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    来源: 广东省江门市第二中学2016-2017学年高一下学期英语2月月考试题及答案 Word版含答案.doc

    A. China's best tourist attractions are spread out across the country. So how can you pick which one to go to? You don't have to make a tough decision, just head to the Chinese Folk Culture Village near Shenzhen. Here you can see miniatures of almost all of the major tourist attractions in China.

    B. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, containing more than 218,000 acres, is open daily and offers guided tours and more. It has both the world's most massive volcano and the world's most active volcano. It also offers the best place to view the beautiful sunrise and sun sets sceneries.

    C. Crete, a small island in Greece, is not too romantic, but in terms of history and variety it has more to offer and fewer tourists than any of the others. You can relax on the beach and enjoy the sunshine comfortably.

    D. Beijing Botanical Garden is home to more than 1.5 million plants that belong to over 10,000 species. Its a botanical research laboratory as well as a place for the public to enrich their knowledge about plants, enjoy the scenery and relax.

    E. Traveling in Thailand is as much enjoyable as it is tiring because Thailand has lots of places to visit, lots of nice people to meet, lots of uniqueness, lots of activities and of course lots of new experiences and moments to capture.

    F. India is actually a Jewel in the Crown as far as tourism is concerned. India is a vast country with people of many different ethnic backgrounds, religions, customs, languages and lifestyles.


    51. Arthur is a college student who majors in geography and wants to admire wonders of nature in the world this summer vacation.

    52. Walrus is from France. Hed like a trip to live in a "third-world" place for a month to experience the different local customs and lifestyles from Europe.

    53. Garry and Peter, quite outgoing, have a wide range of interestsenjoy mixing and a wide variety of amusements. They want to a place that is very popular and fashionable this summer.

    54. Cindy is very interested in Chinese tourist attractions and wants to experience Chinese culture, but the time is too limited for her. Its only about a week before she leaves China.

    55. Mr. and Mrs. Hunter are looking for a beach-based holiday in southern Europe, to a quiet beach location where there are not too many tourists.

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    来源: 江西省上高县第二中学2016-2017学年高二下学期第五次月考英语试卷试卷.doc

    One of the common complaints we hear from the people around us are problems they are facing. Every day and everywhere there are problems. Many times we find it hard to stay happy. When one problem is solved, another one comes up. How to solve them? The answer is that we must equip ourselves to deal with different kinds of worries by learning the three basic steps of problem analysis. The three steps are:

    Get the facts

    Why is it so important to get the facts? Unless you have the facts, you can’t possibly attempt to solve your problem intelligently. Without the facts, all you can do is wondering around in confusion. It is not an easy job to get facts. When you are worried, your emotions are riding high.   36     .

    When trying to get the facts, you can pretend that you are collecting this information not for yourself but for some other person.      37     . You can also pretend that you are a lawyer preparing to agree. Try to get all the facts both on your side and the other side of the case. You will generally find the truth lies somewhere in between.

         38     .

    Whenever you are worried, write down the questions that make you worry. And write out all the various steps you could take and then the probable consequences of each step. For example, what am I worrying about? What can I do about it? Here is what I’m going to do about it. After carefully weighing all the facts, you can calmly come to a decision.

    Act on that decision.

         39     . How can you break the worry habit before it breaks you? Crowd worry out of your mind by keeping busy. Plenty of action is one of the best ways to cure worry.

         40     . If you know a situation is beyond your power, say to yourself: “It is so; it can’t be otherwise.” Don’t permit little things to ruin your happiness. Try to cultivate a mental attitude that will bring you peace and happiness.

    A. This will help you to take a cold and fair view of the evidence.

    B. Unless you take your action, all your fact-finding and analysis is a sheer waste of energy.

    C. But here are two ideas that can help you see the facts in a clear and objective way.

    D. Analyze the facts.

    E. There comes a time when you must decide and never look back.

    F. Decide how much anxiety a thing may be worth.

    G. Accept what can’t be avoided.

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    来源: 上海市外国语实验学校2016-2017学年高二上学期期初考考试英语试卷 Word版含解析.doc

    A. original         B. continually       C. restoration         D. profits

    AB. regard        CD. serve          AC. worthy

    Shortly after her husband had been elected president, Jacqueline Kennedy was taken on a visit to the White House. She was amazed. Deeply attracted to the history of the presidency, she believed that as an American treasure the White House was    25    of care and impressive presentation.

    The First Lady went to work to restore the public rooms to their    26    appearance, organizing the White House Fine Arts Committee(委员会)to carry out the work. She also set up the White House Historical Association(协会), which published the first-ever White House guidebook. The committee used    27    from the sale of the book to locate historical treasures that were in collections throughout the country.

    Mrs. Kennedy    28    stressed that her work was much more than redecorating. The effort was a work of “scholarship” she said. Returning Properties of presidents such as Washington, Lincoln, and Madison to the White House was one of the committee’s greatest successes.

    However, Mrs. Kennedy did not stop at    29    . She made the White House a living center of the arts by welcoming leading artists, writers, and entertainers. The White House, she thought, should    30    not only as the seat of political power in the United States but also as one og the country’s chief cultural centers. The tradition she began 40 years ago continues to this day.

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    来源: 四川省绵阳市丰谷中学2017届高三上学期开学考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    A: I heard that the pollution in this city is serious

    B: __1___

    A: What kind of pollution is it?

    B: ___2__

    A: Why do you think the air pollution is so dirty?

    B: __3__

    A: __4__

    B: Many birds can’t live here, they fly to the south.

    A: ___5___

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    来源: 山东师范大学附属中学2015-2016学年高一上学期第二次学分认定(期末)考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    A. in charge   B. lost heart     C. broke up    D. longed to (do)

    E. be willing to (do)     F. stand for      G. attach little importance to

    66. The monitor will be ________ when their teacher is absent.

    67. As a strict teacher, he will never ________ cheating in the exam and hopes everyone can be honest.

    68. She felt frightened of the idea of marriage so we ________.

    69. Those students who ________ their school work may regret a couple of years afterwards.

    70. Daisy had always ________ help endangered species of wildlife.

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    来源: 山东师范大学附属中学2015-2016学年高一上学期第二次学分认定(期末)考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    A. so that    B. in return for   C. get tired of   D. more than  

    E. turn to    F. rather than     G. take apart

    61. I gave him some life necessities ________ his generous help.

    62. He is ________ a friend to me. He is in a way my English teacher.

    63. Bring it closer ________ I can see it better.

    64. Why did Nelson Mandela ________ violence to make black and white people equal?

    65. I ________ being a bookkeeper doing the same work day after day.

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    来源: 山东省锦泽技工学校2015-2016学年高一上学期期末考试英语试题(A卷) Word版含答案.doc

    above  all  Sort out  Break up  familiar with   Rely on  

    1.Children need many thingsbut ________ they need love.

    2. It's the last week before they ______, and they're doing all kinds of Christmas things.

    3._____ you _______ the computer software they use?

    4.You may ________ it that they will support you.

    5. We must_________the good apples from the bad ones.

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    来源: 贵州省遵义市南白中学2017届高三第一次联考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

                  Unique New Year Traditions from Around the World

         How do you celebrate New Year’s Day? If I had to take a guess, you probably celebrate it surrounded by family and friends, enjoying drinks of your choice and watching the ball drop with Dick Clark. 36            Listed below are four of the top ten “Unique New Year Traditions from Around the World”.

         1. Breaking Dishes on a Neighbor’s Door

         A strange Danish New Year tradition, depending on how you look at it, is throwing dishes at a neighbor’s door. 37          The family with the tallest pile of broken plates, glasses, cups and other crockery(陶器) is considered to be the luckier, because it symbolizes their large number of loyal friends.

          2. Talking to Spirits

         Talking to spirits is a part of Mexican beliefs. Mexicans strongly believe that they can communicate with the souls of their dead loved ones. 38            And this is not done at home on an individual basis, but is a legal Mexican practice. Taos Inn, in New Mexico, for example, offers 15 minutes’ session of spiritualism and meditation for 15.6. Not a bad price for some helpful guidance!

          3Wearing Polka Dots

          Imagine streets full of people wearing polka dots and dining room tables full of round-shaped food and fruits on one single day of the year. 39                  Philippines believe that this will bring them prosperity by associating the round dots to coins and wealth.

    4. Burning Scarecrow Dummies(稻草人)

    Ecuador has a unique custom of crafting scarecrows and then burning them at midnight. They adorn(装饰)them and fill the scarecrows with newspapers and pieces of wood. As midnight approaches, everyone gathers outside their home and each family burns their own scarecrows. 40        The scarecrows also scares away bad luck, which in turn, fills their new year with luck and happiness.

    A. New Year’s Eve is considered the best time to communicate with dead spirits to convey a message or ask for guidance.

    B. It is also believed in the Irish culture that this act will help them get rid of bad luck.

    C. Have you ever imagined what New Year’s Day would look like in another country?

    D. This all actually happens in the Philippines on New Year’s Eve every year.

    E. Strangely, this makes them happy instead of annoying them.

    F. We all want to start a new, fresh year with renewed enthusiasm and hope.

    G. The tradition says that this destroys all the bad things that took place in the past months.

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    来源: 湖南省湘西自治州2015-2016学年高一下学期期末质量检测英语试卷 Word版含答案.doc

    Food safety is a problem in all places around the world and people in different areas of the world prepare foods in different ways. The WHO announced simple rules for preparing food in a safe way. They call these rules the "Three Keys to Safer Food".

    Keep clean

        33   . People should wash their hands often -- before touching food and while they are preparing food. People should wash all surfaces and equipment used for preparing food.


    People should cook eggs and meat especially carefully. These foods may carry more micro-organisms (微生物)than other foods. Food like soup must be boiled for at least a minute to make it be cooked completely. It is also important that people re-heat cooked food completely.

    Keep food at safe temperatures

    When people are finished with eating, they should keep the left food in a refrigerator below 5oC and shouldn't store it for too long. At room temperature, about 20oC, the number of micro-organisms can increase very quickly. But temperatures above 60oC or below 5oC control the growth of micro-organisms.       35    .

    A. Eat healthily

    B. Cook completely

    C. This key tells about the importance of washing

    D. They cannot grow quickly in extreme temperatures

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    来源: 河北省定州中学2017届新高三上学期周练试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Does failure really exist?

    If you believe you have failed, then you haveIf you believe you dont have the ability to succeed, then you dont__36__ The moment you decide to give up or stop working toward your goals, failure is born


    Most people give themselves an out without even realizing itThey are willing to work hard on reaching their goals, but only until the going gets too rough or their energy dies down Dont do that! __38__Never quit, never admit failure, and never lose heart.

    Dont believe in a clear finish line for goals

    Its a good idea to set a general timeline, but remember that something will be beyond your control_39___If you lock yourself into a given timeline, you might make yourself feel like a failure!  Instead, get a general idea of when youd like your goal to be completed Then take it one day at a time and focus on making progress instead of reaching the finish line in as little time as possible

    Be sure that you dont see difficulties as failures

    Difficulties mean only one thing: its not time for your goal to be completed yetThats it!  It doesnt mean you failed; it doesnt mean youre weak; it doesnt mean youll never achieve your goals_40_ Youve got to keep moving forward and find a way over, around, or through the difficulties

    A Never give up on yourself

    B Failure only exists in your own mind!

    C Thats exactly how failure makes us feel

    D It simply means you have not done enough yet

    E You can never say exactly when your goal will be reached

    F Instead, make up your mind to make your goal happen, no matter what!

    G Work hard towards your goal, and you will be likely to get good results.

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    来源: 上海市位育中学2014-2015学年高一下学期零次考试试题及答案.doc

    A.      focus                          B. struggle                     C. proposed                     D. revise

    E. create                         F. simplify                         G. resulted in                          H. connect

    I. instantly                 J. in search of                


    76. When he was very ill, the priest __________ that he might like to make a will

    77. “I think your dress awful,” I commented and __________ regretted it.

    78. They have painted the wall red to __________ a feeling of warmth.

    79. There was nothing to __________ him with the crime

    80. She went into the kitchen __________ a drink.

    81. The incident brought the problem of violence in schools into sharp __________.

    82. The subject is very complex and hard to __________.

    83. You must __________ your attitude to life, or you will achieve nothing.

    84. Even the smallest animals __________ a little when they feel themselves trapped.

    85. His laziness __________ his failure in the last examination.

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    来源: 上海市位育中学2014-2015学年高一下学期零次考试试题及答案.doc

    A. through      B. universal     C. gratitude    D. generosity      E. anniversaries

    F. responsive    G. reaching      H. add to       I. overlooked     J. embarrassment

    In our life, we have rarely expressed our gratitude to the one who’d lived those years with us. In fact, we don’t have to wait for (41)_______ to thank the ones close to us—the ones so easily (42)_______. If I have learned anything about giving thanks, it is this: give it nowWhile your feeling of appreciation is alive and sincere, act on it. Saying thanks is such an easy way to (43)_______ the world’s happiness.

    Saying thanks not only brightens someone else’s world, but it also brightens yours. If you’re feeling left out, unloved or unappreciated, try (44)_______ out to others. It may be just the medicine you need.

    Of course, there are times when you can’t express (45)_______ immediately. In that case don’t let (46)_______ sink you into silence—speak up the first time you have the chance.

    Once a young minister, Mark Brian, was sent to a remote parish(教区) of Kwakiutl Indians in British Columbia. He had been told that the Indians did not have a word for thank you. But Brian soon found that these people had exceptional (47)_______. Instead of saying thanks, it is their custom to return every favor with a favor of their own, and every kindness with an equal or superior kindness. They do their thanks.

    I wonder if we had no words in our vocabulary for thank you, would we do a better job of communicating our gratitude? Would we be more (48)_______, more sensitive and more caring?

    Thankfulness sets in motion a chain of reaction that transforms people all around us—including ourselves, for no one ever misunderstands the melody of a grateful heart. Its message is (49)_______; its lyrics transcend all earthly barriers; its music touches the heavens.

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    来源: 上海市位育中学2014-2015学年高二下学期期中考试试题及答案.doc

    fall short of   attach to   feel at ease   add value to    in the open air    show off

    light up    base on      interfere with    call for      fall into   put a high value on

    1.     Both countries agreed that normal relations would ______ non-interference in each other's internal affairs.

    2.     They are encouraged to write their personal opinions and ______ their creativity and literary skills.

    3.     To ________, try closing your eyes, then opening them slowly just before the photo is taken.

    4.     All the more technically advanced countries ________ science.

    5.     The problems freshmen are faced with after entering a high school generally_____ two categories.

    6.     Devices to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure will ________ your body.

    7.     Opportunities are not offered. They must be wrested and worked for. And this _____ perseverance and courage. -- ---- Gandhi

    8.     They were asked to quantify their pain intensity, as well as report how much the pain altered their mood, affected their work and ________ relationships and daily activities

    9.     As tech giant after tech giant lined up to report their earnings this month, most of them ________ 

    investors’ and analysts’ expectations.

    10.  Hangzhou is famous for its beautiful scenery; drinking tea __________ is an agreeable enjoyment.

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    来源: 上海市八校2016届高三3月联合测试考试试题及答案.doc

    A. equal     B. double     C. subject      D. deal     E. remarkably

    F. supposedly  G. draw    H. assume    I. exploit    J. arithmetic    K. fox

    When retailers want to tempt customers to buying a particular product, they typically offer it at a discount. According to a new study to be published in the Journal of Marketing, they are missing something.

    A team of researchers, led by Akshay Rao of the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management looked at consumers' attitudes to discounting. Shoppers, they found, much prefer getting something extra free to getting something cheaper. The main reason is that most people are useless at __41__.

    Consumers often struggle to realize, for example, that a 50% increase in quantity is the same as a 33% discount in price. They overwhelmingly __42__ the former is better value. In an experiment the researchers sold 73% more hand lotion when it was offered in a bonus pack than when it carried an equivalent discount.

    This numerical blind spot remains even when the __43__ clearly favours the discounted product. In another experiment, this time on his undergraduates, Mr. Rao offered two options of loose coffee beans: 33% extra free or 33% off the price. The discount is by far the better proposition but the __44__ clever students viewed them as equivalent.

    Studies have shown other ways in which retailers can __45__consumers' innumeracy. One is to confuse them with __46__ discounting. People are more likely to see a bargain in a product that has been reduced by 20%, and then by an additional 25%, than one which has been __47__ to an equivalent, one-off, 40% reduction.

    Marketing types can __48__ lessons beyond just pricing, says Mr. Rao. When advertising a new car's efficiency, for example, it is more convincing to talk about the number of extra miles per gallon it does, rather than the equivalent percentage fall in fuel consumption.

    There may be lessons for regulators, too. Even well-educated shoppers are easy to __49__. Sending everyone back to school for maths refresher-courses seems out of the question. But more __50__displayed unit prices in shops and advertisements would be a great help.

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    来源: 山东省邹平双语学校2014-2015年高一下学期必修3学分认定考试试题及答案.doc

    be    play    weekend    go    like    get     interesting     think   study   student


    Li Hong    46        a boy. He is twelve years old. He      47      up at six every morning. He and his friend, Wang Tao are  48          in No 1 Middle School. He       49     playing basketball after school. But his friend, Wang Tao,

     doesn’t like to          50  it. They often        51    to a movie on      52      . But they don’t like documentaryes. They     53       science is boring, they think English is very       54    . They          55  very well at school.

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    来源: 安徽省舒城晓天中学2015-2016学年高一下学期第一次月考考试试题及答案.doc

    Girl1:  Hey, Debbie, can you answer some questions for the survey, please?

    Girl2:   OK

    Girl1:      36   

    Girl2:  Er,  not really.

    Girl1:     37    

    Girl2:  Well, about three or four ,I think.

    Girl1:  What are your favourite kinds of programmes?

    Girl2:    38        

    Girl1:   D o you like classical music?

    Girl2:      39  

    Girl1:     40    

    Girl2:  Er ,T-shirt and jeans.

    Girl1:  Thanks a lot.

    A.  What are your  favorite  clothes.           B.  How many hours a week do you watch?

    C.  Do you watch much TV.                   D.  Do you wear mini-skirts?

    E.  I really like nature programmes.             F.  No, of course not, I can’t stand it.

    G.   What sort of music do you like?

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    来源: 上海市金山中学2015-2016学年高二上学期期末考试试题及答案.doc

    A. positive        B. contact     C. stressing        D. schedule         E. potentially     

    F. nervous         G. time       H. especially       I. parents          J. offer

    As the beautiful holiday ends, a new semester comes. Most children have a difficult ___37___ making the back-to-school transition. As with any new or ___38___unsettling situation -- like starting school for the first time or entering a new grade or new school -- allow children time to adjust. Remind them that everyone feels a little ___39___ about the first day of school.

       Emphasize the ___40___ things about going back to school, such as hanging out with old friends, meeting new classmates, buying cool school supplies and getting involved in sports and other activities. It is also important to talk to children about what worries them and ___41___ comfort: are they afraid they won’t make new friends or get along well with their teachers? Is the thought of schoolwork ___42___ them? Are they worried about the bully from last year?

       Consider adjusting your own ___43___ to make the transition smoother. If possible, it is especially beneficial for parents to be home at the end of the school day for the first week. But many working parents just don’t have the free time. Try to arrange your evenings instead so that you can give your children as much time as they need___44___ during those first few days. If your child is starting a new school, ___45____the school the first day to arrange a visit. And ask if your child can be paired up with another student, and if you can be connected with other new parents. This will help both of you with the adjustment to new people and surroundings.

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    来源: 宁波市2015学年第一学期高三期末考试试题及答案.doc

    A. Yunnan has a rich and diversified culture and many historical and natural sites.

    B. There are two kinds of cultural heritage—one has economic potential, the other does not.

    C. A major problem that cultural heritage sites and relics face today is profit-minded officials.

    D. The damage that too much tourism brought to Yunnan has raised our awareness of protecting the cultural heritages.

    E. Local governments in Yunnan and other provinces should learn from their mistakes if they want to build a better cultural future.

    F. The central and local government should realize that cultural heritage means much more than booming tourism and profits.

                            Heritage(文化遗产) for the future

    Culturally rich provinces have to strike the right balance between preserving sites and relics and making money.

    China may have the second highest entry on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list, but it is still in the primary stages of protecting its cultural heritage sites and relics and faces many problems in preserving them.

     Several months ago, I visited the Hani Terraces, a cultural heritage site also in Yunnan, and was shocked to see the sorry state of what should have been a wonderful culture. The local government pumped huge funds and resources into the site in a failed bid to win the world Cultural Heritage status in 2008. And that seems to have caused the maximum damage to culture and traditions mainly of the Hani and Yi ethnic groups, who are primarily responsible for the terraces.

    61. ______________ Cultural heritage is the inner soul of a nation. The most important thing for the governments to do is to strike a healthy balance between protection and exploitation of the sites. This will help preserve culture and make life better for the people.

    62. ______________ The first kind can be used to make profits, but only after strict protection measures are taken. Only if cultural heritage is well protected can it bring about long-term economic and social benefits. The second kind has to be preserved in various forms, such as texts, videos and audios. Since we have inherited thousands of texts and relics from our ancestors, it is our duty to pass them down to later generations.

    63. ______________ Such officials’ only aim is to make money. They are not bothered about preserving cultural heritage. I once met one such official who asked me what the benefits of protecting cultural heritage were. Obviously, such views lack foresight.

    Yunnan province is now planning to seek World Cultural Heritage tags for the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway, the Ancient Tea Route and some very old tea gardens. But before local governments apply to UNESCO they have to change their old practices and take proper decisions that will help preserve the heritage sites in the long run. Besides, they should be open to the views of the people and the media.

    64. ______________ These sites and the relics they preserve can help achieve the development of the province and its people if handled properly.

    65. ______________ They have to be doubly cautious not to repeat the mistakes that are now threatening the Old Town of Lijiang. A culture cannot be preserved without protecting the people who practice it.

    The benefits of a world Cultural Heritage site have to be shared by the people to prevent it from getting ruined.

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    A. available   B. measure    C. technological    D. invented      E. exploiting   

    F. statistics   G. overall      H. developing      I. definitely     J. force     K. standard

    Technology is the application of knowledge to production. Thanks to modern technology, we have been able to increase greatly the efficiency of our work  41 . New machines and new methods have helped to cut down time and expense while increasing  42  output. This has meant more production and a higher standard of living. For most people in America, modern technology is thought of as the reason why we can have cars and television sets. However, technology has also increased the amount of food  43  to us, by means of modern farming machinery and animal breeding techniques, and has extended our life span through medical technology.

    Will mankind continue to live longer and have a higher quality of life? In large  44  the answer depends on technology and our ability to use it widely. If we keep making progress as we have over the past fifty years, the answer is  45  yes. The advancement of technology depends upon research and development, and the latest  46  show that the United States is continuing to pump billions of dollars annually into such efforts. So while we are running out of some scarce resources we may well find  47  substitutes for many of them through our research programs.

    Therefore, in the final analysis the three major factors of production (land, labor and capital) are all influenced by technology. When we need new techniques in medicine, people will start     48  new technology to meet those needs. As equipment proves to be slow or inefficient, new machines will be  49   . Technology responds to our needs in helping us maintain our   50    of living.

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    The ability to overcome obstacles is a highly regarded value in American culture. Many believe it shows that a person is strong and willing to work hard to achieve goals. Yet some people are shy about discussing personal   41   . In some cultures, it may even be seen as a sign of weakness to      42    difficulties.

    One place where you may be asked to     43    a personal obstacle is on a college application essay. On one part of the application, students list the facts: academic grades, awards and         44        in sports, teams, clubs and organizations. In the essay section, students have an opportunity to present their    45   . This gives an admission committee a chance to know what makes students        46    what drives their passions, fires their intellect and makes them special and different from everyone else.

    When students write their college essays, they usually have to respond to a         47   question in a personal way. Successful essays often tell about experiences, such as overcoming obstacles that have 48   the writers or made them grow in some important way. Applicants are encouraged to discuss the topic    49          in their own style. This could include using stories, dialogues, humor or image.

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