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    There are about 52 theme parks in Japan. Today we mainly talk about three famous theme parks among them.

    Nikko Edo Village

    Nikko Edo Village is a theme park opened in Tochigi prefecture () in 1986 that offers an amazing experience of Edo-period culture and lifestyle. A town scenery from the mid-Edo period is rebuilt within the park, and among attractions are live Edo festival parades.

    Universal Studios Japan

    Located in Osaka, this park features Hollywood films. One of the two largest theme parks in Japan, along with Tokyo Disney Resort, it is the third theme park operated by Universal Studios and the first outside the United States.

    At first, the park was to have been named “Universal Studios Osaka,” but this name was not used because its abbreviation (缩写) USO would have been pronounced like the Japanese word uso, which means “lie.”

    The park offers attractions on the theme of motion pictures, with rides such as Sesame Street, Shrek, E.T., Terminator, Spiderman, etc.

    Tokyo Disney Resort

    Opened in the city of Urayasu, Chiba prefecture in 1983 as the first Disneyland outside the United States, Tokyo Disneyland lies on 600,000 square meters of reclaimed land(填海造陆).

    In 2001,Tokyo DisneySea was opened next to Tokyo Disneyland, with the seas as its theme. This park, Tokyo Disneyland, and neighboring hotels and shopping centers together make up the Tokyo Disney Resort, which brings in more than 25 million visitors every year.

    Tokyo Disney Resort lies close to Tokyo and other major cities with huge populations, and has easy access to the New Tokyo International Airport in the city of Narita Chiba prefecture. Apart from this, its great success also lies in the fact that new attractions have been opened one after another, thus winning the support of many repeat visitors.

    21. In which park can you enjoy the live performance?

       A. Nikko Edo Village      B. Universal Studios Japan

       C. Tokyo DisneySea       D. Tokyo Disney Resort

    22. Which of the following is not included about Universal Studios Japan?

       A. Its location      B. Its attractions

       C. Its name     D. Its history

    23. What can we know about Tokyo Disney Resort?

       A. It is the first Disneyland in the world

       B. It is made up of two parts

       C. It is becoming more popular

       D. It is not easy to get to

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    Mom and businessman Jaimee Newberry founded “Picture This”—a new company that allows kids to turn their drawings into dresses.

    The process is simple: Parents choose a dress size and print out the coloring book—style models available on the “Picture This” website. Once their kids have colored and decorated the models, the grown-ups can upload photos of the completed designs on the website and place their orders. The finished dresses arrive within a few weeks.

    “Picture This” was inspired by a dress Newberry made for her daughter, Zia, inspired by her artwork. In a Medium post detailing he history of “Picture This”, Newberry wrote that Zia loved the dress and told people, “I’m wearing my imagination!”

    “Due to the positive response and requests from Zia’s friends and classmates, Ken, Igi, Stephen and I chatted about how to turn this idea into something where kids everywhere could have fun with hands-on drawing and coloring, and then see their imaginative artwork come to life in wearable fashion form,” Newberry explained.

    In addition to kid-sized dresses, “Picture This” also allows kids to design dresses for their dolls. And although the service currently only offers dresses, they have plans to expand the clothing choices.

    For now, Newberry invites families to try out the service and post photos of their dresses on social media. Based on he various kinds of kid art in the world, it’s clear these dresses will certainly be unique.

    24. What chances does “Picture This” give to kids?

       A. To learn the latest fashion

       B. To design their own clothes

       C. To take photos of themselves

       D. To discuss ideas with top designers

    25. How did Zia friends react to the dress her mother made for her?

       A. They spoke highly of it

       B. They requested Zia to sell it

       C. They showed no interest in it

       D. They couldn’t stand it.

    26. What do we know about “Picture This”?

       A. It has branched out into grown-ups’ wear

       B. It lets its customers’ imagination run wild

       C. It was first created by Newberry’s daughter

       D. Most of its models are designed by Newberry.

    27. What’s the author’s attitude towards the future of “Picture This”?

       A. Worried      B. Uncertain     C. Hopeful      D. Doubtful

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    At 23, I was fresh out of graduate school and working in a nursing home, trying to decide my next path in life. My job involved wheeling residents(居民) to the community hall for activities. Elizabeth would wave from her darkened room but refuse to join the gatherings. Nearly blind, and requiring oxygen, she never left her bedside. I soon learned, though, that she loved books, and every day after work I would read to her.

      In dim light we made our way through “King Lear,” “Henry IV,” “Jane Eyre,” the poems of Rupert Brooke.

    Two golden hours might pass before I’d pack up to return to my apartment. Before I could leave she’d press my hand, saying, “Child — my literary child. You bring me such joy.” Elizabeth’s husband had died ten years earlier, and their only child, a daughter, was estranged(疏远) for what heartbreaking reason I never knew.

      One day an old friend of hers visited and brought her some soup. Smiling broadly, Elizabeth squeezed my arm. “Tomorrow, child, we shall feast.”

      The next evening I found Elizabeth’s bed empty. “I’m sorry,” the nurse whispered. She handed me a box and nodded. “She left everything to you.” At home, I unpacked it, finding two white sweaters, the dozen leather-bound books and, at the bottom, the can of soup.

      That summer I decided my path. I returned to school to study literature(文学).

      And for 26 years the soup has stayed in my kitchen. It’s remained unopened, but the memories are preserved.

    28. Why did Elizabeth refuse to join the gatherings?

    A. She had many books to read.

    B. She was not a very social person.

    C. She was limited in her movement.

    D. She had no interest in those activities.

    29. What do we know about Elizabeth?

    A. She loved writing poems.

    B. She often visited her friends.

      C. She got divorced ten years ago.

      D. She had little communication with her daughter.

    30. What can we know about the author?

       A. She used to be doctor.

    B. She was inspired by Elizabeth.

      C. She taught literature for 26 years.

      D. She didn’t like the taste of the soup.

    31. What would be the best title for the text?

     A. A book-loving friend

    B. An unforgettable literary journey

     C. An interesting nursing experience

    D. A short-term job and its lifelong influence

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    The 2016 State of North America’s Birds report was published by the North American Bird Conservation Initiative(NABCI) last Wednesday at the Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Canada. The report-for the first time-assesses(评估)conservation status of 1,154 native bird species that occur in Canada, the continental United States, and Mexico, as well as oceanic birds that occur off these three countries. However, the findings were distressing. Over one—third of all North America bird species are most at risk of extinction without significant conservation action.

    “North American migratory birds(候鸟)are on the decline (下降). But these birds link us, they unite us, and we have a shared duty to them and to the environments they are closely tied in with, so it requires international teamwork,” said Christian Artuso, a biologist at Bird Studies Canada. “This will come back to bite us if we don’t deal with it while we still have a chance.”

    The threat to bird populations has brought nations together to try and save them from extinction. “Canada, the United States, and Mexico share an amazing wealth of birds. And not one of them carries a passport,” said Catherine McKenna, Canadian federal Environment and Climate Change Minister. “Partnerships like this allow us to ‘spread our wings’ beyond our own nests.”

    This week policymakers, scientists, and nonprofit leaders met in Ottawa, Canada, to discuss the results of the study and how to increase conservation efforts in the continent.

    The authors recommend various ways to take action to save the homes of at-risk birds. For seabirds, the report suggests expanding protected areas in the sea, signing agreements to cut plastics pollution, managing fisheries to protect fish populations upon which the birds feed, and making sure the birds do not get caught in fishing lines or nets.

    “The thing about migratory birds is they connect us. What we do up here in Canada affects what goes on down in the southern US and Mexico and even further beyond, throughout the whole hemisphere(半球),” said Artuso.

    32. What does the underlined word “distressing” in the first paragraph mean?

       A. Boring       B. Exciting 

       C. Upsetting     D. Interesting

    33. What does the teamwork mentioned by Artuso probably aim to do?

       A. Study bird species      B. Protect migratory birds

       C. Help international biologists    D. Create a competitive environment

    34. What can we infer about Mckenna’s words?

       A. She wanted birds to fly beyond their nests.

       B. She was curious about birds in the three countries

       C. She hoped the three countries could work together

       D. She believed passports were sometimes unnecessary

    35. How is Paragraph 5 mainly developed?

       A. By providing examples      B. By giving descriptions

       C. By analyzing causes     D. By making comparisons.

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    As we all know, it is very difficult to remember all the contents of a long passage. For that reason, it is wise to make notes of information that is necessary for the students when they read a passage. The result is a short of the  passage, and it contains all aspects of the passage.  36  I ask the students to follow these steps.

    Familiarize with(通晓)the material. After students have read the passage or a section of it, they can start summarizing.  37 

    Select important information. I ask the students to go through each paragraph, sentence by sentence, asking themselves which information is necessary to the argument. They should point out complete sentences as much as possible.  38  Pay attention to these important points: author, title, reason why the passage was written, purpose, theme, key words, link words, all major aspects, explanations and author’s opinion.

    Paraphrase(释义)the information. I ask the students to point out the information of the previous step in their own words.  39  They should try to shorten long and complex sentences into much shorter ones.

      40  Let students make sure that the connection between sentences is clear and reasonable and that each group of sentences smoothly fit in one paragraph.

    A. Adjust the length of the summary

    B. Insert links(连接词)between sentences and paragraphs.

    C. A choice is to underline important sentences or phrases.

    D. In this way students can grasp the main ideas of the passage.

    E. But we know reading is a practice of long period and we must have a lot of practice

    F. The length of the section read through depends on the structure and the complexity(复杂)of the passage.

    G. And writing down information in their own words forces them to completely understand what they are writing down.

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