高中英语湖北襄阳四中2017届高三下学期第二次模拟考试英语试题 Word版含解析.doc

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    Rocky Mountain Summer Adventure Camps Bring Learning to Life!

    The Museum of Idaho Rocky Mountain Adventure Camps are available for students aged 6-14. Participants will have amazing outdoor experiences combined with adventure and fun. Space is limited to 20participants each session and registration is not complete until payment has been received by the Museum of Idaho. Registration fee is non-returnable.

    Junior Adventure Camp...

    Children aged 6-9 (must have completed first grade).

    Well conduct experiments, go on field trips, and discover the fun and excitement of science! This year, we will learn about colonial(殖民主义的)science to go along with our exhibit, America’s Revolution!

    Instructor: Chloe Doucette

    Dates: June 27- June30

    Time: 9:00 a.m. - noon

    Cost: $75 per child, $60 per child for MOI members, $50 each additional brother or   sister

    Original Camp

    Children aged 9-12 (must have completed third grade)

    Original Camp is for children who are ready for an exciting full-day outdoor camp. Participants visit various habitats and ecosystems as we explore eastern Idaho. Well go bird watching, hiking in the mountains, and lots more!

    Instructors: Alana Jensen, Jerry Petty

    Dates: July 18- July21

    Time: 9:00 a.m.  4:00 p.m.(9:00-6:00 on the last day)

    Cost: $150 per child, $125 per child for MOI members, $100 each additional brother or sister

    High Adventure Camp

    Youth aged 11-14 (must have completed fifth grade)

    High Adventure Camp is for youth who are looking for an amazing summer adventure! This outdoor camp is full of exciting physical challenges and involves participants in even more in-depth activities than the Original Camp. This year, students will study how rattlesnakes experience the outdoors!

    Instructors: Chloe Doucette, Mike Winston, Jerry Petty

    Dates: August 8- August 11

    Time: 9:00 a.m.  4:00 p.m.(9:00  6:00 on the last day)

    Cost: $150 per child, $125 per child for MOI members, $100 each additional brother or sister

    Participate in both Original AND High Adventure for only $200! Call522-1400 ext. 3002 to take advantage of this great offer. If you have any questions about the Museum of Idaho’s education programs, contact Chloe Doucette, Education Director at (208) 522-1400 ext.3002.

    1. If participants want to register successfully, they need to _________.

    A. choose their favorite instructors

    B. make up a team of 20 participants

    C. be accompanied by family

    D. pay for the fee ahead of time

    2. To make experiments, what will a 9-year-old boy choose?

    A. Original Camp.    B. Junior Adventure Camp.

    C. High Adventure Camp.    D. Three of them.

    3. How much will a child and his brother spend at least if they sign up for both Original and High Adventure Camp?...

    A. $400.    B. $450.

    C. $500.    D. $550.

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    My husband and I had been married nearly twenty-two years when I acquired Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a disorder where my immune(免疫的)system responded to a virus by producing painful blisters. Although my long-term evaluation was good, I, who had been so fiercely independent, rapidly became absolutely helpless.

    My husband, Scott, stepped up to the plate, taking care of kids and cooking dinners. He also became my personal caretaker, applying the medicine to all of my blisters because my hands couldn’t do the job. Needless to say, I had negative emotions, bouncing from embarrassment to shame caused by total reliance on someone other than myself.

    I recovered from my illness, but I couldn’t seem to recover from the thought that I loved my husband less than he loved me. This seeming distinction in our love continued to annoy me for the year following my illness.

    Then recently Scott and I went on a long bike ride. He’s an experienced cyclist; I’m quite the green hand. At one point with a strong headwind and sharp pain building in my tired legs, I really thought I couldn’t go any further. Seeing me struggle, Scott pulled in front of me and yelled over his shoulder, “Stay close behind me.” As I followed his steps, I discovered that my legs quit burning and I was able to catch my breath. My husband was pulling me along-again.

    I pray my husband will always be strong and healthy. But if he should ever become the struggling one, whether on a bike ride or with an illness, I trust Ill be ready to call out to him, Stay close behind me--my turn to pull you along.

    4. The author felt helpless because _________.

    A. She lost the previous independence

    B. She failed to get the medical treatment

    C. Her marriage was in a terrible state

    D. She suffered from mental disorder

    5. Which of the following best describes the authors husband according to Paragraph 2?

    A. Impatient.    B. Independent.

    C. Family-centered.    D. Career-centered.

    6. When going on the long bike ride, the authors husband_________.

    A. followed her closely    B. backed her up all the way

    C. gave in to her depression    D. stopped to take care of her leg

    7. What message does the author convey in the passage?

    A. Strong will.    B. Selfless love.

    C. Reliance on each other.    D. Optimistic attitude to life....

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    Everyone loves a hot shower, except maybe your skin and hair. As it turns out, hot water dries out skin and leaves hair dry and easily broken, Sejal Shah, MD (Doctor of Medicine) in New York City, told Women’s Health. And if you dye ()your hair, the color is likely to fade faster once the water gets steamy. To make matters worse, by making your skin lose natural oils, hot showers—above 99 degrees Fahrenheit—may bring about health problems. You may not like it, but the showers temperature that offers the greatest hair and skincare benefits is, well, cold.

    Cold showers “strengthen the contractile fibers around pores(毛孔), muscles, and hairs which improves the firmness of skin,” says Carl Thornfeldt, MD with over 30 years of skin research experience. Though many people believe hot showers open and clear pores, it’s actually wiser to close them. “Closing pores helps keep pollution from getting into the skin, at least temporarily,”

    The benefits of cold showers are numerous, but surely we can’t be expected to stand under cold water shivering every day especially in winter--not to mention that too cold (below the body’s average temperature of 96.6 degrees Fahrenheit) is also bad. Fortunately, Dr. Thornfeldt recommends a happy medium. “The best solution is to take a warm, not too hot shower and then finish off with cold water for the last few seconds to still gain the rewards of the cold water,” he says.

    That doesn’t sound too unbearable. Considering the fact that our beloved, steamy showers may cause so much damage to skin and hair, it’s best to switch to slightly warm temperatures to avoid losing natural oils and drying out, especially in winter when indoor heat is already sucking moisture(水分) out of skin. So, when the main part of an extremely comfortable warm shower is complete, finish off with a cool splash. Your hair and skin will thank you!

    8. Why does your hair dislike a hot shower?

    A. It leads to hair loss    B. It make your hair fragile

    C. It make your hair go grey    D. It causes hair-related illness

    9. How do cold showers benefit skin?

    A. They brighten skin color    B. They drive dirt out of skin

    C. They make skin stronger    D. They make pores nearly unseen

    10. What does the underlined word “shivering” probably mean?

    A. shaking with cold    B. trembling with fear

    C. recovering from pain    D. fighting with courage

    11. What kind of water is advised to use for showers?

    A. Completely cold water

    B. Water as warm as your body

    C. Warm water and cold water by turns...

    D. Warm water mainly and cold water at the end

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    Scientists have found living organisms trapped in crystals(晶体) that could be 50,000 years old.

    The organisms were found in a hot, but beautiful cave system in Naica, Mexico. These ancient life forms can be seen only with a microscope. Penelope Boston, who leads the Astrobiology Institute at NASA, the space agency of the United States, says the ancient microbes(微生物) were able to live by eating minerals such as iron.

    She spoke about the discovery recently at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. If the findings are confirmed, they will show how microbes can survive in extreme conditions. Forty different kinds of microbes and some viruses were found in the underground area. The genetic structures of these organisms are 10 percent different from those of their nearest relatives.

    The caves in Naica are 800 kilometers deep. They were once used for mining lead. Before the miners began working in the caves, the area was separated from the surface and the outside world. Some of the caves are as big as the large religious centers built during Europe's Middle Ages. There are crystals covering the walls. The caves are so hot that scientists must wear special clothing to keep cool. The clothing keeps the crystals safe from human germs(病菌)or other damage. Boston said the researchers could only work for about 20 minutes at a time before they had to go to a room that was 38 degrees Celsius to cool down.

    NASA officials would not let Boston share her findings with scientific experts before last week's announcement. So scientists could not say much about the findings. But Norine Noonan, a biologist with the University of South Florida, said she believed them. "Why are we surprised?" Noonan asked. "As a biologist, I would say life on Earth is extremely tough and extremely colorful."

    Boston is also studying microbes commonly found inside caves in other countries, such as Ukraine and the United States. These microbes appear to be impossible to kill. Boston said they show how difficult life on Earth can be.

    12. The existence of the ancient microbes relies on _______.

    A. surrounding insects    B. diverse plants

    C. eating minerals    D. absorbing air

    13. What can we infer about the caves in Naica from the passage?

    A. The walls are covered by crystals.

    B. The temperature in the caves is quite low.

    C. The caves have been explored since they were formed.

    D. The environment in the caves is difficult to adapt to.

    14. What is the biologist Norine Noonan’s attitude towards the findings?

    A. Critical    B. Positive.

    C. Doubtful.    D. Indifferent.

    15. What’s the main idea of the passage?...

    A. Living organisms bring hope to scientific research.

    B. Scientists Discover 50,000-year-old “super life” in Mexico.

    C. Microbes show great power to survive in terrible conditions.

    D. Caves provide living environment for living organisms.

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    Becoming Refreshed without sleeping

    Sometimes there is just not enough hours in the day to get everything done and get a good night’s rest.___16___ Once in a while you can get away with a sleepless night and still feel reasonably good by adjusting your meals and activities.

    ____17____ The last thing you want to do when you are tired is get warm and cozy, this will cause you to fall asleep. Keeping the air conditioner on will make you feel much more alert and refreshed.

    Eat small amounts. Eating small amounts of healthy food will help refresh you. Fruit and nuts are a good choice because they are nutritious and will energize you  ___18___Try to stick to low carbon meals to keep you going. Chewing gum after your snack or small meal will also help keep you awake.

    Keep it bright. When it is dark your body thinks it is time to go to sleep. Turn on lots of lights, which will trick your body into waking up and feeling better. ___19___ You get double the benefits if it is daytime.

    Take a break. Taking a little break will help you in the long run. Turn up some energizing music to get yourself positive. Relax and talk to a friend in person or on the phone for a few minutes.___20___

    A. Keep it cool

    B. Calm down and sleep

    C. Avoid big, heavy meals as they will make you tired

    D. Going outside whether it is day or night for some fresh air

    E. Missing sleep regularly can make you sick and should be avoided

    F. When you are tired, you may just want to sit around and do nothing...

    G. Having a good time for a few minutes will refresh you quicker than anything else.

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