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    Nowadays millions of people of all age take pleasure in a                    1.___________

    hobby which is both relaxing and fun. And every year                       2.___________

    more and more people start a stamp collection of your own                  3.___________

    and discover an interest which can even last lifetime. Starting                4.___________

    your collection of stamps are easy because they are everywhere.             5.___________

    Holiday and birthday postcards from relatives and letters                    6.___________

    from friends can all provide you for stamps from all over                   7.___________

    the worldSo once you’ve started collecting seriously, you                8.___________

    will probably want to join in the Stamp Collectors’ Club                      9____________

    which exist to add more stamps to your collection.                       10.__________

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    When TV news programs report wars or disasters, the editors rarely use the most horrifying pictures of dead or wounded victims because they don’t want to upset their viewersEven so, viewers are usually warned in advance that they “may find some of these scenes disturbing”, so they can look away if they chooseBut the men and women whose job it is to record those scenes — the TV cameramen — have no such choiceIt is their duty to witness the horrors of the world and record them, no matter how terrible and unpleasant they may beAs a result, it is one of the most dangerous, exposed and emotionally taxing jobs the world has to offer

    Today, the demand for their work is risingThe explosion of satellite broadcasting and 24-hour news in recent years has created an almost insatiable(不能满足的)demand for TV informationBut major broadcasters and the TV news agencies — such as Reuters and WTN — have never had enough staff to meet the worldwide demand for up-to-date pictures, so increasingly they turn to “freelance” TV cameramen

    These freelance cameramen are independent operators tied to no particular organizationThey will work for any company which hires them, be it for just a few hours or for several weeks in a war zone  But if the freelance cameraman is injured in the course of the job, the TV company is not responsible for himThe freelancer must survive on his own

    “TV will always need hard, vivid moving pictures which are fresh, but these companies feel uncomfortable with large numbers of employees on their books,” explains Nik Gowing, once foreign editor for Britain’s Channel 4 News and now a BBC news reporter

        “By hiring freelancers, they can buy in the skills they need only when they need themIt also enables them to contract out the risk,” he says

    1In the last sentence of the first paragraph, “taxing” most probably means_______

          Adiscouraging        Bsatisfying             Cdemanding           Dencouraging

    2TV news agencies turn to freelance cameramen in order to ___________

          Aavoiding facing the unpleasant scenes themselves

          Bbuy pictures which are the most stimulating to the senses

          Clook for pictures that are of fine qualities

          Dget first-hand information and pictures

    3The freelance cameramen___________

          Ahave better skills than other cameramen

          Bare tied to many TV news agencies

          Chave to take a great many risks in the course of work

    4We can infer in the passage that ___________

          ATV cameramen have to witness disasters and killing whether they like them or not

          BTV cameramen are a special group of people who enjoy horrifying pictures

          CTV cameramen should be given greater choice of work

          Dthe development of TV resulted in the growing demand for TV cameramen’s work

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    ·Paris City Tour, Seine River Cruise(巡游)and the Eiffel Tower

    Duration: 5 hours

    Departure Dates: Daily

    Unavailable Date: July 14 (Bastille Day)

    Departure Point: Paris

    Departure Time: 9:00 am, 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm

    This tour will give you a view of Paris from three different viewpoints. It includes a coach tour around Paris with a Seine River cruise, which will take you back through 2,000 years of Paris history. The tour concludes with an elevator ride up to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower, where you can experience its wonderful view.

    ·London City Tour, Thames River Cruise and English Pub Lunch

    Duration: 8.5-9 hours

    Departure Dates: Daily

    Unavailable dates: January 1 (New Year’s Day), December 24-26 (Christmas)

    Departure Point: Victoria Coach Station, opposite Gate 1

    Departure Time : 8:45 am

    You will visit great architecture like Westminster Abbey, the Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and the Buckingham Palace. The tour includes 38 ceremonies and 14 Royal weddings.

    At noon, you’ll have two-course lunch in a traditional London puBAfter lunch, there will be a Thames River Cruise for great views of the Houses of Parliament, London.

    ·Full Day Tour to Naples and Pompeii

    Duration : 13 hours

    Departure Dates: Daily

    Unavailable Dates: New Year’ Day, Christmas Day, December 31

    Departure Point: Rome Hotel

    Departure Time:6 :30 am

    Take the “Highway of the Sun” and travel through the Roman countryside.

    Arriving in Naples, you will go on along the hill of Posillipo, where you can enjoy views of the volcano Vesuvius which erupted in AD 79, destroying the towns of Pompeii. At Pompeii you will stop for lunch.

    After lunch, visit the site for two hours with a local guide, traveling through the ruins of this ancient city. Then return to the coach for a journey of 3 hours back to Rome.

    1If you have a holiday on New Year’s Day, you can choose         .

           AParis City Tour                                    BLondon City Tour

           CRoman City Tour DPompeii City Tour

    2This passage is most likely to be found in         .

           Aa technical report Ba science magazine

           Ca local newspaper Da history book

    3We can learn from the passage that         .

           ASeine River Cruise will take you back through 2,000 years of European history

           BEnglish Pub Lunch will give you a chance to see a traditional London pub

           Ctourists can enjoy views of the volcano Vesuvius erupting in Pompeii

           Dthe journey back to Rome will take about four hours

    4The main purpose in writing this passage is to         .

           Aattract more tourists to Rome

           Bintroduce three tourist tracks in Europe

           Cshow some ancient tourist attractions

           Dmake European culture better known

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    It is often confusing to parent children with learning disabilities, ADHD and related disorders. One of the biggest confusions and challenges parents face is the large gap between what the children can do and what they cannot do. Often they are very smart, know a great deal, and reason well, yet cannot read or write. School teachers and family may be telling them to try harder, and they are usually trying their hearts out. They tend to work 10 times harder than everyone else does, but still they may be called lazy.

    Another aspect of the confusion for parents lies in how hard it can be to distinguish between a child who can’t do something and a child who won’t do something. For parents, it can be frustrating not to be able to control a 5 or 6 – year – old or to know whether to push an adolescent or reduce expectations. In this confusion, parents tend to ask, “What is wrong with me?” rather than “What challenges is my child having to face?” Shifting this focus can be useful for parents and children. Children may seem to be having behavior problems when, in fact, they are facing difficulties in accomplishing a task.

    Children tend to withdraw or act out when a task is too demanding. It can help parents to know that when children say they hate something, that usually serves as a wonderful diagnostic tool, indicating what is difficult or impossible for them. For example, when a child loves dance, art, and music but hates drama, it could be that the child has a speech / language problem. When a child hates math or reading, these are likely areas of difficulty. Conversely, what children like and want to do usually serve as indicators of their strengths.

    While a diagnosis will help to some extent, the job of sorting out these issues on a day – to – day basis is no small task. On a planning level, confusion occurs because teachers, doctors, psychologists, and social workers may disagree not only on diagnosis but on the best treatments or programs for a child. This can be frustrating and anxiety – provoking for parents who have to pull all the information together and decide what to do, right or wrong. Additionally, at home and elsewhere, parents must anticipate (预料到) problems and sense when their children are tired, or frustrated, or about to explode. Parents must trust their guts (直觉) as to how long the child can last at a party, or sit in a restaurant, or be pleasant with visitors. While parents have to do this with all children, it is much more challenging with this population.

    1From the first paragraph we learn that some children can’t read or write probably because    .

           Athey are lazy and refuse to try

           Bthey suffer from ADHD, and related disorders

           Cthey don’t like their teachers

           Dthey are as confused as their parents

    2If parents find it difficult to control a 5 or 6–year–old child, they should      .

           Afind out whether a certain task is too challenging or even impossible for their children

           Bfind out what’s wrong with themselves

           Ceither push them on or reduce expectations

           Dtake them to hospital

    3If something is too difficult for a child, he or she is likely to          .

           Apretend to be interested                        Bsay he / she hate it

           Cturn to others for help                          Dmove away and cry

    4Which can be the best title for this passage?

           ASymptoms of ADHD                            BUnderstanding children’s behavior

           CParents’ confusion                               DDon’t be too strict with your children

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    One of the most interesting paradoxes(自相矛盾的话) in America today is that Harvard University, the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States, is now engaged in a serious debate about what a university should be.

    Should Harvard or any other university be an intellectual sanctuary, away from the political and social revolution of the age, or should it be a laboratory for experimentation with these political and social revolutions; or even an engine of the revolution?” This is what is being discussed privately in the faculty of Harvard.

    The issue was defined by Waiter Lippmann, a distinguished Harvard graduate, several years ago. If the universities are to do their work, he said, they must be independent and they must be disinterested(廉洁)… They are places to which men can turn for judgments which are unbiased(无偏见的) by partisanship(政党支持)and special interest. Obviously, the moment the universities fall under political control, or under the control of private interests, or the moment they themselves take a hand in politics and the leadership of government, their value as independent and disinterested sources of judgments is damaged.”

    This is part of the argument that is going on at Harvard today. Another part is the argument of the militant(好战的) : that a university is the keeper of our ideals and morals, and should not be disinterested but activist in bringing the nation’s ideals and actions together.

    Harvard’s men of today seem more troubled and less sure about personal, political and academic purpose than they did at the beginning. They are not even clear about how they should debate and solve their problems, but they are struggling with them privately, and how they come out is certain to influence American university and political life.”

    1The issues in the debate on Harvard’s goals are whether the universities should remain independent of our society and its problems, or  whether they should          .

           Afight with the militant

           Bovercome the widespread dependency

           Ctake an active part in solving society’s ills

           Dsupport our old and established institutions

    2In regard to their goals and purposes in life, the author believes that Harvard men are becoming        .

           Amore sure about them

           Bless sure about them

           Cmore hopeful of reaching a satisfactory answer

           Dcompletely disappointed about ever

    3The word sanctuaryin paragraph 3 is               .

           Aa holy place devoted to a certain god

           Ba temple of middle age

           Ca certain place you can hide in and avoid something

           Da place to train soldiers

    4In the author’s judgment, the debate going on at Harvard          .

           Ais a sad symbol of our general puzzlement

           Bwill soon be over, because times are bound to change

           Cis of interest mostly to Harvard men and their friends

           Dwill influence future life in America

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