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There are two things I can count on my dad asking every time he calls me:“Is there anything I can do for you?”and“How’s the car?”I guess he asks what he can do for me because his dad(an air force officer)was never really there for him,and he’s determined to provide me with the support he lacked.During my youth he never missed a school play or softball game.In fact,he was so supportive that I sometimes longed for one of those dads who dressed better and cared less.But my dad would forever be the guy wearing shorts with dress shoes and black socks,cheering me on,expecting greatness.

His other standard question—How’s the car?--used to strike me as a waste of long-distance dollars from a man who once suggested making a list of what you want to talk about before calling someone out of state.What I now realize is that“How’s the car?”is not about the car.It’s a father’s way of asking his adult daughter how she is doing.The advantage is that if there’s something wrong with the car,he knows what to do about it and how much it will cost,whereas if you’re having problems about marriage or doubting a career choice,he might have to act Mom on the line.

At age thirty I finally took the plunge(跳进)into adulthood by renting a car without my dad’s help or advice.I’m sure my dad was hurt rather than proud.Though a daughter’s independence is evidence of a job well done,it still implies the job’s done,and many fathers are unwilling to retire.Even when my dad was overworked,he’d happily jump on a plane if I said I needed help.His frequent question“Is there anything I can do for you?”underlines the fact that he wishes there was still something he could provide.It’s interesting:Even though we’re tied by blood and I love him no matter what,he still seems to need a concrete function--suggesting stocks,finding the cheapest plane fare--to feel he has a role in my life.

小题1:In the author’s opinion,her father always attended her school plays or softball games to_____.

A.satisfy any demand she made to him

B.show his interest and watch them for fun

C.make up what he was previously short of

D.expect his daughter would be great in games

小题2:The author has learned that by asking“How is the car?”,her father is actually_____.

A.reminding her not to waste money

B.asking how his daughter is getting along

C.expressing his concern for her daughter’s safety

D.asking his daughter if the car breaks down or not

小题3:According to the author,her father,like many other fathers,is unwilling to retire probably because_____.

A.he wants to continue to earn money

B.he is doubtful of children’s independence

C.he won’t put an end to caring for his children

D.he is afraid of losing connection with children

小题4:We can safely draw a conclusion from the story that in the author’s eye her father_____.

A.has a strong passion for his work

B.has the deepest love for his children

C.has great interest in his daughter’s car

D.has too much control over his children

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小题1:C细节理解题。根据第一段提到I guess he asks what he can do for me because his dad(an air force officer)was never really there for him,and he’s determined to provide me with the support he lacked.During my youth he never missed a school play or softball game我认为他所做的是因为他的爸爸没有为他做的,所以才来参加与我有关任何的活动,所以选C项。

小题2:B细节理解题。根据第二段所提到What I now realize is that“How’s the car?”is not about the car.It’s a father’s way of asking his adult daughter how she is doing这句话不是问车怎么样,而是一种父亲式的关怀,问女儿情况如何,所以选B项。

小题3:C细节理解题。根据第三段提到Though a daughter’s independence is evidence of a job well done,it still implies the job’s done,and many fathers are unwilling to retire.尽管女儿的独立是工作很好的证据,但它也表示工作的结束,许多父亲不愿意退休,所以选C项这意味着他要停止关心女儿,孩子已经长大了,所以选C项。

小题4:B细节推断题。根据最后一段提到Even when my dad was overworked,he’d happily jump on a plane if I said I needed help即使当他非常忙时,如果我说我需要帮助,他会十分开心,Even though we’re tied by blood and I love him no matter what,he still seems to need a concrete function--suggesting stocks,finding the cheapest plane fare--to feel he has a role in my life.虽然我们有血缘关系,他仍然需要一个具体的作用来感觉他在我的生活中仍然起着重要的作用,所以体现父亲对女儿常常的爱,所以选B项。

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A wallet misplaced during a romantic embrace has been returned to its forgetful owner after 55 years.

Two classic car collectors from the US state of Idaho found the wallet after it fell out of the back of a vintage (旧式的) car they were planning to restore. After an Internet search they found and contacted the owner, Glenn Goodlove. Mr. Goodlove said he probably lost the wallet in the back seat of his 1946 Hudson car while kissing a girl when he was home on leave from the US Navy.

Jon Beck, 61, and Chuck Merrill, 72, bought the now-vintage vehicle in Idaho after placing an ad in a local newspaper to buy a classic car in need of restoration. Driving the car home after buying it, the collectors stopped at a restaurant and saw something from below the back seat.

“Like a couple of kids, we thought we had a goldmine,” Mr. Beck said. Instead, they found some small change ― the leather wallet held a $10 bill, Mr. Goodlove’s military ID, his social security card, his driver’s license and several jewellery receipts from 1952. But they were all in the name of Glenn Putnam.

After searching online, Mr. Beck discovered that Mr. Putnam had since changed his name to Glenn Goodlove and moved to San Diego, California. He called Mr. Goodlove, asking to speak to a man who used to drive a ’46 Hudson.

“There was a silence for about 15 seconds,” Mr. Beck told the Twin Falls Times-News. “Then he said, ‘Who is that?’” Mr. Goodlove, now 75, says he did not even remember losing the wallet, but the find has brought memories of his youth in Everett, Washington, flooding back. “I could see the house and the car and the town and all the good stuff from living there,” he said. “They’ve been flowing ever since he talked to me.”


 65.The lost wallet contained all the following EXCEPT ______.

A. some money                                       B. some jewellery

C. some receipts                                      D. some cards

66.Which of the following happened last?

A. The vintage car   was purchased.             B. An advertisement was placed

C. Mr. Goodlove’s name was changed.       D. Some personal belongings were found

67.What difference did the wallet make to Glenn?

A. He gained unexpected wealth

B. He got back his lost car as well

C. He improved his poor memory a lot

D. He recalled what had long been forgotten.

68.The most proper title for the passage is ______

A.A Forgetful Wallet Owner                      B. Two Car Collectors and a Good Deed

C. Price Paid for Romance                        D. Lost Wallet Found after 55 Years


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In the depths of my memory, many things I did with my father still live. These things come to represent, in fact, what I call joy and love.

I don’t remember my father ever getting into a swimming pool. But he did love the water. Any kind of boat ride seemed to give him pleasure. And he loved to fish; sometimes he took me along.

But I never really liked being on the water, the way my father did. I liked being in the water, moving through it, having it all around me. I was not a strong swimmer, or one who learned to swim early, for I had my fears. But I loved being in the swimming pool close to my father’s office and spending those summer days with my father, who would come by on a break. I needed him to see what I could do. My father would stand there in his suit, the only person not in swimsuit.

After swimming, I would go inside his office and sit on the wooden chair in front of his big desk, where he let me play with anything I found in his top desk drawer. Sometimes, if I was left alone at his desk while he worked in the lab, an assistant or a student might come in and tell me perhaps I shouldn’t be playing with his office things. But my father always showed up and said easily, “Oh, no, it’s fine.” Sometimes he handed me coins and told me to get myself an ice cream…

A poet once said, “We look at life once, in childhood; the rest is memory.” And I think it is not only what we “look at once, in childhood” that decides our memories, but who, in that childhood, looks at us.


65. What was probably the author’s father?

A. A poet.       B. A professor.      C. A fisherman.      D. An ice-cream man.

66. The author loved being in the swimming pool close to her father’s office mainly because ________.

A. she was interested in her father’s office things

B. she wanted her father to buy her some ice-cream

C. she loved showing her progress in swimming to her father

D. she wanted others to know how much her father loved her

67. Which of the following statement is not true according to the passage?

A. The author loved her father deeply.

B. The author’s father was quite fond of fishing.

C. The author didn’t start to swim very young.

D. The author’s father was very strict with her.

68. Which of the following is probably the best title of the passage?

A. Swimming, my favorite sport

B. Father, source of joy and love

C. Memories of past days

D. Interesting summer activities

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Rupert Hoogewerf, whose name sounds Dutch, is actually an Englishman. The 34-year-old man is very famous in China--though many Chinese merchant princes have complicated feeling towards him. Every day people, meanwhile, take delight in talking about his work. All of the fuss is over the annual report that Hoogewerf puts out ranking Chinese millionaires.

On the wall of Hoogewerf's office in Shanghai, there is a massive Chinese map, and on almost every province is glued a small strip of paper. On each strip is written how many millionaires are registered on Hoogewerf's list. Hoogewerf, wearing jeans and sandals, speaks fluent Chinese to introduce the initial motivation for compiling the list.

When Hoogewerf went into university to study Chinese in 1997, he says, he was affiliated with the renowned accounting firm Arthur Andersen, and was assigned to work in Shanghai. Working in Shanghai, he could see first-hand China's fast economic development.

"But my fellows and I don't understand the process of how this could happen," he says, "let alone to explain this phenomenon in the concept of economics."

Then he had an idea to compile a ranked list to introduce Chinese tycoons abroad, knowing that foreigners preferred reading people's stories to data.

With the help of two colleagues in 1999, Hoogewerf complied the first ranking of Chinese millionaires. The most difficult task was to select candidates, and Hoogewerf and his colleagues spent two months reading Chinese and English magazines and newspapers. From a list of more than 1,000 people, they chose 300 people to survey and contact further. Finally, a list with the hundred richest businessmen in China appeared. The listing astounded the populace; the Chinese have a tradition where people are afraid to exhibit their wealth. The achievement of a hundred millionaires became the main topic in everyone's conversation. Hoogewerf instantly became famous across China.

Hoogewerf also brings forward some advice to Chinese companies. In his opinion, compared to foreign companies, Chinese companies are still in the beginning phase. Their finance management and public relations need most work. So the service in accountant, auditing, public relations, consultation and so on is still required.

"If I don't compile ranks one day," Hoogewerf says,"I hope to do my Chinese career in these fields."


72Which of the following sentences is true according to the passage?

ARupert Hoogewerf is from Holland.

BMany Chinese merchants like Rupert Hoogewerf very much.

COrdinary people take delight in talking with the Englishman.

DRupert Hoogewerf speaks fluent Chinese.

73What do the underlined words "these fields" in the last paragraph refer to?


BAccountant, auditing, public relations, consultation and so on.


DChinese companies.

74Which of the following sentences might Hoogewerf agree with?

AChinese companies are satisfying and need no improvement.

BChinese companies should extend their business relationship with foreign companies.

CChinese companies should invest more money in poor areas.

DChinese companies need to work hard to improve their finance management and public relations.

75What can be implied from the passage?

  AAs Chinese companies are still in the beginning phase, Hoogewerf doesn't feel happy to work in China.

  BIf Hoogewerf doesn't compile ranks one day, he will choose to work in China.

  CHoogewerf puts out the report ranking Chinese millionaires every other year.

  DHoogewerf doesn't have a good relationship with Chinese millionaires.

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In 1993, I had my first opportunity to visit Russia as a representative of the University of California. I was there to provide some technical assistance in the area of agricultural labor management. “Russians are a very polite people,” I had been tutored before my arrival. One of my interpreters, once I was there, explained that a gentleman will pour the limonad (type of juice) for the ladies and show politeness.

Toward the end of my three week trip I was invited by my young Russian host and friend Nicolai Vasilevich and his lovely wife Yulya out to dinner. At the end of a wonderful meal, Yulya asked if I would like a banana. I politely declined and thanked her, and explained I was most satisfied with the meal. But the whole while my mind was racing: “What do I do? Do I offer her a banana even though they are as close to her as they are to me? What is the polite thing to do?”

“Would you like a banana?” I asked Yulya.

“Yes,” she smiled, but made no attempt to take any of the three bananas in the fruit basket. “What now?” I thought.

“Which one would you like?” I asked awkwardly.

“That one,” she pointed at one of the bananas. Thinking about Russian politeness, I picked the banana Yulya had pointed at and peeled(去皮) it half way and handed it to her. Smiles in Yulya’s and Nicolai’s faces told me I had done the right thing. After this experience I spent much time letting the world know that in Russia, the polite thing is to peel the bananas for the ladies.

Sometime during my third trip I was politely corrected by a Russian friend. “Oh, no, in Russia, when a man peels a banana for a lady it means he has a romantic interest in her.” How embarrassed I felt! And I had been proudly telling everyone about my findings.

Certain lessons have to be learned the hard way. Some well meaning articles and presentations on cultural differences have a potential to do more harm than good and may not be as amusing. They present, like my bananas, too many generalizations or quite an inaccurate view.

65. The author went to Russia in 1993 to ________.

       A. visit a famous university                        B. work as an interpreter

       C. offer some professional help                   D. do some agricultural work

66. The author decided to offer Yulya a banana because ________.

       A. he sat closer to bananas                         B. he wanted to show politeness

       C. she gave him one first                                   D. he wanted to win her heart

67. How did the author probably feel after he saw the smiles in Yulya’s and Nicolai’s faces?

A. Awkward.         B. Embarrassed.            C. Surprised.         D. Relieved.

68. The author told this story mainly to express that _________.

       A. Russian politeness is rather difficult to understand

       B. man should never peel a banana for a lady in Russia

       C. what people say about other culture may not be true

       D. funny things may happen anywhere at any time

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How would you describe Quincy Jones? Is he an instrumentalist, a composer, an arranger, or a producer? None of these labels can sum up this remarkable man. He has been known for years to people who follow popular music. But his part in the We Are the World VCD and the Hands Across

America project made him a national figure.

In addition to these successful efforts, Jones has written the music for many cartoon movies, including The Color Purple, which won 11 Oscar nominations(提名). He also wrote the music for

Alex Haley’s Roots, a greatly successful television mini―series. These achievements show his many-sided genius.

Quincy Jones was born on March 14, 1973, in Chicago’s South Side. Ten years later, his family moved to the Seattle area. It was there that he met Ray Charles, who was three years older than

Jones and who in time would be a world-famous singer. The young musicians performed at small clubs and weddings. Through Charles’s influence, Jones began composing.

When Jones was only 15, his musical talent impressed Lionel Hampton, who invited him to join the Hampton band. Jones was ready to quit school to join, but Hampton’s wife, Gladys, stated her disagreement. Believing that he needed an education, she removed him from the band’s bas. “Get that child out of here,” she yelled, “Let him finish school.”

These experiences made Quincy Jones more determined than ever to success. He finished high school, attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston on a scholarship, and finally did Lionel Hampton’s band. Soon, however, he struck off on his own. The future beckoned(召唤) brightly.


41. Which of the following can best express the main idea of the passage?

A. Ray Charles, Lionel Hampton and Quincy Jones became very close friends.

B. Lionel Hampton played an important rule in the success of Quincy Jones.

C. A college education is very important and necessary in modern music.

D. Quincy Jones had a very lucky, fruitful and successful musical career.

42. Which of the following made Quincy Jones become famous all over the country?

A. His role in the We Are the World VCD and the Hands Across America program.

B. His music for the cartoon film The Color Purple which won 11 Oscar nominations.

C. His meeting with Ray Charles and their performances at small clubs and weddings.

D. His education in the Berklee College of Music in Boston, which is world-class.

43. Whose opinion played an important role in Jones’s school education and college education?

A. Alex Haley’s                 B. Lionel Hampton’s

C. Ray Charles’s               D. Hampton’s wife’s

44. Insisting that Quincy Jones get off the bus, Gladys Hampton was actually very _____.

A. professional         B. cruel         C. kind          D. selfish

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