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    Sitting at a desk in a classroom all day can be pretty boring.

    The teachers at Ward Elementary in Winston –SalemNorth Carolina picked up on that and traded in their students’desks for exercise bikes as a part of their Read and Ride program!

    The Read and Ride program began five years agoOne classroom has enough bikes for every student in any given classand throughout the day teachers bring in their students to the room to ride them and read their books

    Even regular classrooms have one bike in the back of each room for students who just can’t sit still to use to help them burn energy in a good way

    Students love being more active!Teachers enjoy seeing students eager to readParents appreciate strongersmarter childrenHeadmasters value this effective and cost-free program.“Riding exercise bikes makes reading fun for many kids who get frustrated(挫败的)when they readThusthey have a way to release that frustration while they ride,”said Scott Ertlwho started the program.“As we can seeeveryone wants to promote literacy and lose weight!But many students who are overweight struggle with sports and activities since they dont want to always be the last or lose with others watching on the playgroundOn exercise bikeshoweverstudents are able to exert(发挥)themselves at their own levelwithout anyone noticing when they slow down or take a break.”   

    As it turns outnot only are the bikes helping the students burn caloriestheyre also helping them learn better and stay focusedAt the end of the school year the school analyzed testing data and found that students that spent more time reading and riding did more than twice as well on reading tests than their fellow students who spent the least time in the program

    21Why did the teachers start the Read and Ride program?

    ATo get the students out of the classrooms

    BTo make the students more active in sports   

    CTo read effectively in an active way

    DTo help the overweight students keep fit

    22According to Scott Ertlriding exercise bikes___________

    Ais the least expensive way for exercise

    Bcall benefit overweight students in both ways 

    Cis the best way to build up studentsbody

    Dis a good way to avoid being watched by teachers

    23.The program helps the students in the following ways except________

    Ahelp them learn better      Breduce their reading difficulties

    Cbuild up their bodies               Dimprove their learning concentration

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    Laresce was born with a condition called hypermobility(运动过度)which meant her joints werebend”.The condition can use severe joint pain and lead to dislocations(脱臼)

    But rather than feel sorry for herself,she used her misfortune to inspire her to become    Britain's strongest schoolgirl   

    Just two years agothe condition left Laresce in so much pain that she couldn’t even take part in sportsBut now she has six British and World Champion powerlifting recordsIts an incredible achievement

    Laresces trainer Tania George said her condition is the secret to her success.“She has    more flexibility in her back than most peoplewhich gives her the technique of bending her back strongly and safelyMost powerlifters would kill to try to bend their backs like LaresceShe has perfected the technique to lift incredibly heavy weights,”Tania said

    I used to suffer a lot of pain from my hypermobilityI remember coming home from    school with pains in my kneesjoints and hipsIt would stop me doing normal things at schoo1The pain would be so much that some nights I couldn't sleep at all and I just couldn’t face going to school like thatAnd after each dislocationI had to do six months of physiotherapy(理疗)to recover,said Laresce   

    However,since taking up the sport of powerlifting 18 months ago she is now effectively    cured.“really enjoyed the feeling of power I got and the excitement of people encouraging me    to do my very best,”she said

    Ive made lots of friends a Its an incredible feeling when everyone's cheering me onIts the support of other people that makes the difference to winningBecoming a champion was a big surpriseI just started off for fun and wasnt expecting anythingSo to win six titles over just a few months was amazing.”

    24We can learn from the passage that________

    ALaresce is suffering a lot from hypermobility

    Bhypermobility is helpful to increase ones strength

    CLaresce didn't go to school because of her illness

    Dthe flexibility in Laresce's back helps her to lift heavy weight

    25Laresce had to do long-time physiotherapy to________

    Areduce the pains in knees and joints    Brecover from joint dislocations

    Cfall asleep easily during nights         Ddo normal things freely at school

    26From Laresce's words in the last paragraph we know that________

    ALaresce was determined to become a champion

    BLaresce trained for a long time to win the titles

    CLaresce didnt expect to gain such a great success

    DLaresces friends contributed a lot to her success

    27What could be the best title for this passage ?

    AA schoolgirl who turns misfortune into an advantage

    BBendy-jointed teen becomes Britains strongest schoolgirl

    CAn inspiring girl who has made great achievements

    DA British girl with great spirit and determination

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    Gregory Kloehn digs through dustbins every day,but not for the reason that most people  would thinkHe isnt homelessIn fact he is trying to help the homeless

    Gregory began his life as a sculptorBut he often felt that his sculpturesWhich just stood in  rich peoples houses for yearslacked a meaningful purposeSo in 201l he decided to put his  artistic energies into creating homes to sellnot ordinary homes but small structures built    entirely from recycled materials

    The thought of creating homes for the homeless didnt occur to him until the year 2013    when a homeless couple asked him for a tarp(防水布)Instead of a tarpGregory offered them    something bettera small home with a water tank,a kitchen and a trap for wasteThey were so    grateful that Gregory decided to focus his efforts on helping house the homeless population in    his cityAnd soon hisHomeless Homes Projectwas started

    Before starting a new homeGregorygoes hunting for materials by digging through    dustbinsEverything he finds is usablerefrigerator doors become house doorswashing    machine doors often serve as windowsand the tops of cars become strong roofsHe put wheels at the bottom for users to move their homes around easilyEach home takes two to three days to make

    So far Gregory has donated dozens of homes to the city's most needyWhile his small low- cost mobile homes are not the final solution to the problem of homelessnessthey are really practical and do provide a warm and safe place for the homeless to stay inThey are simply a way for one man to do something nice for those in need of some help

    Gregory has written a book titled Homeless Architecturewhere he explains techniques to    build those homes and he is now working on weekend workshops.“A lot of people who hear    about what I’m doing want to get involved,”he said.“Maybe we can meet someplace and put a couple of homes together.”

    28Why did Gregory turn from making sculptures to creating homes?

    AHe had no home to live in           BHe had to make more money

    CHe lost interest in sculpture           DHe wanted to help the homeless

    29The author mentions the story in Pamgmph 3 to tell us____________

    AGregorys small homes were popular among the homeless   

    Bhow Gregory got the idea ofHomeless Homes Project

    Cthe homeless couple asked Gregory to produce more homes

    Dhousing the homeless in acity was not an easy task

    30What can we conclude from Paragraph 4

    AGregory has great trouble hunting for materials for his small houses

    BIt takes Gregory a long time to produce a home    

    CGregorys work requires imagination and creativity  

    DEverything in the dustbins will be used in Gregorys work 

    31What can we infer from the last paragraph?  

    AGregorys project will help more homeless people

    BGregory doesnt need to make small homes now  

    CGregorys work will completely solve the homelessness problem 

    DA single person can make no difference to social problems 

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    Enjoy an unforgettable day in the French capital on this luxury day trip from London to Pariswith an included Champagne lunch at the Eiffel Tower! Travel on Eurostar from St Pancras International and enjoy a panoramic(全景的)sightseeing tour taking in Paristop sights


        Romantic experieneeperfect for couples   

        Roundtrip fares   

        Travel by boat and see the sights from the water   

        Lunch included   

    Make your own way to St Pancras International station and meet your professional guideThe departure time is 6 amBoard the Eurostar and relax as it takes you to Paris in Just over 2 hoursIf you wishupgrade to 1st Class and enjoy breakfast served on board and dinner on your return joumey

    Once you arrive in Paris join your guide on an air-conditioned coach for a patioramic sightseeing tourSee top Paris attractions such as the Champs-ĖlyséesArc de Triomphe and Opera House as you hear fascinating facts about the city   

    Nextarrive at the Eiffel Tower for your Champagne lunchSkip the possible long admission lines with your fast-aecess ticket and ride the elevator to the stylish 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant on the first floorTake your seat and enjoy a glass of Champagne and delicious 2-course lunch with the full views of the city providing a truly magical baekdrop!

    Afterwardenjoy a 1-hour sightseeing tour along the Seine RiverTake photos and listen to the helpful commentary as you pass sights,such as soaring Notre Dame Cathedral and the islandÎle de la Cité

        Nexteither choose to use some free time to shop or sightseeor take a guided visit to the magnificent Louvre Museum(own expense)to see Leonardo da Vincis exquisite Mone Lisa and other masterpieces

    In the late afternoonreturn to Gard du Nordstation and catch the Eurostar back to StPancrasYour tour ends when you arrive at around 830pm

    32Where will the tourists have their lunch?

    AAt the Eiffel Tower                                     BAt St Pancras International   

    CAt the Champs      Ėlysées                                     DOn the Seine River

    33Who are most likely to show interest in the tour?  

    ACollege students          BChampagne lovers   

    CLoving couples         DProfessional photographers

    34In order to enjoy the dinner on the Eurostaryou should______

    Apay extra dinner fees                     Bplace an order beforehand   

    Carrive earlier at Gard du Nord station     Dupgrade to 1st Class of the Eurostar

    35We can learn from the passage that________

    Athe back trip fares are not included in the total fees

    Byou should pay extra money for seeing Mona Lisa

    Ceveryone should wait in line for the lunch

    Dthe sightseeing along the Seine River will take the most time

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    On holidays youre likely to eat and overeat between family gatheringsoffice parties and celebrating with friends. 36 Here are some tips to help you enjoy holiday food without completely changing your diet

    1Switch to small plates

    Not only do smaller dishes fill up faster, but the same size helping looks like more food when it’s on a small dish37 But whatever the size of your plateit's most important to remember to keep it balancedhalf for vegetablesa quarter for grains and a quarter for lean meat

    2.Measure out snakes

    Your favorite holiday movie is onTake a minute to check the nutrition 1abel(标签)and measure out a serving to keep calories in checkTake one popular brand of buttered microwave popcorn for example38 But the bag contains 25 servings. Eat the whole thing on your ownand youll have eaten 425 calories

    3Split an entree(主菜)

    Many restaurants serve far more food than one person needs in a single meal39 Or pack half your entree to go as soon as it's servedOr choose a small-size option if available

    4Stop eating when you feel satisfied

    You dont have to feel too fullor force yourself to clean your platebefore putting down your fork40 When youre satisfiedsave the rest for leftovers

    AShare a main dish with a friend

    BIt's important for you to eat more on holidays 

    CEat slowly and pay attention to feelings of hunger 

    DStudies show we tend to put on a few pounds this time of year

    EEnjoy an entree slowly by yourself

    FSo you’11 be likely to serve yourself less

    GOne serving is about 4 cups popped with 170 calories

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