高中英语 广东省中山市2014届高三上学期期末统一考试试卷 试题及答案.doc

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    In a land far away, once upon a time there was great poverty, and only the rich could manage without great problems. It is said that one day three of those rich men and their servants were    1    together on a road when they came to a very    2    village.

    The first could not stand seeing the    3   , so he took all the gold and jewels from his wagons (四轮载重马车) and shared them out among the villagers. He wished them all the best of luck, and he left. 

        The second rich man, seeing the    4    situation, stopped for a short time and then decided to give the    5    all his food and drink, since he could see that money would be of little    6    to them. He made sure that they each    7    their fair share and would have enough food to    8    for some time. Then, he left.

    The third rich man, on seeing such poverty,    9    and went straight through the poverty-stricken    10    without stopping. The two other rich men saw all this from a distance and commented heatedly with each other on how the third rich man lacked sympathy. It was    11    that they themselves had been there to offer help.

    However, to their great surprise,  three days later, they    12    the third rich man, who was coming in the    13    direction. He was still traveling quickly, but his wagons, instead of the gold and valuables they had been    14   , were now completely full of farming tools and bags of    15   . He was rushing back to help them out of poverty.

    1. A. standing          B. traveling        C. gathering         D. running

    2. A. faraway                  B. different          C. poor                  D. ancient

    3. A. land                        B. welfare            C. richness                 D. poverty

    4. A. curious           B. worrying              C. dangerous               D. puzzling

    5. A. villagers            B. servants                C. others                       D. rest

    6. A. interest           B. concern              C. use              D. attraction

    7. A. returned          B. possessed           C. offered                   D. received

    8. A. remain                   B. last              C. supply                D. share

    9. A. turned around        B. looked down          C. came across            D. sped up

    10. A. village          B. land             C. field              D. road

    11. A. good            B. certain          C. true              D. strange

    12. A. welcomed       B. met            C. accepted         D. persuaded

    13. A. opposite        B. same            C. similar            D. familiar

    14. A. loading          B. treasuring       C. carrying                   D. earning

    15. A. food            B. jewels          C. money            D. seeds

    题型:完型填空  知识点:人物传记/故事阅读类
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    阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入一个适当的词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为1625的相应位置上。 Why is pink or purple a color for girls and blue or brown for boys?

    The answer depends largely    16    cultural values as well as personal experiences. To the Egyptians, green was a color    17    represented the hope and joy of spring, while for Muslims, it means heaven. Red is a symbol of good luck in many cultures. During the Spring Festival in China, children    18   (give) money in a red envelope to bring good fortune in the New Year. For many nations, blue is a symbol of protection and religious beliefs. Greek people often wear a blue necklace hoping to protect    19    against evils(灾祸).

    People’s    20   (choose) of colors is also influenced by their bodies’ reactions toward them. Green is said to be    21    most restful color. It has the ability to reduce pain and relax people both mentally    22    physically. People    23   (work) in green environment have been found to have fewer stomach aches.

    Red can cause a person’s blood pressure to rise and increase people’s appetites(食欲). Many decorators will include different shades of red in the restaurant.    24   (similar), many commercial websites will have a red Buy Now button because red is a color that easily catches a person’s eye.

    Blue is another calming color. Unlike red, blue is believed to cause people to lose appetite. So    25    you want to eat less, some suggest that eating from blue plates can help.

    II阅读 (共两节,满分50)  

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:语法填空
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    Born in 1910, my mother was the first director I ever met. Wearing an apron and teaching tap in the basement of our apartment building, she was a housewife and dance teacher. Even from a young age she was an entertainer who thought performing was not just a hobby or even a profession but a way of living that was as essential as breathing or eating.

    Mom was always “on” from her energetic teaching of her dance students to her late-night work when she would type out songs, dance routines, and funny plays for her dance recital. I would be in my bed and still hear her typewriter as I went to sleep at night. Her typing sounded like rain. Always working, she would go to Broadway shows, steal the routines, and come back and type them out for her students to perform. I knew right from the beginning that if I could make my mom laugh, then I could make her love me.

    When I grew up and moved to Hollywood as an adult, I would later create 14 prime-time TV shows and direct 17 movies. During my five decades in show business, I never forgot my mother’s advice to find the humor in anything. I wanted to entertain the world and not put people to sleep. If my mom had been born at a different time in history she might have become a stage actress or a performer herself. Instead, she trained my two sisters and I to work in the field of entertainment. She remains to this day my inspiration and creative compass. I will never stop carrying on my mother’s message, and I will never stop missing her. In fact, as a tribute to my mother I built The Marjorie Ward Marshall Dance Center at Northwestern University. Whenever I visit the building it helps remind me that to entertain people and make them laugh is what my own career has been all about.

    26. The author’s mother worked as a __________.

    A. movie director                                 B. stage actress

    C. dance instructor                      D. businesswoman

    27. Why did the author’s mother work deep into night even at home

          A. She wanted to set a good example to her children.

          B. She wished to entertain herself after a day’s work.

          C. She expected to train her students to be top dancers.

          D. She thought it was a way of living and tried her best.

    28. What did the author learn from Mother?

          A. To entertain people and make them laugh.      B. To teach people to dance elegantly.

          C. To steal the routines from Broadway shows.

          D. To create TV shows and direct movies.

    29. The author’s two sisters might be __________.

          A. also dance teachers as well as housewives  B. entertainers inspired by their mother

          C. also typists working late at night D. performers to enjoy themselves with others’ humor

    30. Which word may have nearly the same meaning as the underlined word “tribute”?

          A. Charity.         B. Achievement.       C. Welfare.           D. Present.

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:人物传记/故事类阅读
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    You get up in the morning and look into the mirror. Your face is firm and young-looking. In 2035, medical technology is better than ever. Many people your age could live to be 150, so at 40, you’re not old at all. And your parents just had an anti-aging(抗衰老的) treatment. Now, all three of you look the same age!

           You say to your shirt, “Turn red.” It changes from blue to red. In 2035, “smart clothes” contain particles(粒子) much smaller than the cells in your body. The particles can be programmed to change clothes’ color or pattern.

           You walk into the kitchen. You pick up the milk, but a voice says, “You shouldn’t drink that!” Your fridge has read the chip (芯片) that contains information about the milk. and it knows the milk is old. In 2035, every article of food in the grocery store has such a chip.

           It’s time to go to work. In 2035, cars drive themselves. Just tell your “smart car” where to go. On the way, you can call a friend using your jacket sleeve. Such “smart technology” is all around you. So will all these things come true? “For new technology to succeed.” says scientist Andrew Zolli. “it has to be so much better that it replaces what we have already.” The Internet is one example what will be the next?

    31. We can learn from the text that in the future __________.

    A. people will never get old          B. everyone will look the same

           C. red will be the most popular color   D. clothes will be able to change their pattern

    32. What can be inferred from Paragraph 4?

           A. Milk will be harmful to health.    B. More drinks will be available for sale.

           C. Food in the grocery store will carry electronic information.

    D. Milk in the grocery store will stay fresh much longer.

    33. Which of the following is mentioned in the text?

         A. Nothing can replace the Internet.     B. Fridges will know what people need.

         C. Jacket sleeves can be used as a guide.  D. Cars will be able to drive automatically.

    34. What Andrew Zolli says indicates that _________.

       A. successful new technology must break through what exists already

       B. what we have today is sure to disappear because of new technology

       C. all these things will be turned into reality without any difference

       D. the Internet has already been the best technology

    35. What is the passage mainly about?

         A. Food and clothing in 2035.      B. Future technology in everyday life.

         C. Medical treatments of the future.   D. The reason for the success of new technology.

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:日常生活类阅读
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    Phil White has just returned from an 18,000-mile, around-the-world bicycle trip. White had two reasons for making this epic journey. First of all, he wanted to use the trip to raise money for charity, which he did. He raised 70,000 for the British charity, Oxfam. White's second reason for making the trip was to break the world record and become the fastest person to cycle around the world. He is still waiting to find out if he has broken the record or not.

    White set off from Trafalgar Square, in London, on 19th June 2004 and was back 299 days later. He spent more than l,300 hours in the saddle(车座) and destroyed four sets of tyres and three bike chains. He had the adventure of his life crossing Europe, the Middle East, India, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Americas. Amazingly, he did all of this with absolutely no support team. No jeep carrying food, water and medicine. No doctor. Nothing! Just a bike and a very, very long road.  The journey was lonely and desperate at times. He also had to fight his way across deserts, through jungles and over mountains. He cycled through heavy rains and temperatures of up to 45 degrees, all to help people in need. There were other dangers along the road. In Iran, he was chased by armed robbers and was lucky to escape with his life and the little money he had. The worst thing that happened to him was having to cycle into a headwind on a road that crosses the south of Australia. For l,000 kilometres he battled against the wind that was constantly pushing him. This part of the trip was slow, hard work and depressing, but he made it in the end. Now Mr. White is back and intends to write a book about his adventures.

    36. When Phil White returned from his trip, he __________.

    A. broke the world record    B. collected money for Oxfam

    C. destroyed several bikes    D. travelled about l,300 hours

    37. What does the underlined word "epic" in Paragraph l most probably mean?

    A. Very slow but exciting.    B. Very long and difficult.

    C. Very smooth but tiring.    D. Very lonely and depressing.

    38. During his journey around the world, Phil White __________.

    A. fought heroically against robbers in Iran

    B. experienced the extremes of heat and cold

    C. managed to ride against the wind in Australia

    D. had a team of people who travelled with him

    39. Which of the following words can best describe Phil White?

    A. Imaginative.    B. Patriotic.      C. Modest.       D. Determined.

    40. What actually inspired Phil White to overcome all the difficulties?

          A. To help people in need.      B. To test his new bicycle.

          C. To prove his potential.       D. To show off his ability.

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:人物传记/故事类阅读
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