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    Emoji(表情符号) and Workplace Communication

    In Asia, messaging platforms are growing rapidly, with users in the hundreds of millions, both at work and play.           36     . It’s been reported that 76 percent of employees in some western countries are using emojis at work.

    Written communications can often read as cold and dull. Using emojis can add humor and feeling, keeping intention clear.         37         , encouraging better and more frequent communication.

    In any given office, employees can range from age 22 to 70 and beyond, and finding common ground in communication style can be a challenge.        38     . While the younger generations prefer to communicate visually, for those used to working with traditional tools like email, it may feel like a learning curve(曲线). The good news is that it’s simple to learn and can be worth the effort.

    There is also the matter of tone(语气). Who hasn’t received an email so annoying that it ruined an entire day?     39     . Emoji can help communication feel friendlier, and even a serious note can be softened with an encouraging smile.

         40     , and emoji can contribute directly to that positive outcome. And when your employees begin adding smiling emojis to their business communication, you’ll know you have succeeded in improving your work culture.

    A. Message with emojis feel more conversational

    B. Even a formal email can seem cold and unfriendly

    C. Sending smiling faces to colleagues may seem strange

    D. The popularity of these platforms is spreading globally

    E. Giving employees the tools enables them to communicate honestly

    F. Studies show that friendlier communication leads to a happier workplace

    G. An easy way to bring all work generations together is with a chat platform

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    A Few Tips for Self-Acceptance

    We all want it to accept and love ourselves. But at times it seems too difficult and too far out of reach.   36  Here’s a handful of ways that will set you in the right direction.

      37   Do not follow the people who make you feel not-good-enough. Why do you follow them? Are you hoping that eventually you will feel empowered because your life is better than theirs? Know that your life is your own;you are the only you in this world.

    ●Forgive yourself for mistakes that you have made. We are often ashamed of our shortcomings, our mistakes and our failures.   38   You will make mistakes, time and time again. Rather than getting caught up in how you could have done better, why not offer yourself a compassionate (有同情心) response? That didn’t go as planned. But, I tried my best.

    ●Recognize all of your strengths. Write them down in a journal. Begin to train your brain to look at strength before weakness. List all of your accomplishments and achievements. You have a job, earned your degree, and you got out of bed today.   39   

    ●Now that you’ve listed your strengths, list your imperfections. Turn the page in your journal. Put into words why you feel unworthy, why you don’t feel good enough. Now, read these words back to yourself.   40   Turn to a page in your journal to your list of strengths and achievements. See how awesome you are?

    A. Feeling upset again?

    B. Where do you start?

    C. Nothing is too small to celebrate.

    D. Remember, you are only human.

    E Set an intention for self-acceptance.

    F. Stop comparing yourself with others.

    G. When does the comparison game start?

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    来源: 2019年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试北京英语试卷含答案

    Much of the work in today’s world is accomplished完成in teams. Most people believe the best way to build a great team is to gather a group of the most talented individuals.    46    Companies spend millions hiring top business people. Is their money well spent

        47    They focused on footballbasketball and baseball. The results are mixed For football and basketballadding talented players to a team proves a good methodbut only up to the point where 70% of the players are top talentabove that level, the team’s performance begins to decline. Interestinglythis trend isn’t evident in baseball. where additional individual talent keeps improving the team’s performance.

    To explain this phenomenonthe researchers explored the degree to which a good performance by a team requires its members to coordinate协调their actions.     48      In baseballthe performance of individual players is less dependent on teammates. They conclude that when task interdependence is highteam performance will suffer when there is too much talentwhile individual talent will have positive effects on team performance when task interdependence is lower. If a basketball star is. for exampletrying to gain a high personal point totalhe may take a shot himself when it would be better to pass the ball to a teammateaffecting the team's performance. Young children learning to play team sports are often told,“There is no I in TEAM.    49    

    Another possibility is that when there is a lot of talent on a teamsome players may make less effort. Just as in a game of tug-of-war拔河比赛),whenever a person is addedeveryone else pulls the rope with less force.

        50     .An A-team may require a balance-not just A playersbut a few generous B players as well.

    A. It's not a simple matter to determine the nature of talent.

    B. Sports team owners spend millions of dollars attracting top talent

    C. The group interaction and its effect drew the researchers' attention.

    D. Stars apparently do not follow this basic principle of sportsmanship.

    E. Several recent studies examined the role of talent in the sports world.

    F. Building up a dream team is more complex than simply hiring the best talent.

    G. This task interdependence distinguishes baseball from football and basketball.

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    来源: 2019年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试英语(浙江卷)(含答案)

    Rock music consists of many different styles. Even though there is a common spirit among all music groups, they make very different music.    31    At that time the Beatles entered the world of music from Liverpool.

    After they were given an invitation to appear live on BBC, the Beatles quickly became famous in Britain with nationwide tours. By mid-1963, the Beatles had been extremely popular in England.    32    They held large concerts and performed at clubs. They became the hottest thing on the pop music scene in England. They began as a modestly successful musician group and ended the year as show business legends(传说). John Lennon and Paul McCartney were named composers of the year.

       33    They were not sure how the Americans would react to the new type of music. Beatlemania hit New York on February 7, 1964. Hundreds of fans jammed the airport to greet them.    34    The concert was broadcast live and attracted the largest one night audience in the history of television up to that time. The Beatles were described as a British invasion(入侵)by local and nationwide newspapers at that time. Their victory in America was still remembered as a major turning point in the history of rock and roll. Thanks to the Beatles, a lot of opportunities were opened up to new faces on the market.    35    

    A. They decided on a tour to the United States in 1964.

    B. Even their hairstyles became major trends at that time.

    C. Rock music developed in the 1950s and the early 1960s.

    D. However, their songs changed the lives of generations to come.

    E. Many rock bands were able to follow in the footsteps of the Beatles.

    F. They appeared in the films A Hard Day's Night1964and Help!(1965.

    G. They performed their first concert in America at CBS television's 53rd street studio.

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    来源: 山西省怀仁县第八中学2016-2017学年高一下学期期末考试英语试题(实验班) Word版含答案.doc

     How to Become a Top Student

    Successful students use different techniques(技巧)to studywhich brings them more success.  16  Here are the four techniques almost all top­performing students use.

    They are regular.Almost all successful students study regularlybecause they know what you give is what you getIf you put in regular hours of studyingthen you will learn more and get better grades.  17  This will help you to study regularly.

    They have clear goals.All top­performing students have definitespecific goals.  18  They motivate(激发)you and drive you to study more.But make sure that you do not get carried away.Set realistic goals which can challenge(挑战)youbut do not seem impossible or too difficult to achieve.

    They study without pressure(压力)Successful students study a lot.But they study without putting strain on themselves.Most students make the mistake of studying too hard or studying continuously for a long time.  19  Studying should be done in a balanced manner.Take a break for a few minutesafter studying for 30 or 45 minutes.Relaxwalk around your room or houseor drink some water and return to studying.Such short breaks will refresh your brain and you will learn more.

      20  Studying is not something you do just because your parents ask you to do it.It's actually very important for you.Studying gives you knowledge and skills that will remain with you for the rest of your life.It gives you the ability to get a job and earn money.And successful students recognize the value of studying well.

    A. This creates tension and actually slows down learning and memory.

    BBut to score grade A in Englishyou should make well­planned efforts.

    CSet aside some hourseach day or each weekfor studying.

    DHaving such goals gives you a purpose to study better.

    ABLearn their techniquesand you will also join their rank.

    ACThey finish their homework on time.

    ADThey give importance to study.

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    来源: 山西省怀仁县第八中学2016-2017学年高二下学期期末考试英语试题(实验班) Word版含答案.doc

    Small talk is a good way to make friends. If you travel to other countries or have friends from abroad, do you know how to use small talk to make conversation?

         In Britain, the best topic is the weather. British weather is changing all the time.       16     

        Besides weather, it’s good to talk about gardens with British. You could say “Those roses look really beautiful, don’t they?”        17      .So it’s also nice to start with “What a lovely dog! What is his name?”

        In America, people like to talk about sports news ,such as American football and basketball.      18      So you might say “It’s a nice shirt! Where did you get it?” Weather is a safe topic there, too.

               19     Don’t ask people “How old are you?” Never ask: “How much money do you make?”It makes people uncomfortable. Don’t ask strangers weather they are married.      20     There are others in our daily life.

    A. You can start chatting by saying “It’s a lovely day today, isn’t it?”

    B. There are also a lot of topics to avoid during small talk.

    C. Friends are important to us all, but how to make friends is a problem.

    D. Americans also talk about clothes.

    AB. Politics or religion is not a good topic.

    AC. English people love their pets.

    AD. Only a few topics are not used for small talk.

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    来源: 山西省怀仁县第八中学2016-2017学年高二下学期期末考试英语试题(普通班) Word版含答案.doc

      Last Tuesday I took my two daughters, aged five and seven, to town by car. It began to rain__21__ so I decided I would leave the children in the car__22__ I rushed into a shop. I warned the girls not to __23__ anything and told them I would be __24__ within a few minutes. Then I locked all the doors and left __25__happily looking out of the window.

       I returned to the car in less than five minutes but the girls had __26__! I could hardly believe my __27__. The car doors were __28__ locked, the windows tightly shut and on the back seat __29__only two coats. Being __30__, I ran to the corner of the street __31__ there was no sign of them. I __32__up to an old lady nearby and asked __33__ she had seen two small girls but she said “No”.

       Feeling quite sick with fear, I sat on the driver’s seat, and __34__ to stop trembling(发抖). Suddenly, I __35__ a merry laugh __36__ me. I got out of the car, ran round to open the boot(车尾行李箱) and __37__ were two very red-face and __38__ children. They had obviously pulled out the back seat, __39__ behind it and then been unable to push the seat forward again. __40__ tears in my eyes, I leaned forward and pulled their ears.

    21. A. heavy  B. hard          C. big               D. hardly

    22. A. before                       B. since          C. after          D. which

    23. A. talk      B. reach       C. hear             D. touch

    24. A. away   B. out           C. back            D. along

    25. A. them   B. her            C. herself         D. themselves

    26. A. discovered               B. disappeared                    C. described   D. delivered

    27. A. ears    B. words        C. eyes            D. heads

    28. A. even   B. again         C. already        D. still

    29. A. have   B. were          C. had              D. are

    30. A. foolish                       B. proud           C. frightened D. pleased

    31. A. where B. which        C. that              D. when

    32. A. arrived                      B. looked         C. rushed      D. left

    33. A. what    B. when         C. whether     D. how

    34. A. tried    B. had            C. tired           D. ought

    35. A. felt      B. listened   C. smelt         D. heard

    36. A. behind                      B. over           C. before      D. with

    37. A. outside                     B. among         C. inside        D. between

    38. A. worried                     B. excited        C. surprised  D. interested

    39. A. climbed                    B. flew              C. threw         D. jumped

    40. A. For      B. About        C. With             D. Down

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    来源: 山西省怀仁县第八中学2016-2017学年高二下学期期末考试英语试题(普通班) Word版含答案.doc

    What’s your favorite weather? Do you like sunny or rainy days? Many people like sunshine (阳光) a lot.   16   . They think rain makes them feel sad. For a long vacation, they like going to the beach to enjoy sunshine.    17   . I like sunshine very much, but I also enjoy rain.

       18  . It can make me feel quiet. On rainy days, I like listening to music and doing some reading, or just looking at the rain and daydreaming (做白日梦).    19   . I think it’s a good way to relax when it rains.

       20   . I hope you can feel happy no matter (无论) it rains or it’s sunny.

    A. When you daydream, you don’t have to think about other things.

    B. Sunshine can make them feel good and happy.

    C. When it rains, the ground is wet and muddy.

    D. They don’t like rain.

    AB. Sunshine can make one run around and rain can make one keep quiet.

    AC. I enjoy the sound (声音) of rain.

    AD. They also like rain.

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    来源: 山东省淄博市2016-2017学年高一下学期期末考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

       Do you know how to deal with failure at school? Four steps will help you get the most out of each failure and more on.

    36   When you feel bad after failing, talk with your parents or good friends, or any other adult. Then decide to take the duty to improve yourself. Read the teachers’ comments on your test carefully.

    Ask yourself what you were trying to do and why you failed.   37  Maybe you didn’t have all the information you needed; maybe you made a mistake or a poor decision. If so, give yourself a pat on the back. Fewer people ever get something right the first time they try it, and often it takes them many times.   38   Sometimes the failure isn’t because of something you did or didn’t do; it is someone else’s fault. But don’t spend time blaming them; instead, move on toward your goals.

      39   . Review the situation to see what your choices are. There is a different between making a decision and giving up. Deciding to follow a better way is one thing; simply walking away means you really have failed.

    Keep trying again. Successful people are different because they choose their next steps instead of just reacting to feelings. If a goal still important to you, figure out what to do and go after it again.   40  .

    A. No pains, no gains.

    B. Don’t give up easily

    C. Failure is unavoidable

    D. Remove your bad feelings

    E. If it isn’t, do your best on something else

    F. Actually it was because you were very lazy

    G. Usually it was because you were trying out a new skill or learning a new subject.

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    来源: 山东省淄博十中2017届高三下学期第三次月考英语试卷 Word版含答案.doc

    Does meeting new people make you nervous? If so, you are not alone. But making a good first impression isn’t as hard as you might think. It just involves a few simple choices.
    Look your best

    36 But you don’t need to look like a model to make a good impression. You just need to take care of yourself. Make sure your clothing is clean, not wrinkled and appropriate for the situation 37 .
    Stand tall

    The way you stand, sit and move tells others a lot about you. Standing up straight makes you look and feel confident. When you approach someone, make eye contact and smile to show you’re friendly and interested. 38
    Speak up

    Speak loudly and clearly enough so that people don’t have to struggle to hear you. If you don’t know what to say, ask questions. 39When people are talking, pay attention to what they’re saying rather than planning what you’ll say next. And if you’re not sure what they mean, ask!
    Value people

    Most importantly, show people you care. Your concerns for them will be obvious if you smile and listen carefully. 40 Don’t keep them waiting. Everyone you meet is important. So make eye contact, smile and greet them. They’ll appreciate it and others may be watching.

    A. And remember, you are important, too
    B. Respect other people’s time, too
    C. Most people enjoy talking about themselves
    D. Then greet them with a firm handshake
    E. One survey said blue and black are best for job interview
    F. Obviously your appearance influences people’s impression of you
    G. Don’t forget little things like brushing your teeth

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    来源: 山东省烟台市2016-2017学年高一下学期期末自主练习英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Good friendships improve all aspects of our life, reducing stress, providing comfort and joy, strengthening our health, and preventing loneliness. Friendship is a two-way street. Being a good friend to others brings them all of the above benefits.   36   However, your old friendships may simply change over time as interests and situations in your life change. So friendships take time to form and take even more time and effort to deepen. Here are steps that can help, you be a good friend and keep your friendships growing.

    1. Be the friend that you would like to have.   37   Be reliable, thoughtful, trustworthy, and willing to share yourself and your time.

    2. Invest (投入) in the friendship.   38   Find things you enjoy doing with your friend and devote the time to doing them, even when you’re busy or stressed.

    3.   39   Don’t be too dependent or needy. Don’t set too many expectations. Be sure not to abuse your friend’s generosity. Everyone is unique (唯一的). Everyone needs to be alone or spend time with other people as well.

    4. Be forgiving (宽恕的).   40   You should learn to forgive others. So when your friend does something wrong, don’t keep blaming them. Try to find a way to get over, the problem and move on. It will often deepen the friendship between you.

    A. Give your friend enough space.

    B. Sometimes things don’t go exactly as you expect.

    C. Treat your friends just as you want them to treat you.

    D. No friendship will develop without regular attention.

    E. No one is perfect and every friend will make mistakes.

    F. Good friends don’t require you to always agree with them.

    G. It also makes you feel needed and adds purpose to your life.

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    来源: 山东省烟台市2016-2017学年高二下学期期中学段考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    While happiness does not happen by chance, you don’t need to change our entire life to find it. Start your journey to a happier you by developing these easy habits.

    Work Out Often

    Staying active can make you feel more enthusiasm for daily activities. So hit the gym or take up a sport that suits you best. Working out does you more good than burning off calories and strengthening your muscles.   36   That’s why healthy people are generally 20% happier than unhealthy people.


      37   Using your skills to assist the less fortunate can boost your happiness. After all, it is joyful to bring some life and light back into someone’s life. You can start small, like preparing a meal for your elderly neighbor.

    Enjoy Friendship

    Everyone can find himself stuck in trouble now and then. Enjoy an evening talking about your lives with your friends. Often they know you well enough to give you sound advice.   38 

    Plan Your Day

    Having a set schedule can reduce stress throughout your day. Plan each day’s work before stepping into the office.   39   Staying organized by planning ahead can help you enjoy each moment.

    Turn Off the TV

    Turning on the TV for “noise” or relaxation can actually be harmful to your health and your happiness. Don’t turn on the TV while you’re cooking or doing the housework. Try turning on some soft music to relax. Turn off the TV and give yourself some reflective (沉思) time to read a book or play a game with your family.   40 

    A. Lending a helping hand proves to be a reward in itself.

    B. You are only one step away from achieving more happiness.

    C. It also brings about a feel-good reaction that promotes happiness.

    D. Take it and switch the conversation to something more lighthearted.

    E. These activities deserve your focus and will reduce your stress levels.

    F. Regular exercise helps you keep a better figure and makes you stronger

    G. Spare a few minutes each evening to ready items you need for the next day.

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    来源: 山东省烟台市2016-2017学年高二下学期期末自主练习英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    How to Be a Great Best Friend

    Everyone wants to be a great best friend but doesn't know how or where to start that perfect friendship.The following will help you.

    Be your own best friend first._36_If you can't respect yourself,then you can't respect others.Understand what values are important to you and stick to them.Seek out others who honor those values because you'll only end up hurting yourself and possibly others if those people don't have the same values as you.

    Trust each other._37_All you have to do really is make sure you can both trust each other.Don't try to trick or use your friend to your advantage;you need to make them know they can trust you.

    Learn to listen.Nobody likes a best friend who just talks and talks,but never listens.If you're a chatterbox,try to develop good listening skills.Whenever your best friend says something,listen carefully and say something._38_If they ask for advice,listen carefully and give them the best advice you can.

    Care for your best friend.If your best friend is upset,ask them what's wrong,They might not tell you straight away,but they should in the end._39_Understand that certain things are private,and trust that they'd be just as patient with you if you were in their shoes.

    Let your friend have other friends,too.If your best friend picks another friend over you,try to be friends with their friend too._40_Everyone is always looking for new friends.But never leave the old one;your loyalty is what the other person expects and counts on every day.

    A.Learn how to respect yourself.

    B.Maybe you guys can be a group of friends!

    C.Don't interrupt while they're talking to you.  

    D.Best friends are the most valuable friends you have.

    E.If they don't tell you,don't get angry at them.

    F.To be a great best friend really doesn't take much.

    G.Take time out of your day to appreciate the funny things in life.

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    来源: 山东省潍坊寿光市2016-2017学年高二下学期期末考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Vegetarians (素食者) around the world have long believed that a vegetarian diet is a healthier choice than a meat-based one. Studies have shown that not only do vegetarians have less heart disease and fewer circulatory problems, but they also tend to have fewer chances of cancer.   36 

    Should you consider becoming a vegetarian you may wonder:   37   The term “Vegetarian” generally describes a person who does not consume meat, fish, or seafood. However, there are several types of vegetarians, and the vegetarian diet can change depending on which category the person falls into.

      38   Today’s importance on meat-centred diets has been proved to contribute to many of our modem illnesses. Choosing to get rid of or limit the meat you eat can bring you many of the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. In addition to the health benefits of a vegetarian diet, you will also reduce your share of the suffering that human beings bring to animals.

    Many people start vegetarian diets without doing nutritional research and learning what a balanced vegetarian diet makes up. As a result, a large number of new vegetarians complain that they lack energy.   39   Others find quite a few other problems that come with a poorly balanced vegetarian diet.

    Not everyone wants to be a vegetarian. Accepting this is part of being a vegetarian with style.   40   Stylish vegetarians should also be able to turn down a meaty dish politely without annoying their hosts.

    A. What do vegetarians eat?

    B. The benefits of a vegetarian diet are many.

    C. Forcing your beliefs on others is disrespectful.

    D. Meal planning is important whatever diet you choose.

    E. A balanced vegetarian diet can’t make sure health alone.

    F. Also, they often experience a great loss of muscle mass.

    G. It’s no wonder that more and more people turn to vegetarian diets.

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    来源: 山东省泰安市2016-2017学年高一下学期期末英语测试题 Word版含答案.doc

    As we all know, it is very difficult to remember all the contents of a long passage. For that reason, it is wise to make notes of information that is necessary for the students when they read a passage. The result is a short of the  passage, and it contains all aspects of the passage.  36  I ask the students to follow these steps.

    Familiarize with(通晓)the material. After students have read the passage or a section of it, they can start summarizing.  37 

    Select important information. I ask the students to go through each paragraph, sentence by sentence, asking themselves which information is necessary to the argument. They should point out complete sentences as much as possible.  38  Pay attention to these important points: author, title, reason why the passage was written, purpose, theme, key words, link words, all major aspects, explanations and author’s opinion.

    Paraphrase(释义)the information. I ask the students to point out the information of the previous step in their own words.  39  They should try to shorten long and complex sentences into much shorter ones.

      40  Let students make sure that the connection between sentences is clear and reasonable and that each group of sentences smoothly fit in one paragraph.

    A. Adjust the length of the summary

    B. Insert links(连接词)between sentences and paragraphs.

    C. A choice is to underline important sentences or phrases.

    D. In this way students can grasp the main ideas of the passage.

    E. But we know reading is a practice of long period and we must have a lot of practice

    F. The length of the section read through depends on the structure and the complexity(复杂)of the passage.

    G. And writing down information in their own words forces them to completely understand what they are writing down.

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     Remembering names is an important social skill.   36  

    ●Recite and repeat in conversation.

    When you hear a person’s name, repeat it. Immediately say it to yourself several times without moving your lips. You could also repeat the name in a way that does not sound forced or artificial.

    ●Ask the other person to recite and repeat.

    You can let other people help you remember their names. After you’ve been introduced to someone, ask that person to spell the name and pronounce it correctly for you.    37 

    ●Admit you don’t know

    Admitting that you can’t remember someone’s name can actually make people relaxed. Most of them will feel sympathy if you say. “I’m working to remember names better.   38    What is it again?”

    ●Use associations

       Link each person yon meet with one thing out find interesting or unusual. For example, you could make a mental note: “Vicki Cheng---tall, black hair.” To reinforce you’re your associations, write them on a small card as soon as possible.


       When meeting a group of people, concentrate on remembering just two or three names. Free yourself from remembering every one. Few of the people in mass introductions expect you to remember their names. Another way is to limit yourself to learning just first names. Last names can come later.

    ●Go early

       Consider going early to conferences, parties and classes. Sometimes just a few people show up on time.  40   And as more people arrive, you can hear them being introduced to others---an automatic review for you.

    A. Remember a name at a time.

    B. Here are some ways to master it.

    C. Yours is right on the tip of my tongue.

    D. That’s fewer names for you to remember.

    E. Most people will be pleased with your hard work.

    F. Limit the number of new names you learn at one time.

    G. Most people will be pleased by the effort you’re making to learn their names

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    来源: 山东省寿光现代中学2016-2017学年高一下学期第三学段质量监测(期中)英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

      Most cars have seat belts as part of their equipment. Seat belts protect drivers and passengers in case of accidents. They also reduce the effect of a crash on the body.    36    Worldwide, the devices have protected up to a million people.

    America first recognized the invention of an automobile seat belt in 1849. The government gave a patent to an engineer named Edward Claghorn of New York City so that others would not copy his invention of a safety device.   37     This early version of safety belt was said to include hooks and other attachments for securing the person to a fixed object.

    Other inventors followed with different versions of the seat belt.   38      It resulted from the work of a Swedish engineer, Nils Bohlin. His three-point, lap and shoulder seat belt first appeared on cars in Europe 50 years ago.

    Nils Bohlin recognized that both the upper and lower body needed to be held securely in place. His invention contained a cloth strap(带子)that was placed across the chest and another strap across his hips.   39   

    Volvo was the first company to offer the modern seat belt to its cars. This company also provided use of Nils Bohlin's design to other car-makers.

        40    He received a gold medal from the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in 1995. He died in Sweden in 2002.

    A. The Swedish engineer won many honors for his seat belt.

    B. Claghorn was a promising young engineer with many honors all his life.

    C. The design joined the straps next to the hip.

    D. There are many companies adopting Nils Bohlin's invention of the belt.

    E. Safety experts say that seat belts save thousands of lives a year in America alone.

    F. But more than 100 years passed before the current seat belt was developed.

    G. Claghorn called his invention a safety belt.

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    People lie all the time, but depending on how skilled they are, it can be difficult to determine when someone is lying to you. Do you know how to recognize the signs that someone is lying to you? Some of the signs are obvious while others are more subliminal(难以察觉的), but there are ways to catch someone in a lie, you just need to know what they are.   36
      1. Liars make false eye contact.

    A person who is lying to you won’t make eye contact with you or they make too much eye contact. If a person is lying they may feel you are watching him and he will look down at the floor or away from your eyes. Some people try to stare you in the face deliberately.   37

    2.Liars avoid using contractions(缩略形式)

    The liar will say “I did NOT notice that.” instead of “I didn’t notice that.”  38  . Usually it ends up making the story a lot less believable.
    3.Unnatural Body Language.
       Liars often feel uneasy, turn away from the person to whom they are speaking, blink(
    眨眼) rapidly, smile less and have pitch changes in their tone of voice. They may cross their arms which is a sign of being “closed” or trying not to reveal too much information.   39   . They could touch parts of their face, an ear or a nose or play with keys or another item that they have in their hand.
       4.Liars provide additional information without being asked for it

      ___40  The result is the more complicated the story is, the less believable it will be. You will have the feeling that nothing could be further from the truth.

    A. This is an attempt by the liar to be absolutely clear what they mean.

    B. Here are some easy ways to recognize liars and catch lies.

    C. Sometimes people look unnatural when they are lying

    D. They will get angry if you doubt their story

    E. They seem to think that by telling their story in detail, you will find it more believable.

    F. They try to change the subject or move the conversation in a different direction

    G. In this way they feel like making eye contact will make what they are saying more believable.

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    How can I carry out a group project?

    Group projects can be so overwhelming (是人不知所措的), especially when people don’t cooperate and follow through. “  36   To follow this wise advice from expert Julie Hochheiser IIkovich, simply break down that hug project into smaller jobs that can be tracked. Here’s exactly how to do it:

    List it. The day the project is assigned, immediately identify the end goal.   37  This should include everything from minor tasks to major ones.

    Schedule it.   38   This should include meetings, tasks, and deadlines. Assign each person a color and highlight each task with those colors, so it’s clear who is doing what.

    Track it. As a team, decide on a project manager who will keep everyone on track, and who you agree is allowed to call team members out if they’re not hardworking. (Advice on how to choose:   39    )

    As stressful as group work is, it can actually be beneficial in the long run. At first, groups that work well together can achieve much more than individuals working on their own. And being part of a team will help you develop your interpersonal skills. Also, working with others will help identify your own strengths and weaknesses.  ___40   

    A. Give feedback on group processes to groups

    B. Then list what needs to get done to accomplish it

    C. Look for the person with the most organized desk!

    D. A half-hour of planning saves a week of stress at the end!

    E. Create a timetable for the project and put everything from the list on it.

    F. This sense about yourself will be invaluable when you enter the workforce.

    G. Group projects can help people develop new approaches to solving problems.

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    I learned Japanese a few years ago. I can say that learning a language is a huge challenge to me.   26   Here are a few tips from experts which can help you become fluent.

    Know why you’re studying a language.

    Learning a language is not something you can just pick up and put away as you please. As Language Testing International points out, some languages can take up to 2,760 hours to learn well. Even easier languages, like French and Spanish, will take 720 hours. No one can do that much work on their own without serious motivation (动力).   27   Write it down where you can see it to keep yourself motivated.


    You can’t just do a lot of practice for one day and then take three days off.   28   Set a regular schedule and stick to it. If you can make learning a language a routine(常规,惯例), the battle is partly won.

    Speak with native speakers.

    Talking with a native speaker is the single best way to improve your language skills. But how can you find one?   29   Also ask your friends and family to see if they know someone who speaks your aim language.


    A language represents people and their culture. If you don’t value the people or the culture, then you don’t value the language. So make efforts to learn about the native culture if you want to know the native language. Films and TV shows are a good place to start. Newspapers and news shows can also teach you what the people you are studying are interested in.

    A. Look into the foreign culture.

    B. But it is also quite worthwhile.

    C. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

    D. No one can master every word in a language.

    E. So make sure you have a real reason to learn a language.

    F. The knowledge you learn in one day will be forgotten in those few days.

    G. Websites, like italki and weSpeke, can help you connect with others across the globe.

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