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    A thief in the Asbury Park area of New Jersey ended up leaping out of a window after a 9-year-old girl asked him to prove he was Spiderman.

    The thief who pretended he was Spiderman to stop a child raising the alarm was heavily drunken and has been caught after he leapt from the apartment building in his pants to make the girl convinced.

    Thief Ethan Adamson, 25, told police that he had broken into a fifth-floor flat after a drinking session, believing it was empty.

    But he was horrified when the owner’s 9-year-old daughter woke up while he was there.

    From his hospital bed, the thief told reporters, “To keep her quiet, I told her I was really a superhero and I’d soon be flying off back to my secret headquarters.”

    “She called my bluff (摊牌) and told me, ‘If you’re Superman, show me you can fly or I’ll scream’.

    “I had no choice so I stripped to my pants to look more like a superhero and went to the window. I saw another roof below and I thought I could make it but it turned out to be a lot further down than thought. I know it doesn’t make sense but it did to me when I was drunk.”

    Police later found him on the roof in just his yellow pants, covered in cuts and bruises after a baffled neighbor heard his cries of pain.

    He now faces seven years behind bars for burglary.

    Police spokesman Frank Armado said, “ He was in quite a serious state and couldn’t move until we got up there using ladders. He was treated for his injuries and we got him some fresh clothes, before taking him to hospital where he is being kept under guard until he is well enough to be arrested.”

    21. What’s the right order of the event?

       a. Ethan Adamson attended a drinking session.

       b. Ethan Adamson told reporters of the burglary.

       c. Ethan Adamson leapt out of a window.

    d. The 9-year-old girl called Ethan Adamson’s bluff.

       A. adcb     B. cabd            C. dbca           D.dcab

    22.What does the underlined part in the passage mean?

    A. I could make the girl trust me.        B. I could prove I was a superhero.

    C. I could land safely on the roof.       D. I could make a successful escape.

    23. What is the author’s purpose of writing the passage?

    A. To call our attention to the burglary.        B. To report on a joking burglary

    C. To explain how the burglar was caught.     D. To look back on an adventure story.

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:人物传记/故事类阅读
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    Recentlyresearchers has announced a breakthrough in the exploration of new energydevelopment of the first practical artificial leaf, an advanced solar cell that imitates the processcalled photosynthesis(光合作用)that green plants use to make sunlight and water into energy.

    A practical artificial leaf has been a dream of scientists for decades,”said Daniel Nocerawho led the research team.“We believe we have made itThe artificial leaf shows particular promise as an inexpensive source of electricity for homes of the poor in developing countries. One can imagine villages in India and Africa soon purchasing an affordable basic power system based on this technology.”

    The leaf is like the shape of a poker card but thinnerPlaced in water in a bright sunlight    it could produce enough electricity to supply a house in a developing country with electricity    for a day by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, which are stored in a fuel cell to    produce electricity

    Theartificial leafis not a new conceptThe first artificial leaf was developed more than a decade ago by John TurnerHowever, it was impractical for wider useas it was composed of    rareexpensive metals and was highly unstable with a lifespan of barely one day

    Nocera’s new leaf overcomes these problemsIt is made of inexpensive materials that are    widely availableworks under simple conditions and is highly stableLaboratory studies    showed that it could operate continuously for at least 45 hours without a drop in activity

    The key to this breakthrough is Nocera’s recent discovery of several new powerful    inexpensive catalystswhich are able to accelerate the chemical reaction under simple    conditionsRight now, Nocera’s leaf is about 10 times more efficient at carrying out    photosynthesis than a natural leafYet he is optimistic that he can boost the efficiency of the    device much higher in the future

    24Daniel Nocera describes his artificial leaf as promising in___________

    Amaking an artificial plant that can feed itself

    Bfinding a new kind of catalyst to produce electricity

    Cproviding electricity for the poor family at a low cost

    Dchanging the sunlight and water into electricity directly

    25According to the passage, The underlined wordacceleratein the last paragraph probably means ________

    Areduce the loss of energy               Bspeed up the process

    Cwork as a media to store collected energy

    Dcontrol the operation of chemical reactions

    26We can learn from the passage ______

    AThere was nobody who had an idea of the artificial leaf before.

    BNocera’s artificial leaf has advantages over Turner’s in some ways.

    CThe first artificial leaf was once widely put into use in many countries.

    D.The new artificial leaf works well but can just keep operating only one day.

    27The passage is most probably from _________

    Aa science news report               B a science fiction story

    Ca fairy tale book                   Dan advertisement for solar products

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:科普环保类阅读
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    Good news! Job offered.

    Receptionist Administration

    Full Time

    A receptionist is required from 1st June 2015 at Dartford Science & Technology College. The position is only from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Thursday and 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Friday, with an hour’s break for lunch every day. The successful applicant must have a good telephone manner, good interpersonal skills and proficient IT skills.


    Part Time, Term Time

    We are seeking to appoint a hardworking person to join our cleaning team. Previous experience would be an advantage but it is not essential. 10 hours per week are required during term time and the extra 3 weeks are added in the summer holidays or as directed by the Business Manager to ensure the needs of the school are met.

    Closing date 12th May 2015, 12 noon. Please return the completed application forms to the school.

        Science Technician

    Term time plus 10 days, 37 hours per week

    We are looking for a technician to provide a technical support service for science teaching staff. Applications are to be received no later than midnight on 10thJune 2015.

    Health & Social Care Teacher

    Our client, an 11-18 mixed comprehensive school in Ealing, West London, is currently seeking a teacher for Health & Social Care. The position will be a full-time post until July 2015. We require an energetic teacher to develop the learning potential of students. We are seeking someone with excellent subject knowledge who can combine academic strictness and achievement with enjoyment of teaching Health & Social Care.

    If you are keen to work, visit our website via the button below.

    28. The receptionist to be employed will work ______________.

    A. 20 hours a week   C.37 hours a weekC.39.5 hours a week  D. 34.5 hours a week

    29. To work as a cleaner, you must___________.

    A. work full-time   B. hand in the application form before 12 noon on May 12th 2015

    C. have previous working experience        D. work the whole summer holidays

    30. _________ is needed in a school in Ealing, West London.

    A. a full-time science teacher

    B. a teacher with the ability to get along with people

    C. a teacher with excellent knowledge about Health & Social Care

    D. a technician who can provide a technical support service

    31. The text is most likely to appear _________.

    A. on the Internet    B. in a novel   C. in a magazine     D. in a newspaper

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:新闻报道类阅读
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    Woo! Daddy and Mummy, Listen! Many of us are using Twitter and Facebook to thumb rides, and not just to school. It’s awkward to be refused when you call a friend and ask for a ride. But with Twitter, you just look for other people heading the same way.

    It may sound surprising and risky--so many teens stay within their own social circles to find rides, and don’t branch out beyond friends when asking on Twitter just like me, but to some young people, especially those taking longer trips, stranger danger is less of a concern.

    “I think the digital connection of young people is really key, because younger generations grew up sharing things on line, sharing files, photos, music, etc, so they’ve been very used to sharing,” said Juliet Schor, a sociology professor at Boston College.

    The sharing economy got big during the economic depression, allowing people to access more goods, services using technology and even to share costs. And that technology, for me, is what the car was for my mom, a gateway to more freedom, like what my friend Earl says, “The symbol of freedom isn’t the car any more because there’s technology out there connecting you to a car.”

    According to the researchers at the University of Michigan, 30 years ago, eight in ten American 18-year-olds had a driver’s license compared to six in ten today. So it’s not that surprising that on my 16th birthday I wasn’t rushing to get a license but an iPhone.

    “Driving, for young people, does mean they have to disconnect from their technology, and that’s a negative. So if they could sit in the passage side and still be connected, that’s going to be a plus.” Schor continued..

    To me, another plus is that ridesharing represents something, something much bigger than trying to save money. I see it as evidence that people still depend on each other. My generation shares their cars and apartments the way neighbors used to share cups of sugar. For the system to work, some of us still need our own cars. But until I get my own version of the silver Super Beetle, you can find me on Twitter.

    32. The American teens like the author, prefer to possess an iPhone as a birthday gift because __.

    A. it is most fashionable and cool         B. they are fond of being connected 

    C. they are bored with driving cars         D. it is much cheaper than a car

    33. We can learn from the text that _______.

    A. Twitter is a website for teens to make friends and achieve goals

    B. driving cars for teens means a plus and connecting with technology

    C. having a car and cost-sharing symbolize more freedom for the author’s mother

    D. ridesharing can be seen as a sign that people still count on each other

    34. Professor Juliet would agree that _______.

    A. being connected via technology comes first for young people

    B. young people will sit waiting to be contacted by reading a passage

    C. sharing economy is bound to be responsible for the depression

    D. young people tend to share a car with strangers by means of Twitter

    35. The best title for the passage is probably _______.

    A. Twitter, an Awesome Website           B. Cars or iPhone.

    C. Cool Teens on the Go                 D. Teens Use Twitter to Thumb Rides

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:日常生活类阅读
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         Giving gifts is a way of showing love or thanks, and helps to build friendship. With a little planning, your gifts will be remembered for years.

           36   Put a reminder in your diary one or two weeks before the occasion so that you can start doing your shopping. If your receivers live very far away and you need to mail the gift, then advanced planning is even more important. It will make sure that your gift gets to them on time.

        Don't give based on what others give you. We often hear people say " She's spending $ 100 on me, so I should spend $ 100 on her".    37   Your gifts should be based on what is on your heart for your receivers. Don't worry about 'whether your receivers are going to give you something back or how much they are spending on your gifts.

        Respect your budget.   38   Gifts given with sincerity are appreciated even more than expensive items. By planning how much you need to spend on your gifts for others and assigning a dollar amount to each desired gift on your list, you'll be better prepared to shop within your budget.

        Be aware of wrappings.    39  . A tastefully wrapped gift with materials that can be reused or recycled shows your caring for the environment.

         Present your gift with respect.   40  . And when you do, present your gift by holding with both your hands as though you were holding it on a silver platter.

         A. The cost of your gift will not be the main factor in its success.

         B. This thinking completely ruins the value of giving gifts to each other.

         C. Beautiful gifts don't necessarily need to rely on ribbons or boxes.

         D. This is adopted from Asian culture to show respect and care.

         E. Keep a schedule of the special dates.

         F. You shouldn't buy gifts which are out of your budget.

         G. The best way to present a gift is always presenting it in person.

    题型:阅读理解  知识点:七选五题型
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