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         Everyone looks forward to progress, whether in one’s personal life or in the general society. Progress indicates a person’s ability to change the way he is living at the moment. Progress must lead to a better life and a better way of doing things. All these, however, remain true only in so far as people want to accept technology and move forward by finding new and more efficient ways of doing things.

           However, at the back of the minds of many people, especially those who miss the “good old days”, efficiency comes with a price. When communication becomes more efficient, people are able to contact one another no matter where they are and at whatever time they wish .The click of a button allows people miles apart to talk or to see each other without even leaving their homes. With the communication gadets, such as mobile phones and ipads, people often do not take the effort to visit one another personally. A personal visit carries with the additional feature of having to be in the person’s presence for as long as the visit lasts. We cannot unnecessarily excuse our selves or turn the other persons off.

           With efficiency also comes mass production. Such is the nature of factories and the success of industrialization today. Factories have improved efficiency. Unskillful tasks are left to machines and products are better made and produced with greater accuracy than any human hand could ever have done. However, with the improvements in efficiency also comes the loss of the personal touch when making these products. For example, many handcrafts(手工艺品) are now produced in a factory. Although this means that supply is better able to increase demand, now that the supply is quick and efficient, the demand might fall because mass production lowers the quality of the handcraft and it is difficult to find unique designs on each item.

           Nevertheless, we must not commit the mistake of analyzing progress only from one point of view. In fact, progress has allowed tradition to keep up. It is only with progress and the invention of new technology that many old products can be brought back to their old state. New technology is required for old products to stay old.

           It is people’s attitude towards progress that causes the type of influence that technology has on society. Technology is flexible. There is no fixed way of making use of it. Everything depends on people’s attitude. The worst effects of progress will fall on those who are unable to rethink their attitudes and views of society. When we accept progress and adapt it to suit our needs, a new “past” is created.

    8. According to Paragraph 1, progress can benefit people when they are willing to _______.

      A. live a better life            B. look for better methods

      C. change ways of living       D. accept technology and advance steadily

    9. The underlined word “gadgets” is closest in meaning to _______.

       A. tools     B. messages       C. barriers       D. skills

    10. The author explains “efficiency comes with a price” by _______.

       A. describing a process           B. using examples

       C. following time order           D. making classification

    11. What can be concluded from the last paragraph?

       A. Progress can suit the needs of daily life.     

       B. People review the past with great regret.

       C. Technology should be introduced in a fixed way.

       D. People’s attitude decides the use of technology.

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    来源: 河北省武邑中学2015-2016学年高二下学期暑假作业考试试题 Word版含答案之三十四.doc

    I wasn’t sure what this work involved, but it must have been exciting because the Lab itself was exciting. Anywhere we didn’t go often was exciting. 
       We would get there in a heavy wooden rowboat, built in the five-house village half a mile away --- our mother would row, she was quite good at it --- or by following a twisty, winding footpath, over fallen trees and around rocks. It was too far for us to walk and our legs were too short, so mostly we went in the rowboat. 
       The Lab was made of wood; it seemed huge, though in the two photographs of it that survive it looks like a small house. Inside it there were things we weren’t allowed to touch – bottles containing a dangerous liquid in which young white insects floated, their six tiny front legs held together like praying fingers, and plugs that smelled like poison and plates with dried insects. All of this was so forbidden which made us confused. 
         At the Lab we could hide in the ice house, a dark and secret place that was always bigger on the inside than it was on the outside, where there was a silence, and a lot of sawdust(
    木屑) to keep the blocks of ice cool. 
          What did we do in there There was nothing to actually do. We’d pretended we had disappeared suddenly – that nobody knew where we were. This in itself was strangely energetic. Then we’d come out, away from the silence, back into the pine-needle fragrance and the sound of waves beating against the shore, and our mother’s voice calling us, because it was time to get back into the rowboat and row home. 
    18, In Line 1, “this wok” clearly refers to _______.
          A. Writing      B. insect research       C. photography   D. food science
    19, The details of the passage suggest that the author is _______.

    A. an adult remembering a recent incident
    B. an adult looking back on a place from childhood

    C. an elderly person thinking of her middle age
    D. a child describing a frightening place

    20, The description of the Lab and ice house are similar in that both ______.

    A. emphasize cheerful and light-hearted surroundings
    B. contain pictures of hidings and secrecy
    C. stress the author’s misunderstanding of the size
    D. make comparisons with the author’s home.

    21. Repeatedly using the pronouns “we” and “us”, the author most likely speaks of herself and _____. 
    A. her father      B. her mother     C   a brother or sister      D. the reader

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    来源: 福建省莆田市第二十四中学2015-2016学年高一上学期期中考试试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Before you make friends, you have to decide who you want to be your friends. Most people like to have friends who like to do the same kinds of things they do.

    The quickest way to make a friend is to smile. When you smile, people think you are friendly and easy to talk to. It may not be easy at first to smile, but remember most people will stay away from a scared or angry looking face.

    One easy way to start a conversation with someone is to say something nice about him. Think about how great you feel when someone says something nice to you. Doesn’t it make you want to keep talking to that person?

    Ask your new friends questions about themselves. Who’s their favorite singer, where do they live, what do they do after school are all good questions to start a conversation. Make sure you have something to add to the conversation, too. When someone asks you a question, do have an answer for them. There is nothing that will stop a conversation quicker than a shrug for an answer.

    Kids who show an interest in other kids and who are kind and friendly make good friends. Remember, everyone wants to be around people who like to do similar things and people who are nice to them.

    33. This passage gives us some advice on_______.

    Athe importance of smile

    Bwhat kind of person you can make friends with

    Chow to start a conversation

    Dhow to make friends

    34. Most people like to make friends with those________.

    Awho share the same interest

    Bwho are sad every day

    Cwho are fond of talking

    Dwho say bad things to them

    35. From the passage, if a kid wants to make good friends ,he should _______.

    A. smile to others

    B. show an interest in others 

    C. be kind and friendly.

    D. All the above

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试
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    来源: 安徽省六安市舒城中学2016年高二英语暑假作业 第三十五天 试卷 试题及答案解析word版.doc

    Attention Tim Hortons

    Stainless Steel Travel Mug Owners

    Lid Recall-15 oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug

    A fault at the cup has been recognized. The fault may result in some lids lifting slightly from the body of the mug, and could probably cause injury from hot liquid leaking. Therefore, we have given an immediate lid recall notice. This Recall notice is related only to Tim Hortons 15 oz Stainless Steel Travel Mugs sold between October 2005 and January 2006. The bottom of the mug is stamped with distributor’s name, “ThermosServ” There is no printing on the handle of the mug.

    At Tim Hortons, we value our customers’ safety above anything else. So, whether your lid is leaking or not, in the interest of your safety, we are requesting that you bring your mug to your nearest Tim Hortons (excluding Esso Tim Hortons), where they will exchange the lid for a new lid that fits safety. The new lids will be available February 1, 2006 ; please do not use your mug until you exchange the lid .

    Here’s what you do:

    *Please do not use your mug until you have exchanged the lid for a new one.

    * New lids will be available February 1, 2006.

    * Return your travel mug to a Tim Hortons store (as of February 1, 2006).

    * Your lid will he exchanged for a new lid.

    If you prefer to return the entire mug, bring it back at any time for a full repayment .

    If you have any questions regarding this recall, please contact us at:

    Toll Free Number: 1-888-601-1616

    8:30 am –5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

    21. This advertisement is trying to         .

       Aintroduce a new type of mugs                          Bpersuade people to buy a new lid

       Cinform people of exchanging a lid                    Dwarn against the danger of using the mug

    22. The advertisement is mainly aimed at those who         .

       Aoften travel around                                          Bhave 15 oz Stainless mugs

       Cwant to buy 15 oz stainless mugs                    Dare selling the mugs

    23. According to the advertisement, which of the following statements is NOT true ?

       APeople should stop using the mug immediately.

       BPeople can get the money back if they return the mug.

       CPeople with questions can call the company free of charge.

       DPeople can return the lid between October 2005 and January 2006.

    24. From the passage we can learn that Tim Hortons         .

       Ais a club for travelers                                       Bwants to make more money      

       Ccares about the customers’ safety                   Dis an organization helping customers

    25. What does the word “recall” mean in the passage?

       A. 回忆                   B. 召回                       C .回电话             D. 回信

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试
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    来源: 广东省阳江市阳东广雅中学2016届高三下学期5月月考考试试题及答案.doc

         Children are hooked on computers. Some spend up to six hours a day on their gadgets. They can be playing games live with others elsewhere in the world, updating their status on social media, texting friends or looking for the latest app to download to their tablets or smart phones.

         This worried Martin Strott, headmaster of the Old Hall School in Wellington, in the west of England. He was so concerned that he challenged his students to take part in a week of ‘digital detox’. Strott told the local newspaper, the Shropshire Star, that he encourages the pupils to have a good knowledge of the computer from a young age, but is concerned that too much screen time will affect the development of their social skills. He said that this over-reliance on digital devices erodes family time and they’re missing out on messages from body language and facial expressions from those around them”.

         According to the headmaster, the parents are happy with the movement. But what about the children? Nine-year-old Fred usually spends around two hours on his gadgets at home after school and around 12 hours on weekends. For him, the digital detox experience was “really hard”. Fred spent it playing outside, especially basketball. He said that he’ll probably engage in different activities from now on but he did miss his phone and online games.

         The idea of keeping children away from their tech for a while to prevent ‘addiction’ is not particularly new. There have been similar movements in the US. But are they effective in the long run? Well, even if kids go back to their gadgets, the hope is that at least they’ll think about how they use their time.

         What about you: do you spend too many hours hooked on your digital devices?

    12. According to the passage, which of the following is not the reason why children are hooked on computers __________.

    A. developing their social skills by having some online conversations.

    B. searching for the newest app and install them to their tablets or smart phones.

    C. playing games live with people from other places

    D. releasing some new information about their status on social media

    13. Which of the following words can replace the word “erodes” in Para 2?

    A. enriches            B. saves         C. adjusts                     D. ruins

    14. According to the article, where else can you find digital detox movements?

    A. In Asian countries           B. In the US           C. In Japan           D. In China

    15. Why did the headmaster challenge his students to take part in digital detox?

    A. Because he wanted to encourage his students to have a good knowledge of computer.

    B. Because he wanted them to learn more about body language and facial expressions.

    C. Because he hoped to transfer children’s attention to something meaningful.

    D. Because he was pushed by many worried parents.

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试
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    来源: 江西省丰城中学2015-2016学年高二下学期英语周考(零班3.13)考试试题及答案.doc

      The government of Norway is planning to build an unusual storage center on an island in the Arctic Ocean. The place would be large enough to hold about two million seeds. The goal is to present all crops known to scientists. The British magazine New Scientist published details of the plan last month. The structure will be designed to protect the world’s food supply against nuclear war, climate change and other possible threats. It will be built in a mountain on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen. The mountain is less than one thousand kilometers from the North Pole, the northernmost position on earth.
          An international group called the Global Crop Diversity Trust is working on the project. The director of the group, Cary Fowler, spoke to New Scientist. He said the project would let the world rebuild agriculture if, in his word, “the worst came to the worst”. Norway is expected to start work next year. The project is expected to cost three million dollars. Workers will drill
    (钻孔) deep in the side of a sandstone mountain. Temperatures in the area never rise above 0ºC. The seeds will be protected behind walls a meter thick and high-security door.
         The magazine report says the collection will represent the products of ten thousand years of farming. Most of the seeds at first will come from collections at seed banks in Africa, Asia and Latin America. To last a long time, seeds need to be kept in very low temperatures. Workers will not be present all the time. But they plan to replace the air inside the storage space each winter. Winter temperatures on the island are about eighteen degrees below 0ºC. The cold weather would protect the seeds even if the air could not be replaced.

      Mr. Fowler says the proposed structure will be the world’s safest gene bank. He says the plant seeds would only be used when all other seeds are gone for some reason. Norway first put forward the idea in the 1980s. But safety concerns delayed the plan. At that time, the Soviet Union was meeting in Rome of the Food and Agriculture Organization.
    The project is meant to ______.
    increase the world’s food output in the future
    carry out some scientific experiments on plant genes
    build an exhibition centre of the world’s plant seeds
    protect crop seeds from dying out in case of possible disasters
    Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the above passage?
    The government of Norway will perform the project alone.
    Seeds to be collected there were produced ten thousand years ago.
    Spitsbergen is chosen because it is free of the nuclear war forever.
    Temperature is a major consideration when choosing the storage place.
    We can infer from the text that _______.
    Norway had meant to build the storage centre about 20 years before.   

    BThe storage center will greatly promote world agriculture
    People will get newly-developed seeds from the center every year.
    There haven’t been any seed storage centers in the world before.

    35What is probably the best title of the passage?
    The Best Place to Store Seeds    
    Noah’s Ark(诺亚方舟)of Plant Seeds in Plan
    Concerns of World Food Supply  
    A New Way to Feed the World

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试
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    来源: 2016届高三英语二轮复习高考作业卷 考试试题及答案之二十.doc

    Hilversum is a medium-sized city between the major cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht in the Gooi area of North Holland, the Netherlands. Unlike most of the Netherlands, Hilversum is actually in a hilly area with the soil mostly consisting of sand. Once called the Garden of Amsterdam, it still attracts travelers to come over to cycle and walk through the surrounding forests. They visit it for a relaxing day off from the urban madness. For Dutch people, Hilversum is all about textile (纺织) and media industries, and modern architecture.

    In history, Hilversum was largely an agricultural area. Daily life was marked by farming, sheep raising and wool production. A railway link to Amsterdam in 1874 attracted rich traders from Amsterdam to Hilversum. They build themselves large villas (别墅) in the wooded surroundings of the town. One of the families moving in was the Brenninkmeijers, currently the wealthiest family of the Netherlands. They moved in after big success in the textile industry and aided a substantial textile industry in Hilversum. But the textile boom lasted only several decades. The last factory closed in the 1960s.

    The change to a media economy started in 1920, when the Nederlandse Seintoestedllen Fabriek (NSF) established a radio factory in Hiversum. Most radio stations called in the large villas in the leafy areas of the town. Television gave another push to the local economy. Hilversum became the media capital of the Netherlands, and Dutch televison stars moved into the leafy neighborhoods surrounding the town.

    In the early 1900s, modern architcts W.M. Dudok and J. Duiker placed hundreds of remarkable buildings in Hilversum. These modern architectural masterpieces (杰作) are so many that Hilversum almost feels like an open air museum. Dudok alone shaped most 20th century Hilversum and approximately 75 buildings in 1928-1931. It has wide international fame and is included in many architecture textbooks. The building has a remarkable shape and looks like a combination of “blocks”. Actually, one may start his journey of modern architecture by walking or biking the W.M. Dudok Architectural Route in Hilversum.

    21.Hilversum is different from most of the Netherlands in that ______.

    A. it has a large population

    B. it is cut off from big cities

    C. it has many beautiful gardens

    D. it is in a hilly area with sandy soil

    22.What was the greatest contribution of the Brenninkmeijers to Hilversum?

    A. Building a railway link to Amsterdam

    B. Helping its textile industry to develop

    C. Constructing large villas for the poor

    D. Assisting its agricultural industry

    23.The beginning of the media industry in Hilversum was marked by the establishment of ______.

    A. a radio factory

    B. the medial capital

    C. a radio station

    D. a TV station

    24.What is known about W.M. Dudok’s Hilversum Town Hall?

    A. It consists of approximately 75 buildings

    B. It looks like an open air museum in the city

    C. It is a classic example in architecture textbooks

    D. It has shaped most of 20th century Hilvesum.

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试
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    来源: 湖南版2014-2015学年高中英语 Unit 1 School life课时达标训练 一牛津译林版.doc

    Do you know how children in other countries spend their schooldays and what kind of games they always play?

    Children in Brazil


    The school year runs from February to December. Children attend (上学) school for about four hours in the morning or the afternoon. About a quarter of children in Brazil do not attend school at all.


    Football is the most popular sport. Brazils beautiful beaches also make swimming and volleyball popular.


    Brazilian families are often large. Nearly a third of the population is under eighteen

    Children in France


    The schoolday begins from 8∶00 am to 4∶00 pm, with a two­hour lunch break. Schools close on Wednesday and Sunday, and are closed for a half day on Saturday.


    Football, bicycling and tennis are favorite sports in France. In some areas, pelote, a traditional ball game, is also very popular.


    Most French mothers work; the majority of preschool (幼儿园) children attend day care centres known as crèches.

    France has laws about naming children and all names have to be chosen from an official list.

    Children in Japan


    Schools in Japan are very competitive (竞争的). Even preschoolers may attend “cramming (填鸭式教学的) schools” to prepare for exams. There is a summer break about six weeks, but the children have homework during this time.


    Comic books have been popular in Japan since the 1700s. Comics now account for about 40% of all published material in Japan. Kite flying is enjoyed by people of every age.


    Homes in Japan are small, on average. The typical family of four lives in five small rooms. Most fathers in Japan work long hours. As a result, some children only see their fathers on weekends or holidays.

    1.Children from Brazil attend school for ________ hours a day.

    Afour                                 Bsix

    Ceight                                Dten

    2What kind of sport is very popular in France?

    ①Kite flying.                         ②Bicycling.

    ③Football.                            ④Pelote.

    A①②③                               B②③④

    C①④                                 D①②③④

    3What is a crèche in France?

    APlaces with beautiful beaches.

    BThe name of the place where French mothers work.

    CA day care centre for preschool children.

    DCramming schools to improve childrens exam results.

    4In Japan, many children ________.

    Awrite their names on an official list

    Blike to read comic books

    Conly see their fathers on weekdays

    Ddo not attend school

    5Compared to children in Brazil and France, children in Japan may feel ________ at school.

    Ahappy                                Blonely

    Cbored                                Dstressed

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试
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    来源: 2014-2015学年 Unit 3 Under the sea综合技能测试 新人教版选修7.doc

    I think people everywhere dream about having lots of money. I know I do. I would like to earn large amounts of money. You can win a large amount of money in the United States through lotteries. People pay money for tickets with numbers. If your combination of numbers is chosen, you will win a huge amount of money—often in the millions.

    A few years ago, my friend Al won the lottery. It changed his life. He was not “born with a silver spoon in his mouth”. Instead, my friend was always short of money. And the money he did earn was chicken feed.

    Sometimes Al even had to accept handouts(施舍物) from his friends. But do not get me wrong. My friend was always very careful with the money he spent. In fact, he was often a cheapskate. He did not like to spend money. The worst times were when he had no single penny left.

    One day, Al scraped together a few dollars for a lottery ticket. He thought he would never gain lots of money unexpectedly. But his combination of numbers was chosen and he won the lottery. Al was so excited. The first thing he did was buy a costly new car—one thing that he normally would not buy. Then he started spending money on unnecessary things. It was like he had “money to burn”

    When we got together for a meal at a restaurant, Al paid every time. He would always tell me the money made him feel like a millionaire. But, Al spent too much money. Soon he was “down and out” again. He had spent his “bottom dollar”—his very last amount. He did not even save any of the money.

    I admit I do feel sorry for my friend. He had enough money to “live like a king”. Instead, he was back to “living on a shoestring”— a very low budget. Some might say he was wise about small things, but not about important things.

    68What does the author desire to do like others?

    ATo combine the numbers perfectly.

    BTo make a huge fortune.

    CTo be chosen for selling lotteries.

    DTo get in touch with millionaires.

    69Before Al won the lottery ________.

    Ahe spent too much money buying chicken

    Bhe didn't value the money he had earned

    Che had trouble feeding his family

    Dhe hated to give a hand to his friends

    70What does the fourth paragraph imply?

    AAl always had good luck in life.

    BAl valued his money above his life.

    CAl had loved the expensive car probably.

    DAl pretended to have more money.

    71When a person is “down and out” ________.

    Ahe is as poor as a church mouse

    Bhe lives a life like other people

    Che has set aside all his money

    Dhe is looking forward to big success

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试
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    来源: Units1-4 同步练习 单元测试(大纲版高三全一册)试题及答案.doc

        When you’re returning to Australia, be careful that you don’t bring in pests and diseases. Some items you might bring back from overseas can be pests and diseases that Australia doesn’t have. When you return, declare(申报)all food, meat, fruits, plants, seeds, wooden souvenirs, animal or plant materials.

        Australia has strict quarantine(检疫)laws and tough on-the-spot fines. Every piece of luggage is now screened or X-rayed. If you fail to declare any quarantine items, or if you make a false declaration, you will get caught. In addition to on-the-spot fines, you could be accused and fined more than $60, 000 and you may risk 10 years in prison. All international mail is also screened.

        Some products may require treatment to make them safe. Items that are restricted because of the risk of pests and diseases will be seized and destroyed by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service(AQIS).

        In many cases, the goods you declare will be returned to you after inspection. However, any item that presents a quarantine risk will be withheld(扣留). You will be given a range of options for each item depending on the quarantine risk: ·

        ·Treating the item to make it safe*;

        ·Holding the item until an import permit is presented*; ·

        ·Re-exporting the item*·

        ·Destroying the item.

        Those treatments with the sign “*” are subject to fees.

        Further information:

        For more detailed information about bringing in food, animals, plants, animal or plant materials, call the AQIS at 1800-020-504.

    60. Which of the following don’t you need to declare when returning to Australia?

    A. Tea.                                                   

    B. Wooden combs.

    C. Some bread.                                       

    D. A pair of glasses.

    61. If you make a false declaration, you would _______ .

    A. be fined a lot of money

    B. be forbidden to return to Australia

    C. have to declare your items again

    D. make yourself screened

    62. Where can we most probably find this passage?

    A. In an advertisement.

    B. In a traveling guidebook.

    C. At the police station.

    D. In a hospital.

    63. We can learn from the passage that _______ .

    A. you can keep the item before an import permit is presented

    B. all products must be treated according to the AQIS

    C. not all treatments for your declared items are free

    D. travelers can sell their declared items

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试
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    来源: 2012新课标同步导学高一英语Module 4 A Social Survey—My neighbourhood 同步单元测试(外研·陕西专版必修1).doc

    Everybody is afraid of something.That’s what more than 1,700 kids told us when we asked them about fears and scary stuff.We gave kids a list of 14 scary things and asked which one frightened them most.Here are the top 5 answers from our survey (调查) Scary movies and TV showsScary dreamsThunderstormshurricanes(飓风)and other horrible weatherWar and terrorism (恐怖行动)Sounds heard at night.

    But not everyone is afraid of the same thing.And what makes one person scared can be of no big deal for someone else.Plenty of kids said their biggest fear wasn’t on our list.

    What is fear?

    Fear is a feeling that eyeryone has—it’s programmed into all of us—and that’s a good thing because fear is there to protect us.We’re born with a sense of fear so we can react to something that could be dangerous.The baby criesand their mom comes over to comfort him or herhelping the baby feel safe and OK again.

    Real vs.Pretend

    The best way to get over a fear is to get more information about it.As kids get olderthey understand more and start seeing the difference between what is real and unreal.So when William’s imagination leads him to think of witcheshe can tell himselfWait a minute.They’re only pretend things.I don’t need to worry about them.

    The same goes for the dark.A kid’s imagination can start playing tricks when the lights go out.What’s under my bedIs that a thief I hearWith the help of a parentkids can get more comfortable in the dark.Using a nightlight or shining a flashlight under the bed to see that there’s nothing there can help kids fight that fear.

    58What did the writer find out from the survey?

    ASome people have never experienced fear.

    BKids don’t like watching scary movies.

    CAll people are afraid of something.

    DPeople often cry loudly when they are scared.

    59What is Paragraph 2 mainly about?

    AThe list of fears is not complete.

    BThe things people fear are of no big deal.

    CKids have more fears than people think.

    DPeople are afraid of different things.

    60In the writer’s opinion________.

    Ahaving a sense of fear is not a bad thing

    Bbabies have a weak sense of fear

    Cfear is not something that we are born with

    Dnot all people can react to dangerous things

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试
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    来源: 2012新课标同步导学高一英语Unit 3 Travel journal 同步单元测试(人教·安徽专版必修1).doc

    To see the world is one thingto have someone to share it with is another.Indeedtravel becomes more interesting when you have a travel partner.A travel partner can be a close frienda family membera pal you’ve met onlineor a business friend.

    You can have someone to talk to

    Traveling alone is funbut wouldn’t you feel lonelyHaving a travel partner can remove the feeling of loneliness.This is especially true if you can get a travel companion who is very familiar with the place you’re traveling to.You don’t have to ask any information from the localsand you can increase the time you spend in the country.


    One of the major headaches in traveling is the costs involved.You can’t simply ignore the rising price of hotels or plane tickets.You should also think about your daily needssuch as your food.Of courseyou can’t simply go back without bringing any souvenirs (纪念品) to your friends and family.All these can ruin your budget.Howeverwhen you have a travel friendyou can have someone to share the expenses with.

    You can meet a good friend

    Having a travel mate is a good way of meeting a new friend or even a lifelong partner.You can never count the number of couples who actually found their way into each other’s heart while traveling together in another country.

     You can have someone to watch out for you 

    When you’re in a foreign landyou’ll never be really safe.You don’t know the rules as well as the culture of the people.A travel mate will be perfect to remind you of your duties in the country and to watch your back just in case you get lost.So why don’t you find a travel companion now?

    Let’s find out how ...

    64. What’s the author’s purpose in writing this passage?

    ATo introduce a travel company.

    BTo encourage us to have a travel partner.

    CTo explain how to be a perfect travel partner.

    DTo tell an interesting experience with a travel partner.

    65What’s the best title for the 3rd paragraph?

    AYou can have someone to share the expenses with.

    BYou can know the local culture well.

    CYou can enjoy food with your partner.

    DYou can save money by bargaining together.

    66Which of the following statements agrees with the author’s opinion?

    ATraveling alone is not fun.

    BBuying souvenirs isn’t necessary.

    CMany people fall in love when traveling.

    DIt’s better to choose a stranger as a travel partner.

    67The following paragraph will probably talk about________.

    Ahow to get along with a travel partner

    Bhow travel can benefit people

    Cwhat we can learn from travel

    Dhow to find a travel partner

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试
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    来源: 2012新课标同步导学高一英语同步单元测试练习之六(译林·江苏专版必修1).doc

    Good afternoonand welcome to England.We hope that your visit here will be a pleasant one.TodayI would like to draw your attention to a few of our laws.

    The first one is about drinking.Nowyou may  not buy alcohol () in this country if you are under 18 years of agenor may your friends buy it for you.

    Secondlynoise.Enjoy yourselves by all meansbut please don’t make unnecessary noiseparticularly at night.We ask you to respect other people who may wish to be quiet.

    Thirdlycrossing the road.Be carefulThe traffic moves on the left side of the road in this country.Use pedestrian crossings (人行横道) and do not take any chances when crossing the road.

    My next point is about litter (throwing away waste material in a public place)It is an offence (违法行为) to drop litter in the street.When you have something to throw awayplease put it in your pocket and take it homeor put it in a litter bin.

    Finallyas regards somethingit is against the law to buy cigarettes or tobacco (烟草) if you are under 16 years of age.

    I’d like to finish by saying that if you require any sort of help or assistanceyou should contact your local police stationwho will be pleased to help you.

    Noware there any questions?

    41The main purpose of this speech would be to________.

    Aprepare people for international travel

    Bdeclare the laws of different kinds

    Cinform people of the punishment for breaking laws

    Dgive advice to travelers to the country

    42How many laws are there discussed in the speech?

    AThree.                                                BFour.

    CFive.                                                  DSix.

    43The underlined word “contact” in the seventh paragraph means________.

    Akeep in touch with                               Bjoin

    Creport                                                Dget in touch with

    44From the speech we learn that________.

    Ain this countryif you are under 18 years of ageyou may not buy alcoholbut your friend can buy it for you

    Byou may not buy cigarettes or tobacco unless you are above 16 years of age

    Cbecause the traffic moves on the left side of the roadyou must use pedestrian crossings when crossing the road

    Dyou can’t make noise except at night

    45Who do you think is most likely to make the speech?

    AA policeman.                                       BA worker at a hotel.

    CA lawyer.                                            DAn air hostess (空姐)

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试
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    来源: 2012新课标同步导学高一英语练习:Module 2 My New Teachers(外研陕西必修1)试题及答案.doc

    When I was in primary schoolsometimes I would meet a girl of the same age as me.Lisa was never activebut she was always very sweet and nice.In the 5th grade she came to my class.

    She was absent a lotand one day I had the courage to ask why.She told me she was sickand she explained she wore a wig (假发) because her medicine made her lose her hair.We_left_it_at_that.Anytime Lisa came to class—seldom—I would hang with her on the playground.

    I received much ridicule (嘲弄) from my friends for this because they thought I was ignoring them for Lisa.My family education taught me to be niceand I felt Lisa’s needs were much more important than others I knew.

    It had been months since Lisa was in our classand one day our teacher was crying.She explained Lisa died the day before and would no longer be our classmate.She told us Lisa had fought a battle (斗争) with cancer for years.

    I was shocked.Lisa never spoke of her illness as if it could kill her.Wellall these years I have kept Lisa in my mind and heart.When I go through the important events in my lifeI think of Lisa.

    I’ve had a strong wish recently to find her mother and father.I’d like to tell them that though they never met metheir daughter had a sweet effect (影响) on my life.I have no idea what her parents’first names are.I write to your column (栏目) and hope you can point me in the right direction.

    Lisa was such a lovely girl.Maybe her parents would be comforted by the fact that after all these years they are not the only ones who remember her.

    54The underlined sentence in Para.2 probably means________.

    Awe kept on talking about her illness later

    Bwe discussed the topic and then left together

    Cwe just stopped talking about her illness

    Dwe went away after talking about her illness

    55Why was the author being laughed at?

    ABecause she wore a wig to school.

    BBecause she always played with Lisa.

    CBecause she cried in the classroom.

    DBecause she lost her friends because of Lisa.

    56What did the author learn from Lisa?

    ATo keep your illness a secret.

    BTo be nice to everyone everywhere.

    CTo face challenges in life bravely.

    DTo put others’needs above yours.

    57The author wrote this passage mainly to________.

    Aremember a true friend

    Bask for help to find a friend’s parents

    Cshow her concern for a friend

    Dtell her experience of fighting cancer

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试
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    来源: 高中英语2012届高考英语二轮专题复习完形阅读能力提高训练试题及答案2.doc

    In ancient times the most important examinations were spoken, not    1   . In the    2    of ancient Greece and Rome, testing usually    3    saying poetry aloud or giving speeches.

    In the European universities of the Middle Ages, students who were    4    for advanced degrees had to    5    questions in their field of study with people who had made a special study of the subject. This    6    exists today as part of the process of,    7    candidates (应试者) for the doctor's degree.

    Generally,    8   , modern examinations are written. The written examination,    9    all students are tested on the same questions, was probably    10    until the nineteenth century. Perhaps it came into existence with the great    11    in population and the development of modern industry. A room full of candidates for a state examination,    12    exactly by electric clocks and carefully watched over by managers, is similar to a group of    13    at an automobile factory. Certainly, during examinations teachers and students are    14    to act like machines.

    One type of test is sometimes    15    an "objective test". It is intended to deal with facts, not    16    opinions. To    17    an objective test the teacher writes a series of questions, each of which has    18    one correct answer. Along with each question the teacher writes the correct answer and also three statements that    19    answers to students who have not learned the material    20   .

    1. A. writing B. speaking C. written D. listening

    2. A. governments B. schools C. homes D. offices

    3. A. considered B. enjoyed C. suggested D. included

    4. A. working B. teaching C. looking D. waiting

    5. A. raise B. answer C. talk D. discuss

    6. A. work B. university C. custom D. question

    7. A. asking B. producing C. testing D. hiring

    8. A. but B. however C. though D. still

    9. A. where B. that C. when D. which

    10. A. known B. not known C. worked out D. not worked out

    11. A. progress B. development C. decrease D. increase

    12. A. timed B. measured C. controlled D. required

    13. A. machines B. cars C. workers D. students

    14. A. willing B. expected C. hoped D. imagined

    15. A. made B. given C. treated D. called

    16. A. own B. social C. personal D. true

    17. A. make sure B. make out C. make use of D. make up

    18. A. nearly B. at least C. only D. more than

    19. A. are B. look like C. give D. look as if

    20. A. properly B. happy C. ago D. easily

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试
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    来源: 2012高三英语能力提升限时训练4 天天练试题及答案.doc

    Studies show that laughter is something that makes you feel calm or relaxed for both physical and psychological wounds though it may seem futile to laugh in the face of pain and fear.

    When Dan Rather interviewed comedian Bill Cosby just one week after his son, Ennis, was killed, Cosby said, “I think it is time for me to tell people that we have to laugh. You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything, you can survive it.”

    Call it a flashlight for dark times: laughter just seems to adjust attitude better than anything else. Inspirational speaker Steve Rizzo recalls a TV interview with an injured firefighter a few days after 9.11The man had fallen more than 30 stories in one of the towers and had broken a leg. Everyone was crying, and the reporter asked, “How is it that you’ve come out of this alive?” He looked at her and without missing a beat, said, “Look, lady, I’m from New York and I’m a firefighter; that’ all you need to know.”

    Everyone laughed and though the laughter was only a couple of seconds,” says Rizzo. “Sometimes that’s all you need to catch your second breath. Laughter gives you that couple of seconds. You’re sending a message to your brain, and the message is: If you can still laugh even a little among the pain, you are going to be OK.”

    Of course, there is a difference between laughing off a serious situation and laughing off the fear that results. The firefighter was doing the latter, states Rizzo, the author of Becoming a Humorous Being, and so should we. “If there is anything we have learnt from 9.11, it’s how precious life really is,” she says. “We have to send a message that our spirit won’t die. One important thing that unites us is our ability to laugh.”  

    60The writer uses the examples of the comedian and the firefighter to show              .

        Alaughter is a good way to get rid of pain and fear

        Blaughter is the best way to cure psychological wounds

        Cit is your attitude that decides whether you can survive the pain or not

        Dlaughing off a serious situation is different from laughing off the fear that results

    61We can infer from the passage that Steve Rizzo is                        .

        Aa reporter Ba soldier      Ca firefighter     Da doctor

    62The underlined word futile in the first paragraph means                .

        Ahopeless             Buseless      

        C.careless             D.worthless                  

    63From the passage, we can know that Americans are                 .

        Areally inspired after 9.11                     Bhardly united after 9.11

        Cnearly surprised by 9.11              Dgreatly hurt by 9.11

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试
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    来源: 高一必修三单元练习Unit 5 Canada—“The True North” 综合测试试题及答案

    Millions of people pass through the gates of Disney’s entertainment parks in California, Florida and Japan each year. What makes these place an almost universal attraction? What makes foreign kings and queens and other important people want to visit these Disney parks? Well, one reason is the way they’re treated once they get there. The people at Disney go out of their way to serve their “guests”, as they prefer to call them, and to see that they enjoy themselves.

    All new employees, from vice presidents to part-time workers, begin their employment by attending Disney University and taking “Traditions(传统)I”. Here, they learn about the company’s history, how it is managed, and why it is successful. They are shown how each department relates to the whole. All employees are shown how their part is important in making the park a success.

    After passing “Traditions I”, the employees go on to do more specialized training for their specific(具体的)jobs. No detail(细节)is missed. A simple job like taking tickets requires four eight-hour days of training. When one ticket taker was asked why it took so much training for such a simple, ordinary job, he replied, “What happens if someone wants to know where the restrooms are, when the parade starts or what bus to take back to the campgrounds?We need to know the answers or where to get them quickly. Our constant aim is to help our guests enjoy the party.”

    Even Disney’s managers get involved in the daily management of the park. Every year, the mangers leave their desks and business suits and put on special service clothes. For a full week, the bosses sell hot dogs or ice cream, take tickets or drive the monorail(单轨车), and take up any of the 100 jobs that make the entertainment park come alive. The managers agree that this week help them to see the company’s goals more clearly.

    All these efforts to serve the public well have made Walt Disney Productions famous. Disney is considered by many as the best mass service provider in America or the world. As one longtime business observer once said, “How Disney treats people, communicates with them, rewards them , is in my view the very reason for his fifty years of success I have watched, very carefully and with great respect and admiration, the theory and with great respect and admiration, the theory and practice of selling satisfaction and serving millions of people on a daily basis, successfully. It is what Disney does best.”

    76. The first day they come to Disney parks, all new employees      .

      A. begin by receiving on-the-job training

      B. must learn several jobs

      C. begin as ticket takers

      D. have already attended Disney University

    77. Each year, managers wear special service clothes and work in the park to      .

      A. set a good example for employees

      B. remind themselves of their beginnings at Disney

      C. gain a better view of the company’s objectives

      D. replace employees on holiday

    78. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

      A. Tourists learn the history of Disney in its entertainment parks.

      B. Disney attracts people almost from all over the world.

      C. Parades are regularly held in Disney’s entertainment parks.

      D. Disney’s managers are able to do almost all kinds of work in the Disney parks.

    79. This passage is mainly about      .

      A. how Disney employees are trained

      B. the history and traditions of the Disney enterprises

      C. why Disney enterprises make a lot of money

      D. the importance Disney place on serving people well

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试
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    来源: 高一必修三单元练习Unit 5 Canada—“The True North” 综合测试试题及答案

    John Smith was a writer, who wrote detective stories for magazines(杂志), though he never dealt with criminals(罪犯). One evening he could not finish an end for a story. He sat in his study(书房), but he had no ideas. So he decided to go to the cinema.

    When he came back, he found that he had had a visitor. Someone had broken into his house. The visitor had had a drink, smoked several of his cigarettes and had read his story. The visitor left him a note.

    “I have read your story and I don’t think it is very good. Please read my suggestions and you can finish it. By the way, I am a thief. I’m not going to steal anything tonight. But if you become a successful writer, I will return.”

    John read the thief’s suggestions. Then he sat down and wrote the rest of the story. He is still not a successful writer, and he is waiting for his “visitor” to return. Before he goes out in the evening, he always leaves a half-finished story in his study.

    71. Detective stories are stories about      .

      A. science        B. children

    C. the future      D. the police

    72. John went to the cinema because      .

      A. he was too tired

      B. he wanted to look for a thief

      C. he could not finish his story and hoped to get some ideas

      D. he wanted to enjoy himself in the cinema

    73. The visitor came to John’s house in order to      .

      A. steal something      B. read the story

      C. have a drink        D. visit the writer

    74. The visitor      .

      A. stayed in John’s house for a night

      B. took some of John’s things away

      C. left John some advice

      D. was a good friend of John’s

    75. John would like to      .

      A. have a talk with his visitor

      B. get more ideas from the visitor

      C. make friends with the visitor

      D. catch the visitor and take him to the police

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试
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    来源: 高一必修三单元练习Unit 5 Canada—“The True North” 综合测试试题及答案

    Hobbs was an orphan. He worked in a factory and every day he got a little money. Hard work changed him thin and weak. He wanted to borrow a lot of money to learn to paint pictures, but he did not think he could pay off the debts.

    One day the lawyer said to him, “One thousand dollars, and here is the money.” As Hobbs took the package of notes, he was very dumbfounded. He didn’t know where the money came from and how to spend it. He said to himself, “I could go to find a hotel and live like a rich man for a few days; or I give up my work in the factory and do what I’d like to do: painting pictures I could do that for a few weeks, but what would I do after that? I should have lost my place of the factory and have no money to live on. If it were a little less money, I would buy a new coat, or a radio, or give a dinner to my friends. If it were more, I could give up the work and pay for painting pictures. But it’s too much for one and too little for the other.”

    “Here is the reading of your uncle’s will,” said the lawyer, “telling what is to be done with this money after his death. I must ask you to remember one point. Your uncle has said you must bring me a paper showing exactly what you did with his money, as soon as you have spent it.”

    “Yes, I see. I’ll do that.” said the young man.

    66. He wanted to borrow money because he wanted to      .

      A. study abroad       B. work abroad

      C. pay for the debts    D. learn to paint pictures

    67. Hobbs was dumbfounded on receiving the money because he thought      .

      A. the money was too much

      B. the money was too little

      C. he would be dismissed

      D. the lawyer meant to punish him

    68. With the money he got, first Hobbs      .

      A. planned to have a happy life for a few days

      B. decided to give up his work in the office

      C. was to give a dinner to his friends

      D. had no idea what to do

    69. What Hobbs was asked to do was      .

      A. to tell the lawyer what he did with the money after spending it

      B. to read his uncle’s will

      C. to tell the lawyer what was to be done with the money

      D. nothing but to buy some pictures

    70. What Hobbs really loved to do was      .

      A. working in the factory

      B. living in a fine hotel

      C. painting pictures

      D. saving the money

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试
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    来源: 高一必修三单元练习Unit 5 Canada—“The True North” 综合测试试题及答案

    “What part of the States do you come from?”

    “I’m not American. I’m Canadian.”

    This is a mistake that Europeans often make. Many Americans, too, admit that it takes them a while to tell if it’s an American talking or Canadian. This upsets(使……不安)some Canadians, because they want people to recognize them as Canadians. They want everyone to know that Canada is an independent(独立的)nation with its own special character.

    American English was probably brought to Canada by the Loyalists(忠于北方者)who fled there during the Revolutionary War (17761783), for even as late as 1813. Eighty of percent of all British Canadians had come from the USA.

    From the very first, Canada was a country with two languages, neither of which influenced(影响)the other very much, because the French and British spoke to each other so little. Canadian English has always remained very like American English, and the influence of the Indian and Inuit languages was no greater than the influence of French. But here are some important words that have found their way via(通过)Canadian dictionaries into British Dictionaries.

    61. The sentence “I’m not American, I’m Canadian.” suggests      .

      A. Canada is beautiful country

      B. Canadian English is not quite different from American English

      C. Canadians think Canada is a more developed country

      D. Canadians think that there is independence

    62. It isn’t easy for Europeans even for Americans to tell       from      .

      A. American English; British English

      B. Canadian English; American English

      C. Canadian English; British English

      D. British English; Scottish English

    63. The two languages spoken in Canada refer to      .

      A. British English and American English

      B. English and Latin

      C. French and English

      D. Canadian English and American English

    64. Generally speaking, Canadian English is the same as American English because      .

      A. Canada is connected with the USA

      B. most of the British Canadians had come from the USA

      C. the population of Canada is smaller than that of the USA

      D. Canadians want to follow Americans

    65. With the help of      , some American English new words come into British English.

      A. the Revolutionary War

    B. Indian language

      C. the Loyalists

    D. Canadian dictionaries


    题型:阅读理解  知识点:阅读理解-单元测试