高中英语广西南宁市第八中学2016-2017学年高二10月月考英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

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    The first summer job is often a signal that you are on your way to adulthood, and it is also a method for earning money to pay for what you dream of. It is never too early to start considering the future. Now, here are some good choices for you!

    Retail Sales

    Retail offers plenty of opportunities for teens who are looking for a job. This type of work can pay 

    from $10 to $15 an hour depending on the duty you are expected to take on. It can also be great for 

    teens who are friendly and enjoy talking to other people. For more information, call us at 111-222-3333.

    Food Service

    A job in the food service industry is a natural fit for sociable teens who enjoy communicating with 

    public. It allows employees to work as part of a team while learning about following instructions. It alsocomes with the opportunity to earn between $8 and $10 per hour. Just call 111-222-3533 for more



    This job requires someone who is highly responsible. Though it pays generally between $6 and 

    $8hourly, it also requires a lot of patience. This is a great choice for teens who wish to make a career in 

    teaching, child care, social work or any other field that makes use of social skills or requires interaction with kids. Got a question? Just call 111-222-3336.


    This type of work can bring in about $5 an hour and it will allow teens to learn responsibility and  develop their organizational skills. The summer sees an upswing in thetourism industry, so hotels are  often looking for more housekeeping staff, and parks often need more people to assist with keeping

    public areas clean and organized as well. Telephone: 111-222-3330.

    21. The text is mainly written for teens who__________.

    A. are faced with communication problems      B. want a part-time job in the summer

    C. dream of becoming a housekeeper                D. plan to start their own business

    22. How much can you earn at least in two hours as a retailer?

    A. $10                B. $12              C. $16              D. $20

    23. Which of the following jobs may attract teens who want to be a teacher?

    A. Retail Sales       B. Food Service     C. Babysitter       D. Housekeeping

    24. The underlined part “an upswing” in the last paragraph can best be replaced by________

    A. an increase        B. a limit          C. a sign               D. a trick

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    Ever since I was born, the love for wildlife and wild places has been in my blood. I live in the middle of Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, which means that every day brings a new and different adventure. I have an incredible backyard and I’m able to share it with people who visit from around the world.

    We are one big family here at the zoo, trying to inspire others to take part and make a difference to our world. As a family, our heart has always been in wildlife conservation and because of this we have been to the far corners of the Earth, to spread the message and make a difference.

    Through lots of filming work and talking to many people along the way, we have the opportunity to hopefully influence others to make a difference and clarify the fact that all creatures need respect and protection. My mum and dad truly are the original Wildlife Warriors. They have changed people’s minds all over the world about conservation of not only the cute creatures, but the modern-day dinosaurs like crocodile and other reptiles(爬行动物) as well.

    After my dad passed away, our determination to make a difference to the world and carry on his wishes stayed strong. As a family, we want to make sure that everything he worked so hard for continues. My dad was the first one to come up with the term “Wildlife Warrior.” A Wildlife Warrior is someone who stands up and speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves. A Wildlife Warrior protects our world for the generations to come. Being a Wildlife Warrior is not just a title; it describes who you are and your attitude.

    25. We can learn from the first paragraph that the author______.

    A. lived a hard life in his childhood        B. planted many trees in his back yard

    C. was raised to love wildlife at an early age    D. often travelled around the world with his parents.

    26. The underlined word “conservation” in Paragraph 2 can be replaced by ______.

    A. trade              B. habitat              C. protection           D. management

    27. After the author’s dad passed away, his family______.

    A. created the term “Wildlife Warrior”

    B. still tried to do what his dad had wished

    C. began to be disappointed about their hard work

    D. first determined to make a difference in the world

    28. Who can be described as a Wildlife Warrior?

    A. Jennifer who enjoys keeping pet dogs.

    B. Samuel who cares for the old in his city

    C. Sam who is fond of fishing in his spare time

    D. Jessica who calls on people to save endangered animals.

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    I don’t know when I realized my own condition. As a young child, I think I just accepted myself as the girl who had to stay in the chair all day because I couldn’t get up. When I was twelve, I started going to a summer camp for kids with disabilities. Then I was invited to sing a song. I had been always pretty shy, and strangely enough, performing before a group of people was the most fun I’d ever had. Maybe that is what it took to overcome my shyness. Realizing that I could do something that not everybody could do was really good for my confidence. I started thinking of myself as a singer instead of a girl who sits in a chair.

    While I was at the Louis Armstrong Middle School in Queens, there was a support group for kids with disabilities, a place where we could discuss our problems. It’s no fun just sit around and complain all the time, so we decided to write a play about the difficulties we deal with every day. A director from Lincoln Center helped us construct Scenes from Our Lives. After we performed at the school, we put on the play at other places and decided to form a group and create new work.

    Going to college is going to be a shock, because I’m not used to having total freedom to come and go when I want. Sometimes I feel like I’m still waiting my life to begin. So far my teenage years have been pretty limited by both physical and parental restrictions(限制), so my theater group---The fearless Theater Company---has been a way for me to get over those limitations. Right now we’re working with Children’s Television Workshops to produce some short plays and we’re planning on filming our Lincoln Theater play, Satchmo’s Gang, later on this year, where I will sing What a Wonderful World. I think of it as a door that disabled kids can walk through and discover their potential(潜能) on the other side.

    29. What has made the author feel more confident?

    A. Staying in her chair all day.                  B. Singing in front of other people.

    C. Going camping with her parents.                D. Discussing problems with others.

    30. Why did the author and her friends decide to start a theater group?

    A. They wanted to do something positive to help themselves.

    B. They need to present a class project to their teacher.

    C. They could not take part in other school activities.

    D. They tried to make a career out of acting.

    31. By saying “Going to college is going to be a shock”, the author means that _______.

    A. going to college is not what she dreams of     B. she can do anything a normal girl does

    C. life in college will be a big challenge            D. she dislikes the total freedom in college.

    32. What would probably be the author’s advice in the text?

    A. Ask for others for help when you are in difficulties.

    B. Accept the truth that you might have limitations.

    C. Don’t care about what other people think of you.

    D. Find your own advantage and make use of them.

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       Balancing work and school is not an easy task for me. My first term in college has come and gone and I’ve had to balance a job there, too. I want to cut one loose. Honestly, many times I thought I wanted to drop out of school and just do my job because I needed the money. For a long while I made myself believe that school was getting in the way of my job and money. Not only was I trying to do work and school, but also I was trying to have a social life. Many times I thought that there were not enough hours in the day but I wasn’t managing my time right. Hanging out with friends may have been wonderful but it wasn’t putting money in my pocket or knowledge in my brain. Friends would have to wait. I was back on the see-saw(跷跷板) of balancing work and school.

       Scheduling and planning became the key to my success. Setting deadlines(最后期限)and meeting them were important to my college experience. Planning was going well and I felt ready to try and throw a social life back there. I tried to make plans with friends that didn’t conflict with my deadlines. That was actually harder than I thought. So once again my social life had to be put on hold(搁置). My friends were very understanding and encouraged me to do my work. The extra motivation(动力) really proved helpful in the end. Some friends would joke that I was all work and no play but sometimes that’s what has to happen to get work done.

       As the last term came to an end I can say I learned a lot about college life. Planning is necessary for organization. Drawing up a list of all things I had to do at the beginning of the week and actually completing them made me feel good. Not only have I learned something new about organization, but also I acquired a new tool that I can take everywhere with me and use effectively.

    33. The author wanted to drop out of school because ________.
    A. he couldn’t do well in his studies                B. he wasn’t good at managing his time    

    C. he wanted to live an active social life            D. he wanted to earn money
    34. Why did the author stop hanging out with his friends?
      A. It was a waste of time.                    B. He had to wait for them. 

    C. He didn’t need a social life.                 D. they didn’t understand him.

    35. How did the author succeed in balancing work and school?

      A. By putting his studies first.                  B. By sticking to his schedule.
      C. By following his friends’ advice.             D. By making plans with his friends.

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    When it comes to the world of finance, first impressions mean everything. First impressions also mean that not everyone is treated equally, and people who look and sound the part are received better than people who make a poor first impression.  36 


    It only takes 30 seconds to make a lasting impression, and this is true even when you’re not there. This means don’t be late.  37   Being late shows that you don’t have respect for other people’s time. This is not the impression you want to give your employer.


    Your handshake can say a lot about you.  38   Too tight, you’re domineering(盛气凌人的). A warm and firm handshake is perfectly acceptable.

    Body language

    Your body movements are part of both your personality and appearance. Use them wisely. Carry yourself with confidence, like you’re very successful, even you’re not. Walk in with purpose and power will give you an air of confidence.  39 


    If your interviewer asks you what you think of the company’s recent efforts, the last thing you want to do is just stare back. Do your research.  40   Who founded it? What is their goal? You want to show the employer that you care enough to read up on who they are.

    A. When was the company founded?            

    B. You may not be able to recover from it.

    C. Too loose, you’re weak or not confident.       

    D. You’re expected to ask intelligent questions.

    E. Here are a few tips that help you make your first impression.

    F. By doing this, you can leave a good impression in your interview.

    G. Being late will ruin your first impression in the eyes of your interviewer.  

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