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      Grandma celebrated her fifty-third birthday just weeks before grandpa died of cancer in 1965. Although his passing was very difficult for her, I think their shared struggle to make his life longer taught grandma that good health was not to be taken for granted, and she made up her mind to live the rest of her own life as fully and as long as she could. One day, when she announced to attend lessons at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Portland, Oregon, where she lived, we rolled our eyes in embarrassment and helplessly wished she would just stay home and bake cookies as normal grandmothers did. Many years filled with countless dance lessons passed before we learned to appreciate the wonder of having a dancing grandma.

         I suppose grandma's primary motivation for wanting to learn to dance was social. She had been a shy girl, always very tall and heavy, and had married into grandpa's quiet lifestyle before developing any elegance or confidence in her personal appearance. Dancing, on the other hand, filled her life with flash lights, wonderful parties, beautiful dresses, handsome young dance instructors, and the challenge of learning. Although the weekly dance lessons did not change her ample, two-hundred-pound figure, grandma surprised everyone with energetic performances on the dance floor, which soon gave her as much elegance and confidence as any Miss American competitor.

         Having taken weekly dance lessons for years, my grandma learned various dances easily and was soon participating in dancing matches all over the Northwest. When I was fourteen, grandma proudly invited me to watch her compete in one of these matches to be held in the grand ballroom of the Red Lion Inn. My attitude was still unenthusiastic at that point, but to make her happy, my mother and I attended the match. As if to prove me wrong, grandma made a wonderful showing in every event she entered. I thought she was truly the queen of the ball during the dance, and my thoughts were shared by the judges a short time later when she was awarded a gold cup for her outstanding performance.

    21. What did grandma learn from grandpa's death?

    A. Good health was not there for everyone.      B. She should take dance lessons.

    C. She had to struggle to live a better life.       D. She should wear beautiful dresses.

    22. Normal grandmas usually ________ in the author's point of view?

    A. took dance lessons                       B. did some exercises at home

    C. took care of grandchildren at home           D. did some housework at home

    23. The author felt ______ when he was invited to watch grandma's match.

    A. happy         B. proud          C. excited         D. Uninterested

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    If there’s one thing the British are good at, it’s watching telly. You may think the Americans would beat us at that, but we’ve taken and turned it into an art form. Like most people, our favourite TV subject is ourselves, which has led to a number of shows aiming to be as British as possible. So if you want to learn how to be British, sit down to a few episodes of these distinctly British shows


      Political aside, Doctor Who owes its long television life not only to a brilliant central character, terrifying alien foes and intelligent scriptwriting, but also to a distinctly British way of doing things. If the Earth is the Doctor’s favourite planet, it’s clear that Britain is his favourite country


      The global popularity of the modernized Sherlock Holmes series has proven yet again that no amount of big blockbuster all-guns-blazing cop shows can compete with the reserved and sharp detective work of one of Britain’s most well-loved characters. Benedict Cumberbatch has been rightly lauded for his depiction of the fast-thinking private eye, which has proven again we Brits are good at more than drinking tea


      Similar to the Pythons, the brilliance of Blackadder is set in its genius application of witty and classically British humor. From the dulcet tones of lead man Rowan Atkinson to the chumsy sidekick Tony Robinson, there’s no better show for telling what makes the British British and having a good laugh at it, including an entire season of pointing fun at the French, one of the most British activities.


      I know what you’re thinking – Friends is an American show, about Americans’ living in America! How can it be distinctly British? But perhaps you’re not aware that, apart from Season 1, Friends is written entirely by British writers, and if you watch the first season in comparison to the others, the difference really shows. British sense of humor that can’t be replicated artificially. It’s a fine art by a natural hand. As an English student, I figure–Friends is, and although they speak in American accents, a British !

    24. If you hunger to laugh, ______ is the best choice.

       A. Sherlock.            B. Blackadder         C. Friends        D. Doctor Who

    25. What is stressed by the text?

       A. The British are crazy about tea-drinking.

       B. Friends are actually made by the British.

       C. The British are always finding faults with the French.

       D. The British are good at producing and watching telly.

    26. The main purpose of the text is to________.

       A. challenge the American show lovers.      B. advertise the British most loved shows

       C. provide some information about the British

       D. introduce the techniques of the British shows

    27. What would the author be?

       A. A devoted British.                     B. A confident movie reviewer.

       C. A cool British shows hand .              D. An English show-making major.

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        Both of Shai’s parents were lawyers and expected her to follow suit. So she went to a law school, got a job at a famous firm in Washington DC, and worked as a lawyer for a decade. But her heart was never in it. “I had a big salary but no personal satisfaction.” she says.

        Shai found relief in the same thing that had brought her joy since joining the church choir(唱诗班) at age 12. “Singing always felt like communicating something real on a spiritual and emotional level,” says Shai. Yet she never considered it a career option. “That seemed like something people did in fairy tales.”

        It was the brain cancer of her mom in 2009 that made Shai realize she had to write her own happily-ever-after. “Work was driving me crazy, my mother was sick and I was flying back and forth from Washington DC to Houston to see her,” Shai says. “I finally said, ‘Enough’ and quit.”

        While caring for her mom, Shai hatched a plan: She would take her savings and study music for a year, then open a part-time law practice so she could pursue her passion. Before her mother passed away two years later, she encouraged Shai to follow her dream.

        In 2012, Shai moved to Nashville to try singing and songwriting. A decade presenting cases in court gave her the confidence to sing for a crowd. “At 20, I would not have been so confident to perform,” says Shai. Her song Live This Life is inspired by her mom (you can hear it at ShaiLittlejohn.com), and her dad comes to hear her perform at clubs. She also sings at weddings and special events.

        “Doing music is so free,” Shai says. “There’s no pressure to be a star. Success, to me, isn’t a dollar amount or a record deal; it is doing what I love. I am trying something new, so I don’t expect to do it perfectly. I’m learning, and mistakes are a natural part of learning.

    28What do we know about Shai according to the text?

    A. Shai found her work interesting before she quit.

    B. One of Shai’s songs got its inspiration from her mother.

    C. Shai worked as a lawyer no longer after she began her career in music.

    D. Shai’s father encouraged her to study music and went to see her performances regularly

    29According to the text, what’s the most important reason for Shai’s quitting her job?

    A. She found working as a lawyer was boring.

    B. She got little money from her previous work.

    C. Her mother encouraged her to achieve her dream.

    D. The constant flying and her mother’s illness made her tired.

    30Which of the following sayings can be used to describe the story of Shai?

    A .A good beginning is half done.

    B. Where there is a will there is a way.

    C. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

    D. Give yourself permission to fail and do your likes.

    31What can we learn from what Shai said in the last paragraph?

    A. Earning money and recording a song means great success.

    B. She likes making mistakes and tries something new all the time.

    C. She wants to be a star and being a star gives her a large pressure.

    D. She doesn’t expect something perfect and does like what she likes.

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    Success is often measured by the ability to overcome adversity. But, it is often the belief of others that gives us the courage to try.

    J. K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter book seriesbegan writing at the age of 6. In her biography, she remembers with great fondness when her good friend Sean, whom she met in secondary school, became the first person to encourage her and help build the confidence that one day she would be a very good writer.

    “He was the first person with whom I really discussed my serious ambition to be a writer. He was also the only person who thought I could be a success at it, which meant much more to me than I ever told him at the time.”

    She continued writing for many years in spite of difficulty. However, it wasn't until 1990 that she first thought of Harry Potter. As she recallsit was on a long train journey from London to Manchester that the idea of Harry Potter simply fell into her head. “To my disappointment, I didn't have a functioning pen with me, and I was too shy to ask anybody if I could borrow one.”

       That same year, her mother passed away after a ten-year battle with cancer, which deeply affected her writing. She went on to marry and had a daughter, but separated from her husband shortly afterwards.

    During this time, Rowling was in poor condition. Unemployed, she completed her first novel in area cafes, where she could get her daughter to fall asleep. After being rejected by 12 publishing houses, the first Harry Potter novel was sold to a small British publishing house.

    Now with seven books that have sold nearly 400 million copies in 64 languages, J. K. Rowling is the highest earning novelist in history. And it all began with her dream of writing that was inspired by the confidence of a friend!

    32. Rowling first came up with the idea about Harry Potter________.

    A. at the age of 6            B. on a train journey

    C. after her mother’s death             D. in her secondary school

    33.It can be concluded from Paragraph 5 and 6 that Rowling is________.

    A. open-minded                    B. warm-hearted     

    C. good-natured                  D. strong-willed

    34. She felt disappointed on the train because_______.

    A. the train journey was too long       B. she didn’t have a pen with her

    C. her mind suddenly went blank       D. no one would offer her help

    35.The text mainly tells us________.

    A. the broken marriage makes a good novelist

    B. the courage to have a try is a special ability

    C. a wonderful idea can come up everywhere

    D. encouragement contributes to one’s success

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    How do you stay true to yourself when you’re surrounded by friends and/or family that have an opinion on everything you do? It’s not easy!  36  Here are 4 tips which can help you live a dynamic life.


    Stay true to yourself by listening to the only opinions that really matter—your own and those from people who believe in and encourage you. Deep down you know yourself better than anybody else.

    Don’t fear people

    ___38.    The reason most people don’t take risks, or live on the edge is the fear of what others might think of them. If you want to live the life you truly deserve, you must give up the need to be liked by everybody.

    Value yourself and your choices

    When you do, others will too. Own the choices you make in your life.  39  . When you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too. Show confidence in your choices, and what you stand for whether others agree or not.

    Focus on appreciation

    No matter what the circumstances are, there is always something to be grateful for. All successful people ask, What am I grateful for? How can I improve my situation and use these tough times to inspire others?   40 

    These steps, if applied, will help you transform your peace of mind, lifestyle, and productivity.

    A. Focus on your own talents and strengths.

    B. Never let others' opinions guide your choices.

    C. Treat every person like they are important.

    D. When you doubt yourself, others will doubt you.

    E. Stay fearless in everything you will have to do.

    F. Be thankful to life and be helpful to others, and you’ll lead a successful life.

    G. However, there are great possibilities that you can lead the life you really want.

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