisy to hosts’ neighbours.        D. They are not allowed to escape taxes.   

    11. What is the argument over Uber according to the passage?

    A. Whether it guarantees customers’safety.       B. Whether it provides reliable services.

    C. Whether it lowers customers’expenses.        D. Whether it can compete with standard taxis.

    12. What will be talked about in the following paragraphs?

    A. Existing regulations and laws.                       B. Necessary improvements of current laws.
    C. Further development of Airbnb and Uber.            D. More downsides of Airbnb and Uber.

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       When you ask people how to make friends as an adult, they usually give you suggestions like, “just get out there,“ “join a dance class,” or, “try speed dating.” ___13___ After all, making friends does require us to get out into the world and take a few emotional risks.

       Most of the time, however, we are not lacking for ideas on where to meet people. ___14___ For this reason, most people find that reconnecting with themselves is a first step towards reconnecting with others.

       If you feel tired, out of shape, or sad, most of the time, making friends is going to be extremely difficult. ___15___  Start small. Use the 1 - minute technique to gradually increase your commitment to exercise. Get out into nature. Set a timer to remind yourself to get up every hour to stretch. Try gentle yoga(瑜伽).

       While you build up your body, don’t forget to nourish (滋养) your mind. Write down one thing every day that you are grateful for. ___16___ Learn to become your own best friend.

       ____17___ Instead of relying on our social circumstances to bring people into our lives, we need to change ourselves first and then invite people into our lives.

    A. On the surface, these are fine suggestions.

    B. Spend a few minutes every day in reflection.

    C. It will be even more difficult when you are an adult.

    D. We are missing the motivation and self-confidence to get started.

    E. We only need to know how to start a conversation with strangers.

    F. Making friends as an adult is possible, but it requires a new approach.

    G. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple things that you can do to increase your physical and             emotional resources.

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    My husband and I insisted that our children were old enough to clean their rooms and make their beds. But they thought   1  . My complaints, even self-justified shouting, were always landing on   2   ears. Very often a whole hour’s scolding would end with their   3   into tears, I felt very frustrated. I realized I needed to   4   my method of “mothering”.

    One day when they were at school, I spent some time   5   their rooms. On their desks, in plain   6  , I left the cards: “Dear Bill (the other card was   7   to Sarah), your room was messy this morning and I’m sure you like it clean. Love, the Room Fairy.”   8   arriving back, the children were   9   excited to receive the little note from the Room Fairy. The next day, their rooms were fairly clean. Sure enough, there was another note from the Room Fairy  10   for them, thanking them for their nice “gift” of a clean room and  11  asking them to play a certain violin  12  . Each day, thank-you notes would be written differently to keep the ideas  13  .

    Sometimes the Room Fairy would propose a little  14  : “If you can finish your homework and  15  your lessons before dinner, I’ d like to watch a particular television program with you tonight.” Sometimes some colored markers or other little items would be left in  16  of well done jobs the day  17  .

    18   I can’t remember how long “the Room Fairy” continued leaving her love notes. When they were age-appropriate, we used various versions of Post-Its(便利贴). The bathroom mirror became the   19  centre of our home. Appointments, notices about visiting relatives, lesson schedules, and changes in plans could be posted.

        We all benefited from and  20  the idea of sharing reminders and daily details of life through notes. I believe the true advantage of the Room Fairy notes survives in our frequent and enjoyable communication.

    1.  A. indifferently               B. otherwise           C. doubtfully               D. alike

    2.  A. both                  B. either                   C. neither                      D. side

    3.  A. bursting                B. bumping                 C. crying                  D. breaking

    4.  A. access                B. adopt               C. addict                    D. adjust

    5.  A. emptying                 B. searching           C. tidying                D. clearing

    6.  A. speech                 B. words            C. sight                     D. distance

    7.  A. delivered              B. addressed          C. read                  D. sent

    8.  A. By                     B. In                  C. At                    D. Upon 

    9.  A. no more than          B. more than                        C. other than              D. rather than

    10.  A. waiting            B. praying               C. expecting           D. asking

    11.  A. purely                   B. gratefully            C. gently               D. toughly 

    12.  A. music                      B. tune                   C. piece               D. role

    13.  A. incredible             B. uninteresting       C. respectable            D. fresh

    14.  A. challenge            B. advice                  C. question               D. suggestion

    15.  A. look into          B. go with             C. look up              D. go over  

    16.  A. possession            B. honor                  C. praise                 D. response

    17.  A. before             B. later               C. ago              D. ahead

    18.  A. Even so                        B. Actually                 C. Though           D. Even if

    19.  A. main                 B. memory            C. life                D. reminder

    20.  A. appreciated          B. learned                  C. thanked            D. shared

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