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    来源: 上海市十四校2017届高三上学期第一阶段教学调研联考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Science not always so serious

    Did you know that if you attach a weighted stick to the back of a chicken, it walks like a dinosaur?

    No, you did not know (or care to know) such things, but now you do! Thanks to this year’s winners of the Ig Nobel Prizes! Now in its 25th year, the Ig Nobel is the goofy younger cousin of the honored Nobel Prize. It applauds achievements in the fields of medicine, biology, physics, economics, literature, etc. Every September at Harvard University, awards are presented in 10 categories that change year to year, depending on according to the organization what makes the judges “laugh, then think”.

    The ceremony officially begins when audience members launch paper airplanes at an assigned human target on the stage, then speakers only have 60 seconds to present their research. In previous years, the one-minute rule was imposed by a young girl nicknamed Miss Sweetie Poo who would go up to the platform and repeat the words: “Please stop, I’m bored,” in a sharp tone until the speaker left the stage.

    Fortunately for candidates though, the Ig Informal Lectures are held afterwards on Saturday to give presenters more time to explain the crazy things they’re working on.

    The research can seem more like the brainchildren of teenage boys than of respectable adults. Justin

    Schmidt won the physiology Ig for creating the “Sting Pain Index,” which rates the pain people feel after getting stung () by insects. Smith pressed bees against 25 different parts of his body until they stung him. Five stings a day for 38 days, Smith concluded that the most painful sting locations were the nostril (鼻孔) and the upper lip. Ouch.

    As silly as they sound, not all of the Ig awards lack scientific applicability. A group of scientists from 12 different countries won in the medicine category for accurately diagnosing patients with appendicitis (阑尾炎) based on an unusual measurement: speed bumps (减速带). They found that patients are more likely to have appendicitis if they report pain during bumpy car rides.

    All these weird experiments have just one thing in common. They’re improbable. It can be tempting to assume that “improbable” implies more than that implies bad or good, worthless or valuable, trivial or important. Something improbable can be any of those, or none of them, or all of them, in different ways. And what you don’t expect can be a powerful force for not only entertaining science, but also for the boundary-pushing science we call innovation.

    56. The underlined word “goofy” in Paragraph 2 probably means __________.

    A. timid B. funny C. glorious D. warm-hearted

    57. According to the passage, what can we know about the awarding ceremony of Ig Nobel?

    A. It is held at a fixed place.

    B. Candidates should know how to fold paper planes.

    C. Miss Sweetie Poo is one of the hostesses.

    D. Ig Informal Lecture gives presenters 60 seconds to finish their speeches.

    58. The example in Paragraph 6 is used to illustrate that Ig Nobel __________.

    A. celebrates the diligent work of researchers

    B. offers another opportunity to those who miss the Nobel Prizes

    C. serves as a platform for the creative and practical achievements

    D. amuses the audience

    59. Among the four candidates below, who is most likely to win an Ig Nobel?

    A. A chemist who invents a chemical method to partially un-boil an egg.

    B. A novelist who criticizes social injustice severely.

    C. A physicist who studies the origin of the universe.

    D. An economist who achieves a breakthrough in the study of international trade

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    来源: 山东省寿光现代中学2016-2017学年高二3月月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    In ancient Egypt, a shopkeeper discovered that he could attract customers to his shop simply by making changes to its environment. Modern businesses have been following his lead, with more tactics(策略).

    One tactic involves where to display the goods. Foe example, stores place fruits and vegetables in the first section. They know that customers who buy the healthy food first will feel happy so that they will buy more junk food(垃圾食品)later in their trip. In department stores, section is generally next to the women’s cosmetics(化妆品) sectionwhile the shop assistant is going back to find the right size shoe, bored customers are likely to wander over cosmetics they might want to try later. 

    Besides, businesses seek to appeal to customers’ senses. Stores notice that the smell of baked goods encourages shopping, they make their own bread each morning and then fan the bread smell into the store throughout the day. Music sells goods, too. Researchers in Britain found that when French music was played, sales of French wine went up.

    When it comes to the selling of houses, businesses also use highly rewarding tactics. They find that customers make decision in the first few second upon walking in the door, and turn it into a business opportunity. A California builder designed the structure of its houses smartly. When entering the house, the customer would see the Pacific Ocean through the windows, and then the poll through an open stairway leading to the lower level. The instant view of water on both levels helped sell these $10 million houses.

    25. Why do stores usually display fruits and vegetables in the first section?

    A. To save customers times.

    B. To show they are high quality foods.

    C. To help sell junk food.

    D. To sell them at discount prices.

    26. According to Paragraph 3, which of the following encourages customers to buy?

    A. Opening the store early in the morning.

    B. Displaying British wines next to French ones.

    C. Inviting customers to play music.

    D. Filling the store with the smell of fresh bread.

    27. What is the California builder’s story intended to prove?

    A. The house structure is a key factor customers consider.

    B. The more costly the house is, the better it sells.

    C. An ocean view is much to the customers’ taste.

    D. A good first impression increases sales.

    28. What is the main purpose of the passage?

    A. To explain how businesses turn people into their customers.

    B. To introduces how businesses have grown from the past.

    C. To report researches on customer behavior.

    D. To show dishonest business practices.

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    来源: 山东省菏泽市巨野县实验中学2015届高三5月月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Four years agoa lobster(龙虾)fishermanGary Nicholshad never seen a lionfishbut today his traps are full of themHe catches so many lionfish now that he’s started to sell themWhile his lobsters sell for $16 per kilogramlionfish only make him $12. Lionfish are causing a great concern on his business and the commercial fishing industry in Floridathreatening other fish populations—in some cases reducing them by up to 90%.   

    Lionfish are native to the Indian and Pacific Oceansbut were accidentally introduced into Atlantic and Caribbean waters during the 1990sWith no natural enemies in the Atlantic and an ability to reproduce year-roundplus the favorable environmenttheir numbers have been rising in recent years

    Not only are lionfish causing losses to lobster fishermen like Nicholsthey are also threatening the balance of the fragile ecosystem

    “Lionfish are eating almost anything that fits in their mouths”says Lad Akinsdirector of REEFa marine conservation group“Some are commercially valuable fisheslike grouper and snapper that the fishermen depend onLionfish even could result in the extinction of some fish

    In an effort to solve the problemREEF runs a monthly contestawarding prizes to those who catch the most lionfishIt also runs workshops educating divers about safe collection and removal techniquesMany volunteers have also joined the fight with a campaign that encourages people to eat lionfish

    “If we can’t beat themlet’s eat them!” said Michelle Kosiekthe manager of the Fish House Encorewhich has been serving lionfish for the past 18 months“There is a little bit of fear factor eating themIn factthose who tried it have spoken well of it

    24The story of Gary Nichols shows that _______________

    A1obsters are disappearing in the waters near Florida

    Bthe overpopulated lionfish are affecting Florida fishermen

    Cit is hard for a fisherman to make a living by selling lobsters

    Dlionfish have brought the Florida fishermen’s income down by 90

    25What factors contribute to the fast increase of the lionfish population?

    aThey are native to the Atlantic and Caribbean waters

    bThey have no natural enemies in Atlantic

    cThey are able to lay eggs non-stop every year

    dThe waters in Florida are suitable for their existence

    eSome people introduced them there on purpose

    Aabc    Bbcd    Ccde   Dade

    26Lad Akins considers the non-native lionfish as _______________

    Aa new source of economic increase

    Ba positive promoter to the ecology of Florida waters

    Ca disaster both commercially and ecologically

    Da chance to make Florida fish species diverse

    27In the fight against lionfishMichelle Kosiek is helpful in _____________

    Aencouraging people to eat them

    Bteaching divers removal techniques

    Cmaking a collection of lionfish

    Dawarding prizes to lionfish catchers

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    来源: 山东省微山县第一中学2016-2017学年高二寒假作业检测考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    When Frida Kahlo’s paintings were on show in London, a poet described her paintings as “a ribbon (丝带) around a bomb”. Such comments seem to suggest Kahlo had a big influence on the art world of her time. Sadly, she is actually a much bigger name today than she was during her time.

    Born in 1907 in a village near Mexico City, Kahlo suffered from polio(小儿麻痹症) at the age of seven. Her spine(脊柱) become bent as she grew older. Then, in 1925, her back was broken in several places in a school-bus accident. Throughout the rest of her life, the artist had many operations, but nothing was able to cure the terrible pain in her back. However, the accident had an unexpected side effect. While lying in her bed recovering, Kahlo taught herself to paint.

    In 1929, she got married to Diego Rivera, another famous Mexican artist. Rivera’s strong influences on Kahlo’s style can be seen in her early works, but her later works from the 1940s, known today as her best works, show less influence from her husband.

    Unfortunately, her works did not attract much attention in the 1930s and 1940s, even in her home country. Her first one-woman show in Mexico was not held until 1953. For more than a decade after her death in 1954, Kahlo’s works remained largely unnoticed by the world, but in the 1970s her works began to gain international fame at last.

    21. The terrible pain Kahlo suffered was caused by _____.

    A. polio    B. her bent spine    C. back injuries     D. the operations she had

    22. Kahlo’s style had become increasingly independent since the _____.

    A. 1930s    B. 1940s    C. 1950s     D. 1970s

    23. What is author’s attitude toward Kahlo?

    A. Devotion.   B. Sympathy.   C. Worry.    D. Encouragement.

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    来源: 安徽省合肥市第一中学2016-2017学年高一上学期第一次月考英语 Word版含答案.doc

    It has become a certain belief among the public----drink at least eight glasses of water a day to improve health and wellbeing. Bottled water companies often repeal it to increase their sales but it is actually a silly idea. There is no evidence to prove the advantages of drinking eight glasses of water a day, scientists say.

    The misunderstanding is caused from the suggestion that adults should drink 2.5 liters of water daily, which was stressed by the British Medical Journal in December. The important part of the suggestion that most of this quantity of water is contained in prepared foods, however, is usually ignored.

    US researchers who reviewed the evidence concluded that most people do not need to worry about the amount of water they drink every .day. Besides drinking water, they will be getting plenty of liquid(液体)in other ways. Caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee and cola and alcohol(酒)can help reach the daily total if they don't drink too much, though these drinks help the production of urine (尿). Less well known arc the dangers of drinking too much water, causing water poisoning, low salt levels and even death.

    The review of research by Dan Negoianu, from the University of Pennsylvania, found that not a single study included the suggestion of drinking eight glasses of water a day. Although one small study suggested that drinking water could result in fewer headaches, the results were not very important. However, the benefits of drinking some water to prevent a pain in head after drinking too much alcohol are, separately, proved to be true.

    No studies showed any advantages to the color of the skin because of the increased water taken into bodies. Dehydration(脱水)can make skin less pleasant, but there was no clear evidence to support the idea that water helps people keep a youthful appearance. The researchers also found no evidence that drinking lots of water does some good to the body's organs(器官).

    28. From the passage, we know that the suggestion about drinking eight glasses of water a day        .

    A. causes some serious diseases

    B. has enough scientific evidence to support it

    C. is misunderstood by people in fact

    D. was published by the British Medical Journal

    29. From the passage we learn that many people don't know that  .

    A. the production of urine can cause water to lose

    B. health can be improved by drinking plenty of' water

    C. better skin can result from intake of much water

    D. caffeinated drinks can provide the water people need

    30. What can be proved about drinking a lot of water according to the passage?

    A. Reducing the bad influence of drinking alcohol.

    B. Helping to keep youthful looks.

    C. Making the body's organs stronger.

    D. Causing bad headaches.

    31. The writer's main purpose of writing this passage is to          .

    A. persuade people to drink different kinds of water

    B. tell people drinking much water is not as healthy as is considered

    C. warn people of the danger of drinking much water

    D. help people realize the importance of drinking enough water every day

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    来源: 湖南省长沙市一中2015-2016学年高一下学期期末考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    If you think that running marathons will help you live a long and healthy life, new research may come as a shock. According to a recent scientific study, people who do a very strenuous workout are as likely to die as people who do no exercise at all.

       Scientists in Denmark have been studying over 1000 joggers (慢跑者)and non-joggers for 12 years. The death rates from the sample group indicate that people who jog at a moderate pace two or three times a week for less than two and a half hours in total are least likely to die. The best speed to jog at was found to be about 5 miles per hour. The research suggests that people who jog more than three times a week or at higher speeds of over 7 mph die at the same rate as non-joggers. The scientists think that this is because strenuous exercise causes structural changes to the heart and arteries(动脉). Over time, this can cause serious injuries.

    Peter Schnohr, a researcher in Copenhagen, said, “If your goal is to decrease risk of death and improve life expectancy(寿命), jogging a few times a week at a moderate (适度的)pace is a good strategy. Anything more is not just unnecessary, and it may be harmful.

    The implications (暗示)of this are that moderate forms of exercise such as tai chi, yoga and brisk (轻快的)walking may be better for us than “iron man” events, triathlons and long-distance running and cycling. According to Jacob Louis Marott, another researcher involved in the study, “You don’t actually have to do that much to have a good impact on your health. And perhaps you shouldn’t actually do too much”.

    32. The underlined word “strenuous” in Paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to “_____________”.

       A. hard             B. regular          C. practical        D. flexible

    33. The author presents some figures in Paragraph 2 to __________.

       A. suggest giving up jogging            B. show risks of doing sports

       C. provide supportive evidence          D. introduce the research process

    34. According to the scientists, why is too much exercise harmful?

       A. It may injure the heart and arteries       B. It can make the body tired out

       C. It will bring much pressure             D. It consumes too much energy

    35. What can be inferred from the next?

       A. No exercise at all is the best choice

       B. More exercise means a healthier life

       C. Marathons runners are least likely to die

       D. Proper exercise contributes to good health

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    来源: 湖南省岳阳县第一中学2016-2017学年高二上学期第一次月考考试试题 Word版含答案.doc

    When my friend Lesa was diagnosed(诊断) with cancer, another friend and I went to the hospital to spend some time with her. We bought her a small toy and  named him LemonAide. We gave LemonAide to Lesa and told her he was to go with her to all of her treatments to remind her that we were thinking of her and caring about her even though we could not always be with her. When the treatments were completed, she said when someone else needed him she would pass him along.

    A few months latermuch to my surprise, it was me that she passed him to. LemonAide went with me to all of my treatments.

    One day while waiting for my doctor I decided we could market the idea to fight cancer. Lesa thought it was a great idea so we founded the organization that came to be known as LemonAide' s Friends, Inc. We designed our organization to remind people fighting cancer that there are people who love and care about them all the time. Today we have totally 5013 volunteers. The money raised is donated to cancer patients who do not have insurance. The Physicians on our Board of Advisors determine how and where our money is donated.

    LemonAide is for men, women, and children of all ages and to date has been sent to 34 states and 33 countries to provide smiling support for people fighting cancer. When life gave us lemons we made LemonAide, a soft smiling toy that represents love, support, and encouragement.

    24The author went to the hospital with her friend ________

          Ato operate on Lesa            Bto treat her disease

          Cto accompany Lesa            Dto look after LemonAide

    25Lesa was given a small toy because ________

          Ahe represented her organization

          Bhe could help weaken her pain

          Cshe would think of her friends

          Dher friends tried to comfort her

    26It can be inferred that ________

          Athe author had suffered from cancer

          BLemonAide had suffered from cancer

          CLesa had recovered from cancer

          DLemonAide learned to look after the author

    27Lesa and the author formed an organization to ________

          Acure cancer                  Braise money

          Chelp cancer patients           Dhelp their friend

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    来源: 广东省梅州市蕉岭县蕉岭中学2015-2016学年高三下学期第二次质量检测试题 Word版含答案.doc

     Bad teeth can be painful and even be deadly. Infections of the gums (牙龈) and teeth can release bacteria into the blood system. Those bacteria can increase the chance of a heart attack or stroke and worsen the effects of other diseases. And adults are not the only ones at risk. For example, a 12­year­old boy died when a tooth infection spread to his brain in 2007 in Washington. Experts said it might have been prevented had he received the dental care he needed.

    Experts say good dental care starts at birth. Breast milkthey sayis the best food for the healthy development of teeth. Breast milk can help slow bacterial growth and acid production in the mouth. But dentists say a baby’s gums and early teeth should be cleaned after each feeding by using a cloth with a little warm water. Experts say if you decide to put your baby to sleep with a bottle, give only water.

    When baby teeth begin to appearyou can clean them with a wet toothbrush. Dentists say it is important to find soft toothbrushes made especially for babies and to use them very gently. The use of fluoride (氟化物) to protect teeth is common in many parts of the world. For example, it is often added to drinking water supplies. The fluoride mixes with enamel (釉质)the hard surface on teeth, to help prevent holes from forming.

    But young children often swallow toothpaste when they brush their teeth. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry notes that swallowing fluoridated toothpaste can cause problems. So young children should be carefully watched when they brush their teeth. And only a small amount of fluoridated toothpaste, the size of a pea, should be used. 

    Parents often wonder what effect finger sucking might have on their baby’s teeth. Dental experts generally agree that this is fine early in life. Most children stop sucking their fingers by the age of four. If it continuesexperts advise parents to talk to their children’s dentists or doctors because it could interfere with the correct development of permanent teeth. 

    Dentists say children should have their first dental visit at least by the time they are one year old. They say babies should be examined when their first teeth appear—usually at around six months. 

    8What’s the main idea of the first paragraph?

    ABad teeth can be a threat to people’s health.

    BBad teeth come along with other health problems.

    CTooth infections can spread to brain easily.

    DDental care should be done at an early age. 

    9According to the passage, what is the function of fluoride?

    AMaking the surface on teeth much cleaner.

    BProtecting gums from being infected.

    CKeeping holes on teeth from forming.

    DSlowing down bacterial growth and acid production. 

    10The underlined phrase “interfere with” in Para.5 probably means________.

    Ado harm to          Baccount for   

    Ccontribute to        Dstand for 

    11What is the purpose of the author in writing the passage?

    ATo warn us of the deadly infections of gums and teeth.

    BTo introduce the advantages of fluoridated toothpaste.

    CTo draw our attention to the dental care of young children.

    DTo present the research results about dental care. 

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    来源: 北京市临川学校2015-2016学年高一下学期期末考试试题 Word版含答案.doc

    People are overweight for many reasons, the most important one of which is that they eat the wrong foods, get the wrong types of calories per meal, and they also eat meals at the wrong time each day. Food is more powerful than any weight loss pill, because the food that you eat can either make you thin or fat. This is true because your body is like an engine, and it only needs certain foods at certain intervals(间隔) each day.

    Low-calorie Diets Do Not Work

    The reason people cannot lose weight by starving themselves is that their metabolism(新陈代谢) will detect any major drop in calories and it will then adjust itself by burning fewer calories each day. That is the reason why you can eat 1,000 calories per day and not lose any weight, while your friends can eat 2,500 calories per day and not gain any weight.

    Low-fat Diets Do Not Work

    Many people in today’s society are buying mostly low-fat or non-fat food at the grocery store. Everybody knows how much fat is inside the food they buy. However, people are getting fatter than ever before by doing this. They are not losing weight by changing to this low-fat lifestyle.

    Losing weight has nothing to do with these things. One of the most important things you can do to control your weight is to eat the proper foods, such as fruit and vegetables, eat them at the right time, and exercise every day. If people make this a habit, they will lose weight.

    25. What is the main reason why people are overweight?

    A. They burn many calories every day.   B. They eat the wrong foods at the wrong time.  

    C. They eat food with lots of calories.    D. They don’t take weight loss pills.          

    26. The article is written in order to________.

       A. tell readers not to buy low-fat or non-fat food.

       B.tell readers about an important scientific discovery.                               

    C .tell readers how to lose weight.

       D. call on people to lose weight and stay healthy.

    27. To realize the aim of your weight loss plan, you should_________.

    a. do exercise every day           b. eat meals at the right time

    c. eat fruits and vegetables         d. eat low-fat or sweet food

    e. eat the proper foods at each meal

    A. a, b, c, e        B. a, b, d, e       C. a, c, d, e       D.a, b, c, d

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    来源: 湖南省五市十校教研教改共同体2015-2016学年高二下学期期末考试试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Health experts have long known that vitamin D is important for healthy bones and teeth. It may also help to protect the body against diseases such as diabetes and cancer. And now, researchers say vitamin D might help fight brain diseases called dementia (痴呆).

    Dementia is a brain disease that damages thinking and memory processes, which scientists call “cognitive (认知) abilities.” Dementia is difficult to treat. Taking care of someone who has dementia is extremely demanding. And the disease is very frightening to sufferers. Chris Roberts suffers from dementia. He says the worst part of living with this disease was getting lost while driving. “The worst thing that I found was getting lost in the car, not just forgetting where I was going— I wouldn’t know where I was.” More than 47 million people around the world suffer from dementia. The World Health Organization reports that 60 percent of them live in low- and middle-income countries.

    We get vitamin D from some foods like nuts, lentils (扁豆) and fatty fish. We also get vitamin D from the sun. But that is not dependable. In some parts of the world, there is not enough sunlight to provide enough vitamin D. Also, sunblock prevents the vitamin from entering the body. To add to the problem, the skin’s ability to process vitamin D weakens as a person ages.

    Researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey are exploring the relationship between vitamin D and dementia. The team recently measured vitamin D levels and cognitive ability in older people. Nutritional sciences professor Joshua Miller led the team. He said cognitive abilities differed among the study subjects. He said tests showed that about 60 percent of the group was low in vitamin D.

    32. Which of the following is true about vitamin D?

      A. Vitamin D can decrease people’s risk of heart diseases.

      B. Vitamin D helps the body fight against cancer.

      C. Vitamin D is mainly obtained from the sun.

      D. The need for Vitamin D decreases as people age.

    33. What does the underlined word “demanding” mean in Paragraph 2?

      A. Boring but rewarding.

        B. Disturbing and frightening.

      C. Disgusting and stressful.

        D. Hard and tiresome.

    34. What does Paragraph 3 mainly talk about?

      A. How vitamin D affects people’s health.

      B. Where people get vitamin D.

      C. Whether sunlight can produce vitamin D.

      D. Why people’s age influences the production of vitamin D.

    35. Where can we most probably read the passage?

      A. In a travel brochure.

        B. In a literature magazine.

      C. In a science journal.

        D. In a commercial advertisement.

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    来源: 湖南省五市十校教研教改共同体2015-2016学年高二下学期期末考试试题 Word版含答案.doc

    When asked about happiness, we usually think of something extraordinary, an absolute delight, which seems to get rarer the older we get.

    For kids, happiness has a magical quality. Their delight at winning a race or getting a new bike is unreserved (毫无掩饰的).

    In the teenage years the concept of happiness changes. Suddenly it's conditional on such things as excitement, love and popularity. I can still recall the excitement of being invited to dance with the most attractive boy at the school party.

    In adulthood the things that bring deep joylove, marriage, birthalso bring responsibility and the risk of loss. For adults, happiness is complicated (复杂的) .

    My definition of happiness is “the capacity for enjoyment”. The more we can enjoy what we have, the happier we are. It’s easy to overlook the pleasure we get from the company of friends, the freedom to live where we please, and even good health.

    I experienced my little moments of pleasure yesterday. First I was overjoyed when I shut the last lunch-box and had the house to myself. Then I spent an uninterrupted morning writing, which I love. When the kids and my husband came home, I enjoyed their noise after the quiet of the day.

    Psychologists tell us that to be happy we need a mix of enjoyable leisure time and satisfying work. I don’t think that my grandmother, who raised 14 children, had much of either. She did have a network of close friends and family, and maybe this is what satisfied her.

    We, however, with so many choices and such pressure to succeed in every area, have turned happiness into one more thing we’ve got to have. We’re so self-conscious about our “right” to it that it’s making us miserable. So we chase it and equal it with wealth and success, without noticing that the people who have those things aren’t necessarily happier.

    Happiness isn’t about what happens to us—it’s about how we see what happens to us. It’s the skillful way of finding a positive for every negative. It’s not wishing for what we don’t have, but enjoying what we do possess.

    28. As one grows older, one ______.

         A. tends to believe responsibility means happiness

        B. associates his/her happiness less with others

        C. will take fewer risks in pursuing happiness

        D. feels it harder to experience happiness

    29. What can we learn about the author from Paragraphs 5 and 6?

         A. She cares little about her own health.

        B. She is easily satisfied by things in daily life.

        C. She enjoys the freedom of traveling.

        D. She prefers getting pleasure from housework.

    30. People who equal happiness with wealth and success ______.

         A. pay too much attention to their right to happiness

        B. consider pressure something blocking their way

        C. are at a loss to make correct choices

        D. are more likely to be happy

    31. Which of the following can best explain the main idea of the passage?

         A. God helps those who help themselves.

        B. Each man is the master of his own fate.

        C. Happy is he who is content.

        D. Success leads to happiness.

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    来源: 陕西省西安市临潼区华清中学2016届高三第三次自主命题英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Eating too much fatty food, exercising too little and smoking can raise your future risk of heart disease. But there is another factor that can cause your heart problems more immediately: the air you breathe.

    Previous studies have linked high exposure (暴露)to environmental pollution to an increased risk of heart problem, but two analyses now show that poor air quality can lead to heart attack or stroke (中风)within as little as a few hours after exposure. In one review of the research, scientists found that people exposed to high levels of pollutants (污染物)were up to 5% more likely to suffer a heart attack within days of exposure than those with lower exposure. A separate study of stroke patients showed that even air that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers to be of “moderate” (良好)quality and relatively safe for our health can raise the risk of stroke as much as 34% within 12 to 14 hours of exposure.

    The authors of both studies stress that these risks are relatively small for healthy people and certainly modest compared with other risk factors such as smoking and high blood pressure. However, it is important to be aware of these dangers because everyone is exposed to air pollution regardless of lifestyle choices. So stricter regulation by the EPA of pollutants may not only improve environmental air quality but could also become necessary to protect public health.

    28. The text mainly discusses the relationship between __________.

    A. heart problems and air quality      B. heart problems and exercising

    C. heart problems and smoking         D. heart problems and fatty food

    29. The underlined word “modest” in Paragraph 3 most probably means           .

    A. relatively high                    B. extremely low

    C. relatively low                     D. extremely high

    30. What can we learn from the text?  

    A. Eating fatty food has immediate effects on your heart.

    B. The EPA conducted many studies on air quality.

    C. Moderate air quality is more harmful than smoking,

    D. Stricter regulations on pollutants should be made.

    31. The author’s purpose of writing the text is most likely to __________.

    A. inform          B. persuade          C. describe      D. entertain

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    来源: 宁夏育才中学2015-2016学年高一下学期期中考试试卷 试题及答案解析word版.doc

    People who are slightly overweight or mildly obese(肥胖的) have a lower risk of early death than normal weight individuals(个人;个体), according to a new analysis of nearly 100 international studies.

        The studies, most conducted within the past decade, included about three million adults from around the world. The result of these studies by researchers at the National Center for Health Statistics in Maryland, part of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, shows that slightly overweight or obese people were six percent less likely to die from all causes compared to people of normal weight. But the researchers found that seriously obese individuals were still at a 30 percent greater risk of death compared to healthy-weight individuals.

         Study lead author Katherine Flegal says she was not surprised that overweight people would not have a higher death risk. “Because we'd actually already read a lot of this literature and realized that death rates for overweight would be at least not higher than normal[weight," she said. “I guess l was a little bit surprised that it was definitely lower. And l was also surprised that the lower rates of obesity didn't seem to differ from normal weight."

        But Flegal stresses the difference in death rates appear to be small between normal-weight people and overweight and mildly obese individuals.

        The finding by Flegal and colleagues have raised new questions about the reliability(可靠性)of the so-called "body mass index" or BMI, a measurement of body fat as a ratio(比例,比率)of height to weight, that has become popular in recent years among public health experts to measure potential health risks.

        But Heymsfield warns that individuals should not conclude that it's okay to put on extra kilograms, since being at a healthy weight lowers the risk for heart disease and diabetes.

    25. Katherine Flegal feels surprised at the fact that____.

        A. obese people have higher death rates

        B. slightly obese people have lower death rates

        C. obese people tend to die early

        D. death rates have nothing to do with body weight

    26. What do we learn from the fifth paragraph?

        A. BMI may not be so reliable.

        B. The study provides further evidence for BMI.

        C. BMI tells nothing about potential health risks.

        D. BMI has been much questioned recently.

    27. What can we conclude from the passage'?

        A. It's OK to put on extra weight.

        B. It doesn't matter if you are slightly obese.

        C. Obese people are much healthier.

        D. Body weight has nothing to do with death rates.

    28. What topic does the passage mainly deal with?

    A. Technology.    B. Dieting.    C. Health.    D. Death.  

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    来源: 江西省上高县第二中学2015-2016学年高一下学期期末试卷 试题及答案解析word版.doc

    Living near the beach may come with an extra perk (利益): better health. A new study analyzed information from more than 48 million people in England and found that the nearer they lived to the coast, the more likely people were to report good health within the past year.

    Living near the coast may be associated with better health because the seaside environment reduces stress, the researchers said. They pointed to another British study that found that people who took trips to the coast experienced more feelings of calmness and relaxation than those who visited urban parks or the countryside.

    The difference from living near the coast was relatively small. But a small effect, when applied to an entire population can have a substantial impact on public health ,said study researcher Ben Wheeler of Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry in Exeter, England.

    However, it’s too soon to advise people to hit the beach to improve health, Wheeler said. The study only found an association, not a cause-effect link, and it’s possible that other factors could explain the results. For instance, it could be that people who are wealthier, and therefore healthier, are more able to move to desired locations such as the coast, Wheeler said, a phenomenon known as the migrant effect. But the study did find that the association between coastal living and better health was strongest for those living in the poorest areas, which perhaps indicates that wealth cannot explain the results, Wheeler said.

    Because the study looked at only England—an island country in which everyone lives within 72 miles of the coast—it’s not clear whether the findings would apply to other populations. Far from England, a health expert not involved in the study said that while the British research certainly doesn’t prove that people’s health and the place they live are linked, it’s possible that proximity to the seas does something for our bodies.

    If future studies confirm the results, the next step would be to find out it is what coastal environments that can benefit health. Wheeler said it may then be possible to bring those benefits to people living in other areas, through virtual environments, for instance.

    28. We can conclude from the passage that ______.

      A. people are encouraged to move to the coast

      B. people living near the sea may be healthier

      C. people pay increasingly attention to health

      D. people are worried about residential environment

    29. According to the researchers, living near the sea ______.

      A. doesn’t nearly affect the British population

      B. can cure some difficult diseases in a way

      C. can help get over one’s stress

      D. means freeing from sadness or troubles

    30. What Ben Wheeler said means ______.

      A. the British public health is decreasing

      B. concrete evidence favors life near the sea

      C. wealthier people are likely to be healthier

      D. exact reasons are proposed for further research

    31. What does the underlined word “proximity” in the passage mean?

      A. being close B. being distant C. being similar D. being opposite

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    来源: 江西省丰城中学2015-2016学年高一下学期第一次月考试卷 试题及答案解析word版.doc

     “I’d like to be at a healthier weight,” a friend told me. “But we just don’t have the money to buy expensive diet foods and there isn’t enough money to join a gym.” Many people feel that way — that a healthy diet and exercise plan is out of reach because of their high cost. Don’t lose hope! We’ll be looking at ways to make healthy choices without spending too much money.

    First you don’t need to buy the expensive pre-prepared “diet foods.” Back in the early 1970s when I started housekeeping, 90% of the food I bought was ingredients. Very few things were preprocessed (预处理的). Now 90% of the food you find in the store is quick food. That’s a bad thing.

    Quick foods like boxed “just add hamburger” meals have had the fiber (纤维) removed to make them faster to prepare. Take a look at the label (标签) on that box. It often has low numbers listed under “fiber” because fiber takes longer to digest. If the low fiber meal is digested, the result is that your body begins to store fat. Besides, your body is short of nutrients (营养物质). You will be driven to eat more to try to make up for the low quality of the food you are eating.

    And then there are the chemicals the producers add to the quick meals to make them palatable. If not, the stuff would taste like cardboard and you wouldn’t enjoy it. However, these chemicals certainly aren’t good for your health.

    What’s the answer? Buy whole ingredients and give up the expensive, low nutrition, processed foods. Do the cooking yourself and you will have control over what is in your food — and it will cost less, too.

    29.  People who find it hard to get a healthier weight think _____.

    A. they had too much diet food                                  B. they didn’t make a detailed plan

    C. they have no time to do exercise in gym

    D. they can’t afford diet food and to exercise in gym

    30. The author doesn’t like quick food mainly because _____.

    A. it contains too much fat                                   B. it makes people eat more

    C. it has low fiber                                                 D. it takes longer to digest

    31. The underlined word “palatable” in Paragraph 4 means _____.

    A. fresh                              B. delicious                

     C. healthy                            D. poor

    32. The author suggests in the text that people should _____.

    A. control the amount of food                              B. eat more processed foods

    C. cook food for themselves                                 D. choose cheap ingredients

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    来源: 湖南省衡阳市第八中学2015-2016学年高一下学期第一次月考考试试卷 试题及答案解析word版.doc

    There are two types of people in the world. Although they have equal degree of health and wealth and other comforts of life, one becomes happy and the other becomes unhappy. This arises from the different ways in which they consider things, persons, events and the resulting effects upon their minds.

    People who are to be happy fix their attention on the convenience of things: the pleasant parts of conversation, the well prepared dishes, the goodness of the wine and the fine weather. They enjoy all the cheerful things. Those who are to be unhappy think and speak only of the opposite things. Therefore, they are continually dissatisfied. By

    their remarks, they sour the pleasure of society, hurt many people, and make themselves disagreeable everywhere. If this turn of mind was founded in nature, such unhappy persons would be the more to be pitied. The intention of criticizing and being disliked is perhaps taken up by imitation. It grows into a habit, unknown to its possessors. The habit may be strong, but it may be cured when those who have it realize its bad effects on their interests and tastes. I hope this little warning may be of service to them, and help them change this habit.

        Although in fact it is chiefly an act of the imagination, it has serious results in life since it brings on deep sorrow and bad luck. Those people hurt many others; nobody loves them, and no one treats them with more than the most common politeness and respect. This frequently puts them in bad temper and draws them into arguments. If they aim at getting some advantages in social position or fortune, nobody wishes them success. Nor will anyone start a step or speak a word to favor their hopes. If they bring on themselves public objections, no one will defend or excuse them, and many will join to criticize their wrongdoings. These should change this bad habit and be pleased with what is pleasing, without worrying needlessly about themselves and others. If they do not, it will be good for others to avoid any contact with them. Otherwise, it can be disagreeable and sometimes very inconvenient, especially when one becomes mixed up in their quarrels.

    32. People who are unhappy _______.

    A. always consider things differently from others

    B. always discover the unpleasant side of certain things

    C. usually misunderstand what others think or say

    D. usually are affected by the results of certain things

    33.  The phrase “sour the pleasure of society” most nearly means “_______”.

    A. makes others unhappy             B. has a good taste with social life

    C. tend to scold others openly          D. enjoy the pleasure of life

    34. We can conclude from the passage that _______.

    A. we should pity all such unhappy people

    B. such unhappy people are dangerous to social life

    C. people can get rid of the habit of unhappiness

    D. unhappy people can not understand happy persons

    35.  If such unhappy persons insist on keeping the habit, the author suggests that people should _______.

    A. show no respect and politeness to them

    B. prevent any communication with them

    C. persuade them to recognize the bad effects

    D. quarrel with them until they realize the mistakes

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    来源: 湖南省衡阳市第八中学2015-2016学年高一下学期第一次月考考试试卷 试题及答案解析word版.doc

    If drinking coffee or tea has become part of your daily routine, you might wonder what it's doing to your long-term heart health. New research from Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, a journal (期刊)of the American Heart Association, found that high tea consumption and proper coffee consumption may be associated with decreased rates of death from coronary heart disease ( CHD)(冠心病).

        The study followed more than 37,000 tea and coffee drinkers over 13 years. Participants completed food recalls to document their typical intake of tea and coffee, and were divided into groups that ranged from light to heavy consumption. Researchers accounted for variables(变量)such as health histories, height, weight, and waist circumference (腰围)and recorded the number of deaths from cardiovascular (心血管的)disease and stroke during the study period.

        Overall results showed that consuming more than six cups of tea per day was associated with a 36% lower risk of death from heart disease compared to consuming less than one cup of tea per day. There appeared to be no such protective effect of tea-drinking at any amount for risk of death from stroke. Among coffee drinkers, more proper consumption levels (2-3 cups per day) were associated with the greatest risk reduction for death from heart disease (21% ) compared to drinking less than one cup of coffee per day.

        Researchers acknowledged certain inconclusive variables within their findings. For example, the difference between decaffeinated(去咖啡因的)and regular coffee could not be accurately accounted for, nor could specific recommendations be made for type of tea, though due to its popularity in the Netherlands where the study took place, researchers assumed most tea consumption to be black tea.

        Furthermore, researchers found that tea and coffee drinkers had opposite lifestyles, with tea drinkers tending to engage in healthy lifestyle habits and coffee drinkers being more likely to eat less healthy and smoke. It was difficult to say with certainty what impact these other lifestyle variables may have contributed to the overall results.

    25.  What's the conclusion of the study?

    A. People should drink tea and coffee as much as possible.

    B. Drinking more tea may benefit people with CHD.

    C. High tea consumption may reduce the rate of stroke.

    D. Coffee consumption has nothing to do with heart disease.

    26.  Which of the following variables haven’t been considered?

    A. Health histories.      B. Height and weight.

    C. Waist circumference.   D. The type of tea and coffee.

    27.  What can be inferred from the last paragraph?

    A. All people in the Netherlands like black tea.

    B. Tea and coffee drinkers had a similar life style,

    C. Other variables have no effect on the results.

    D. There are still something uncertain about the study.

    28. Which of the following might be the best title?

    A. Why our heart loves coffee and tea,   B. Drink more tea and coffee.

    C. Heart disease will be reduced.        D. An amazing findings about heart diseases.

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    来源: 湖南省衡阳市第八中学2015-2016学年高二下学期结业考试试卷 试题及答案解析word版.doc

      Each year millions of babies are born too soon and too small. Premature or preterm births mean births at less than thirty-seven weeks.

      Prematurity is the leading cause of death in newborn babies. More than one-fourth of the four million newborns who die each year around the world were born too early.

      Preterm babies that survive can suffer a lifetime of serious health conditions. The examples include cerebral palsy, blindness, hearing problems and learning disabilities. Families and communities face emotional, physical and financial costs.

      Christopher Howson is the vice president for global programs at the March of Dimes. His group and the World Health Organization recently published a report called The Global and Regional Toll of Preterm Birth.

      Christopher Howson: Frankly the problem of preterm birth is under-recognized and undervalued. People fail to recognize how serious the problem is. I mean, this report shows that thirteen million babies are born every year preterm, and that over a million of those babies die as a result of being born too early.

      And these are just estimates; the true numbers could be even higher. More than eighty-five percent of preterm births happen in Africa and Asia. Africa has the highest rate, with about four million cases each year.

      Christopher Howson says many of the causes of preterm births are related to poverty and weak health-care systems.

      Christopher Howson: For example, the poor overall health and nutritional status of women. A high burden of infectious diseases. A lack of family planning – allowing a woman to decide when to start and end having children. And also the lack of good prenatal(产前) care programs that might identify problems early on in pregnancy.

      Preterm births are a problem not just in the developing world. The combined rate in the United States and Canada is the second highest in the world. Preterm birth rates in the United States have increased thirty-six percent in the last twenty-five years.

      This has been largely the result of two reasons. One is an increase in pregnancies among women over age thirty-five. The other is an increase in the use of reproductive therapies(生殖治疗).

    32. This passage is mainly about ______.

    A. the causes of peoples bad health throughout the world

    B. how to improve peoples health throughout the world

    C. premature or preterm births throughout the world

    D. Christopher Howson, vice president for global programs at the March of Dimes

    33. All of the following are causes of preterm births EXCEPT______.

    A. too many deaths of newborn babies    B. poverty

    C. Lack of family planning  D. the lack of good prenatal care programs

    34. Which of the following is a TRUE statement according to the passage?

    A. Preterm birth rates in developing countries are dropping and they are increasing in some developed countries like the US and Canada.

    B. The increase in pregnancies among women over age thirty-five and the increase in the use of reproductive therapies result in the increase of preterm birth rates.

    C. Fortunately, many people have already realized the seriousness of the problem of preterm births.

    D. Preterm births must be a problem for only poor areas because of poverty.

    35. Where can we probably read this article?

    A. International news reports   B. History and political papers

    C. Science magazines         D. World trade guides

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    来源: 黑龙江省绥棱县职业技术学校(普高试卷)2015-2016学年高二上学期期末考试试卷 试题及答案解析word版.doc

    Eating too much fatty food, exercising too little and smoking can raise your 

    future risk of heart disease. But there is another factor that can cause your heart 

    problems more immediately: the air you breathe.

    Previous studies have linked high exposure (暴露)to environmental pollution to an increased risk of heart problem, but two analyses now show that poor air quality can lead to heart attack or stroke (中风)within as little as a few hours after exposure.                 

    In one review of the research, scientists found that people exposed to high levels of

    pollutants (污染物)were up to 5% more likely to                                         suffer a heart attack within days of exposure than those with lower exposure. A 

    separate study of stroke patients showed that even air that the U. S. Environmental 

    Protection Agency (EPA) considers to be of “moderate” (良好)quality and relatively safe for our health can raise the risk of stroke as much as 34% within 12 to 14 hours of exposure.

    The authors of both studies stress that these risks are relatively small for healthy people and certainly modest compared with other risk factors such as smoking and 

    high blood pressure. However, it is important to be aware of these dangers because

     everyone is exposed to air pollution regardless of lifestyle choices. So stricter regulation by the EPA of pollutants may not only improve environmental air quality but 

    could also become necessary to protect public health.

    9.The text mainly discusses the relationship between        .

    A. heart problems and exercising     B. heart problems and fatty food 

    C. heart problems and smoking     D.   heart problems and air quality

    10.The underlined word “modest” in Paragraph 3 most probably means  .

    A. extremely high             B. relatively low  

    C. extremely low                  D.  relatively high

    11. What can we learn from the text?

    A. Eating fatty food has immediate effects on your heart.

    B. Moderate air quality is more harmful than smoking,

    C. The EPA conducted many studies on air quality.

    D. Stricter regulations on pollutants should be made.

    12.. The author’s purpose of writing the text is most likely to         . 

    A. persuade  B.    inform    C. describe     D. entertain

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    来源: 海南省国科园实验学校2015-2016学年高二下学期期末考试试卷 试题及答案解析word版.doc

    Cell phonesIs there a cancer link?

    Could your cell phone give you cancer? Whether it could or not, some people are worrying about the possibility that phones, power lines and Wi-Fi could be responsible for a range of illnesses, from rashes to brain tumors.

    Some say there is evidence to support the growing anxieties. David Carpenter, a professor of environmental health sciences at the university at Albany, in New York, thinks there’s a greater than 95 percent chance that power lines can cause childhood leukemia (白血病). Also there’s a greater than 90 percent chance that cell phones can cause brain tumors. “It’s apparent now that there’s a real risk, ”said Carpenter.

    But others believe these concerns are not justified. Dr Martha Linet, head of radiation epidemiology (流行病学) at the US National Cancer Institute, has looked at the same research as Carpenter but has reached a different conclusion. “I don’t support warning labels for cell phones, ”said Linet. “We don’t have the evidence that there’s much danger.”

    Studies so far suggest a weak connection between EMFs (电磁场) and illness—so weak that it might not exist at all. A multinational investigation of cell phones and brain cancer, in 13 countries outside the US, has been underway for several years. It’s funded in part by the European Union, in part by a cell phone industry group. The final report should come out later this year, but data so far don’t suggest a strong link between cell phone use and cancer risk.

    42From the passage we can learn that some people are worried because________.

    Athey have evidence that the use of cell phones can lead to cancer

    Bthey feel surprised and alarmed about cell phone use

    Csome experts have given a warning

    Dcell phones are responsible for brain tumors

    43By saying “I don’t support warning labels for cell phones, ”Dr Martha Linet has the idea that_______.

    Athe worrying is unnecessary            Bcancer—warning labels should be on cell phones

    Cthere is a link between cell phones and cancer   Dcell phones have nothing to do with cancer

    44Which of the following best describes the attitude of the author towards the debate?

    AOptimistic.    BObjective.     COpposite.     DCasual.

    45The underlined word “justified” in Paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to_____

    Aexplained    Bconfirmed (证实、确认)  

     Cclassified    Drestricted (限制)


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