高中英语 湖北省襄阳市襄阳四中2017届高三七月第三周周考英语试题.DOC

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    Since the end of World War I(WWI) in 1918, Canadians, and millions of others around the world have paused at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month to honour the sacrifice our soldiers have made in different ways, fighting for the freedoms that we all enjoy today.

    Known as Remembrance Day, the day originated as a tribute to the soldiers of WWI, a dark period for our young country, which claimed the lives of over 60,000 military personnel and civilians and over 16 million dead worldwide. As there are no more surviving soldiers of WWI, today we rely on the wisdom and words of those soldiers who fought in the wars that followed and this day now also recognizes their heroic contribution. They tell us to always remember what those brave souls fought for, and all they ask in return is that we never forget.

    That’s why we wear the red poppy(罂粟花); that’s why when we see a soldier in uniform we should stop him or her and say “Thank you”; that’s why we take a pause from our busy lives for two short minutes today to honor that request. Yet this message is fading away, year after year. Take for example the terrible decision to allow parents to excuse students from Remembrance Day ceremonies at school. Not only is this disrespectful, it distances the student from his or her classmates.

    It is difficult to understand why any Canadian parent would want to remove their child from the time-honored tradition of reading the poem in Flanders Fields, while a wreath of poppies is laid. It is more important than ever to teach school-aged children about our history, no matter how violent it was. Sheltering them from the realities of war is a great disservice. Understanding why conflicts happened, or happen today can help shape choices and decisions they make as adults.

    Of course, because we live in a free society, we cannot force an individual to do something. It is unfortunate, but some parents now have their child “opt-out” of the services. These people should be reminded they are free to make such choices only because of the men and women the rest of us are remembering.

    21 Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a Remembrance Day activity today?

    A. Stopping at 11a.m. to remember the war dead.

    B. Listening to stories told by WWI soldiers.

    C. Wearing a red poppy to show respect.

    D. Showing gratitude to soldiers in uniform.

    22What can we learn from the passage?

    A. War history is too violent for school children

    B. The writer was once a soldier in the Canadian army

    C. Few students are willing to take part in Remembrance Day ceremonies.

    D. More parents are keeping their children away from frightening war stories.

    23 The underlined word “It” in the last paragraph probably refers to_______.

    A. the death of so many soldiers in wars

    B. the fact that there were so many wars after WWI.

    C. people’s ungratefulness for the freedom they have.

    D. removing children from Remembrance Day events.

    24 The writer believes that ______.

    A. the sacrifice of the soldiers should always be remembered.

    B. Remembrance Day is becoming less important for soldiers.

    C. school no longer think Remembrance Day is necessary.

    D. people should be forced to learn about the realities of war.

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    Introducing…The Amazing Diet Patch

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    How Does It Work?

    The secret is a material called Fucus Vesiculosus that suppresses your food desires, and increases your metabolism turning your body into a fat burning machine.

    Just listen to what others are saying about it:

    After the birth of my child I started gaining weight quickly and nothing would make me lose weight. At first I wondered if the diet patch really worked? But I decided to try the free sample, and after the first seven days I lost 7-Lbs. I couldn’t feel better about myself. —Sherry Parker

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    25According to the passage, we know that the Amazing Diet Patch is some kind of _______.

    A. pills  B. soup  C. vegetables  D. plaster ()

    26Which of the following words can replace the underlined word “suppressing”?

    A. increasing   B. changing

    C. controlling  D. burning

    27The Amazing Diet patch is available only _______.

    A. on the TV          B. through the online

    C. in the drug store  D. in the supermarket

    28The purpose of the Amazing Diet Patch is to lose your weight by ______.

    A. change your metabolism

    B. doing large amount of exercises

    C. brightening your mood

    D. increasing your diet

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    Mary Allen was my best friend- like the sister I ever had. We did everything together : piano lessons, movies, swimming, and horseback riding.

    When I was 13, my family moved away. Mary and I kept in touch through letters and we saw each other on special occasions- like my wedding and Mary’s. Soon we were busy with children and moving to new homes, and we wrote less often. One day a card that I sent came back stamped “Address Unknown”.

    Over the years, I thought of Mary often. I wanted to share stories of my children and then grandchildren. And I needed to share my sorrow when my brother and then mother died. There was an empty place in my heart that only a friend like Mary could fill.

    One day I was reading the newspaper when I noticed a photo of a young woman who looked a lot like Mary and whose last name was Wagman- Mary’s married name. “There must be thousands of Wagman. ” I thought, but I wrote to her anyway.

    She called as soon as she got my letter. “Mrs Tobin!” she said excitedly. “Mary Allen Wagman ” is my mother.  Minutes later I heard a voice that was recognized instantly, even after 40 years. We laughed and cried and caught up on each other’s lives.

    Now the empty place in my heart is filled. And there’s one thing that Mary and I know for sure: We don’t lose each other again.

    29I want to find Mary ______________ .

    A. to share my stories

    B. to share my sorrow

    C. to fill the empty in my heart

    D. all of the above

    30The writers married name is __________ .

    A. Wagman         B. Allen

    C. Tobin          D. we dont know

    31Which of the following is TRUE?

    A. We never see each other again when I moved away when I was 13

    B. I find my friend in the newspaper

    C. It is 40 years since we last saw each other

    D. My friends husband is Mr. Tobin

    32The best title of the passage is ________

    A. My Good Friend                  B. Friend Again- Forever

    C. An Important Friend             D. Friends Like the brother

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    H.T.B. Arts Center

    FILM Tickets £2.50 / £ 1.50. Performances at 8 pm unless started otherwise.

    WILD AT HEART 127mins.

    Wen 6--Fri8 February

    Director: David Lynch

    Starring: Nicholas Cage, Laura Dern, Willam Dafoe. A first--class film. Cage and his girlfriend Dean are on the run through the dangerous Deep South. They are hiding from gunmen who have been hired to kill Cage by Dean's mother. Victims, yes—but they also have fun. It's wild at heart, strange on top. Funny,  frightening and brilliant.

    DICK TRACY 113mins

    Mon 11--Sat16 February 6pm

    Tickets on sale 5--6 pm

    Director: Warren Beatty

    Starring: Warren Beatty , Madonna The famous detective (侦探)tries to stop Big Boy and the Blank from taking over the city. A colorful and exciting film. Some parts are frightening, so think twice about taking children.

    BATMAN 126mins

    Mon11--Sat16 February 8.30pm

    Tickets on sale 7.30--8.30pm

    PIZZA PLUS offer 6--7pm

    Director: Tim Burton

    Starring: Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson. A few essential questions must be asked...Is Batman a mad hero? Why does Bruce Wayne spend millions dressing up as a bat? Has Nicholson's Joker stolen the whole movie? Great action and excellent acting, especially by Nicholson.

    33We know from Wild at Heart that _________.

    A. Cage was not accepted by his future mother-in-law.

    B. Wild at Heart is funny rather than frightening.

    C. A famous detective happened to help Cage and Dean.

    D. Cage and Dean are playing the hide-and-seek game with Dean’s mother.

    34According to the text, we can learn that _________.

    A. Batman has the longest running time

    B. One can buy tickets in advance for all the films

    C. While watching Batman one can enjoy pizza at 7:30 pm.

    D. You’d better not take your children with you to see Dick Tracy

    35 Where can we most probably read this text?

    A. In an advertisement page.

    B. In a movie review.

    C. In a short story.

    D. In an introduction of an art center.

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    Every year, it costs British students more and more to attend university. Students are graduating with larger and larger debts. __36__

    In 2006, the UK government started to allow universities in England and Wales to charge British students tuition fees. More than 80 percent of students in England and Wales now take out a student loan(贷款)in order to go to university. They use the loan to pay for tuition fees, books and living expenses. The average student in England and Wales now graduates from university with debts of around £12,000. Students of medicine usually have debts of more than £20,000. That is a lot of money. It means graduates cannot afford to buy a house for many years. They even struggle to pay rent on a flat, because they have to start paying back the student loan after graduating. If you start to earn over £15,000 a year, the government takes repayments directly from your monthly salary. __37___

    You might think that a British person with a degree will find it easy to get a well-paid job. However, most people in white-collar jobs seem to have a degree these days, so there is a lot of competition. Also, British companies tend to value work experience over a piece of paper. Like everyone else, graduates usually have to start at the bottom and work their way up. That can be very frustrating for them, since they are often over-qualified for the work they are doing. __38___ Therefore, life after university ends up being quite disappointing for a lot of graduates.

    __39__ Even before the credit crisis started, the BBC stated: “The number of British students at UK universities has fallen for the first time in recent history, It looks like the figures will continue to decline, since loan companies are now telling some students that there are no loans available for them.

    By contrast, things are now easier for students from other countries coming to study in the UK, since the value of the British pound has fallen. More international students come to Britain each year. The British universities offer more and more of the available places to richer international students rather than poorer British students. __40__

    A. Some British people fear that, one day, there won’t be any university places left for British students at all.

    B. Most British students expect to have to get a loan, part-time job or summer job.

    C. So is a university degree really worth it?

    D. Although the interest on student loans is quite low, it begins as soon as the student receives the loan.

    E. Is it any surprise, therefore, that the average British person does not leave their parents’ home until they are 30 years old?

    F. All of the above is beginning to make British people question whether a university degree is really worth the money.

    G. While at university, they have dreams of getting an exciting, challenging job.

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