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       Parents should ban electronic media during mealtimes and after bedtime as part of a comprehensive “family media use plan”, according to new recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics. “Excessive media use is associated with obesity, poor school performance, aggression and lack of sleep”, said Marjorie Hogan, co-author of the new policy.
        Families should have a no-device rule during meals and after bedtime, the guidelines say. Parents should also set family rules covering the use of the Internet, cell phones, including, perhaps, which sites can be visited, and who can be called. The policy also restated the existing recommendations: Kids should limit the amount of screen time for entertainment to less than two hours per day; children younger than 2 shouldn’t have any TV or Internet exposure. Also, televisions and Internet-accessible devices should be kept out of kids’ bedrooms.
        Doctors say parents need to obey the family rules, too, to model healthy behavior. That, some say, may be the toughest part. “If you go to any restaurant, Family 3.0 is Mom and Dad on their devices and the kids on theirs”, says Donald, a pediatrician(
    小儿科医师) and an AAP spokesman. “Who is talking to each other?”  
        Children aged from 8 to 18 spent an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes a day consuming media for fun, including TV, music, video games and other content in 2009, according to a 2010 report from the Kaiser Family Foundation. The report was based on a survey of 2002 third through twelfth graders, 702 of whom completed a seven-day media use diary. That was up about an hour and 17 minutes a day from five years earlier. About two-thirds of 8 to 18-year-olds said they had no rules on the amount of time they spent watching TV, playing video games or using the computer, the Kaiser report found.
       Use of mobile devices by young kids has soared. A new report from Common Sense Media, a child-advocacy group based in San Francisco, found that 17% of children 8 and younger use mobile devices daily, up from 8% in 2011.
    21. Which statement is TRUE according to the first paragraph?
        A. Parents are advised to ban electronic media after mealtimes.
        B. A “Family media use plan” is being carried out throughout America.
        C. Electronic media are evil in the eyes of parents and educators. 
        D. The overuse of electronic media has caused many severe problems.
    22. Why should parents themselves obey the family rules?
      A. It’s beneficial to their health.
      B. It’s essential to parenting their kids.
      C. It’s beneficial to their work.
      D. It’s essential to develop good relationship with their kids.   
    23. What can be inferred according to the report from the Kaiser Family Foundation?
        A. The majority of the surveyed kids can use electronic devices as they like in their homes.
        B. The report was based on the statistics in 2002.
        C. 702 of the surveyed kids completed a seven-day media use diary.
        D. Kids are spending less and less time using media for fun. 
    24. What can be the best title of the passage?
        A. Consuming media for fun is a nature of kids
        B. No use, no worry
        C. Measures should be taken to stop children’s overuse of electronic media
        D. Electronic devices threaten the relationship of many families

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    Garage sales are popular at presentbut you need to keep an eye on those things and make  sure that you don't fall prey to bad dealWe’ve brought you a list of items that you should  stay away from at all times at a garage sale.

    Item 1Anything related to safety during sporting activities.

    If you are new to adventure sports and want to save money on equipment like helmetswet suitsclimbing gearsetc.,you may go shopping at garage salesHoweverremember that buying equipment which has been used takes a lot of risksbecause the new buyer is unaware of its possible damageTo be safebuy new equipment or rent it from stores

    Item 2Anything related to babies

    Baby care items are certainly expensive and that’s why used goods are useful to most young parentsHoweveras a responsible parentyou will surely consider this a lot before making a decisionFor examplestuffed toys may carry the bacteriaso you need to keep in mind that they may bring a health risk to your children

    Item 3Anything that you sleep on

    Bedding items are a good place for all kinds of harmful insectsWhile garage sales may offer some tempting bargainsit is wise to stay away from themIf you really need to buy theseyou must check on them thoroughly

    Item 4Anything that requires a perfect fit

    Shoes tend to take the shape of the wearer’s feet after a whileSo even if you see a pair of  shoes that is of the same size as yoursit may not fit you well. It is also recommended that you  should give old clothes a miss

    Garage sales are a lot of funas we all knowHoweverdon’t be charmed(迷惑)into  buying something that you are unsure ofAnd save yourself from being at the receiving end of a  raw deal(不公平的买卖)

    25Why shouldn’t people buy sports equipment at garage sales?

    AIt is out of date                      BIt can’t be tried in advance

    CIt may have potential problems   DIt is easy to get broken

    26The underlined phrase “fall prey to” in Paragraph 1 means_____

    Acare for    Bworry about    Csuffer from       Dagree on

    27Stuffed toys and bedding items offered at garage sales________

    Adon’t have their buyers        Bare good places for insects

    Care cheaper than other items   Dmay do harm to users’ health

    28From the passage we know that___________

    Amost young parents enjoy shopping at garage sales

    Bgarage sales attract few visitors though they are fun

    Cgarage sales may not be a good choice for buying shoes

    Dsports equipment should be forbidden at garage sales

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    A dog running for the first time in his life thanks to 3D-printed prosthetic(假肢)legs has moved a lot of people 

    Derby was born with disabled front legsWhile 3D printers have been used to make  replacement limbs(肢体)for humansDerby is the first animal to be successfully equipped with 3D—printed prosthetics

    Derrick Campanawho helped create Derby’s new legs with designers at the 3D printing  company 3D Systemshas been an expert in that field for the past decadeHe specializes in  the creation and use of corrective braces(矫正支架)and man-made limbsCampana had  worked only with human patients until about 10 years agoBut when a pet fan brought a dog in  need of a prosthesis to himhe discovered he could apply the same technology that he’d  mastered on people to help animalsHe also soon learned there was a market for animal  prosthetics and orthotics(矫正术)that hadn’t really been exploredso Campana founded Animal Ortho Careone of the first companies to make orthotics and prosthetics specifically for animalsTodayAnimal Ortho Care is one of five such companies in the worldseeing between 200 and 300 animal patients each month

    “We were really interested in helping Derby”said CampanaThough 3D printing  technologyhas been available for a whilehe explainedsome of the materials and tools that  work for making human prosthetics aren’t totally suitable for animalsFor examplethe  technology used to easily scan(扫描)a person’s leg is not as exact when scanning a leg  covered in furFor DerbyCampana used a fiberglass cast(a special material)and scanned  that into the 3D printing system“In the futurehopefully we can just scan the leg directly’’  he said

    Now that Derby can runCampana said he is very excited about the good newsMore than  three million people on the Internet have watched the video of Derby running on prosthetics

    29Why are many people moved by the dog Derby?

    AIt can run as fast as humans do             BIt had an accident and lost front legs

    C3D-printed prosthetics enable it to run       DThe video of Derby is a great Success

    30What do we know about Animal Ortho Care?b

    AIt is a 3D printing company

    BIt is the first company for animal prosthetics

    CIt was set up by Campana

    DIt treats only 6 animal patients everyday

    31Derby’s ability to run______

    Aproves Derrick Campana is the greatest expert in the world

    Bmarks a huge step forward for the field of animal prosthetics

    Ctells us why and how Derby’s new legs were created   

    Dshows how much humans love animals   

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     “Made in China” has changed

    Many shoppers in the West still prize labelsboasting(吹嘘)a product was made in Italy without knowing that a growing number of Italian products come from factories that are Chinese-owned and staffedThe products which were marked “Made in China” gave the buyer an impression of “low pride and low costlow technology and development”The statement used to be truebut now it has changed  

    “Made in China” is becoming a leading part in the world marketChina’s garment industry(制衣业)has been investing in producing technology and training for decadesand its  workforce has collectively gotten better at sewing garmentsAs a resultthe quality of Chinese-made clothes is rising fastIt has been home to a highly-skilledhighly-specialized garment industryone that supplies even some high-end(高端的)labels and offers the best mix of pricespeedand quality

    “If I was to make a basic men’s jeanI’d make that in Pakistan”said Edward Hertzmanco-owner of the trade publication Sourcing Journal“If I was going to make a fashionable woman's garmentI would move to China because their skill set is bettertheir hand is bettertheir finishing is betterand they can handle that type of fashion

    Indeedluxury fashion labels now routinely make things in ChinaBurberryArmaniand Prada have a11 produced things therebecause they’re still able to get good workmanship at a relatively low priceEven the Japanese brand Visvimknown for its crazy attention to detailalso produces high-endhandmade footwear in China

    Despite the rising wages and costs of doing business in Chinacompanies have not walked away”China is viewed by people who make buying decisions as unique and hard to copy elsewhere”says Josh GreenCEO of Panjiva

    32Which of the following is NOT true about “Made in China”?

    AIt used to be associated with poor quality

    BIt has lost its leading status in the world market

    CIts products are recognized by luxury fashion brands

    DIt reflects China’s investment in producing technology

    33Edward Hertzman thinks highly of “Made in China’’ in such aspects as______.

    ①workers’ skills               ②low prices       ③advanced technology          ④a sense of fashion

    A①②③    B①②④    C②③④    D①③④

    34What is the similarity between Prada and Visvim?

    ABoth of them are from Japan             BNeither of them sells at a low price

    CThey both make products in China        DThey both produce handmade footwear

    35What can be learned from Josh Green’s words?

    ADoing business in China costs a lot more now

    BChinese companies are more creative than others

    CForeign producers want to copy China’s success

    DRising costs stops the interest of foreign companies   

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    Mistakes during presentations

    Body language is one of the most important ways to communicate with others 36  Here are three main body language mistakes you should avoid during presentations

    1Crossed arms

    Crossing your arms might give your audience the impression that you are not enthusiastic about your presentation 37

    Keep your back straightyour head upand your chest and arms “open’’ when you are delivering a presentationIt will give a message of confidence to the audience and make you an approachable presenter    


    Moving your legs from side to side indicates that you are uncomfortable and restless.

    Try moving in the space around you when you are giving a presentation. It is a powerful way to keep the audience attentive  38   Move when you need to emphasize(强调)a point.

    3Rolling eyes

    Most psychologists think rolling eyes is an indication of lying. To some extentwhen you    roll your eyes during presentationsyou are telling the audience that you don’t respect them.

    Begin your presentation with a smile unless you are delivering horrible news  39    As a resultthey will be more willing to listen to you and more likely to be persuaded.

    If you use body language inaccuratelythe audience may be easily distracted(分心)from   your presentation or even conflict with your ideas·  40

        AGreat speakers have more than one gesture.

        BTurning the body away from you is a sign of lying.

        CBut too much movement can make you seem nervous

        DMeanwhilemaintain eye contact with various people in the audience

        EHoweverusing it properly enables you to convey your message successfully.

        FIt shows resistance and will create a distance between you and your audience.

        GDuring presentationsyou always use gestures and facial expressions to help explain your point

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