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    Accomplishment is often deceptive (导致误解的) because we don’t see the pain and perseverance that produced it. So we may credit the  __36__ with brains or lucky break, and let ourselves off the hook(为自己开脱) because we 37 in both two. Not that we could all be concert pianists just by exercising enough discipline. ___38___, each of us has the makings of success in some effort, but we will achieve this only if we ___39___ our wills and work at it.

    How can we acquire stick-to-itiveness? There is no simple, fast ___40___. But I have developed a way of thinking that has 41 my own weak will more than once. Here are the basic elements:

    “Won’t” power. This is as important as will power. Discipline means choices. Every time you say yes to a goal or objective, you say no to many more. Every prize has its ___42___. The prize is the yes; the price is the no. Igor Gorin, the noted Ukrainian-American baritone(男中音), told of his early days studying ___43___. He loved to smoke a pipe, but one day his professor said, “Igor, you will have to made up your mind ___44___ you are going to be a great singer, or a great pipe smoker. You cannot be both.” ___45___, the pipe went.

    Delayed gratification (喜悦). M. Scott Peck, M.D., author of the best-seller The Road less Traveled, ___46___ this tool of discipline as “a process of ___47___ the pain and pleasure of life in such a way as to enhance the ___48___ by meeting and experiencing the pain first and ___49___ it over with.”

    This might ___50___ routine daily decisions—something as ___51___ as skipping a favorite late-night TV show and getting to bed early, to be wide awake for a meeting the next morning. Or it might involve longer-term ___52___

    The secret of such commitment is getting past the pain and seeing the delight. “The fact is that many ___53___ efforts aren’t fun,” says one radio and TV commentator. “True, all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. But trying to turn everything we do into ___54___ makes for terrible frustrations, because life—even the most rewarding one—includes circumstances that aren’t  ___55___ at all. I like my job as a journalist. It’s personally satisfying, but it isn’t always joyful.”

      36. A. producer           B. applicant            C. achiever         D. performer

      37. A. fall short             B. come over        C. leave behind         D. work out  

      38. A. Meanwhile      B. Still                C. Rather           D. Besides

      39. A. restrict           B. delay            C. apply            D. prefer

      40. A. dimension          B. formula          C. dilemma          D. foundation 

      41. A. damaged            B. allowed          C. suffered             D. rescued  

      42. A. root               B. result               C. price                D. goal

    43. A. sound          B. voice            C. noise                D. whistle 

    44. A. that               B. if               C. whether              D. how 

    45. A. Instead            B. Moreover         C. However              D. Therefore

    46. A. forms          B. manages              C. shapes           D. describes

    47. A. determining        B. scheduling      C. mixing           D. substitutes

    48. A. commitment         B. tool                 C. mind                 D. pleasure

    49. A. look               B. think            C. take                 D. get

    50. A. make          B. involve              C. attach           D. undergo

    51. A. reasonable         B. delightful      C. simple           D. strange

    52. A. resolutions        B. debates              C. contrasts            D. routines

    53. A. visible            B. experimental         C. worthwhile      D. challenging

    54. A. work           B. play                 C. hobbies              D. efforts

    55. A. unique             B. smooth           C. easy                 D. fun

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    来源: 浙江省杭州高级中学2016年高考英语模拟试卷(5月份) Word版含解析.doc

    Over the yearsthanks to my life's obstacles(障碍),I understood the meaning of faith and the strong will to surviveIt was Hurricane Ike that made me fully 21    the beauty of our strength and a human's motivation to 22      

    Mom had a twoweek 23     in summerWhile we enjoyed our holiday in Southeast Texaswe didn't realize the fact that Ike24     cause months and likely years of"labor"By September 7ththe"eyes of Texas"were watching Hurricane Ike more 25                   making the typical mad rush for lastminute hurricane 26                Two days laterboth oil and ice were in 27           demand

    In the early hours of September 11thsome neighbors were planning to28    the storm in their homes,(29     others were making final preparations to get awayAt firstwe decided to stayBut that afternoonthe HoustonGalveston area would be on the more 30     side of the stormMom and I packed some of our most 31     belongings in the car and 32      the East Texas town of Lufkin

    As Ike pushed farther inlandwe 33     power in LufkinOn Sundayour nextdoor neighbor told us via cell phone that our 34     had remained wellOur hopes could not have been 35      But a few hours laterthe neighbors reported that our brick chimney had 36     and it was sitting on our living room,(37     a hole in the roof between two skylights (天窗).

    We wouldn't be allowed to return home 38     September 17thI climbed upstairsand looked toward the hole in the roof which showed a beautiful blue sky

    Without hesitationI shouted"Wow!A third skylight!"

    My neighbors could not believe I was making jokes39          cryingbut 40    is always good medicineIt was with that joke that I knewgiven timeeverything would be okay





























    28Aget through

    Bput away

    Ctest out

    Dsuffer from













    32Aset out

    Bheaded for

    Csettled down

    Dwatched out

























    39Ain spite of

    Binstead of

    Capart from

    Din terms of





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    来源: 福建省漳州市第一中学2017届高三上学期期中考试英语试题 Word版含解析.doc

    Compassion(同情心)is a desire within us to help others. With effort, we can translate compassion into   41  . An experience last weekend showed me this is   42  . I work part-time in a supermarket across from a building   43   the elderly. These old people are our main   44   , and it’s not hard to lose   45   over their slowness. But last Sunday, one   46   gentleman appeared to teach me a   47   lesson. The man walked up to my register with a box of biscuits. He said he was   48  , had just moved into his room, and had   49    in his cupboards. He asked if we could let him have the food on trust. He promised to   50   me the next day.

    I couldn’t help staring at him. I   51   what kind of person he had been years before, and   52   he would be like if luck had gong his way. I had a hurt in my heart for this kind of human soul. I told him that was   53   , but store rules didn’t allow me to do so. I felt   54   and unkind saying this, but I   55   my job.

    Just then, another man, standing behind the first, spoke up. “If anything”, he looked more pitiable. “  56   it to me.” was all he said.

    What I had been feeling was pity. Pity is soft and easy. Compassion,   57  , is caring in action. I   58   the second man but told him that was not   59   either. Then I reached into my pocket and paid for the biscuits myself. I reached into my pocket   60   these two men had reached into my heart and taught me compassion.

    41.A. desire           B. help             C. actions         D. experience

    42.A. difficult        B. dangerous        C. true            D. interesting

    43.A. with             B. by               C. to              D. for

    44.A. customers        B. neighbors        C. friends         D. helpers

    45.A. heart            B. patience         C. control         D. face

    46.A. angry            B. rude             C. nice            D. aged

    47.A. valuable         B. interesting      C. small           D. silly

    48.A. in trouble       B. out of cash      C. in poor health  D. out of work

    49.A. nothing          B. something        C. everything      D. anything

    50.A. help             B. repay            C. thank           D. give

    51.A. knew             B. thought          C. wondered        D. asked

    52.A. how              B. why              C. what            D. who

    53.A. sorry            B. possible         C. easy            D. good

    54.A. worried          B. stupid           C. unwise          D. helpless

    55.A. knew             B. disliked         C. enjoyed         D. valued

    56.A. Offer            B. Give             C. Pass            D. Charge

    57.A. at the same time B. on the other hand                   C. as a matter of fact D. above all

    58.A. refused          B. accepted         C. thanked         D. respected

    59.A. allowed          B. paid             C. welcome         D. pity

    60.A. whether          B. because          C. even if         D. as if

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    Have Faith in life

    Faith, is very important. Do ___41___thing to have self-confidence, no confidence, just like a __42__ lost in the sea. I have ever heard of a story told by__43__who have a lot of experiences.

    The is a story about a monastery in Europe perched high on  __44__several  hundred feet in th air.The only way to reach __45__  thewas to be suspended in a basket which was __46__to the top by several monks who pulled and tugged with all their__47__ .

    Obviously the ride up the steep cliff in that basket was __48__.

    One tourist got exceedingly nervous about  __49__up as he noticed that the rope by which hewas  __50__was old and frayed.With __51__voice,he asked the monk(和尚)who was riding with him in the basket how often they changed the __52__. 

    The monk thought for a moment and answered __53__," Whenever it breaks."

    After hearing the story, I suddenly felt the __54__ of confident. What is Confidence? __55__Li Bai said: "I am born to be useful". Let us go with full confidence, to __56__to the challenges of life, to __57__ harvestless fruits!

    From now on, __58__ every minute, every__59__, to enrich the __60__strength, to experience the meaning of life. Gas!

    41. A. what            B. many              C. which       D. those

    42. A. air-plane          B. train               C. ship         D. car

    43. A. teachers          B. elders              C. parents       D. students

    44. A. cliff             B. building            C. tower        D. monastery

    45. A. building          B. success             C. basket       D. monastery

    46. A .pulled            B. pushed             C. sent         D. tugged

    47. A. strengths         B. robots              C. machine      D. tools

    48. A. excited           B. upset              C. interesting     D. terrifying

    49. A. long-way         B. entire way          C. half-way      D. load

    50. A. thought          B. suspended         C. given         D. considered

    51. A. misgiving        B. trembling          C. pleasant       D. unforgettable

    52. A. temple           B. rope              C. strength       D. direction

    53. A. brusquely        B. softly              C. slowly        D. quickly

    54. A. knowledge       B. beneficial           C. power        D. source

    55. A. As              B. When             C. Dislike        D. The same as

    56. A. turn up           B. face up            C. come up      D. build up

    57. A. gain             B. buy               C. face          D. access

    58. A. use              B. cherish            C. make use of    D. get

    59. A. second           B. classes            C. time          D. day

    60. A. powerful         B. inner              C. unique        D. differ

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    来源: 吉林省汪清县第六中学2017届高三上学期第二次月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

         When we are unfamiliar with something, we may feel nervous and fearful. The help of others is a good   41  to help us pull through.
    I write for a big newspaper, and I wanted to    42    a story about parachute jumping
    (跳伞). To make it a realistic as well as exciting    43     , I decided that I had to make a jump myself    44     . Unluckily, I’m not good at any    45     , let alone(更不用说)parachute jumping.
        My friend Mr. Smith was willing to give me a    46   . He took me to a ground school. The first day’s    47    included several hours of instruction but not my first drop from a(n)   48 . For this, I had to wait until the following    49   .
    The next morning, I was taken to the airfield.    50   , a heavy parachute was put on my back. Then I was    51    to make my way to a small plane which had just stopped slowly on the runway. Once on board, the plane was soon    52   . I began to feel nervous. As we reached one thousand meters, Harry, my teacher, hooked
    (钩)a    53    from my parachute to a steel ring inside the plane. The line was to pull my parachute    54   after I jumped.
        “Get    55   , Henry,” Harry said. I moved carefully to the door. I wanted to    56   , “NO, no, no!” But no word came.
        “Jump!” Harry called    57   . “Jump!”
        Away from the plane, and down, down I fell, arms stretched. It worked All at once I was very happy. Then I felt a quick    58   . My big parachute had opened! It was the best    59    I ever had. I looked down. There were rivers, trees, fields and houses. I heard the soft sound of the air. This was    60      .
    41. A. way       B. chance        C. idea           D. value
    42. A. tell        B. write          C. read          D. copy
    43. A. film       B. poem         C. story          D. program
    44. A. secretly    B. instead        C. finally         D. first
    45. A. sport      B. driving       C. lesson          D. drawing
    46. A. try         B. hand         C. gift           D. suggestion
    47. A. jumping   B. journey       C. training       D. entertainment
    48. A. tree       B. tower         C. building       D. airplane
    49. A. week      B. month        C. evening       D. morning
    50. A. Besides     B. Once        C. There         D. However
    51. A. asked      B. invited       C. forced         D. taught
    52. A. slowing    B. climbing     C. landing        D. filling
    53. A. belt       B. steel         C. line            D. seat
    54. A. light      B. broken       C. fixed            D. open
    55. A. ready      B. up          C. on             D. away
    56. A. cry        B. rest         C. laugh           D. lie
    57. A. softly      B. loudly       C. nervously       D. excitedly
    58. A. comfort    B. wind        C. pull            D. push
    59. A. failure     B. experience   C. competition     D. danger
    60. A. tiring      B. shocking     C. true           D. fun

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    Life is full of beautiful moments. All you have to do is __46__ your eyes and your heart to see them.I saw __47__ just the other day. The local __48__  had just let outand I found myself behind a school bus as I was driving home.

    The bus  __49__  by a house sitting on top of a hill. A little girl, no more than 7 years old__50__ the bus and started running quickly to the __51__The smile on her face was quite sweet. I __52__ up the hill to see where she was going. I saw her dad waiting for her. As she got __53__her dad smiled and knelt down to __54__ her. He wrapped his powerful  __55__  around her and gave her a huge hugthe moment she got to him.

    My eyes __56__ a bit as I watched this scene. I __57__ all the times my own children had run into my arms with __58__ faces and loving hearts. Every single hug from them was a treasure of __59__ .Suddenly my trip down the memory lane was __60__ when I heard the car behind me honk its horn (鸣喇叭)I saw the school bus quickly pulling awayand started to __61__ it again. Howeverthis time I did so with a fuller heart than ever before. I took that __62__ moment and stored it safely in my soulwhere I knew it would remain forever.

    One daywe all will leave this school of learning and loveand __63__ get to go home again.__64__ enjoy your day here at school then. Love and learn. But know that one day you will be going home to where the hugs are eternal (永久) and the __65__ never ends.

    46A. clean               Bprotect           Copen              Dshut

    47A. it                     Bthat                Cone                Danother

    48A. school             Bhospital          Crestaurant       Dmarket

    49A .returned           Bturned           Capproached     Dstopped

    50.  A. pointed at               Bgot off          Cwent through  Dbroke into

    51A. bus                 Bman               Cend                Dhouse

    52A. looked             Btook               Cclimbed          Dshowed

    53A. warmer           Bolder             Ccloser            Dthinner

    54A .blame              Bgreet              Ctouch             Dsave

    55A. head              Bfoot               Clegs               Darms

    56A. watered           Bclosed           Crested            Dcheered

    57A. remembered     Bappreciated   Cmissed           Dpreferred

    58A. gentle             Bpretty             Cnervous          Dsmiling

    59A. wealth             Bjoy               Cvalue              Dlearning

    60A. destroyed         Bcancelled       Cinterrupted      Drepeated

    61A. fix                Bfollow            Ccall               Dcatch

    62A. quiet                Bbeautiful         Clost                Dembarrassing

    63A. suddenly          Bequally   Cslowly            Dfinally

    64A. So                BBut               CThough          DIf

    65A. expectation      Bimagination      Clove               Dhope

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    来源: 上海市位育中学2015-2016学年高二上学期期中考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    When you say that someone has a good memory, what exactly do you mean? Are you saying that the person has fast recall or that he or she __51__ information quickly? Or maybe you just mean that the person remembers a lot about her or his childhood. The truth is that it is __52__ to say exactly what memory is. Even scientists who have been studying memory for decades say they are still trying to __53__ exactly what it is. We do know that a particular memory is not just one thing stored somewhere in the brain. __54__, a memory is made up of bits and pieces of information stored all over the brain. Perhaps the best way to __55__ memory is to say that it is a process a process of recording, storing, and getting back information. Practice and repetition can help to __56__ the pieces that make up our memory of that information.

    Memory can be __57__ affected by a number of things. __58__ nutrition can affect a person’s capability of storing information. Excessive alcohol use can also weaken memory and cause permanent __59__ to the brain over the long term. A vision or hearing problem may affect a person’s power to notice certain things, thus making it __60__ to register information in the brain.

    When people talk about memory, they often __61__ short-term memory and long-term memory. If you want to call a store or an office that you don’t call often, you look in the telephone book for the number. You dial the number, and then you forget it! You use your short-term memory to remember the number. Your short-term memory lasts about 30 seconds, or half a minute. __62__, you don’t need to look in the telephone book for your best friend’s number, because you already know it. This number is in your long-term memory, which __63__ information about things you have learned and experienced through the years.

    Why do you forget things sometimes? The major reason for forgetting something is that you did not learn it well enough __64__. For example, if you meet some new people and right away forget their names, it is because you did not __65__ the names at the first few seconds when you heard them.

    51. A. collects                           B. processes               C. publishes                D. absorbs

    52. A. necessary                B. important                C. difficult                    D. convenient

    53. A. figure out                 B. take out                  C. put out                           D. give out

    54. A. After all                   B. Instead                   C. By contrast                    D. Besides

    55. A. recall                       B. refresh                           C. describe                 D. decrease

    56. A. lose                         B. organize                 C. identify                   D. strengthen

    57. A. positively                 B. negatively               C. actively                   D. directly

    58. A. Poor                        B. Adequate                C. Special                   D. Various

    59. A. benefit                            B. offence                   C. effect                      D. damage

    60. A. easier                      B. more impressive            C. harder                           D. more convenient

    61. A. refer to                           B. apply for                 C. come across           D. break down

    62. A. Furthermore                   B. However                 C. Consequently         D. Otherwise

    63. A. leaks                        B. transmits                 C. checks                           D. stores

    64. A. in the middle                   B. at the end               C. in the beginning            D. ahead of time

    65. A. restore                            B. record                            C. replace                   D. respond

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人生百味类
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    来源: 河北省武邑中学2016-2017学年高二上学期周考(9.11)英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Life is often like a game of cards—you can't help the hand you're dealtbut you can help the way you play it. It's easy for us to do something without careful thinkingbut it's hard for us to take back what we have done.

    There was once a   41   who repeated a bit rumor(谣言)about a neighbor. Within a few days the whole community   42   the story. The person it concernedwas deeply   43   and annoyed. Laterthe woman responsible for   44   the rumor learned that it was completely   45   . She was very sorry and went to a   46   old man to find out what she could do to   47   the damage.

    “Go to the marketplace”he said“and   48   a chickenand have it  49   . Then on your way homepluck its feathers and drop them   50   along the road.”    51    surprised by this advicethe woman did   52  she was told.

    The next day the wise man said“Nowgo and collect all those   53   you dropped yesterday and   54   them back to me.”

    The woman   55  the same roadbut to her disappointmentthe wind 56   all the feathers away. After searching for   57  she returned with only three in her hand. “You see” said the old man“it's easy to drop them  58   it's impossible to get them back. So it is with rumor.   59   doesn't take much to spread a rumorbut   60   you doyou can never completely make up for the wrong.”

    41. A. boy        B. man         C. woman       D. chicken

    42. A. knew       B. found        C. realized      D. recognized

    43. A. wounded    B. hurt         C. injured       D. attacked

    44. A. collecting    B. sparing      C. spreading     D. sharing

    45. A. polite       B. untrue       C. suitable      D. illegal

    46. A. wise        B. famous       C. stupid       D. noble

    47. A. do         B. ruin          C. cause        D. repair

    48. A. provide     B. charge        C. bargain      D. buy

    49. A. bought     B. dropped       C. killed        D. flown

    50. A. one by one  B. all in all       C. day by day    D. step by step

    51. A. As         BAlthough     C. Despite       DInstead

    52. A. that        Bit            C. what        Dwhich

    53.A. feathers     Bwords        C. action       Drumors

    54. A. bring       Bkeep          C. hold        Dbreak

    55.A. copied      Bfollowed       C. had        Dinstructed

    56. A. blew        Bshould blow    C. had blown  Dblown

    57. A. days        Btimes         C. hours      D. periods

    58. A. but         B. so             C. and       D. thus

    59. A. He         B. This            C. That       D. It

    60. A. unless      B. once            C. until      D. whether

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    来源: 广东省广州市海珠区2017届高三上学期调研测试(一)英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    If life were a book and you were the author, how would you like the story to go? That is the

    question that 21 my life forever.

    One day I went home from the training of snowboarding with what I thought was the flu, and

    less than 24 hours later, I was in a 22 on life support with less than two percent 23 of

    living. It wasn’t until days later that the doctors diagnosed me with a 24 blood infection. Over

    the 25 of 2.5 months, I lost the hearing in my left ear and both my legs below the knee.

    When my parents 26 me out of the hospital, I 27 that I had been put together like a

    patchwork (拼缝物)doll and I had to live with 28 legs. I was absolutely physically and

    emotionally broken, 29 streaming down.

    But I knew in order to move forward, I had to let go of the Old Amy and 30 the New Amy.

    It was at this moment that I asked myself that significant 31 . And that is when it 32 my

    mind that I didn’t have to be five-foot-five anymore. 33 I could be as tall as I wanted. And

    34 of all, I can make my feet the size of all the shoes. So there were 35 here.

    Four months later, I was back upon a 36 . And this February, I won two Board World Cup

    gold medals, 37 me the highest ranked snowboarder in the world.

    So, instead of looking at our 38 and our limitations as something 39 or bad, we can

    begin looking at them as a wonderful 40 that can be used to help us go further than we ever

    know we could go.

    21.A. saved    B. risked    C. ruined    D. changed

    22.A. hospital    B. club    C. field    D. stadium

    23.A. thought    B. degree    C. chance    D. decision

    24.A. mild    B. severe    C. potential    D. slight

    25.A. journey    B. break    C. course    D. schedule

    26.A. wheeled    B. dragged    C. pulled    D. delivered

    27.A. made sure    B. felt like    C. worked out    D. put forward

    28.A. muscled    B. heavy    C. shapely    D. false

    29.A. blood    B. sweat    C. tears    D. water

    30.A. hug    B. recognize    C. fix    D. introduce

    31.A. plan    B. question    C. information    D. favor

    32.A. struck    B. broke C .beat    D. broadened

    33.A. although    B. so    C. while    D. but

    34.A. first    B. strangest    C. best    D. luckiest

    35.A. struggles    B. benefits    C. rewards    D. conflicts

    36.A. stage    B. snowboard    C. track    D. playground

    37.A. allowing    B. giving    C. calling    D. making

    38.A. challenges    B. achievements    C. devotions    D. hesitations

    39.A. active    B. amazing    C. negative    D. terminal

    40.A. ability    B. skill    C. tool    D. gift

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人生百味类
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    来源: 江苏省扬州中学2017届高三上学期开学考试(8月)英语 Word版含答案.doc

    When I look back at my decision to be a working mom, I realize that I didn’t think I had any other choice. Hubby and I had been a two-income family   36  the time we were married. It didn’t occur to me that we would be anything else though it’s hardly news that the choice has its   37  .

    Hubby traveled a lot when our kids were young, and I often was a weekday single mom. I had an understanding bosswho allowed me to work a(n)   38   schedule for about 12 years. My 32-hour work week provided the chance to   39   in my kids’ kindergarten classrooms.

    The woman who cared for the kids in our   40   was truly a gift from God. Nan and I   41   values and parenting styles.

    Never underestimate (低估) the value of   42  . When Dad was away, the kids knew the drill. Though sports activities and piano lessons   43   interrupted our schedules, generally we got up, fed and out without much commotion (混乱) and back in, fed and  44  with a little time left over for a game or a favorite TV show. Mom got a few minutes of   45   before crashing herself (睡觉).

    Looking back on the past, I realize we could have made other   46  . We could have been vegetable gardeners. Lots of families   47   on one income. But I think we would have lost something just as important as my   48  .

    My work at the News Sentinel has been   49   and exciting. I’ve worked with people I never would have met had I been at home. I’ve spent my career   50   sentences and stories and learning and passing along information about our community. My coworkers are my Tennessee family.

    My work has been   51   to me in important ways, and I think it has made me a more interesting and satisfied   52   and parent. And our family has learned to   53   the time we do have together.

      54  , if I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t change my decision to be a working mom. And I wouldn’t change a single thing about the kids who   55   it.

    36. A. from                       B. before                    C. at                             D. by

    37. A. benefits                      B. challenges                  C. shortcomings             D. privileges

    38. A. extended                    B. packed                      C. reduced                     D. regulated

    39. A. interfere                    B. volunteer                   C. study                       D. compete

    40. A. separation                  B. conflict                     C. adjustment                 D. absence

    41. A. influenced                  B. suspected               C. shared                       D. ignored

    42. A. routine                       B. independence             C. cooperation               D. schedule

    43. A. systematically            B. effectively                 C. occasionally               D. adequately

    44. A. entertained                 B. bathed                       C. exercised                   D. worked

    45. A. peace                         B. excitement                 C. panic                        D. silence

    46. A. mistakes                    B. fortunes              C. achievements        D. choices

    47. A. fail                            B. manage                     C. squeeze                     D. part

    48. A. income                      B. children                     C. passion                     D. life

    49. A. fun                            B. tiring                        C. dull                           D. demanding

    50. A. reading                      B. shaping                     C. reciting                     D. digesting

    51. A. original                      B. optional             C. meaningful                D. stressful

    52. A. employer                    B. breadwinner               C. partner                      D. learner

    53. A. kill                             B. value                         C. spend                        D. save

    54. A. Therefore                   B. Meanwhile                 C. However                   D. Otherwise

    55. A. pushed for                 B. centered around         C. catered to               D.lived through

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人生百味类
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    来源: 云南省腾冲市第八中学2015-2016学年高二下学期期末考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    What does peace mean to you? A place without noise, trouble, or hard work? There once was a king who  41  a prize to the artist who would  42  the best picture of peace. Many artists 43  .The king looked at all the pictures, but there were only two he really  44  and had to choose between them.

    One picture was of a  45 lake. The lake was a perfect mirror, for peaceful towering mountains were all around it. Overhead was a blue sky  46  soft white clouds. All who saw this picture thought that it was a perfect picture of   47  .

    The other picture had  48  too. But these were uneven and bare. Above was an angry sky in which  49  played and from which rain fell.  50  the side of the mountain ran a foaming waterfall. This didn’t look  51 at all. But when the king looked carefully, he saw   52  the waterfall a tiny bush growing in a crack in the rock. In the   53 a mother bird had built her nest. There, in the middle of the  54 of angry water, sat the mother bird on her nest—perfect peace.

      55  picture do you think won the prize?

    The King chose the second picture. Do you know  56 ? “Because peace does not  57  being in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work.” 58 the King. “Peace means being in the  59  of all those things and still be calm in your 60 .That is the real meaning of peace.”

    41. A. held

    B. set

    C. sent

    D. offered

    42. A. sell

    B. paint

    C. find

    D. choose

    43. A.worked

    B. failed

    C. believed

    D. tried

    44. A. understood

    B. wanted

    C. kept

    D. liked

    45. A. full

    B. good

    C. calm

    D. round

    46. A. with

    B. in

    C. around

    D. of

    47. A. peace

    B. nature

    C. arts

    D. lakes

    48. A. lakes

    B. mountains

    C. sky

    D. trees

    49. A. birds

    B. storm

    C. lightening

    D. clouds

    50. A. On

    B. Down

    C. Through

    D. Beside

    51. A. attractive

    B. peaceful

    C. still

    D. natural

    52. A. under

    B. below

    C. above

    D. behind

    53. A. waterfall

    B. bush

    C. crack

    D. rock

    54. A. rush

    B. noise

    C. trouble

    D. place

    55. A. why

    B. Whose

    C. Whatever

    D. Which

    56. A. why

    B. how

    C. where

    D. what

    57. A. enjoy

    B. need

    C. mean

    D. require

    58. A. decided

    B. explained

    C. thought

    D. wrote

    59. A. middle

    B. way

    C. front

    D. place

    60. A. head

    B. brain

    C. heart

    D. body

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人生百味类
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    来源: 河南省安阳市第三十六中学2015-2016学年高二下学期期末考试试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Dropping into hopelessness completely, Jack wandered on the streets, knowing he came to the end of life. In his mid-fifties, Jack had never been   41  , experienced the joy of having children or spent holidays with his family. On this miserable(悲惨的)rainy night, he felt as if there was  42  in the entire world who cared whether he lived or died.

    Meanwhile, I was sitting in my room watching the rain  43   my window. When I heard the doorbell ring, I   44  from my chair and raced out. But my mother was already at the door. Opening it, she found herself face-to-face with a very dirty-looking man with tears streaming down his face. My mother, overcome by   45   , invited the man inside, and he sat with my parents in our living room

      46   , I walked secretly downstairs so that I could get a better look. I couldn't understand what they were saying, but the sight of the man,   47   his head in his hands and crying, made my chest ache. I raced back upstairs to my room and   48   my hand into my money jar. Pulling out my only half-dollar coin, I ran back downstairs.

    When I reached the door of the living room, I walked right in. The three   49   looked at me in   50  as I quickly made my way over the stranger. I put the half-dollar in his hand and told him that I wanted him to have it. Then I gave him a   51  , turned and ran as fast as I could out of the room and back upstairs. I felt excited but happy.

    Downstairs, Jack sat quietly with his head   52  .Tears streamed down his face as he   53  held that coin. Finally looking up at my parents, he said, “It’s just that I thought nobody cared. For the last twenty years, I have been so   54  . That is the first hug I have ever got. It’s hard to believe that somebody   55  .

           Jack's life changed that night. When he left our house, he was   56   to live instead of die. Although we never saw Jack again, we received letters from him   57  , letting us know that he was doing fine.

           My life changed that night, too, as I   58   the hug healing (治愈) power of giving, even if it’s only a gift of fifty cents. Before Jack left, my parents asked him why he had knocked on our door. Jack said that   59   he'd walked along the streets that rainy night,  60  and ready to die, he had noticed a sticker on the car. It read: SOMEBODY LOVES YOU.

    41A. employed         B. understood           C. managed              D. married

    42A. anybody      B. somebody             C. nobody           D. everybody

    43A. approach         B. beat                 C. break                 D. cover
    A. jumped       B. ran                  C. looked           D. settled
    A. fear             B. anxiety          C. guilty                D. pity
    A. Curious      B. Annoyed              C. Excited          D. Worried
    A.  shaking         B. nodding              C. holding              D. resting
    A. adjusted         B. reached              C. presented             D. pushed
    A. strangers        B. neighbors            C. visitors              D. adults
    A. anger            B. delight              C. fun                   D. surprise
    A. hug          B. smile            C.  kiss                D. handshake
    A. raised       B. bowed                C. ignored               D. turned 
    A. calmly           B. tightly          C. impatiently          D. privately 
    A. anxious          B. lonely               C. stressed              D. bored
    A. makes            B. figures              C. cares                 D. deserves
    A. flexible         B. likely               C. disappointed         D. ready
    A. occasionally B. at once              C. hardly               D. never
    A. hid              B. informed             C. assisted              D. saw
    A. as           B. before               C. until                 D. unless
    A. weak         B. ashamed              C. helpless              D. regretful

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人生百味类
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    来源: 河北省武邑中学2015-2016学年高二下学期暑假作业考试试题 Word版含答案之三十四.doc

    Sometimes the people who are noticed the least can do the most to lift us up. On Thanksgiving __27__ I took part in a local running activity. It was barely above freezing that morning so every runner was walking or jumping around trying to stay __28__.

    On the side of the road was a(n) __29__ man and as usual, most people pretended not to __30__ him. I went over and talked with him for a few minutes__31__ the race. He told me that he was a veteran (老兵) and had hoped he might be able to do some work to __32__ a few dollars for a Thanksgiving dinner.

    It was time for the race so I told him I’d like to talk to him __33__. I thought about this man during most of the __34__. He hadn’t asked me for anything, __35__ I wanted to do something for him. HoweverI only had a couple of dollars, certainly not __36__ for a Thanksgiving dinner for the man.

    After the race I went back and talked to him, which got me several__37__ looks from other runners. During our conversation I offered him the__38__ I had. He didn’t want to accept it but I__39__.Then he said something that I didn’t __40__.He said“This has been so nice. Thank you. I haven’t  really__41__ anybody in a real long time.”

    “Wow” I thought.“This man is __42__ me for just talking to him.” After I said goodbye, I asked other__43  if they had a couple of dollars for a homeless veteran who just__44__ to buy a hot Thanksgiving dinner. I think he ended up getting enough for a good __45__ that night. From him, I learned how to smile through the rough times and I was __46__ not to take for granted the many blessings I have.

    27. A. morning      Bnoon               Cafternoon         Devening

    28A. active               Bcalm               Chealthy            Dwarm

    29A. old          BUgly                Chomeless         Dhopeless

    30A. recognize           BSee               Cfind               Dobserve

    31A. before       BAfter               Cabout               Ddespite

    32A. earn          BBorrow           Cspare               Draise

    33A. at last               Bas usual          Conce again        Dfor ever

    34A. practice             Bconversation      Cwork                 Drace

    35A. so            Bor                Cand                      Dbut

    36A. normal              Benough           Cnecessary           Dsuitable

    37A. anxious      Bguilty              Cstrange           Dserious

    38A. cash                B.  opportunity             Cgift                    D. suggestion[

    39A. agreed              Binsisted                 Chesitated                   D. regretted

    40A. believe              Badmit             Cexpect             Dallow

    41A. worried about        Bcared about            Cturned to                   Dtalked to

    42A. punishing           BThanking        Cforgiving                    Dblaming

    43A. organizers           Bwalkers           Crunners             Djumpers

    44A. wanted        Bdecided         Cstopped             D remembered

    45A. present             Bdinner            Csleep               Drest

    46A. demanded          B encouraged              Cpersuaded          Dreminded

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人生百味类
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    来源: 四川省营山县回龙中学2015-2016学年高一下学期6月检测试题 Word版含答案.doc

    The year I went away to college was a very difficult transition(过渡期)for me.    20    is probably true with many people, I got quite homesick and    21    thought about going home.

    Although the    22    time for many students is getting     23    from home, my mailbox was frequently    24    . One day when I went to the mailbox, there was a postcard    25    out at me. I sat down to read it,    26    a note from someone back home 27    I became increasingly puzzled as    28    postcard were like this: It was a full news report about a woman named Mabel and her newborn baby. I took the card back to my room and    29    about it.

    Several days later I    30    another postcard, this one    31    news about Maybelline, Mabel’s cousin. Soon after, another card arrived and then another,    32    full of news of different people. I began to    33    look forward to the next one,    34 to see what this author would come up with  35   . I was never   36    .

    Finally, the cards    37    coming, right about the time I had begun to feel    38    about college life. They had been such a happy distraction (调剂) that, I have    39 all the postcards and still bring them out to read whenever I need a life.





































































































    题型:完型填空  知识点:人生百味类
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    来源: 贵州省遵义航天高级中学2015-2016学年高一6月月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Accept life as it is. I learned how to do it from my father.  41 _, he did not teach me acceptance when he was strong and healthy, but rather when he was  42   and ill.

    My father was  43 _ a strong man who loved being active, but a terrible illness  44  _ all that away. Now he can no longer walk, and he must sit quietly in a chair all day. Even talking is  45  _. One night, I went to visit him with my sisters. We started  46 _ about life, and I told them about one of my  47 _. I said that we must very often give things up  48__ we grow — our youth, our beauty, our friends — but it always  49__ that after we give something up, we gain something new in its place. Then suddenly my father  50__ up. He said, “But, Peter, I gave up  51__! What did I gain?” I thought and thought, but I couldn’t think of anything to say.  52__, he answered his own question: “I  53__ the love of my family,” I looked at my sisters and saw tears in their eyes, along with hope and thankfulness.

    I was also  54__ by his words. After that, when I began to feel angry at someone, I 55___ remember his words and become  56__. If he could  57  his great pain with a feeling of love for others, then I should be  58__ to give up my small anger. In this  59_, I learned the power of acceptance from my father.

    Sometimes I  60__ what other things I could have learned from him if I had listened more carefully when I was a boy. For now, though, I am ashamed(惭愧的) for this one word.

    41A. However               B. Therefore       C. Meanwhile      D. Afterward

    42A. poor              B. slow               C. weak              D. tired

    43A. already          B. once              C. still                    D. only

    44A. sent                   B. threw             C. put                    D. took

    45A. difficult            B. stressful      C. hopeless       D. impossible

    46A. asking            B. talking      C. worrying        D. caring

    47A. experiences           B. decisions       C. beliefs             D. ambitions

    48A. till                  B. as               C. before       D. since

    49A. promises               B. suggests     C. requires             D. seems

    50A. spoke            B. opened          C. summed                D. turned

    51A. anything          B. something      C. everything          D. nothing

    52A. Immediately    B. Surprisingly         C. Naturally     D. Certainly

    53A. accepted              B. had                C. enjoyed      D. gained

    54A. attracted      B. warned           C. touched             D. astonished

    55A. would             B. should       C. could             D. might

    56A. quiet              B. relaxed        C. calm            D. happy

    57A. remove        B. share         C. replace        D. combine                

    58A. likely              B. free               C. ready            D. able

    59A. way               B. place             C. case              D. form

    60A. wonder          B. doubt             C. guess            D. know

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人生百味类
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    来源: 江西省丰城市第九中学2015-2016学年高二下学期期末试卷 试题及答案解析word版.doc

        All of us go through some difficult times as we approach teenage years. It's the age when we have to deal with the most   41   in our life. This transition (过渡) from childhood to adulthood is   42  for some, but rough for others. The most important thing about being a teenager is    43  . When we are teenagers, we would get blamed or even punished for anything wrong we do.

          It's all not so  44   about being a teenager though. We don't have to have our   45   take us to somewhere we want to go or we couldn't go before. We can have   46   with friends or even alone, which we couldn’t have because we were too   47   to know what pleasure is! It’s a very enjoyable time of life. During this age, we are old enough to  48   what is good for us, and make decisions without   49   others.

         But like the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end, but all bad things can continue   50  .” During this period, we are having much  51   for our studies. If we don’t pass, we won't get jobs, and things will take a turn for the    52  . With the present world economy in   53  , we have to do really really well in our   54   for a job. Adults say that their   55    is the hardest part of life. But I think the transition from a kid to an adult is much   56   than being already an adult. What we do in our teenage years will   57    what we become and how we lead our life in the future.

         In conclusion, it is quite   58   that parents put much pressure on an already stressed out teenager. If they realized that, living condition for teenagers would be much better.   59   for the teens ourselves we should get to know what is best for us. What’s more, we should understand the right  60   of life we choose at this age can make us happy for the rest of our existence.

    41.        A. chances                        B. changes                 C. feelings                 D. expectations

    42.        A. smooth                          B. practical                 C. demanding                   D. necessary

    43.        A. knowledge                    B. independence       C. confidence           D. responsibility

    44.        A. easy                              B. strange                  C. bad                       D. interesting

    45.        A. guides                          B. partners                 C. parents                         D. friends

    46.        A. fun                               B. trouble                   C. relation                         D. business        

    47.        A. proud                           B. young                    C. smart                            D. mature

    48.        A. predict                          B. remember              C. imagine                  D. understand

    49.        A. guiding                         B. helping                   C. inviting                   D. consulting

    50.        A. occasionally                 B. briefly                     C. forever                  D. naturally

    51.        A. pressure                      B. passion                  C. motivation             D. panic

    52.        A. better                           B. worse                   C. fewer                     D. more

    53.        A. decline                         B. hope                      C. increase                       D. debt

    54.        A. contribution                  B. education               C. application           D. qualification

    55.        A. promotion                     B. work                       C. experience                    D. age

    56.        A. harder                          B. happier                 C. easier                          D. lighter 

    57.        A. reflect                           B. confirm                  C. determine                    D. identify

    58.        A. vital                              B. urgent                 C. common                D. unnecessary

    59.        A. Or                                B. Otherwise             C. But                        D. Because

    60.        A. experience                    B. way                       C. condition               D. power 

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人生百味类
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    来源: 江苏省盐城中学2015-2016学年高一下学期期中考试试卷 试题及答案解析word版.doc

    Whatever misfortune you face, just hold up your head and face it with a smile! I got to know this from a musical soul.

    The other day I was feeling quite   41  , having just been laid off from my job. With so many   42   to pay, I was wondering what was going to happen to my family.

           I got off the bus when I heard piano music and singing rising above the noise of the   43  . I walked a bit slower, trying to find out where it was coming from. Through the   44   I saw a young lady sitting at a piano with a box next to her.

           She was singing songs about love and her sweet voice   45   me a bit. Then I stood there watching her playing, thinking that it must take   46   to perform on her own in front of hundreds of people she didn’t know.

           She might have felt my   47   for she occasionally looked in my direction.

           By now I was telling myself that I could at least tell her how good she sounded. I walked     48  and put some money in her box and she expressed her thanks with a smile on her face.

    I asked her   49  , “Why are you playing the piano in the middle of this crowded place?”

           She explained to me that she sees so many   50   people in the world that she is trying to relieve the pain by   51   motivational (激励的) music.

           Instead of continuing my way home, I said to her, “I have been going through a   52   time lately, but you’ve made me   53   again.”

           “I’m happy that I could be   54   to you,” she replied. “Why are you so sad?”

           I told her my story and said, “I’m not so   55   about what to do….”

           “You see, here’s the   56  ,” she responded. “When you were walking, your head was down.” She looked me in the eyes and went on, “Don’t look defeated, because   57    comes in different ways and if your head is down you might never see it. You should   58   more … lift your head up.”

           I was really   59   by what she said! I did hold my head up and soon got through the difficult time.

    So   60   in trouble, just face it bravely and you are sure to overcome your difficulty sooner or later.

    41. A. lonely                     B. relaxed                     C. frustrated                 D. breathless

    42. A. fare               B. bills              C. fines                         D. prices 

    43. A. listeners                            B. background                     C. instrument                D. traffic

    44. A. trees                         B. crowd                   C. buildings                  D. street

    45. A. shocked                    B. amused                 C. excited                     D. comforted

    46.A. energy                     B. courage                    C. patience                   D. technique 

    47. A. presence                    B. mood                 C. thought                    D. appreciation

    48. A. aside                          B. down                       C. over                         D. off

    49. A. quietly                       B. eagerly                     C. seriously                  D. curiously

    50. A. negative                     B. unhealthy                  C. positive                    D. elderly

    51. A. sharing                      B. creating                 C. enjoying                   D. teaching

    52. A. tense                         B. wonderful                 C. crazy                       D. rough

    53. A. enthusiastic                B. emotional                  C. hopeful                 D. energetic

    54. A. helpful                    B. worthwhile              C. useful                      D. available

    55. A. ashamed                    B. sure                   C. particular                 D. anxious

    56. A. problem                            B. situation                  C. conflict                    D. condition

    57. A. success                            B. aid                        C. opportunity            D. happiness

    58. A. focus                         B. look                        C. fight                  D. smile        

    59. A. impressed                  B. moved                      C. inspired                    D. satisfied

    60. A. however                    B. whenever                 C. whoever                D. wherever

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人生百味类
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    来源: 湖北省孝感高级中学2015-2016学年高一下学期期末考试试卷 试题及答案解析word版.doc

    On one of those perfectly sunny grandma-babysitting days, we set off to play in a nearby park. Kids were   41   the merry-go-round (旋转木) and the swings. But what   42   my four-year-old grandson was the tennis court.

    Two kids were riding their bikes in and out of the lines on the newly finished   43  . Their parents sat on a bench just inside the gated entrance. The kids laughed as they   44   one another.

    A sign was clearly posted on the entrance—No   45   Allowed.

    Just beginning his reading lessons, my grandson   46   knew the word “No”. He asked me what   47   came next. I told him that the   48   asked people not to ride bikes on the tennis court. He was just four years old,   49   he could clearly see two kids riding their bikes where they shouldn’t be   50  .

    We watched for a little while and then he reached up to   51   the gate. I thought that he wanted to watch the kids more clearly.   52  , he walked straight over to the couple and asked if they   53   what the sign said. Oh, what a   54   four-year-old!

    The man gave me an unfriendly look and then said   55   that it didn’t matter.

    I led my grandson away from the tennis court and told him that sometimes people don’t like   56   rules.

    By now, those kids are probably in middle school. What they   57   on that tennis court could be impacting (影响) their lives today. I wonder whether those parents will   58   if their kids think that some rules don’t matter.   59   speed limits when they drive, or cheating on a test? Sometimes it’s the   60   things that matter the most.

    41Aenjoying         Bchoosing               Cdrawing                 Dpassing

    42Asurprised              Bmoved                   Cattracted               Dworried

    43Aroad               Bstage                            Cplayground           Dcourt

    44Ahelped           Bfaced                            Cgreeted                 Draced

    45ATourists          BPhotos                  CChildren                DBicycles

    46Anever                    Balready                  Cseldom                  Dsometimes

    47Agames           Blessons                 Cwords                    Dtoys

    48Afamily             Bsign                       Cmanager               Dnotice

    49Abut                 Bbecause                Csince                            Dso

    50Arepaired         Boffered                  Crefused                 Dallowed

    51Aclose                     Btouch                            Copen                            Dpaint

    52AOnce                    BInstead                  CAgain                    DBesides

    53Aknew                     Bheard                           Cminded                  Ddoubted

    54Asimple            Bproud                    Cbrave                           Dbusy

    55Acoldly             Bhappily                  Csoftly                            Dkindly

    56Amaking           Bchanging               Cfollowing                Dbreaking

    57Alost                Bsaved                           Clearned                 Dfound

    58Acare               Bsmile                            Cargue                           Dremember

    59ABecause of    BHow about             CJust for                  DAccording to

    60Afree                Bhard                      Clittle                       Dreal

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人生百味类
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    来源: 河南省漯河市高级中学2015-2016学年高二下学期期末考试试卷 试题及答案解析word版.doc

    All you will leave behind for the world to remember is your legacy(遗产), but what legacy will you leave?

    I had a philosophy(哲学)professor, whose untidy appearance was highlighted(突出)by a    41   sport coat and poor-fitting thick glasses, which often    42   on the tip of his nose. Every now and then, as most philosophy professors do, he would go off on one of those hard-to-understand “what’s the meaning of   43  discussions. Many of those discussions went   44  , but there were a few that really hit home(切中要害). This was one of them.

      45   to the following questions by a    46   of hands,” my professor instructed.

        “How many of you can tell me something about your parents?” Everyone’s hand   47  .

    “How many of you can tell me something about your grandparents?” About three-fourths put up their hands.

    “How many of you can tell me something about your   48  ?” Two out of sixty students raised their hands.

    “Look around the room,” he said, “In just two short generations   49   any of us even know   50   our own great-grandparents were. Oh sure, maybe we have an old photograph in a musty(发霉的)cigar box.   51   maybe we know the classic family   52   about how one of them walked five miles to school barefoot. But how many of us    53   know who they were, what they thought, what they took pride in, what they were afraid of, or what they dreamed about? Think about that. Within three generations our ancestors are all but forgotten. Will this    54   to you?”

       “Here’s a better question. Look    55   three generations. You are long    56  . Instead of you sitting in this room, now it’s your great-grandchildren. What will they have to say    57   you? Will they know about you? Or will you be    58  , too?”

    “Is your life going to be a     59   or an example? What legacy will you leave? The    60   is yours. Class dismissed.”

    Nobody rose from their seats for five minutes.

    41. A. well-designed             B. well-worn             C. well-ironed               D. well-cut
    42. A. ran                            B. stood                    C. rested                      D. walked
    43. A. life                            B. family                   C. work                       D. study
    44. A. somewhere                B. anywhere              C. everywhere              D. nowhere

    45. A. Answer                      B. Respond               C. Contribute            D. Relate
    46. A. show                         B. clap                      C. touch                  D. rub
    47. A. went down                 B. went up                C. went around       D. went forward
    48. A. great-grandchildren B. legacy          C. great-grandparents D. family-tree
    49. A. almost                       B. nearly                   C. no                       D. hardly

    50. A. how                    B. where                 C. which                    D. who
    51. A. Or                         B. And             C. But                 D. So
    52. A. history             B. story                   C. tree                        D. song
    53. A. simply             B. roughly               C. generally              D. really
    54. A. happen             B. belong                 C. refer                       D. pass
    55. A. back                    B. ahead           C. for                      D. around
    56. A. ready                   B. alive                    C. gone                    D. left
    57. A. to                    B. for                      C. behind                 D. about
    58. A. forgotten              B. remembered         C. respected             D. scolded
    59. A. learning                B. meaning              C. warning           D. turning
    60. A. way                     B. reason                 C. explanation           D. choice

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人生百味类
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    来源: 河北省邢台市第二中学2015-2016学年高二下学期第四次月考考试试卷 试题及答案解析word版.doc

    While I was waiting in line at a coffee shop earlier, a woman drove alongside the queue in a mobility scooter (踏板车). There was only a  41  space between the line of people and the tables, which she  42  to drive along. She drove over my foot and didn’t  43  saying nothing at all.

    I got annoyed and expected she would have_44__, but then I just decided to  _45_  it and got down to selecting which pastry (点心) to go with my coffee. The lady and I ended up sitting at adjacent (邻近的) tables. She was on the end of a row so that she could park her  ___46 . After about half an hour, when she had  _47__  her coffee, she got up and back onto her scooter. It __48_   start. She tried to turn the key several times  49  she telephoned the place she purchased it from.

    An engineer  __50_  within 5 minutes. The place must have been local. I couldn’t ___51   overhearing their conversation, and it turned out she had just _52  the scooter that morning. This was her very first outing in it. She felt really  53  about driving it.  54___ , she wasn’t used to its speed, nor its ___55 , and this combination made it quite  56___ to drive it through narrow gaps.

    Suddenly, I felt  57  for the lady. It really didn’t  58  me at all that she’d driven over my foot. I had made an assumption, _59___, that a person doing that should apologize.

    Next time you’re about to___60__ someone, pause for a second and remind yourself that people have judged you without knowing what was going on in your mind or your life.

    41. A. private            B. vast                C. public             D. narrow

    42. A. attempted              B. promised              C. declined        D. guaranteed

    43. A. call back         B. give up           C. look back             D. cheer up

    44. A. ignored           B. apologized    C. explained             D. forgiven

    45. A. dismissed             B. made                    C. deserved              D. inspected

    46. A. truck                B. bike                C. car                  D. scooter

    47. A. poured            B. finished          C. ordered         D. purchased

    48. A. needn’t           B. shouldn’t        C. wouldn’t         D. mustn’t

    49. A. so                    B. until                 C. unless            D. before

    50. A. broke in          B. turned up              C. ran away        D. settled down

    51. A. tolerate           B. allow               C. resist                     D. postpone

    52. A. collected         B. stolen             C. fixed               D. abandoned

    53. A. concerned             B. excited           C. confident              D. nervous

    54. A. Doubtfully       B. Certainly        C. Fortunately    D. Surprisingly

    55. A. width               B. length             C. weight            D. height

    56. A. cool                 B. convenient     C. stressful         D. desperate

    57. A. pleasure         B. regret                    C. appreciation D. sympathy

    58. A. strike               B. bother            C. satisfy            D. motivate

    59. A. otherwise              B. therefore        C. however         D. besides

    60. A. judge               B. hug                 C. persuade              D. tease

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人生百味类