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    There are two     51     types of memory.

    Long-term memory

    Procedural memory involves the     52     of learned skills, like typing or     53     a car.

    Declarative memory is where factual information is     54    .

    Short-term memory

    It is used to     55     what is going on at the present time.

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    Recently there has been a heated debate on whether the university should charge a fee to the public who use its sports field. People’s attitudes toward it vary from person to person.

    Many people think that universities should serve the public, not just their professors and students. In     61     opinion, universities are public assets—they should serve not only the students and faculty ____62____ the general public as well. If there are too many “outside” people on the campus disturbing the order, school officials should do something to control the crowds without __63___  (demand) payment. In addition, the university has many other options to control public access ___64___ the campus or sports field, such as giving free access cards to    65___  (resident) of the closest communities, or rotating a limited number of cards between residents. Charging a fee is not a fair option.

    However, opponents argue that universities are not ____66___(complete) open spaces for the public to use. They hold the view that charging a fee is the most effective way of controlling access and making the most value out of the university’s resources. A high fee would filter out most of the visitors who have no desire ____67___(use) the sports field for its intended purpose. Besides, universities and their assets are expensive investments, ___68__ (fund) by the government and the public, for the education of students and ____69___ (science) research. If members of the public ___70___ (want) to use these facilities, which might cause stress on the university’s resources, it will make sense that they should pay a price. They also think neighboring residents have other options for recreation, such as public parks, if they do not want to pay money to use the sports field.

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    来源: 陕西省黄陵中学2016-2017学年高二4月月考英语试题(普通班) Word版含答案.doc

    What are Canadian high schools    61   ? I know your    62   (curious) is driving you mad! Many Chinese students think that students there are much    63    (free). Since I’m studying at a Canadian high school, I’d like to share some of my    64    (observe). On   65    whole, Canadian students do have a lot of freedom.   66   , this type of freedom doesn’t mean you can do anything you want. Students’ final scores come from almost every test they’ve had, the attendance in classes, their every assignment and final examinations. School starts around 8:45 am. As students come to school one after another, the school plays the national anthem (国歌).   67   the music is on, all the students have to stand still and be quiet to listen to    68   , no matter if they are in the classroom or    69   (rush) down the hallway. At 8:50, the first class starts. Usually, students have four classes every day, each class    70    (last) for 70 minutes. School ends at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

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    91.______________ are the ones that look forward to the end of winter and the coming of spring. During the Spring Festival in China, people eat dumplings, fish and meat and may give children lucky money in red paper. There are dragon dances and carnivals, and families 92.______________ together. Some Western countries have very exciting carnivals, which take place forty days before Easter, usually in February. These carnivals might include parades, dancing in the streets day and night, loud music and 93.______________. Easter is an important 94.______________for Christians around the world. It celebrates the return of Jesus from the dead and the coming of spring and new life. Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival happens a little later. The country, 95.______________, looks as though it is covered with pink snow.

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    A. catalog      B. barely     C. free      D. self-consciousness    E. prospects     

    F. compulsory   G. dropped   H. assigned   I. certified    J. totally    K. transfer 

    For thousands of commuting students, Chabot was our Columbia, Annapolis, even our Sorbonne, offering courses in physics, stenography, auto mechanics, ___31___ public accounting, foreign languages, journalism—name the art or science, the subject or trade, and it was probably in the ___32___. The college had a nursing program that churned out graduates, sports teams that funneled athletes to big-time programs, and parking for a few thousand cars—all ___33___, but for the effort and the cost of used textbooks.

    Classmates included veterans back from Vietnam, women of every marital and maternal status returning to school, middle-aged men wanting to improve their employment ___34___ and paybacks. We could get our general education requirement out of the way at Chabot—credits we could ___35___ to a university—which made those two years an invaluable head start. I was able to go on to the California State University in Sacramento (at $95 a semester, just ___36___ affordable) and study no other subject but my major, theater arts. (After a year there I moved on, enrolling in a little thing called the School of Hard Knocks, a.k.a. Life.)

     “By some fluke of the punch-card computer era, I made Chabot’s dean’s list taking classes I loved (oral interpretation), classes I hesitated (health, a requirement), classes I aced, and classes I ___37___ after the first hour (astronomy, because it was all math). I nearly failed zoology, killing my fruit flies by neglect, but got lucky in an English course, “The College Reading Experience.” The books of Carlos Castaneda were incomprehensible to me (and still are), but my___38___ presentation on the analytic process called structural dynamics was hailed as clear and concise, though I did nothing more than embellish the definition I had looked up in the dictionary.

           A public-speaking class was unforgettable for a couple of reasons. First, the assignments forced us to get over our ___39___. Second, another student was a stewardess, as flight attendants called themselves in the 70’s. She was studying communications and was gorgeous. She lived not far from me, and when my VW threw a rod and was in the shop for a week, she offered me a lift to class. I rode shotgun that Monday-Wednesday-Friday, ___40___ tongue-tied. Communicating with her one-on-one was the antithesis of public speaking.

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    A. attached     B. commercially   C. expectations      D. managed   E. obstacles   F. personal 

    G. positive     H. relatively       I. samples          J. sensitive    K. shelved


        This invention, commonly used in offices and households throughout the world, came about as a result of a series of accidents. In 1968 Spencer Silver, who was working for a company called 3M at the time, was trying to produce super-strong adhesive, a substance making things sticky together, to be used in the building of planes. This, however, wasn’t successful and instead he succeeded in creating an extremely weak adhesive that was  31  to pressure. This new adhesive had two advantages: it could be removed from surfaces quite easily and it could be reused. In spite of these two   32   features, nobody could see any practical use for it. In the end, the invention was   33  .

       A few years later, Art Fry, a product development engineer working for 3M, decided to use this adhesive for    34  use. He stuck strips of paper in a book as page marker and a whole new concept was born. However, the idea still wasn’t without   35  . The challenge was to make the glue stay on the sticky note itself, rather than peeling off and staying on the surface it was   36                           to. Two more 3M employees were brought in and set the task of producing a coating for the adhesive so that it wouldn’t come off and they    37   just that. Unfortunately, 3M bosses still believed that this invention wasn’t going to be  38   successful and people would continue to use crap paper(小纸条) for their notes rather than sticky notes. This is why sticky notes were only tested within the company, where they became extremely popular. It wasn’t until many years later that 3M bosses finally decided to give out a vast amount of free    39   to other companies to see if anyone would be interested in buying them. To their surprise, 90 per cent of the companies approached went on to order more sticky notes. This went beyond anybody’s    40  . Nowadays, sticky notes come in a variety of shapes and colours and are sold in more than 100 countries.

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    61Leonardo do Vinci1452-1519is said        (buy) birds kept in cages in order to have the pleasure of setting them free.

    62It is not how much we do but how much love we put into what we do        benefits our work most.

    63He        (gain) full marks, but be was so careless as to make a spelling mistake.

    64The time and effort he has devoted during the past few years      (plant) trees in that remote area is now considered to be of great value.

    65This is the second time I        (take) pictures with my own camera.

    66The government demanded that every effort      (make) to bring down house prices.

    67No matter how frequently      (perform), the works of Beethoven still attract people all over the world, people all over the world.

    68We would rather our daughter       (stay) at home with us, but it is her choice, and she is not a child any longer.

    69Although       (lay off) and entering into retirement are far from the same, they both leave one more time on the hand.

    70 A         (除了以外)its good service, the restaurant offers different kinds of traditional Anhui Cuisinc(传统徽菜).

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    can   help   ground    rather than    encourage    by   plant  we   off   unless

           There are many ways to save the environment if you would like. In this passage, you can find some ways.

           Plant more trees. Choose a right 36.________ near your house or workplace. 37.________ there’s any rule stopping you growing trees in that area, go ahead and grow trees. Plant a tree every month and 38.________ your friends and classmates to join you. Have more and more trees 39.________ and there will come a day when you have green land thanks to your hard work.

           Walk more and drive less. Choose to walk 40.________ drive your car. Walk or ride a bicycle to work if it’s not very far. Not only cycling but walking is good exercise. And each time you avoid using your car, you’re doing something 41.________ to cut down air pollution. You are saving fuel, saving money and keeping fit as well.

           Save water. Water is very important for living things. It’s 42.________ who use and pollute it. The simplest way to save water is turning 43.________ water taps after use. When you visit a beach, make sure that you don’t throw waste around. Do not pollute rivers 44.________ dropping garbage or other waste. Water is so precious, so we 45.________ waste or pollute it.

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    Many students eat their breakfasts on the way to school or in the dinning­room.But some of them don’t really know how to eat well when eating out.

    Here are some important advice.The first is to eat less fast food.The most obvious harm of eating too much fast food is weight gaining because of too much fat.Young people and adults are at risk of disease related to weight.

    Too much fast food can drag your body down.French friesfor examplewere recently found to contain much more acrylamide(丙烯酰胺) than other food.This may cause cancer.Actuallydeep fried food all contains acrylamide.So don’t eat it too often.

    Soda is another thing you should watch out for.Cokes and other sodas contain a lot of sugar and can slow down a person’s calcium absorptionso it’s best to drink as little soda as possible.

    Food in the dinning­room may not be as tasty as fast foodbut it’s actually easier to make healthy choices.Human bodies need variety.You can have a dinner that balances lean proteinsvitamins and complex carbohydrates (碳水化合物)In other wordsa meal with fish or meatvegetables and some bread or rice will provide you with most nutrients that the body needs.

    Some snackson the other handwill help keep you going until your next big meal.It is natural for teenagersespecially boysto feel hungry during school time.Don’t forget to take some foodslike whole­grain biscuits or low­fat milk in your school bag.

    TitleAdvice on 76.________






    Eat less fast food

    French fries and other

    79.________ fried food

    Too much 80.________

    Cause weight gaining

    Unhealthy food


    Lead to 81.________

    Drink less



    Lots of sugar

    Slow down

    83.________ absorption

    Unhealthy food

    Eat in


    Fish or meatvegetables and some bread or rice

    Lean proteinsvitamins and complex carbohydrates

    Provide most nutrients that the body needs





    Whole­grain biscuits or low­fat milk

    Not mentioned

    Keep you going until next big meal

    Healthy food

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    来源: 江苏省扬州中学2016-2017学年高一上学期10月月考试题 英语 Word版含答案.doc

    We all need physical exercise. Exercise uses up food we eat and keeps the body energetic. It works your muscles and makes your heart work hard so as to send blood to your muscles. So, exercise makes your heart and muscles strong. Exercise also makes you feel refreshed. If you take regular exercises, you will stay happy and healthy.

    Some Western countries, such as the United States, have problems with exercise. In the US, many people lack exercise because it is hard for them. People have to work from dawn till dusk, so they don't have time to take exercise. They work in office buildings sitting in chairs all day long in front of computers. They cannot get much exercise sitting at desk passively.

    Some Westerners can get exercise walking from their homes to work. However, the majority of people cannot do this. It is too far from their homes to their offices. They have no choice but to drive to work. In fact, some have to drive one or two hours to their offices. This is unfavorable in two ways. First, these people don't have a chance to exercise because they are sitting in their cars for two to four hours each day. Second, driving is challenging especially in rush hours and calls for too much attention. It makes a person very tired. So, when these people arrive home at night, they don't have the desire to take exercise after work.

    Today, many people in the West are overweight, which causes health problems for them. Doctors say exercise can help people both lose weight and improve their health. So many people are trying to get more exercise. But it takes time to change, and when people don't see a difference right away, they will be discouraged and stop exercising.


    Westerners (76)  ▲   Exercise

    The (77)  ▲  that people can get from exercise

    ●Keep your body (78)  ▲  .

    ●Make you feel good.

    ●Help you stay healthy and happy if you exercise (79)  ▲ .

    ●Help you lose weight and get your health (80)  ▲  .

    One (81)  ▲  for not getting enough exercise for some westerners

    Some people at work are too (82)  ▲   to exercise.

    The difficulty those who drive to work have in exercising

    ●Some live too (83)  ▲  away from their workplace so they have to drive to work.

    ●After driving back at night, they are too (84)  ▲  so they don’t want to exercise.

    The wrong attitude to exercise some people have

    Some would (85)  ▲   heart if they don’t see a difference within a short time.

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    来源: 山西省太原市第五中学2016-2017学年高一上学期入学考试英语试题解析(解析版)Word版含解析.doc













     When your dream is to become a footballer, nothing should get in your way—even if you are disabled.


     Gabriel Muniz, an 11-year-old Brazilian kid, was born without  56  . Although his family thought he would have trouble  57  a normal life, he started walking before he was one year old. His mother would go after him, expecting him to keep falling,  58  he never fell. He took a while to make the jump from walking to playing football. In fact, there' s nothing he loves more than playing football. In his school, Gabriel not only does  59  than other players in his school team but also is the captain of his gym team.

        He knows that his disability means he will never be able to play for a  60  football team. So Gabriel is hoping that football  61  a Paralympics (残奥会 ) event one day. He proved to everyone there he could go neck and neck with any other boy  62  . Watching him play is unbelievable. In the past few years he  63  a number of football skills. He does everything he can to copy Messi who he admires most. Luckily, he  64  to go to Spain to meet his idol Messi and showed his talent in the Barcelona Football Club last year.

    Besides his talent, several achievements of  65  were also surprising. His coach said he is proving that the disability only lies inside our heads and he is challenging the social rules.

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    来源: 上海市位育中学2015-2016学年高一上学期期中考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc


    equip with   leave alone   deadline   without regard to  when it comes to  grow up

    in return for    go through    what if    show up    stick to   feel guilty about 

    1. The little girl’s dream is to be a famous singer and actress when she ___________ in the future.

    2. As the Best Winner of the contest of Outlook 2012 English Talent Contest, she ___________ great pressure to compete with students all over the country then.

    3. These days almost all the schools in Shanghai ___________ advanced facilities in the labs.

    4. When you start a conversation with a British guy for the first time, do remember ___________ subjects of a casual nature, such as weather.

    5. Don’t bother him now; he wants to ___________.

    6. I wish I could do something ___________ the kindness I have received from him.

    7. The students burnt the midnight oil to meet the ___________ of his homework.

    8. The hardworking father always ___________ spending too little time with his son.

    9. ___________ the popularity of Apple products, opinions vary from person to person.

    10. ___________ we move the picture over there? Do you think it looks better?

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    来源: 上海市金山中学2015-2016学年高二下学期期末考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    A. comprehensive

    B. spread

    C. impact

    D. incredible

    E. observed

    F. compared

    G. success

    H. firmly

    I. combination

    J. heavily

    K. motivate

    A new report by the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that around one in a hundred deaths worldwide is due to passive smoking, which kills an estimated 600,000 people a year.

    In the first study to assess the global (41) ___________ of second-hand smoke, WHO experts find that children are more (42) ________ exposed to second-hand smoke than any other age-group, and around 165,000 of them a year die because of it.

    Children’s exposure to second-hand smoke is most likely to happen at home, and the double blow of infectious diseases and tobacco seems to be a deadly (43) __________ for children in these regions. Commenting on the findings, Heather Wipfli and Jonathan Samet from the University of Southern California, said policymakers try to (44) _________ families to stop smoking in the home.

    While deaths due to passive smoking in children were skewed(曲解) toward poor and middle-income countries, deaths in adults were (45) _________ across countries at all income levels.

    In Europe’s high-income countries, only 71 child deaths occurred, while 35,388 deaths were in adults. Yet in the countries like Africa, an estimated 43,375 deaths due to passive smoking were in children (46) ___________ with 9,514 in adults.

    Only 7.4 percent of the world population currently lives in places with (47) __________ smoke-free laws, and those laws are not always (48) __________ enforced(施行). In places where smoke-free rules are (49) ___________, research shows that exposure to second-hand smoke in high-risk places like bars and restaurants can be cut by 90 percent, and in general by 60 percent, the researchers said.

    Studies also show such laws help to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked by smokers and lead to higher (50) _____________ rates in those trying to quit.

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    来源: 湖北省枣阳市第一中学2017届高三上学期开学考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    No one knows what would happen in the future for sure.61.we often think of the future and wonder what the world would be like 62.a hundred years' time.

    Think of space. Perhaps 63.permanent station on the moon will have been set up. Perhaps people will be able to visit the moon as a64.(tour). Cheap rockets for space travel will have been developed, permitting long journeys throughout the solar system. 65.that time comes, people will be taking holidays in space66.visiting other planets, such as the Mars Colony and the Venus Exploration Outpost.

    Scientists of the future will almost certainly find other ways to make life last67.(long). 68.probably will find cures for most diseases. If a hospital 69.(have) a "body bank", it will give you almost any new part you need to keep on 70.(live). People of the future may live to be a lot older than 100 years.

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    来源: 福建省莆田市第二十四中学2015-2016学年高一下学期期末考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    If you feel stressed by responsibilities at work, you should take a step back and identify (识别) those of   61   (great) and less importance. Then, handle the most important tasks first so you’ll feel a real sense of   62   (achieve). Leaving the less important things until tomorrow   63   (be) often acceptable.

    Most of us are more focused   64   our tasks in the morning than we are later in the day. So, get an early start and try to be as productive   65   possible before lunch. This will give you the confidence you need to get you through the afternoon and go home feeling accomplished.

    Recent   66   (study) show that we are far more productive at work if we take short breaks   67   (regular). Give your body and brain a rest by stepping outside for   68   while, exercising, or dong something you enjoy.

    If you find something you love doing outside of the office, you’ll be less likely   69   (bring) your work home. It could be anything ― gardening, cooking, music, sports — but whatever it is,   70   (make) sure it’s a relief from daily stress rather than another thing to worry about.

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    来源: 湖北省枣阳市第七中学2017届高三上学期开学考试 英语 Word版含解析.doc

    Mary will never forget the first time she saw him. He suddenly appeared in the class one day,    61   (wear) sun glasses. He walked in as if he   62  (buy) the school. And the word quickly got around that he was from New York City.

    For some reason he sat beside Mary. Mary felt    63  (please), because there were many empty seats in the room. But she quickly realized that it wasn’t her, it was probably the fact that she sat in  64     last row.

    ____65    he thought he could escape attention by sitting at the back, he was wrong. It might have made it a little   66    (hard) for everybody because it meant they had to turn around, but that didn’t stop the kids in the class. Of course whenever they turned to look at him, they had to look at Mary,   67   made her feel like a star.

    “Do you need those glasses for medical reasons?” the teacher asked. The new boy_68   (shake) his head. “Then I’d appreciate    69    if you didn’t wear them in the class. I like to look your eyes when I’m speaking to you.” The new boy looked at the teacher for a few seconds and all the other students wondered   70     the boy would do. Then he took them off, gave a big smile and said, “That is cool.”

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    来源: 2015 学年第二学期期中联考高二英语Word版含答案.doc

    This is a simple story but it make me feel proud.I      61       (drive)along the road when I saw a young couple           62                                      (run)crazily for a bus.The bus pulled away from the stop just as they arrieved!

    I slowed down and noticed      63   upset they looked.So I stopped and said,“Jump in!I'll overtake(超过)the bus and you can catch it at the next stop.”

    They were          64     (amaze)at the offet,but they still got into the car.I followed the bus I just couldn't overtake a bus that didn't stop on often!

    After talking with my new passengers,I knew they were         66   visitto the area.They were both vey greatful 67            to me and said it was the nicest thing that could have happened to          68       theyas they were not familiar with Brighton.I 69                    simplesmiled and said,It's what we do ib Brighton!It is         70            great way to show that you are proud of where you are!

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    Johann Strauss was born in Vienna in 1825Although his father did not want him to become a 61(music)Strauss Junior studied the violin 62(secret)as a childWhen his father discovered his son practising on a violin one dayhe gave him a beating  63 (say)that he was going to beat the music out of the boyBut that didnt prevent the boy from becoming one of the 64 (great)composers of all time

    He wrote his first waltz at the age of sixAt nineteenhe decided to devote 65(he)to musicHe formed his own orchestra and made a successful tour of Europe and soon became known 66 the Waltz KingThe emperor of Austria was so  67(please)with his music that he appointed himthe conductor at the court balls of ViennaIt Was for these occasions 68He wrote some of his most popular waltzesamong 69  was the well-known favourite The Blue DanubeIn allthe talented Johann Strauss 70(write)more than 500 masterpieces

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    来源: 新疆哈密地区第二中学2015-2016学年高二下学期期末考试英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    W: Hi, Mr. Lee, I am   41   reporter from the New York Times. It will be great   42   you can tell me some information about chopsticks,   43    their origin and the materials they are made from.

    M: Good question. Chopsticks originated in China, but they are  44   (wide) used in many Asian countries. Chopsticks may be made of any of the   45  (follow) materials: bamboo, wood, gold, silver, ivory, or plastic, and they may be   46   round or square. Some chopsticks are decorated   47  colored pictures. Ordinary chopsticks used in Chinese homes are made of wood or bamboo. In ancient times, the rich used jade or gold chopsticks to display their wealth. Many kings and emperors used silver chopsticks to see if their food had been poisoned.

    W: OK, thank you. And I’d like to know why Chinese people use chopsticks.   48   not knives and forks, like Americans?

    M: Oh, that is a good question. I think Chinese people choose chopsticks, rather than knives and forks, because Chinese people, under the influence of Confucianism, have traditionally   49   

    (consider) knives and forks as symbolizing a type of violence. On the other hand, chopsticks reflect   50  (gentle) and kindness. And maybe Chinese food simply seems to taste better when eaten with chopsticks.

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    来源: 四川省营山县回龙中学2015-2016学年高一下学期6月检测英语试题 Word版含答案.doc

    Husband: Where have you been, Maria? I  45 (think) you would have been home three hours  46 (early).

    Wife: Well, I had several things  47 (do) and the traffic was terrible.

    Husband: I heard about that  48 the radio. There was a big traffic jam.

    Wife: Yes. I was going to the bank hurriedly.  49 , I sat in traffic, not  50 (move) for one hour.

    Husband: That doesn’t sound like any fun.

    Wife: Then I had to go to the grocery store and,  51 is often the case, there wasn’t any parking.

    Husband: I know. It’s gotten so  52 (crowd). Where did you park?

    Wife: Down the street. About  53 ten-minute walk.

    Husband: That’s terrible.

    Wife: Then I had to stop at the post office, and  54 took 45 minutes to mail a package!

    Husband: What a day! At least you’re home now.


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